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THE HANDBOOK OF ASTRONOMY, 4th Edition. Edited by EDWIN DUNKIN, F.R.S., RI. Observatory, Greenwich. With 38 plates and upwards of 100 Woodcuts. Cr. 8vo, 9s. 6d. cloth. 'Probably no other book contains the same amount of information in so compendious and well-arranged a form."-Athenæum.


Animal Physics.

With 520

THE HANDBOOK OF ANIMAL PHYSICS. Illustrations. New edition, small 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. 732 pages. "We have no hesitation in cordially recommending it."-Educational Times.

Electric Telegraph.


New Edition. By E. B.

BRIGHT, F.R.A.S. 140 Illustrations. Small 8vo, 2s. 6d. cloth.
"One of the most readable books extant on the Electric Telegraph."-Eng. Mechanic.

rewritten by BENJAMIN LOEWY, F.R.A.S.
tions. Post 8vo, 6s. cloth.

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Enlarged and almost
With 378 Illustra-


"The perspicuity of the original has been retained, and chapters which had become obsolete, have been replaced by others of more modern character. explanations throughout are studiously popular, and care has been taken to show the application of the various branches of physics to the industrial arts, and to the practical business of life."--Mining Journal.



Edited and almost entirely

Rewritten by BENJAMIN LOEWY, F.R.A.S. etc.

tions. Post 8vo, 6s. cloth.

117 Illustra

"The style is always clear and precise, and conveys instruction without leaving any cloudiness or lurking doubts behind."-Engineering.

Hydrostatics and Pneumatics.

New Edition, Revised and Enlarged by BENJAMIN LOEWY,
F.R.A.S. With 236 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 5s. cloth.

"For those who desire to attain an accurate knowledge of physical science without the profound methods of mathematical investigation, this work is not merely intended, but well adapted."-Chemical News.

Electricity, Magnetism, and Acoustics.

THE HANDBOOK of ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM, and ACOUSTICS. New Edition. Edited by GEO. CAREY FOSTER, B.A., F.C.S. With 400 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 5s. cloth. "The book could not have been entrusted to any one better calculated to preserve the terse and lucid style of Lardner, while correcting his errors and bringing up his work to the present state of scientific knowledge."-Popular Science Review.


THE HANDBOOK OF OPTICS. New Edition. Edited by T. OLVER HARDING, B. A. 298 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 5s. cloth. "Written by one of the ablest English scientific writers, beautifully and elaborately illustrated."-Mechanics' Magazine.

**The above 5 Vols. form A COMPLETE COURSE OF NATURAL

Woods and Marbles (Imitation of).

WOODS AND MARBLES, as Taught and Practised by A. R.
and P. VAN DER BURG, Directors of the Rotterdam Painting
Institution. Illustrated with 24 full-size Coloured Plates; also
12 Plain Plates, comprising 154 Figures. Royal folio, bound,
2/. 12s. 6d.
[Just Published.

Pictures and Painters.

THE PICTURE AMATEUR'S HANDBOOK AND DICTIONARY OF PAINTERS: being a Guide for Visitors to Public and Private Picture Galleries, and for Art-Students, including an explanation of the various methods of Painting; Instructions for Cleaning, Re-Lining, and Restoring Oil Paintings; A Glossary of Terms; an Historical Sketch of the Principal Schools of Painting; and a Dictionary of Painters, giving the Copyists and Imitators of each Master. By PHILIPPE DARYL, B. A. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. cloth.

"Useful as bringing together in a compendious form an almost complete biographical stock of information respecting the painters of the world."-Mayfair.

"The bulk of the book is occupied by a dictionary of painters which, considering its small compass, is really admirable; the utility of a table of dates of painters in so portable a form is unquestionable. We cordially recommend the book."-Builder.

Popular Work on Painting.

Sketches of the Progress of the Art. By THOMAS JOHN GULLICK,
Painter, and JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A. Fourth Edition, revised and
enlarged. With Frontispiece and Vignette. In small 8vo, 6s. cloth.

**This Work has been adopted as a Prize-book in the Schools of Art at South Kensington.

"Much may be learned, even by those who fancy they do not require to be taught, from the careful perusal of this unpretending but comprehensive treatise."-Art Journal. "Contains a large amount of original matter, agreeably conveyed."-Builder.

Grammar of Colouring.

A GRAMMAR OF COLOURING, applied to Decorative
Painting and the Arts. By GEORGE FIELD. New edition, en-
larged and adapted to the use of the Ornamental Painter and
Designer, by ELLIS A. DAVIDSON. With new Coloured Diagrams

and numerous Engravings on Wood. 12mo, 3s. 6d. cloth boards. "One of the most useful of student's books, and probably the best known of the few we have on the subject."-Architect.

"The book is a most useful résumé of the properties of pigments."-Builder.


