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(FOR THE YEAR 1852,)







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POLITICAL, SOCIAL, AND SANITARY dangerous animals bill, 57 ; deserters 58; exchequer bills, 60; medals for

from foreign ships, 60; Disraeli's (Mr.) naval actions, 58; navy estimates, 58 ;

financial statement, 268; division on naval reserve, 58; ordnance estimates,
PARLIAMENT.-Its opening, the royal the, 272; dissolution of Parliament, 60 ; patronage of the dockyard, 58.
speech, 26.

intention regarding the, 56, 79; eccle- IRELAND. - Consolidated charities act,

HOUSE OF LORDS.-Debate on the address, siastical


and episcopal 53; Cuffe-street savings bank, 56, dis-

27; opening of the new Parliament, royal revenues, 101, 127; elections corrupt turbances in, 28; disturbed districts,

speech, and debate on the address, 213 ; practices bill, 33, 81, 107, 134; extra- the, 56; encumbered estates, 134: funds

Aberdeen's (Lord) speech on the new ad- mural interments, 55; financial state- for educational purposes, 52; improve-

ministration, 276; Ali Morad's territo- ment, 101; foreign affairs, alteration in

ment of landed property, 248; incum.

ries, 75; amendment of proceedings in the administration of, 29; foreign com- bered estates commission act, 56; Irish

the Court of Chancery, 244; assembling merce, 54; free-trade, intention of the valuation bill, 134; Maynooth grant,

of Parliament by proclamation, bill to government with regard to, 53, 51; free- 75, 99, 106, 107, 125, 131; Maynooth,

amend the statutory law, 53; Ava, the trade, intentions of the new government system of education at, 104; national

war with, 75, 76, 99; Birkenhead, loss respecting, 248; Mr. Villiers in favour education, 124; new reform bill, 33;

of the, 76; business of the House before of, 268; general board of health outrages in, 28; prevention of crime in,

Christmas, 245; Caffre war, 28; Caffres, bill, 134; grand juries bill, to dispense 132, 134.

sale of gunpowder to the, 28; Cape of with, 81; Harwich, bribery at, 78; hop

Good Hope, constitution granted to, duty, 59; Household Narrative, 57; EDITORIAL NOTES — Aberdeen ministry

122; Chancery reform, 52; Clancarty Indian territory, government of the, 81; the, 266; Africa, the war on the

(Lord) and the oath prescribed for Roman Ionian Islands, 79; Jewish disabilities coast of, 25; American fisheries dis-

Catholics, 28 ; commercial policy, 266 ; bill, 134; Jamaica, condition of, 124, pute, 169 ; Anti-Corn-Law League, 26,

Common Procedure Amendment Bill, 134; Lefevre (Mr.) elected speaker of the 49; Achilli v. Newman, trial, 122 ; grant

28 ; coffee mixed with chicory, 98, 123 ; House, 245; Mather's (Mr.) case, 31, for a new trial, 242, Argentine con-

corn duties, 52; County Courts Exten- 129, 148; Meer Roostun, late Ameer of federation, 170; Australian convict

sion Bill, 29; criminal offenders, mutual Scinde, the case of, 134; metropolitan question, 25; Australia, the gold dig-

surrender of, between France and Eng- burials bill, 133, 134; metropolitan gings, 73, 122; Australian grievances,

land, 122, 123; Crystal Palace, 75; sewers bill, 133; metropolitan water 122 ; Australia, scarcity of wool from,

De Bode (Baron), petition from, 123, bill, 133; militia, Lord John Russell's, 98 ; Bentinck, Lord H., in North Not-

Derby's (Earl) reason for taking office, 34, 36; militia, Lord Derby's, 77, 83, tingham, 145; Beresford, Mr. and the

51; doctrine, question of, 99; duration 103, 106, 125; militia franchise, 81; non-electors, 146; a good and a safe

of the session, 75; elections, corrupt ministerial explanations, 57,79; Murray man wanted at Derby, W.B., 146, 266 ;

practices at, 123; Enfranchisement of (Mr.), case of, 124; Maynooth grant, 106, Birkenhead, loss of the, 74; bookselling

