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Buchanan Street, Glasgow; Frederick John agreeable blend of information, suggestion, and Petrie Thomson, writer, 65 Bath Street, humour; and after the health of the chairman Glasgow ; Muriel Isabelle Jeffrey, B.L., writer, had been duly honoured (on the proposal of 90 Mitchell Street, Glasgow; and Grant Lord Mackenzie) and duly replied to, a happy Joaquin Mitchell, B.L., writer, 30 Renfield evening was wound up by the company singing Street, Glasgow. The Dean, in announcing the National Anthem. the result of the ballot, commented on the fact that Miss Jeffrey was the first lady to join the THE funeral took place on the 5th to the Faculty. Mr Warren (the present Dean) pre-Glasgow Necropolis of Mr William B. Paterson, sented the Faculty with a chain of office, to be one of the oldest practitioners in Glasgow. Mr worn by Deans on official occasions. Dr David Paterson, who had been in practice in the city Murray, of Messrs Maclay, Murray & Spens, as a notary public and solicitor since 1865, was moved a vote of thanks and chained the highly respected in the profession and among Dean,

a large circle of friends. His funeral was attended by a number of friends, among whom

three of his former apprentices--exCOMPLIMENTARY DINNER TO MR W. D. SMART, Treasurer Barrie, Mr Alexander Walker, City I.S.O.-On the occasion of the retirement of Assessor, and Mr William Armour, solicitor. Mr Smart, owing to the age limit, from the Mr Paterson for many years took an active part position of Chief Clerk in the Crown Office in the work of Adelaide Place Baptist Church. which he has long occupied, there was a general At one time he was much interested in Masonry, feeling among those who had been brought into and was the oldest Past-Master of Lodge Glasintimate contact with him that there ought to gow St Mungo, No. 27. He was also a member be some expression of the esteem and regard of the Incorporation of Bakers, the Incorporain which Mr Smart is held. This feeling tion of Bonnetmakers and Dyers, and the Old culminated in a complimentary dinner, to Glasgow Club. He is survived by his wife. which Mr Smart was invited, and which took place in the North British Station Hotel on the FOLLOWING upon an operation in a nursingevening of 20th November. The Lord Advocate home in Edinburgh a fortnight ago, the death occupied the chair, and the croupiers were has taken place of Mr Hector Munro Mackay, Lord Kinross and Mr Maitland, Advocate- solicitor and Town-Clerk of Dornoch. Depute. Oply those who have or have had Mr Mackay, who was a native of Dornoch, intimate official connection with the Crown was sixty-two years of age and unmarried. Office were invited. In addition to the guest After serving an apprenticeship with the firm of the evening there were present, among of Messrs Scott, Moncrieff & Trail

, W.S., Edinothers: the Lord Justice-General, the Lord burgh, he started practice in his native town, Justice-Clerk, Lords Mackenzie, Sands, Hunter, and shortly after was appointed Town-Clerk, a Anderson, Blackburn, Morison, and Constable, post he held for thirty-four years. the Solicitor-General, Mr H. P. Macmillan, late As a solicitor he earned a high reputation, Lord Advocate, Professor Harvey Littlejohn, and in the Sheriff Court of Dornoch on Tuesday the Vice-Dean of Faculty, and a large number Sheriff J. W. Forbes paid a tribute to his of those of the senior and junior Bar who are sterling character and talents, a tribute which or have been Crown counsel. A letter was was endorsed by Mr Alfred N. Macaulay, agent read from Mr John Lamb, Under-Secretary for for the Duke of Sutherland, who now becomes Scotland, expressing his own warm concurrence senior member of the local Bar. Mr Mackay and that of the staff of the Scottish Office in held various important offices in Sutherland; the sentiments which evoked the demonstration amongst them, lands valuation assessor and of esteem for Mr Smart. In proposing the toast registration officer for the county ; auditor of the evening, the Lord Advocate gave fitting for the Education Authority of Sutherland ; expression to his own sense, and that of those auditor for the Parish Councils of Sutherland; for whom he spoke, of the devotion to duty, secretary for the Dornoch Railway Company, and the unsparing pains and high intelligence now merged in the L.M.S. Railway, and other and courtesy exhibited by Mr Smart over a minor appointments. He

deputylong term of years in facilitating the discharge lieutenant of the county, and several years ago of their duties by the law officers of the Crown, was captain of the local volunteer company, and in contributing to the efficiency of Scottish and afterwards a member of the Territorial criminal administration. Mr Smart returned Association. thanks in an extremely felicitous speech.