INSTRUCTIONS in WOOD-CARVING, for Amateurs; with Hints on Design. By A LADY. In emblematic wrapper, handsomely printed, with Ten large Plates, 2s. 6d.

"The handicraft of the wood-carver, so well as a book can inipart it, may be learnt from 'A Lady's' publication."-Athenæum.

Geology, Physical and Historical.

TORICAL. With more than 250 Woodcuts. By RALPH TATE,
A. L.S., F.G.S. 12mo, 5s. cloth boards.

"The fulness of the matter has elevated the book into a manual."-School Board

Delamotte's Works on Illumination & Alphabets.

A PRIMER OF THE ART OF ILLUMINATION; for the use of Beginners: with a Rudimentary Treatise on the Art, Practical Directions for its Exercise, and numerous Examples taken from Illuminated MSS., printed in Gold and Colours. By F. DELAMOTTE. Small 4to, 9s. Elegantly bound, cloth antique.

"A handy book, beautifully illustrated; the text of which is well written, and calculated to be useful. . . . The examples of ancient MSS. recommended to the student, which, with much good sense, the author chooses from collections accessible to all, are selected with judgment and knowledge, as well as taste.”—Athenæum.

ORNAMENTAL ALPHABETS, ANCIENT and MEDIÆVAL; from the Eighth Century, with Numerals; including Gothic, Church-Text, large and small, German, Italian, Arabesque, Initials for Illumination, Monograms, Crosses, &c. &c., for the use of Architectural and Engineering Draughtsmen, Missal Painters, Masons, Decorative Painters, Lithographers, Engravers, Carvers, &c. &c. &c. Collected and engraved by F. DELAMOTTE, and printed in Colours. Royal 8vo, oblong, 4s. cloth.

"A well-known engraver and draughtsman has enrolled in this useful book the result of many years' study and research. For those who insert enamelled sentences round gilded chalices, who blazon shop legends over shop-doors, who letter church walls with pithy sentences from the Decalogue, this book will be useful."-Athenæum.

EXAMPLES OF MODERN ALPHABETS, PLAIN and ORNA. MENTAL; including German, Old English, Saxon, Italic, Perspective, Greek, Hebrew, Court Hand, Engrossing, Tuscan, Riband, Gothic, Rustic, and Arabesque; with several Original Designs, and an Analysis of the Roman and Old English Alphabets, large and small, and Numerals, for the use of Draughtsmen, Surveyors, Masons, Decorative Painters, Lithographers, Engravers, Carvers, &c. Collected and engraved by F. DELAMOTTE, and printed in Colours. Royal 8vo, oblong, 4s. cloth.

"To artists of all classes, but more especially to architects and engravers, this very handsome book will be invaluable. There is comprised in it every possible shape into which the letters of the alphabet and numerals can be formed, and the talent which has been expended in the conception of the various plain and ornamental letters is wonderful."-Standard.


NATORS. By F. DELAMOTTE, Illuminator, Designer, and
Engraver on Wood. Containing 21 Plates, and Illuminated Titie,
printed in Gold and Colours. With an Introduction by J. WILLIS
BROOKS. Small 4to, 6s. cloth gilt.

"A volume in which the letters of the alphabet come forth glorified in gilding and all the colours of the prism interwoven and intertwined and intermingled, sometimes with a sort of rainbow arabesque. A poem emblazoned in these characters would be only comparable to one of those delicious love letters symbolized in a bunch of flowers well selected and cleverly arranged.”—Sun.

THE EMBROIDERER'S BOOK OF DESIGN; containing Initials, Emblems, Cyphers, Monograms, Ornamental Borders, Ecclesiastical Devices, Medieval and Modern Alphabets, and National Emblems. Collected and engraved by F. DELAMOTTE, and printed in Colours. Oblong royal 8vo, 2s. 6d. in ornamental boards.


Potato Culture.

POTATOES, HOW TO GROW AND SHOW THEM. A Practical Guide to the Cultivation and General Treatment of the Potato. By JAMES PINK, Author of "How to Grow One Thousand Pounds of Potatoes from One Pound of Seed." With numerous Illustrations. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 2s. cloth. [Just Published. "A well written little volume. The author gives good practical instructions under both divisions of his subject."-Agricultural Gazette. "Cordial praise must be given to Mr. Pink for his thoroughly practical and useful work."-Daily Chronicle.

Kitchen Gardening.

prepare and lay out the ground, the best means of cultivating every
known Vegetable and Herb, with cultural directions for the
management of them all the year round. By GEORGE M. F.
GLENNY, Editor of "Glenny's Illustrated Garden Almanack,” and
Author of "Floriculture," &c. With Illustrations, 12mo, 25.
cloth boards.
[Just Published.

