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his dwelling - house, in Wych- guineas for killing the greatest Itreet; Joun Carr, for robbing number of rats in one year, not George Worthy, near Kensington being a rac-cancher by profesion, Gravel-Pits, of some money, and viz. 482... a cane mounted with glver; and This day the guesion to. Andrew Brerme was convicted of encoire into the right of

e uith. setting his house on fire in Gian: the corporation to become Goville-street, Rachbone place. For vernors of the four royal hospitals, the purpose of determining a point St. Bartholomew's, Christ's, Brideof law, the jury found a special well, and Eethiem, and St. Thoverdi&t, as follows: that the pri- mas's, came on at Lincoln's-lan foner wilfully ard maliciously let Hall before the Lord Chancellor, on fire and burnt the house; that as vifitor of all the royal foundathe said house was on leale to the tions. The counsel for the city of prisoner for the term of three London were, the Attorney - Geo years from Mr. Tuppin, who was neral, the Recorder, Mr. Maddox, poIcffed of it for a term of 99 and Mr. Rose; for the peritioners years under Mr. Bolton. Toe (the president and governors by twelve judges will have to de- donation) were, Mr. Mansfield, termine whether, under these cir- Mr. Kenyon, and Mr. Erskine. cumstances, the prisoner has or not The former, in a speech of an committed a felony.

hour and a half, stated the objects One Read, a coachman, and of the petition and the prayer, one Smith, a plaisterer, stood in and a modern bye-law of the corthe pillory, St. Margaret's Hill, poration for Yealing hospital leases for unnatural practices; the form in the court of common-council ; mer of whom perithing before the that in consequence of the new time expired, owing to the re. resolution leases brought to the verity of the mob, the same was court of aldermen, agrecable to taken notice of in the House of former usage, were refused the Commons. The Attorney - Ge. feal: after which the Lord Chan. neral was defired to prosecute the cellor intimated that a matter of officer whose business it was to see this importance required a deal of the sentence of the law executed, time, and proposed a further day and a hint thrown out for a new convenient to the court and coun. law to alter the mode of punish- fel for a complete investigation. ment.

Six malefactors were ex ore Ac a meeting of the Society ecuted at Tyburn, porsu." for the Encouragement of Agri- ans to their sentences, for various culture in the East Riding' of York, crimes; John Franque, for rob. honorary premiums were adjudged bing the house of Jeremiah Brentto Christopher Sykes, Rt. Grim ham, Efq. John Cormach, for robfton, and Rd. Caslifie Broajley, bing the house of Mrs. Crucius ; Efqrs. for planting the greatek Robert Hughes, for robbing the number of larch-trees, viz. 55,437 house of Samuel Lindsay, Esq. by the firit ; 25,500 by the second ; Robert Andres and Richard Pal. and 13,700 by the third. At the mer, for robbing the house of fame time a servant received two Francis Lumm, Esq. and John

Benfield Benfield and William Turley, for fused; the attorney endeavoured counterfeiting the current coin. : to persuade 'her to a compliance,

h This day, on a trial at by telling her, that a particular 44. bar in the Court of King's- friend advised her to settle the Bench, the will of the late Duke difference by a general redunof Kingston, in favour of the pre. ciation of the title of a wife. But fent Countess dowager of Bristol, even this subterfuge had not the was established.