Copyholds Bill, 100; foreign refugees, 107, 125. 131, national board of educa- question, the, 74, 91; budget, Mr. Disraeli

76; French compensation fund, 123; tion, 58; New South Wales, petition opening the, 97 ; Cape, the war at the,

gunpowder, the sale of, to the Caffres, from, 133 ; new writs for elections, 53; 25, 98, chancery abuses, 26 ; chancery,

28; Indian territories, 75; Jamaica, New Zealand government bill, 106, 124, abolition of the masters of, 74 ; cholera,

distressed state of, 192 : Largos, attack 128, 133; Oban and Glasgow railway, preparations for the, 170; Christopher

upon, 29; lunatic asylum for criminal 55; O'Connor (Mr.), Fergus, disorderly (Mr.) in Lincolnshire, 145; church, dis-

lunatics, 53; Mather (Mr.), case of, conduct of, 128, 133; Paget (Mr.), putes in the, 75; Cobden (Mr.), on the

28, 122, 123 ; Maynooth grant, 75, 99; seizure of his papers at Dresden, 248 ; hustings, 145; convocation, 217, 242;

Megæra, troop-ship, 28, 29; Militia Palmerston's (Lord), dismissal, 29; crystal palace, Lord Derby on opening

Bill, 123; Murray (Mr.) the case of, 99; paper duty and taxes on knowledge, the, on Sunday, 242; Cumming (Mrs.),

national school grants, 123; Navy Pay 105; parish constable's bill, 82; parish the chancery proceedings against, 50 ;

Bill, 123; New South Wales petition, vestries bill,

parliamentary death of the Duke of Wellington, 193;

123; New Zealand Bill, 123, 124; reform bill, 54; policy of the new Derby's (Lord) speech at a dinner

property tax, 99; railway amalgama- administration, 57; poor-law board con- given by the Lord Mayor, 97; Disraeli

tion, 123; railway regulations, 245 ; tinuance bill, 107; postage labels, ma- (Mr.) at his election dinner, 145;

resignation of ministers, 29; recog- chine for perforating the sheets of, Derby administration, fall of the,

nition of the .: ench Empire, 267 ; River unfair treatment of the inventor, 55 ; 266 ; Disraeli's (Mr.) speech on the

Plate, affairs of the, 53; Rosas (General), preserved meats for the navy, 33; pro-

death of the Duke of Wellington, 241 ;

honours paid to, 98, 99; sanitary state tection to refugees, 59 ; public business, Exeter, the bishop of, and the confes

of London, 98; Smith's (Sir H.), conduct 124; public houses (Scotland) bill, 32; sional, 217; Exeter's, the Marquis of,

at the Cape, the Duke of Welling- recognition of the French Empire, 269, wish at Blandford, 146; forebodings on

ton's approval of, 27; St. Alban's reform bill, the new, 33, 51; reform of opening of the new year, 1; Franklin,

disfranchisement, 77 ; volunteer rifle the ecclesiastical courts, 248; relief of Sir John, 74, 218; France and the

corps, 53; Von Beck (Baroness), 123; the landed interest, 60; representative northern powers, 98, French claims to

Warner's (Captain) invention, 99; system, 59; resignation of the ministers, the holy sepulchre, 26 ; French inter-

Wellington (the Duke), funeral of the, 37, Roman Catholic processions, 132; ference with Turkey, 170; French in.

244, Lord Derby's speech on the, 245; resignation of Lord Derby's government, vasion, 98; French press, 25; free-

wills, bill to amend the law of, 53; 267; Scotland, law reform, act for, 33 ; traders, 117; general election, 121, 145;

prorogation, 147.