"As a guide to hardy kitchen gardening, this book will be found trustworthy and useful to the many who cannot spare the time to consult more comprehensive and detailed works."-North British Agriculturist.

Bulb Culture.

THE BULB GARDEN, or, How to Cultivate Bulbous and
Tuberous-rooted Flowering Plants to Perfection. A Manual
adapted for both the Professional and Amateur Gardener. By
SAMUEL WOOD, Author of "Good Gardening," etc. With
Coloured Illustrations, Plans of Gardens best suited to the Cultiva-
tion of Bulbs, and numerous Wood Engravings. Crown 8vo,
3s. 6d. cloth.
[Just published.

'Supplies the want which has hitherto existed of any sufficiently modern work of the kind. The book contains practical suggestions as to the arrangement of the flowers, and the growth of flower-roots for the trade, as well as for amusement." -Saturday Review.

Production of Meat.

MEAT PRODUCTION. A Manual for Producers, Distributors,
and Consumers of Butchers' Meat. Being a treatise on means of
increasing its Home Production. Also comprehensively treating
of the Breeding, Rearing, Fattening, and Slaughtering of Meat-
yielding Live Stock; Indications of the Quality; Means for Pre-
serving, Curing, and Cooking of the Meat, etc., etc.
EWART, author of "The Land Improvers Pocket Book," etc.
With numerous Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, 5s. cloth.

A compact and handy volume on the meat question, which deserves serious and thoughtful consideration at the present time, when the question of the food supply of the country has become one of the leading topics of the day."-Meat and Provision

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"A Complete Epitome of the Laws of this Country.'

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EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER; a Handy-Book of the Principles of Law and Equity. By A BARRISTER, 16th Edition, Revised to the end of last Session. Including a Summary of the principal Acts of the past Session (1878), viz. :-The Bills of Sale Act, The Weights and Measures Act, The Dentists Act, The Public Health Act (as to the Supply of Water to Dwellinghouses), The Matrimonial Causes Act (as to aggravated Assaults upon Wives), &c., &c. With Notes and References to the Authorities. Crown 8vo, price 6s. 8d. (saved at every consultation), strongly bound. [Just Published. COMPRISING THE LAWS OF BANKRUPTCY-BILLS OF EXchange-ConTRACTS AND Agreements-COPYRIGHT -DOWER AND DIVORCE-ELECTIONS AND REGISTRATION-INSURANCE-LIBel AND SLANDER-MORTGAges-SettleMENTS-STOCK EXCHANGE PRACTICETRADE MARKS and PatentS-TRESPASS, NUISANCES, ETC.-TRANSFER OF Land, etc.-Warranty-Wills and Agreements, etc. Also Law for Landlord and Tenant-Master and Servant-Workmen and Apprentices-Heirs, Devisees, and Legatees-Husband and Wife-Executors and Trustees-Guardian and Ward-Married Women and Infants-Partners and Agents-Lender and Borrower-Debtor and Creditor-Purchaser and Vendor-Companies and Associations-Friendly Societies-Clergymen, Churchwardens-Medical Practitioners, &c.-Bankers-Farmers-Contractors-Stock and Share Brokers-Sportsmen and Gamekeepers-Farriers and Horse-Dealers-Auctioneers, House-AgentsInnkeepers, &c.-Pawnbrokers-Surveyors-Railways and Carriers, &c., &c. "No Englishman ought to be without this book."-Engineer.

"What it professes to be a complete epitome of the laws of this country, thoroughly intelligible to non-professional readers. The book is a handy one to have in readiness when some knotty point requires ready solution."-Bell's Life.

"A concise, cheap, and complete epitome of the English law, so plainly written that he who runs may read, and he who reads may understand."-Figaro.

"A useful and concise epitome of the law, compiled with considerable care."— Law Magazine.

"Full of information, fitly expressed without the aid of technical expressions, and to the general public will, we doubt not, prove of considerable worth."-Economist.


AUCTIONEERS: THEIR DUTIES AND LIABILITIES. By ROBERT SQUIBBS, Auctioneer. Demy 8vo, 10s. 6d. cloth. [Just published. "Mr. Squibbs writes with evident knowledge of his subject and shrewd common sense. His book should be useful to young auctioneers, and serviceable for reference even to old ones."-Scotsman.

House Property.

HANDBOOK OF HOUSE PROPERTY : a Popular and Practical Guide to the Purchase, Mortgage, Tenancy, and Compulsory Sale of Houses and Land; including the Law of Dilapidations and Fixtures; with Explanations and Examples of all kinds of Valuations, and useful Information and Advice on Building. By EDWARD LANCE TARBUCK, Architect and Surveyor. 12mo, 5s. cloth boards. "We are glad to be able to recommend it."-Builder. "The advice is thoroughly practical."-Law Journal.

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