effect; the was in Newgate 12 Same day, Mr. Serjeant Davy days, and the fingular cruelty of moved the Court of Common-Pleas the affair being represented to a for a rule to shew cause why a de. captain with whom the husband fendant should not be discharged lived, he generously directed an upon a common appearance to a attorney to bail che action, and writ issued in that court for a pre- apply to the court for redress. tended debt of 70l. The case, as Serjeant Davy having commented laid before the court, was singular. upon this transaction, said he T'he parties were husband and should super-add a clause to the wife ; were. Roman Catholics; rule, for the purpose of punishing were married according to the the attorney for prostituting the rules of that church, and had process of the court to so Thameful lived happy together for eleven a design, evidently calculated to years, when the wife went into impofe upon an innocent family, Northumberland with three sure and therefore he moved also, that viving children out of seven, upon the parties should answer.—The an allowance of 201. a year. court seemed itruck at the relation, During her stay her husband had and said, that whether it was in written to her, and the returned point of law criminal or not, the at his sequeit. They again lived attorney had acted very uncontogether amicably, till the husband scientiously, and it would be right meeting with a woman of some to call upon him, and, if possible, fortune who seemed to favour his to punith him; they therefore addresies, he courted her as a granted the rule as prayed for. fingle man. This coming to the A motion was made in. knowledge of the wife, he put a the Court of King's-Bench, 2011 Nop to the match, which fo ex- by the Solicitor-General, for an asperated the husband, that he attachment againt the Undervowed revenge ; caused her to be Sheriff of Surrey, for neglect of arrested in her maiden name, and his duty, in not preventing the swore a debt against her of 701. death of the man who stood in the When in the Spunging-house, an pillory at St. Margaret's - Hill. attorney offered her a sum of mo. Affidavits were read, stating the ney to fign an instrument, refact of the man's death, and how nouncing all claim to her husband, it happened, but no charge against which the absolutely refused; the Under Sheriff, that it hap. whereupon the was, by order of pened through bis neglect. Mr. the attorney, taken to Newgate. Dunning said he was instructed to During her confinement, the offer defend the Under-Sheriff in the was made a second time, and re. forft instance ; and said, that so


far from there being any crimina. ing Poft; that he is, and has been ·lity in the under theriff, he was for years past, the director of all

instructed to say, that instead of matters to be printed in the said the ordinary allistance of constables paper, and that he reviles the sefrom five parithes, he had collected veral proof papers before they are those of eleven parishes, and taken publified, and is allowed by the every other means to prevent mis- rest of the proprietors a weekly chief. The court were for refusing sum for so doing. That he with the application, as containing no his own hand gave the queries to charge; but at last granted the the printer of the paper on the 23d, rule to thew cause, to give the or 24th of February, and told under sheriff an opportunity of him' there is the copy for to-mor. having his character perfe&tly mow,' or words to that effect, by cleared.

which the printer understood he 26th.

ve The under sheriff of Sure was to print it, and that he did we rey lewed cause in the print it accordingly in the MornCourt of King's Bench, against ing. Post on February the 25th the rule prayed for by the attorney inftant. general, on account of the death The court granted the rule, and of the man on the pillory, when expressed their indignation at the he made it appear ibat the fact heinousness of the offence, at the did not originate from any neglect same time passing high encomiums of duty, and the rule was dif. on the Duke of Richmond, and afcharged.

- .. serting their firm belief of the falleMr. Justice Wilmot, prosecuted hood of the charges. to convi&tion by the city of Lon. Some of the most exceptionable don, for imprisoning a fellowship- queries, are the following: porter under the late act for impresling men for his majesty's ser- "To the Duke of R . vice, surrendered himself at the "Whether a man who at all bar of the Court of King's Bench, times has endeavoured to deceive in order to receive sentence. He his country, and furnith an avow. was fined iool. and his attorney ed enemy with intelligence of the undertaking to be answerable for first importance, is not a traitor to that sum, be was immediately dif- his country, and deferving of the charged.

most condign punishment ? con Mr. Dunning moved the 'Whetlier, if the minister had

"* Court of King's Bench for taken your advice, you did not a rule, to thew cause why an in- mean to give the inteligence to formation should not be filed against your bolon friend the Duke the Rev. Henry Bate, for an infa. d'Aiguillon? mous libel on the Duke of Rich. Whether you did not furnish mond, charging him with high- the Court of France with plans of treason. Mr. Dunning produced the weakest and most defenceless two affidavits in support of his parts of this island, most liable to motion, which proved the Rev. invasion, and most contiguous to Henry Bate to be the editor, and their own coasts and harbours?' one of the proprietors of the Morn. VOL. XXIII.



List of the Capital Convicts con- and many magazines of commerce, • demned during Lent Alizes. exhibits nothing but a parcel of

At Northampton three, (two of ruins. Many citizens, they add, whom were for murder)-one reare destroyed by this disaster. ' prieved.

Died, at St. Juft, Cornwall, At Reading one-reprieved. Maurice Bengham, a fisherman,

At Winchester ten, one for mur- aged 116. der-five reprieved.

At Thatcham, James Walford, At Salisbury five-all reprieved. aged 104. At Stafford four--two reprieved. At York, Thomas Hume, Esq;

At Aylesbury five, one for mur- aged 115. der-four reprieved.

