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contracted a perfect friendship for during the whole time of its each other from children, and raging. had lived happily together * A fire broke out at a: fome time, till religious melan- linen-draper's, opposite the


goo choiy, as one of their friends cold Pantheon, in Oxford-street, which the coroner's jury, had hurt their consumed the fame, and damaged niinds.

another house. And at night a His Majesty has been fire broke out at a tin and oil-mop, 7**e graciously pleased to settle in Princes - Aireet, Oxford - street, 2 penfion of four hundred pounds opposite Swallow - street, wbich a ytör on Lady Blackstone, widow burn: the house and furniture, of the late Sir William Black- and deitroyed the stock in trade, fone,

before it was extinguished. A This morning, about five man who lodged in the house, Tomo o'clock, a fire broke out at and who had a wife and three the house of the Duke of Nor- children, came through the flames thumberland, at Charing - Crors. with a child under each arm, and It began at the east end of the returned to save the third, when fecond story, fronting the treet, the staircase foor fell in with him, in a room where the servants kept and they were burnt ; a woman their liveries, and other clothes ; jumped out of the garret window two servants lay in the next room, naked, and fell upon the lamp. who were soufed by the fire, iron, and was so terribly bruised, which broke in upon them, but that she died next morning in the ibey luckily made their escape, Middlesex Hospital. though with the loss of all they Mr. Fullarion, member had. From five o'clock in the for Plympton, and late fee 2

20th. morning, when it was first per. cretary to Lord Stormont in his ceived, the fire raged furiously embassy to the court of France, till eight, when the fames were complained to the House of the pretty well got under, but by that ungentleman-like behaviour of the time had burnt from the eait end Earl of Shelburne, who, he said, to the west, there being no party with all the aristocratic insolence wall in the whole range of build. that marks that nobleman's chaing. The roof is destroyed, as racter, had in effect dared to say, are also the first and fucond floors, that he and his regiment were 26 at the former of which it fopped, ready to act again it the liberties the rooms on the ground foor be- of England, as against her eneing most of them arched with mies. This occafioned some albrick. The rooms in front, which tercation between those who were have been destroyed, were all of the friends of each party ; but be. them alioited to the use of the ing generally thought unparlizprincipal officers of his Grace's mentary, it went at that time no household; such as the secretary, farther. master of horse, &c. How it hap. The following acts re

21st. pened is not yet known'; his ceived the royal affent by 2014 Grace got out of bed when the commillion : alarm was given, and was present Act for raising a certain fum

of money by annuities, and estab- that his pistols were already loadling a lottery.

ed, and offered to draw them, A& for punishing mutiny and which was rejected by Lord Baldefertion, and for better payment carras and Col. Fullerton ; upon of the army.

which Lord Balcarras loaded Col. A&t for regulating his majesty's Fullerton's pistols. The seconds marine forces.

having agreed that twelve paces A& for better supplying his was a proper distance, the parties majefty's navy with mariners, &c. took their ground; Col. Fullerton • Ad for repealing an act which desired Lord Shelburne to fire, probibits the carrying the gold which his lordihip declined, and coin, &c. &c. to Ireland.

Col. Fullerton was ordered by the A&t for paying and cloathing seconds to fire. He fired, and the militia.

milled. Lord Shelburne returned Ad for securing the lawful trade it, and missed. Mr. Fullerton to the East Indies, and to prevent then fired his second pistol, and British subjects from trading under hit Lord Shelburne in the right foreign commillians, and for other groin, which his lord ihip signified ; segulacions of trade.

upon which every body ran up; Act to regulate county elections, the seconds interpoled. Lord

A& for continuing the duties Frederick Cavendish offered to on ales, &c. brewed for sale in take the pistol froin Lord Shelthe town of Kelso, in Scotland. burne; but his lordship refused to

And to several road, inclosure, deliver it up, saying, I have and other bills. In all 42. not fired that piftol.' Mr. Ful. ssd This morning, in confe- lerton returned immediately to his

