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good, as well as great; great by Royal descent, but superior by exemplary Virtue! Let me earnestly entreat your Royal Highness, not to disappoint the hopes of an expecting nation, who seek in your Royal Highness, a continuation of those amiable qualities, which so eminently distinguish our most gracious Queen : strive like her to gain universal approbation; make her the model of your conduct; and may God grant you grace, so closely to copy the bright original, that two such animating pictures


may influence the manners of pofterity, and enhance the merit of Female Virtue!

I am, with profound respect,

Your Royal Highness's

Most Obedient and Faithful Servant,

Tottenham High-Cross,

April:8; 17781

P R E F A C E.

THE Author of the following + Dialogues, in conformity to custom, deems it necessary to allege fome reason, or offer some excuse, for presenting them to the public. She is conscious of their defects, and therefore trusts that the plan, rather than the execution, will insure their success. She begs leave to plead in their behalf, they were originally written for the use of her pupils; the advantages they derived from them, and the favour


able reception they met with in the circle of her friends, were the chief motives of the present publication. If, by checking the rapid progress of folly and dissipation, they advance the cause of knowledge and virtue, she will think her labours, amply rewarded.

She is aware justice may urge the critic, to pass a severe fentence on her performance, but as whatever faults may be in it, she sincerely wishes to amend, so she can assure him, that vanity bore no share in her undertaking so arduous a talk- It. was perhaps above her years and



abilities; yet, as it seemed particularly fuited to the nature of her employ, she was tempted to combat the difficulties which attended it.

Dialogue and fable, are in general esteemed the best vehicles to convey instruction, as they lure the mind into knowledge, and imperceptibly conduct it to the goal of wisdom. This mode of practice often succeeds, where formal precept fails, and might produce an happy effect, if it were more frequently

her readers, are earnestly entreated to pay attention to the lessons con


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