shipping trade, 58; stamp duty, 31 ; St. gold diggings in Australia, 73; House-

HOUSE OF COMMONS.- Opening of Parlia- Alban's disfranchisement, 34, 54, 59; hold Narrative, proceedings of the Court
ment, debate

on the address, 29; sugar duties, 54; synod of the Church of of Exchequer against the, 74; income-
opening of the New Parliament, debate England in the colonies, 134; taxes on tax, 26; Indian empire, proposed in-
on the address, 246; Australia, de- knowledge, 82 ; tenant right, 33; Turkey quiry into the administration of govern-
sertion of seamen in, 106; augmentation and Egypt, 59; universities of Scotland ment on the, 75; Ireland, the favourable
of the armed and paid forces, 58 ; ballot, bill, 100; university lists, 34 ; ventila- condition of, 218 ; Irish discussions on
vote by, 78; ballast heavers of the port tion of the House, 31, 55; votes to religious equality, 218 ; Kelly, Sir Fitz-
of London, 81; Bennett (Mr.), vicar of occupiers of tenements of 101. per year, roy, in Suffolk, 146; Kossuth's speech,
Frome, 81, 106, 126, 163; Bethlehem 100; voting for members, extension of 241; Louis Napoleon's method of
hospital, 247; Brazil, our relations the people's rights, 32; water in the governing, 49; Louis Napoleon and the
with, 81; British American railway, metropolis, 31 ; Wellington (the Duke), empire, 170; Louis Napoleon elected
124; bishopric of Christchurch (New funeral of the, 247 ; expense of the, emperor, 241; Manchester free-trade
Zealand) bill, 132; carriages, the duty 248; the Queen's message relating to meeting, 26; Manners, Lord John, at
on, 34; chancery reform bill,' 59; cbana the, 247; Wingate and Smith (Messrs.) Colchester, 145; Mather (Mr.), the case
cery, relief of suitors in thé, 31; cha. the case of, 132, 148; working classes, of, 121; murders in Ireland, 218; May-
ritable trusts bill, 61; Clarendon (Lord), measures to benefit the condition of the, nooth grant and the no-popery cry, 98,
charge against, as viceroy of Ireland, 128; prorogation, 148; members re- 121; militia question, and resignation of
35; colonial bishops biil, 101, 106; turned to serve in the new parliament, Lord John Russell, 25; militia bill, 25,
Constantinople, repairing the chapel of 149; members of the Aberdeen adminis- 75, 98; national defences, 25 ; new
the embassy at, 12; convocation, 247 ; tration, 273.

ministry, work in hand for the, 25; new
copyright amendment bill, 59; copy. COMMITTEE OF SUPPLY.-Army estimates, year, forebodings of the, 1; New Zealand
right treaty with France, 33; county 56; building of iron steamer3, 58; bill, 122 ; Pitcairn's Ísland, a visitor
courts extension bill, 81; county election Caffre war, 80; civil service estimates, from, 219; popish processions, the pro-
polls bill, 127, 133; county rates expen- 124; commissariat votes, 60; convey-

clamation against, 121 ; Queen of Spain,
diture bill, 35; Crystal Palace, 101; ance of specie on board ships of war, attempt to assassinate the, 26; rifle

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practice for the people, 2; Rosas, the Gorham case, declaration in support of the Sir John, 91; Somers, Earl, 23; St.

fall of, 26, 49; Russell, Lord John's, decision in the, 2.

Andrew's, the Bishop of, 232; Talbot,

resignation, 25; Salomons, Mr. Alder- Great Exhibition at Cork, opening of the, the Right Hon. J. C., 141; Townsend,
man, and the Court of Exchequer, 74; 141.

Dr., Bishop of Meath, 232; Thcmason,

sanitary reform, 25; Schwartzenburg, Greenwich Observatory, arrangements to Thomas, Esq., of Ldinburgh, , 232;

Prince, death of, 74, Scottish universi- connect it by wires to the electric tele- Watson, the Hon. R., 112; Webster,

ties, religious tests in the, 97 ; Sellon graph,'12.

Daniel, 261; Wellington, the Duke of,

(Miss) and the Puseyites, 50; spring Hospital for diseases of the chest, anniver- 296; Wheatley, Major-General Sir H.,

assizes, 50; Six-mile Bridge affair, 170; sary festival, 66.

67; Wilson, Thomas Esq., 232; Wur-

Smithfield removal, 170 ; St. Albans Hospital at Brompton for consumption and temberg, Prince Paul, 92.
bribery, the, 51; universities, the, 97; diseases of the chest, 111.