As an

author he produced two highly Mr Macmillan proposed and the Lord Justice interesting volumes : “Ancient Tolbooths of General replied to the toast of the Court of Dornoch, and Old Dornoch: Its Traditions Justiciary-in speeches in which there was an and Legends."









vexed and litigious topic of the Rent Restriction

The Jupiter.

Inter Alia, a Scottish Calendar of Crime, and

other Historical Essays. By the Rt. Hon. INTERNATIONAL

Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart. 1924. Glasgow : SOVEREIGN PROPERTY

MacLehose, Jackson & Co. Price 15s. net. REGISTERED IN FOREIGN STATE.-A ship which was registered in Odessa was lying at Dart

A new volume of historical studies from the mouth when a French company brought an pen of Sir Herbert Maxwell will be sure of a action in which they claimed, as owners of the welcome. We confess to having read the book ship, decree for possession. The Union of from cover to cover with great enjoyment. Socialist Soviet Republics, which had been The Scottish studies which form the larger recognised by the Crown as the Government of part are, indeed, not all marked by originality of the territory in which Odessa is situated, topic. Apparently no writer on Scottish history appeared and maintained that the ship was

can long refrain from giving the world his views their property, and that as they were a foreign on those hackneyed themes—the Casket letters

— independent state the Court had no jurisdiction and the Gowry conspiracy; though it is Held that the Court had no jurisdiction to enter- extraordinary that the intimate connection tain the action or to try the question whether between those two historical problems has the ship was or was not the property of the never, so far as we know, been grasped by the Soviet Government. Decision of Hill J.

historians. Sir Herbert Maxwell, however, has affirmed.-Court of Appeal (Bankes, Scrutton, fresher material than this to give us, and the and Atkin L.JJ.).—17th July 1924.

leading study, from which the volume takes its name, contains a collection of interesting glimpses into the social life of Scotland derived

from the earliest criminal trials. Among the LAW LIBRARY.

essays in which the author finds his theme BOOK NOTICES.

outside of Scotland we specially commend

The Last Great Roman,” in which will be The Conveyancing Guide, being Explanations and found a spirited vindication of the character

Forms relative to Practice under the Con- of Stilicho against the aspersions of Professor veyancing (Scotland) Act, 1924. Burns, W.S. 1924. Edinburgh : W. Green & Son Ltd. Price 12s.

CURRENT LAW LITERATURE. The practitioner who finds himself struggling The Conveyancing Guide, 1924. Being explanations with the syncopated conveyancing which is

and forms relative to practice under the Consought to be introduced by the new Act, and

veyancing (Scotland) Act, 1924. W. Green di Son Ltd.

Price 12s. the notices of title” and other abbreviated

W. Green deeds there prescribed, will inevitably be on The Juridical Review. December Issue. the outlook for assistance wherever it

& Son Ltd.

Subscription, 16s. per annum.

may obtained. Mr Burns is early in the field with The Law relating to Electric Lighting, Power, and a valuable collection of explanations and forms

Traction. By His Honour the late Judge J. suitable for all forms of property transactions.

Shiress Will, K.C. Fifth Edition, by John C.

Dalton, A.M.I.E.E., Barrister-at-Law. ButterFor every common form of deed he has devised

worth & Co.

Price 42s. net. a style in compliance with the provisions of the Act, and we congratulate him on producing in Statutory Companies and the Companies Clauses this small and handy volume a style book of

Consolidation Acts. By R. J. Sutcliffe, Barrister

at-Law. Stevens d Sons Ltd. Price 7s. 6d. net. the highest utility to the profession.

