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Edward Eark of CLARENDON, JONHigh CHANCELLOR of England

and Chancellor of theʻllniversity of Oxfora AnDri.1667



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1117 OF THE

IN;D amat


Begun in the Year 1641.
With the precedent Paffages, and Actions, that contri-

buted thereunto, and the happy End, and Conclusion
thereof by the King's blessed RESTORATION, and
RETURN, upon the 29th of May, in the Year 1660.

Written by the Right Honourable
Late Lord High Chancellor of England, Privy Counsellor in

the Reigns of King Charles the First and the Second.

Kympic és acé. Thucyd.
Ne quid Fulfi dicere audeat, ne quid Veri non audeat. Cicero.


Printed at the THEATE R, An. Dom. MDCCXVII.

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n o Your Majesty is most humbly Dedicated

this Second Part of the History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars, written by Edward Earl

of Clarendon. For to whom so naturally can the Works of this Author, treating of the Times of Tour Royal Grandfather, be address'd, as to Your Self; now wearing, with Lustre and Glory, that Crowon, which, in those unhappy days, was treated with so much contempt and barbarity, and laid low even to the Duft?

This Second Part comes with the greater confidence into Your Presence, by the advantage of the ception the First bath met with in the World 3 since it is not to be doubted, but the same truth, fairness, and impartiality, that will be found throughout the whole thread of the History, will meet with the same Gandour from all equal Fudges. , ; Vol. II. Part 1.

À à

'Tis true, fome fero Persons, whose Ancestors are bere found not to have had that part during their lives which would bave been more agreeable to the wishes of their surviving Posterity, have been offended at fome particu. lars, mentior'd in this History, concerning So near Rela

tions, and would have them pass for mistaken Informa! tions. But it is to be hoped, that such a concern of Kin.

dred for their Families, though not blameable in them, will rather appear partial on T heir side ; since it cannot be doubted, but this. Author must have had his materials from undeniable, and unexceptionable hands, and could have no temptation to insert any thing, but the truth in a work of this nature, which was design'd to remain to Pofterity, as a faithful record of Things, and Persons in those Times, and of his own unquestionable sincerity in the representation of them.

In this assurance it is humbly hoped, it will not be un. profitable to Your Majesty to be here inform'd of the fatal and undeseru'd misfortunes of one of your Ancestors, with the particular and fad occasions of them; the better to direct Your Royal Person through the continual uncertainties of the Greatness of this world. And as Your Majesty cannot have a better Guide, throughout the whole Course of Your Reign, for the good Administration of Your Government, than History in general, so there cannot be a more usefal one to Your Majesty than this of Your own Kingdoms; and it is prefum'd, without lying under the Imputation of misleading Your Majesty, it may be afferted that no Author could have been better infruet. ed, and have known more of the Times and Matters of which he writes, than this who is bere presented to You - Your Majesty may depend upon his Relations to be true in Faet; and You will find his Observations juft; his Reftertions made with judgement and weight ; and his Advices given upon wife and Boneft Principles ; not capable of being now interpreted as fubfervient to any

Ambition or interest of his own, and having now outhu'd the Prejudices and Partiakties of the Times in which they were Written. And Your Majesty thus Elevated, as by God's blessings You are, from whom a great

jis many

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