O'Brien, William Smith, and his com-

Wagner, Madlle., and the rival operas, International postage association, 181. panions, petition to the Lord-Lieutenant,

73; Walpole's (Mr.) notion of a new Iron-stone discovered in Northampton- entreating the royal clemency in behalf

franchise, 74; Wellington, death of the shire, 12, 90.

of, 107.

Duke of, 93.

Legal education report, 42.

PAPAL.- Opening of Roman Catholic

Acts of Parliament–The New Metropolitan Liberal members of the House of Com- schools at Hackney, 3; Sellon, Miss,

Burial, 163.

mons, assembly at Lord J. Russell's, 61. charged with Popish practices, 67; pro-

Administration of city charities, an inves- Literary fund, the royal, 66, 112.

clamation against Roman Catholic

tigation into the, 231.

Library and reading-room for the working processions, 135.

Agricultural interest, a deputation to Lord classes, mecting of the parishioners of Pauperiem, the decrease of, 205,

J. Russell, with reference to, 38.

St. Martin's-in-the-Fields to establish a, PERSONAL.-Queen, her Majesty, the, and

Agricultural Society, the royal, show of 140.

Prince Albert, distribution to the poor

farming implements at Lewes, 162; the Liverpool, opening of the free library at, on her birthday, 16; gift of apartments

Worcester societies annual dinner, 229; 230.

in Hampton-court Palace to the widows

Dumfries and Kirkbright dinner, 229; London City Mission meeting, 111.

of the officers Pennycuik and Cureton,

Surrey meeting and dinner, 229; South Manchester free library, opening of the, 42; chapter of the order of the Thistle,
Buckingham annual dinner, 259; meet. 204, 229.

Lord Saltoun invested, 67; investiture
ings of the Waltham, Herefordshire, Married soldiers' society to promote the of the order of the Bath, 91; Rajah of
Chertsey, and Cranbrook Associations, erection of improved dwellings for, 162. Coorg and his daughter presented to
229; cattle show at Belford, 181; royal Marylebone, a meeting in, to establish e the, 113; the marine trip of, 163; anni.
society of Ireland show, 181; meeting at free library, 231.

versary of the coronation, 164; christen-
Framlingham, 205.

Mechi's (Mr.) annual gathering at Tiptree ing of the daughter of the Rajah of
Amazon, destruction of the, by fire, 10. Hall, 162.

Coorg, 164; visit to the King of the

Army distribution at home and abroad, 62. MEETINGS.- Agricultural, 222 ; Anti-Corn- Belgians, 182; excursions in the Iligh.

Artists' benevolent fund dinner, 112.

Law League, 62; Church Pastoral aid lands, 205; visit to the tubular bridge

Bartholomew fair, 204.

Society, 112; confessional at Plymouth, over the Menai Straits, 231; the Govern-

Bennett (Mr.), address to the Marchioness 251 ; letters from the Archbishop of ment School of Mines, 16.

of Bath from the parishioners of Frome Canterbury, 251; diocesan synods, 4; Belcher's, Sir Edward, arctic expedition, 91

against, 3.

free trade, at Manchester, 251; Friends Beresford's, W., speech at Castle Heding-

Bethlehem hospital, treatment of patients of Italy, 251 ; Leeds Reformers, 3; ham, 219.

in, 258.

Maynooth, to discontinue the grant to, Canning, Sir Stratford, raised to the

Bristol, rapid progress of the port of, 13. 4; metropolitan interment, 13; at Man-

peerage, 113.

British Association, 203.

chester, on tbe subject of labour, 61; Catbcart, Major-General, appointed Go-

British and Foreign Society meeting, 111. militia, against the, 107; property tax, vernor of the Care, 16.

Charing Cross hospital, annual meeting of against the renewal of, 2; Sheffield, the Cholmeley's, Sir M., doubts of the Pro-

the governors of, 162.

constituency of, 3; solicitors at Derby, tectionist Premier, 135.