44. qoence of the altercation ground, which he had left with a above alluded to,, a duel was view of a fisting his lord thip, and fought between the Earl of Shel- repeatedly defired his lord'hip to barne and Mr. Fulląrton, of fire at him. Lord Shelburne faid, which the following is an authen. Sure, Sir, you don't think I tic narrative. '

would fire my pistol at you,' and Lord Shelburne, with Lord fired it in the air. The parties Frederick Cavendish for his se. and their seconds got together. cond, and Mr. Fullerton, with Lord Balcarras aked Lord ShelLord Balcarras for his second, burne if he had any difficulty in demet at half palt five, in Hyde- claring he meant nothing personal Park, March 22, 1980. Lord to Col. Fullerton. His lord hip Balcarras and Lord Frederick Ca- replied, “You know it has taken vendith propofed both parties another course; this is no time should obey the seconds. Lord for explanation. His lordship Shelburne and Colonel Fullerton then said to Col. Fullerton, " Alwalked together, while Lord Bal. though I am wounded, I am able carras and Lord Frederick Caven- to go on, if you feel any resentdith adjusted all ceremonials, and ment. Col. Fullerton said, he fixed on piftols as the proper wea- hoped he was incapable of harpons. When they came to the bouring such a feotiment. Lord ground, Lord Shelburne told them, Frederick Cavendish declared, that from the character he had heard being in the captain's 'cabbin, of Col. Fullerton, he believed ro. drinking a bottle of wine, on Col. Fullerton faid, . . As your Christmas - day, they heard a lord thip is wounded, and has fired musket fired upon deck; that in the air, it is impossible for me they sent a boy to enquire the to go on. Lord Balcarras and cause, who returned with an un. Lord Frederick Cavendish imme. fatisfactory answer; that in a few diately declared that the parties minutes they heard the report of kad ended the affair by behaving a second musket, which alarmed as men of the strictest honour.


chem very much, and they ran On hearing of the above affair, upon deck all cogether to see what the following message was sent was the matter ; that they found from the city :

the whole crew mustered upon Guidhall, London, March 22. deck, and that they had broke

The committee of common open the chests, and supplied council for corresponding with the themselves with arms; that upon committees appointed, or to be the captain going up to them, appointed, by the several counties, Williams, one of the prisoners, cities, and boroughs in this king advanced with a blunderbuss, and dom, anxious for the preservation swore that if he ventured a step of the valuable life of fo true a further than the line he had drawn friend of the people, and defender across the deck, he would blow of the liberties of Englishmen, as his brains out; that the captain the Earl of Shelburne, respectfully instantly knocked Williams down, enquire after his lordship's safety, upon which the rest of the crew, highly endangered in consequence feeing their leader fall, and think. of his upright and spirited conduct ing he had been killed, 'returned in Parliament.

to their quarters ; and that WilBy order of the committee, liams and Stoneham, the prisoners Earl of Shelburne. Wm. Rıx' at the bar, were instantly secured,

This morning a seflion of as being supposed to be the ring. 29th. se oyer, terminer, and gaol leaders of the mutiny; that the

of delivery for offences committed on next day they fell in with the the high seas, was held at the Brilliant' frigate of war, and that feftions-house in the Old Bailey, they put twelve more of the rioters before the Right Hon. William on board that thip to serve his Earl of Mansfield, Lord Chief Majesty, after which they returned Justice of the Court of King's without any further moleftacion, Bench, and Sir James Marriot, peaceable into Falmouth. Knt. Judge of the High Court of Peter Reddish was then called, Admiralty, when John Williams, whose evidence corresponded exoilicer of marines, and James actly with Smith's ; the captain Stonebam, boatswain's mate, of was called three times, but did the Eagle privateer, were put to not think proper to make his apthe bar. John Smich, first lieu. pearance. tenant of ihe raid ship, deposed, The prisoners in their defence that they failed from Bristol on a called three evidences, the persons cruize, in Dccember last ; that, who acted as linguit, furgeon,