Journal of Comparative Legislation and International The Law of Landlord and Tenant, including the

Law. Edited by Sir Lynden Macassey, K.B.E., Practice in Ejectment and Rent Restrictions.

K.C., LL.D., and C. E. A. Bedwell, Esq.,

November 1924. Society of Comparative LegisBy Joseph Haworth Redman, Barrister-at


Price 6s. Law. Eighth Edition. 1924. London : Butterworth & Co. Prico 50s. net.

The Accountant’s and Secretary's Year Book. First

Issue, 1924–25. E. & S. Livingstone. The new edition of Mr Redman's well-known

Price 10s. Bd. net. work on the English law of landlord and tenant Patents : Invention and Method. By Harold E. has brought down to date a text-book on which Potts, M.Sc., Chartered Patent Agent. The English lawyers have long learned to rely. But Open Court Co.

Price 3s. 6d. net. this edition has also a value for the Scots Tax Cases. Vol. VIII., Part 10. H.M. Stationery lawyer from the full treatment given to the Office.

Price 6d. net.

By John Bury.

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Appropriation Act, 1924 (Chap. 31)
Arbitration Clauses (Protocol) Act, 1924 (Chap. 39)
Army and Air Force (Annual) Act, 1924 (Chap. 5)
Auxiliary Air Force and Air Force Reserve Act, 1924 (Chap. 15)
British Museum Act, 1924 (Chap. 23).
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1924 (Chap. 22).
Consolidated Fund (No. 1) Act, 1924 (Chap. 2).
Consolidated Fund (No. 2) Act, 1924 (Chap. 4).
-Conveyancing (Scotland) Act, 1924 (Chap. 27).
Diseases of Animals Act, 1924 (Chap. 3)
Education (Scotland) Superannuation Act, 1924 (Chap. 13)
Finance Act, 1924 (Chap. 21)
Friendly Societies Act, 1924 (Chap. 11)
Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924 (Chap. 35)
Irish Free State (Confirmation of Agreement) Act, 1924 (Chap. 41)
Local Authorities (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1924 (Chap. 29).
Local Authorities Loans (Scotland) Act, 1924 (Chap. 36)
National Health Insurance Act, 1924 (Chap. 38)
National Health Insurance (Cost of Medical Benefit) Act, 1924 (Chap. 10)
Old Age Pensions Act, 1924 (Chap. 33).
Pacific Cable Act, 1924 (Chap. 19)
Pensions (Increase) Act, 1924 (Chap. 32)
Poor Law Emergency Provisions Continuance (Scotland) Act, 1924 (Chap. 9)
Prevention of Eviction Act, 1924 (Chap. 18)
Public Works Loans Act, 1924 (Chap. 26)
Small Debt (Scotland) Act, 1924 (Chap. 16)
Telegraph (Money) Act, 1924 (Chap. 25)
Trade Facilities Act, 1924 (Chap. 8)
Treaty of Peace (Turkey) Act, 1924 (Chap. 7)
Unemployment Insurance Act, 1924 (Chap. 1)
Unemployment Insurance (No. 2) Act, 1924 (Chap. 30).
Unemployment Insurance (No. 3) Act, 1924 (Chap. 6).
Workmen's.Compensation (Silicosis) Act, 1924 (Chap. 40)

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Act of Sederunt anent C.A.S., Book I, Chapter xii.—Proceedings under the Work

men's Compensation Acts, 1906 to 1923 (6 Edw. VII. cap. 58 ; 9 Edw. VII. cap. 16 ;
8 Geo. V. cap. 8; 8 & 9 Geo. V. cap. 14; 13 & 14 Geo. V. cap. 42). [Edinburgh,

21st December 1923.]
Act of Sederunt amending Act of Sederunt regulating Fees payable in the Sheriff

Courts of Scotland, etc., dated 22nd February 1922. [Edinburgh, 21st December

Act of Sederunt extending certain Temporary Acts of Sederunt Increasing Fees.

[Edinburgh, 18th July 1924.]



TABLE OF STATUTES affected by the Legislation of 1924


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