Christmas feast to the poor at Leicester- 230 ; Sons of the Clergy, 112; Taxes Costello, Miss I.. S., grant of 751. a-year

square soup kitchen, 12.

on knowledge, 276 ; Westminster to, 231.

Cholera, progress of the, 203.

Reform Society, 3.

Cullen, Dr.,

appointed by the Pope Arch-

City dispensary, report of the, 13.

Members returned to serve in the new bishop of Dublin, 141.

City railway terminus, Mr. C. Pearson's Parliament, 149.

Disraeli's, Mr., address to the electors of

plan for a, 258.

Merchant Seamen's Fund, new regula- Buckingham, 135 ; specch on the death

Commissioners of Customs, notice to

tions, 12,

of the Duke of Wellington, parallel

masters of vessels in case of improper Metropolitan Burial Act, the, 163.

passages from a panegyric by M. Thiers

seizure, 204.

Metropolitan Board

of Sewers,

first on Marshal De St. Cyr, 251.

Convocation of the province of York, 37. meeting, 181, 203.

Fitzclarence, Lord Frederick, appointed

*Convocation, assembly of the two houses Metropolitan Sanitary Association, 90. commander-in-chief at Bombay, 113.

of, 37, 250.

Museum of Practical and Ornamentul Fordyce's, Colonel, legacy to the soldiers

Copyright, convention between France

under his command, 113.
and England, 12.

National Galleries, purchase of land by Franklin, Sir John, vessels the Erebus
Cork, the Exhibition at, 141.

the Royal Commissioners of the Great and Terror, supposed discovery of, 91.

Cotton, the annual growth in the United Exhibition for the, 230.

Halford's, Mrs., munificent charity lega.

States, 230.

New Ministry, names of the, 38.

cies, 276.

Cromer, purchased by Mr. Benjamin Bond Obituary.--Abercromby, Loid, 164; Ady, Hardinge, Viscount, appointed to the
Cabbell, 181.

Joseph, 208 ; Baird, Sir David, 16; command of the army, 205, 231.
Crystal palace, purchase of the, 112.

Baker, Admiral, 16 ; Berry, Miss, 277; Humboldt's, Baron von, eighty-third
Crystal Palace at Sydendam, ceremony of Blackwood, Robert, Esq., 42; Castanos, birthday, 205.
placing the first pillar, 180.

Gen., Duke of Baylen, 232; Chipman, Jenny Lind's marriage to M. Otto Gold-
Department of practical art, important Chief Justice of New Brunswick, 16; schmidt, at Boston, 42.
memorandum isued by the, 112.

Cockburn, Major-General Sir James, Kossuth's arrival in England from the
Domestic servants' association, 112.

97; Colby, Major-General, 232 ; Corn- United States, 164.
EDUCATIOx--Education of the working wallis, Earl of, 113; Danmark, the Londonderry's, the Marquis, letter to

classes in Wales, 25; King Edward's Dowager Queen of, 91; D'Orsay, Count, Louis Napoleon regarding Abd el-Kader,
School at Birmingham, commemoration 182; Downman, Sir Thomas, Lieutenant-

of the founding, 90; Lambeth ragged General, 182; Dinorben, Lord, 23?; Meagher's, the Irish convict, escape froin
schools, annual meeting, 91; national Escelmans, Marshal, 164; Finden, Mr. Van Diemen's Land, 91
school society, the, 140; Queen's college, William, 231; Forbes, Sir Charles, 67; Neild, Mr., the will of, leaving her
first annual visitation, 90.

Gay, Madam, 67; Gerard, Marshal, 92; Majesty the Queen, 250,0001., 232, 261.
Emigration and colonisation, the progress Graydon, Colonel R. E., 42; Prince Newman, Dr., numerous subscription for
of, 17, 93, 114, 142, 165, 184, 201, 233. Gustavus, Duke of Upland,

his defence, 205.

Encumbered estates sales. 141, 181, 203. Hamilton, his Grace, the Duke of, 182; O'Connor, Mr. l'eargus, removed to Dr.