and furgeon's mate, who made it prisoners guilty ; but at the same appear that the mutiny in the ship time earnestly recommended them did not arise from factious or dif- to the King's mercy. honest motives in the prisoners, A few days ago, as the but from an honeft deteftation of London waggon of Mr. 35 the bad conduct of the captain, Truman of Derby, was travelling who it appeared had failed with a between Biggleswade and Buckprivateering commiffion from the den, on the north road, the canLords of the Admiralty, and had dle in the lantern, unfortunately robbed every vessel of whatsoever caught the tile of the machine, nation that he met with of in- and the fire got to an alarming ferior force; they each gave an height before it was perceived by affecting narrative of the plunder the driver, who had but just time of a Dutchman, whom they board. to disengage the horses, before a ed under American colours, and cak of spirituous liquors blew up, stripped of all the poor man, who and made a dreadful explosion. was fole owner of the vesel, had The loss sustained is computed at ia the world, though he was in a about 2000 1. neutral bottom, and in a fair way Canterbury, March 29. Monday of trade; the poor Dutchman laft Mr. Tankard, a custom-house wept over his misfortunes, but officer, with nine or ten affiftants, did not know that these barbarians came up with a gang of smugglers, were Englishmen. They likewise at King's-down Court-lodge, near gave an account of the plunder of Dartford, as they were watering a Danish ship and Portuguese vef- their horses, and took 28 out of fel in the fame manner, and that 30 horses, laden with tea, silk, the method they used on these and lace. One of the master occasions, was to throw a tarpaulin smugglers was taken, and a numover the head of the ship, which ber of the horses wounded. bore the figure of an eagle, and Died, At Lincoln, James Pie to call themselves " the Black got, Esq. aged 96. Prince American privateer,' Cap- Robert Macbride, a fisherman, tain Mackenzie, commander; and in the illand of Henies, aged 130 these witnesses separately declared, years and fome months. that the prisoners had often cold Ac his seat near Derby, Samuel them they would rather be killed Pickering, E'q. aged 104. than join the captain in these ini. Ac Radwinter in Efex, Joho quitous proceedings; several other Fox, Esq. aged 97. very respectable persons appeared in Kent-itreet, Southwark, Ma. to the characters of the prisoners, ry Ann Ryan, aged upwards of but Lord Mansfield refused to ad. 107. mit them, declaring that the pre- Joseph Highmore, Esq. aged 88, sent trial did not at all depend on formerly an eminent painter. character, and his lord lip then Dr. Ifaac Schomberg, a very Summed up the evidence in his eminent and learned physician. asual way; and the Jury, after retising a few minutes, found the


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, 1780. ..A PRI L.

heat of paflion. The learned judge

gave an excellent charge to the At the grand quarter- jury, and said, “ though he al34. session of the peace, held lowed that all the circumstances at Guildhall, a new regulation were as favourable to the prisoner was eitabliớied, by which every as in such a case could be, yet as publican within the jurisdiction of the idea of honour was so often the city is obliged io appear in mentioned, he must say and inperson to renew their licences, and form the jury, and the auditors, to enter into recognizances for the that it was falle honour in men to good order and proper conduct of break the laws of God and of their their respective houses.

- country ; that going out to fight a Last week, at the afizes at King- duel was in both parties a delibe. fton, in Surrey, the trials on the rate resolution to commit murder, crown side came on before the and there could be no honour in Hon. Mr. Justice Gould and a lo savage a custom, which, how. fpecial jury, when Mr. Donovan ever disguised in words, is con. (who voluntarily surrendered) was trary to the principles and hapa tried for baving killed in a duel, piness of society, and ought to be in November lall, Caprain. James reprobated in every well-regulated Hanson. It appeared by a num- community.” The jury, without ber of respectable witnesses, that going out of court, acquitted Ms. the deceased was entirely in fault, Donovan of the trurder, and and had forced Mr. Donovan to found him guilty of man-flaughter meet him in a field near the Dog on the coroner's inquct. The and Dack; it also appeared, that judge fined him rol. co the King, the only ground of quarrel be- which being paid in court, he was tween the prisoner and the des immediately discharged. ceased was, that · Mr. Donovan The feffions ended at interfered between Capt. Hanson the Old-Bailey, when send and another person, and prevented tence of death was falled on the their fighting, on wbich Hanson following convicts, yiz. John Spar. gave him very abusive language, row, for affaulting John Turner and inglted "that he would make Harris, on Constitution. Hill, in him smell powder." The deceased the Green-l'ark, and robbing him was wounded by a pistol bullet in of a silver watch, and 35. in mo. the belly, and lived about 24 ney; Thomas Williams, alias hours after. He declared to two Charles Galloway, for assaulting eminent furgeons who attended Capt. Joseph Richards on the him, and to several other persons, highway, near Stepney-Causeway, that Mr. Donovan behaved during and robbing him of a gold watch the action, and after it, with the and some money ; Francis Thomp. greatelt honour, tenderness, and son and James Early, for robbing concern; and he particularly de- Joseph White in Stepney-fields, sired that po prosecution should of one guinea, 7 s. and some half. be carried on agaioft him, as he pence; Susannah Flood, for steal. himself was solely in fault, by an ing three guineas and about 145 unprovoked ralhness of temper and the property of George Nah, ia

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