In St. Martin's Workhouse, At Chelmsford fix two re- Jane Petit, age 113. prieved..

At Margate, Mirs. Stokes, aged At York three.

100. At Cambridge two-one for At Narrowfield, Berks, Tho. murder.

Carter, aged .08. At Bedford four- three re. At Market Harborough, Rev. prieved.

Rich. Parry, D. D. well known At Maidstone, John Knight, for by many learned publications. aslifting some sinugglers in tboot. At Knightsbridge, John Nourie, ing two dragoons at Whitstable, Esq; many years bookseller to his pear Canterbury, the 26th ult. majetty. He was hinself a man. was found guilty, and executed of science, particularly in the ma. accordingly.

thematical line;, in which departAt Eat Grinstead (for Suflex) ment a great number of valuable one, for murder of his wife, and publications have been by him inexecuted accordingly.

troduced to the world. James Burnet, indicted for the wilful murder of Thomas Hewitt, gamekeeper to his Grace the Duke

M A Y. of Richmond, at Goodwood-park, in December last, was found guil. A very interesting questions ty of manslaughter, and sentenced was argued and determined in 34. to be burnt in the hand, and im- the Court of King's Bench, whereprisoned twelve months in Hortham in the inhabitants of Richmond

and the city of London were para At Lincolo two.

ticularly concerned, the former

claiming the property of the soil Leghorn, April 6. Letters from of the river Thames, lo far as Constantinople, dated March 3, their jurisdi&ion reaches, down to mnention an earthquake at Tauris, low-water mark, had caused the the capital of the province of Ader- works now carrying on by the latbigan, in Perfia, which has been ter, under the authority of an act more fatal than that which hap- of parliament, to be obstructed, pened in 1631. If we are to credit on which the city had commenced thote tirst accounts, this town, a prosecution against the persons which contained 15,000 houses, employed in that serzice, and had




obtained a verdi&t against them at neutral vessels bound to neutral the last Surrey aflizes; but the ports, during the present hottili. counsel on the opposite side still ties. insisting on their right to the soil, -- for allowing a bounty on the cale came to be argued on that the exportation of British corn and particular point; and after many grain in fhips of any kingdom in learned arguments, in which the ainity with his majesty. malter seemed to receive a full Apetition has been lately .. investigation, Lord Mansfield and presented to his majesty, from the other judges were unanimously Calcutta, signed by 6co Whites, of opinion, that the river being and a great number of Genivos, a public navigable river, the in- ftating, in a forcible manner, the habitants could have no particular various hardships the inhabitants interest in any part of its foil. have suffered lince the introduc. The decision therefore of this cause tion of the English laws amongst entirely removes the general idea, them. that owners of the adjoining lands This morning two persons, have property in the soil of navi- one a traderman and the other you gable rivers as für as low-water a sheriff's officer, were brought mark.

before the Court of King's Bench, wth A respite, till further fig. to receive fentence for having tome 4nification of bis majesty's time ago arrested one of the do. pleasure, was sent to the Marthal mctlics belonging to his Excelof the High Court of Admiralty lency Count de Welderen ; Mr. for John Williams and James Justice Willes, in a thort speech, Stoneham, convicts in Newgate, explained the nature of the offence, for mutiny. They were to have observing, at the same time, how been executed this day.--This re- necessary it was itricly to adhere. spite was in consequence of no- to the laws of nations : that the tice taken of the case in the House persons now before them, had been of Commons. The captain, it guilty of a very high offence. seems, had been concerned in foine against those laws, and which callillicit practices, and they had re- ed loudly for an exemplary punishfifted going into port for fear of ment; ihe judgment therefore of being preffed.

the court was, that the two perfons This day the royal aflent was be immediately taken into the given to 42 public and private custody of the marthal of this bills by commillion. Among the court, and be by him couducted former were the following:

this day, at any hour that may be A bill for several additional du- appointed, to the dwelling-houle ties upon wines and vinegar.

of Count de Welderen, with a lafor several additional du. bel faltened to each of their breafis, ties on advertifements, and receipts denoting their offence, and that for legacies.

they do then and there aik pardon to protect goods, &c. of of his excellency for the crime by the growth of the islands of Grenathem committed. The tradesman da and the Grenadines, on board to be afterwards imprisoned for

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