Electric telegraph across the Irish Channel, Jackson, Vice-Admiral, 141; Keat, Dr., Took's establishment at Chiswick, 141.


67; Neild, J. J., 208; Kensington, Lord, Pugin, Mrs., grant of 1001. a year to, 231.

Electric telegraph in the Bank of England, 182; Landseer, John, Esq., 67 ; Loring, Rosas, General, in England, 113.


Sir Wentworth, 182; Lorclace, the Shrewsbury's (Farl of), property and will,

Electric telegraph connected to the fire Countess of, 277 ; Mackay, Alex- 276.

engine stations at Boston, 13.

ander, 113; Mackworth, Sir Digby, Smith, General Sir Harry, recalled from

Encumbered Estates, the, 13.

Bart., 232; M'Kinley, 16; Mensdorff, the Cape, 42.

Exhibition, the Great, cost of removal of, Ponelly, the Count, 161; Marmont, Smythe, the Hon. G., and Col. Romills,

&c., 66.

Marshal, 67; Montague, Sir W. A., duel between, 113.

Female Penitentiary (the Liverpool), an- Vice-Admiral, 67; Moore, Thomas, 67 ; Somerset, Lord Fitzroy, appointed Master-

nual meeting, 66.

Newbigging, Sir W., 261; Panmure, General of the Ordnance, 231.

Flax, Sir J. Graham on the cultivation of, Lord, 91;

Praed, Vice-Admiral, 232; Southey, Mrs. C., grant of 2001. a year to,


Paterson, Mrs., one of Burns' heroines, 231,

Game laws, Sir J. Graham's step towards 233; Parker, Sir James, Vice-Chancellor, Wellington, the Duke of, and the farmer at
relaxing the severity of the, 205.

182; Robinson, General Sir F., 16; Windsor, 16; the Waterloo banquet,

Goldsmiths' Company's entertainment to Saxe-Weimar, 'the Duchess of, 91; 191; death of his Grace, and sketch of

her Majesty's ministers, 81,

Schwartzenberg, Prince, 91; Shelley his life, 206; preparations for the

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funeral, 232; removal from Walmer, trial of three men for, 108; on Catherine False imprisonment, trial for damages

259; lying in state, 259; the funeral, Tierney by Mrs. Acock, 153 ; on Storey, for, 171.


a detective policeman, by some stock - Forgery, William Henry committed for

Wilson's, l'rofessor, resignation of the broker's clerks, 153; William Liss, circulating false bills of exchange, 173;

university of Edinburgh, 91.

charged with assaulting his father, 176; forging a certificate of marriage, trial of

Physicians, a charter to the royal college on a policeman, by a notorious ruftian, Wilton Butler, a sapper and miner,

of, 181.

James Cannon, a chimney sweep, 221; for, 172.

Poland, annual meeting of the friends of, on a policeman, by a private in the 1st Fracas between Mr. Campbell Foster and


Life Guards, 224 ; on two railway offi- Mr. Digby, 159.

Political dinner, conservative and whig, cials, by Sir James Rivers, bart., 225: on Frankfort (Lord), charged with sending

2 poor woman by a Roman Catholic improper letters, 173 ; sentenced to

Railway, amalgamation schemics for, 258. Priest, 274,

twelve months' imprisonment, 273.

Reclamation of land covered by the sea, Attempt to poison his wife, trial of Fraudulent, trial of William Bennett and


William Baldry for, 1; to murder Mr. others, alias the Hon. William O'Brien

Barber at Bermondsey, Edward Staggles Fitzgerald, for obtaining money under

charged with, 39; to murder bis wife,


false pretences, 152 ; cheating at cards,

trial of Edwin Harris for, 62; to murder trial of Charles Staden and John James

Army distribution at home and abroad, 62.

his wife by poison, Mathew Colgan for, 157 ; fraudulently obtaining a por-

Births, deaths, and marriages, 41, 150, 257.

charged with, 63; Richard Ambler, trait of the Earl of Desart, trial of C.

British vessels engaged in foreign trude,

surgeon, tried for inveigling into his Collier for, 157; trial of Richard Sill for


house a young woman with intent, &c., obtaining money from Henry Broome

Census returns, 161.

108; attempted murder and suicide by by false pretences, 173, 201; trial of

Census returns of Ireland, 181.

Martin White, a Chelsea pensioner, 137 ; Richard Burnell for unlawfully obtaining

Coffee, statistics respecting, 13.

attempted suicide, 15); Eliza Bentley, a sovereign and a half from a poor

County courts, business transacted in the, 6.

charged with attempting suicide, 175; woman with intent to defraud her, 223;

Cotton, the growth of, in the United

Francis Thopier, charged with attempt- obtaining money by means of fraudulent

States, 230.

ing suicide, 175; to murder a young cheques, 220.

Court of Chancery, returns respecting the,

woman at Yarmouth, by Samuel Howth, Glen Tilt case, judgment of the House of



Lords against the Duke of Atholl, 137.

Edinburgh, the rental of the city of, 141.

Aylesbury assizes, point of difference Gladstone v. the Bishop of London, 137.
Electors, the number of registered in

between the judge and the high sheriff, Highway robbery, trial of John Messham

Great Britain in the years 1850-51, 61.

for, at Lewes, 158.
Encumbered estates, report of the commis Bankruptcy and Insolvency Courts--Case Hill,' Sarah Anne, commutation of her
sioner, 141, 181, 203.

of Jolin Mills, application under the Pro- sentence of death' to transportation, 7.
Great Exbibition surplus, 275.

tection Act, 7 ; the Broomsgrove bank Illegitimate child, refusing to support
Hackney carriages, the number of licenses

affairs, 40; judgment in the case of D.

of, 110.

E. Columbine, 135; case of Alexander Ill-using two children, trial of Elizabeth

Ilealth of London, 162.

Wallace, application for a discharge, Jobnston for, 155.

Import and export trade of the United

158; Jonathan Shuter, application for Imposture and credulity, remarkable case

Kingdoms, 67.

his certificate, 252; important question of, at Shottisham, 200.

Public health, 180.

under the Protection Act, 253.

Incendiary fires, 155.

Public income and expenditure for the last Begging women, 177; trial of, for de- Inefficacy of the poor-law, 86.

three years, 219.

manding money of Mr. Solly, 199. Innate depravity, Eliza and the blind negro,

Railway accidents, 111.

Betting houses, effects of frequenting, 252. 136.

Railway returns, 14.

Bigamy, cases of, 226, 254.

Inquest on Mr. Sand, drowned by the

Revenue returns, 2.

Bills of acceptance, caution to tradesmen, sinking of the Duchess of Kent, 173.


Savings banks, 66.

Irish Orangemen, arrest of twenty-four for

Shipwrecks, ill.

Breach of Promise of Marriage-Emma attempting to parade the streets, 173.

Sugur, the consumption of, 91.

Oldaker and George Davis, 154; Miss Joint-stock companies, a point of great

Hoff and Mr. Savage, 154; Fanny Bird importance to shareholders, 39.

Rifle corps in Surrey, 57.

and George Bantall, 159.

Libel.-Action against Mr. Birch, pro-

Rifle corps, the government notification Burglaries in St. Andrew's-road, New. prietor of the World newspaper, 136;

to, 38.

ington-causeway, 7; at Mr. Farley's, at Dr. Achilli against Dr. John Newman,

Sailors' Home, and Destitute Sailors'

Great Raveley, sentence of transportation 137; a new trial granted, 234; Sir

Asylum, yearly meeting, 42.

against the prisoners, 63; robbing a Charles Napier v. Mr. J. Murray,

Sailors' widows, the Cainbridge Asylum

farm at Castletreasure, 199; burglary at

for, 111.

Mrs. Lamb's, at Twickenham, 225; at Lodging houses, summonses for not ob-

Sellon (Miss), charged with popish prac-

Messrs. Whittaker's, 252.

serving the regulation of the act, 222.
tices, 67.

Burning the Bible, Franciscan monk Lunacy.- Commission to inquire into the
Servants' Royal Provident Benevolent So-

charged with, 63.

state of Mr. John Price, 64; against

ciety, 112.

Cathedral trusts and their fulfilment, case Mrs. Cumming, 7, 65; judgment on

Sewerage and drainage of the metropolis,

of the Rev. Mr. Whiston decided by the Lord Dinorben, 86; action, Henry


Bishop of Rochester, 225.

Baker for unlawfully keeping lunatics in

Strike of engineers, machinists, &c., 14, 41. Chancer', the Court of, returns respecting his private house, 137; insufficient care

Submarine telegraph, direct communi.

the, 108; new rules and orders in the of, 158.

cation between London and Paris, 259.

Court of, 197; prisoner released after Manslaughter-of a child, trial of Charlotte

Tenant-right movement in Ireland, 196.

thirteen years' confinement, 172; suit Larkin for the, 64; trial of a surgeon for

Theatrical Fund (the General) anniversary

commenced above oue hundred years the manslaughter of Ann Noakes, 172;

festival, 90.

of his brother, trial of a boy for the, 254.

The women of England to the women of Charitable institutions and idle vagrants, Meat unfit for human food, charge against


the United Stales on the subject of

a salesman for exposing, 59.

S.avery, 275.

Coiners, discovery of a gang of, 222. Medical fees, action for, 7.

Trade in the provinces, 230.

Compensation for damages to Mr. Blake Money won at play, action for, 254.

Training Institution for masters and mis.

lock, from the Midland Railway Com- Moreton (Mr.),

of the Daily News, killed

tresses of the schools of the National

pany, 155 ; compensation from the by Mr. Bower, of the Morning Advertiser,

Society, laying the first stone by Prince

Brighton and South Coast Railway to at Paris, 220.

Albert, 112.

Mr. Palmer, 40.

MURDERS--of Mrs. Barnes, at Belper, 5;

University of London, meeting of the County Courts, business transacted in the, 6. sentence of the prisoner, 65; of George

ruling body, 112.

Cremorne Gardens, the proprietor of, Bush, at Bath, by a pedlar, 158; James

University of London, meeting of the

charged with cruelty to animals by Cleary, at Askeaton, county Limerick,

undergraduates, 112.

allowing them to be suspended from a 39; of John Cunan, in Leitrim, 5; of

University of Oxford, report of the royal Cumming (Mrs.

) and the lunacy commis-
balloon, 198.

James Deegan, 31st Regiment, near

commissioners, 113.

Fermoy, Ireland, 221; Giovanne Kala-

sion, 7, 65.

bergo, by a nepbew, at Banbury, 6, 62;

Derby election, case of bribery at the, 159. of William Manifold, Esq., in King's


Destitution, a dreadful case of, 252,

county, 224; Mr. Maplethorpe, at Hull,

Disturbed state of the county of Armagh, 5. 109; William Roberts, in a night affray

Achilli r. Newman, 137, 254.

Domestic tragedy at Loughrea, murder of with poachers, 63; Mr. O'Callaghan

Adultery, Rev. Stephen Mathers, of two children by the mother, 5.

Ryan, at Waterford, 199; of Mr. Alex.

Hanging Heaton, deprived of his living Duel between two French gentlemen near ander Robinson, by James Barker, near

Windsor, 225, 254.

Sheffield, 198; of William Shine, at

Agrarian conspirators at Monaghan, trial Emigrants, complaints of, against shipping Adair, county Limerick, 221; Mr.

of, 5.

agents, 173; cases of importance to, 156, Thomas Stackpoole, by his uncle, in

Arches Court, decision in the case of the 201, 223.

Clare, 200; Elizabeth Thomas, by her

Rev. Mr. Gladstone v. Bishop of Lon- Endangering the lives of railway pas- son, at Prenton, 171 ; Sarah Watts, near

sengers, 109.

Frome, trial of the men for, 85; of Fanny

Assault on a police constable by Mr. Expense of pleading in law courts, a case Walker, by Stephen Walker, suicide of

Feargus O'Connor, 38: Eliza Coffield of the, 136.

the murderer, 109; of Mrs. Wheeler, by

for, 65.

don, 137.

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