The Household Narrative of Current Events ...: Being a Monthly Supplement to Household Words

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Charles Dickens

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Page 88 - The order and regularity that prevailed on board, from the time the ship struck till she totally disappeared, far exceeded anything that I thought could be effected by the best discipline ; and it is the more to be wondered at, seeing that most of the soldiers had been but a short time in the service. Every one did as he was directed ; and there was not a murmur or a cry among them until the vessel made her final plunge: I could not name any individual officer who did more than another.
Page 110 - My dear Mr. Williams, — The Lord has seen fit to call home another of our little company. Our dear departed brother left the boat on Tuesday afternoon, and has not since returned. Doubtless he is in the presence of his Redeemer, whom he served faithfully. Yet a little while, and though ... the Almighty to sing the praises .... throne. I neither hunger nor thirst, though . days without food .... Maidment's kindness to me .... heaven.
Page 243 - If you should be of opinion that recent legislation, in contributing, with other causes, to this happy result, has at the same time inflicted unavoidable injury on certain important interests, I recommend you dispassionately to consider how far it may be practicable equitably to mitigate that injury, and to enable the industry of the country to meet successfully that unrestricted competition to which Parliament, in its wisdom, has decided that it should be subjected.
Page 135 - The time has gone by when injuries which the great producing interests endure can be alleviated or removed by a recurrence to the laws which, previously to 1846, protected them from such calamities. The spirit of the age tends to free intercourse, and no statesman can disregard with impunity the genius of the epoch in which he lives.
Page 193 - All that I can say upon that subject is, that whether I am to command the army or not, or am to quit it, I shall do my best to insure its success ; and you may depend upon it that I shall not hurry the operations, or commence them one moment sooner than they ought to be commenced, in order that I may acquire the credit of the success.
Page 88 - All the officers received their orders, and had them carried out, as if the men were embarking instead of going to the bottom ; there was only this difference, that I never saw any embarkation conducted with so little noise and confusion.
Page 243 - ... to despatch, for the protection of their interests, a class of vessels better adapted to the service than those which had been previously employed. This step has led to discussions with the government of the United States : and while the rights of my subjects have been firmly maintained, the friendly spirit in which the question has been treated induces me to hope that the ultimate result may be a mutually beneficial extension and improvement of our commercial intercourse with that great republic.
Page 94 - ... certainly did not surprise many persons, but which nevertheless sent a thrill abroad over all parts of Europe. If hostile parties continued to plot against him, the President intimated , and to question the legitimacy of the power he had assumed...
Page 135 - And whereas Jesuits, and Members of other Religious Orders, Communities, or Societies of the Church of Rome, bound by Monastic or Religious Vows, are resident within the United Kingdom; and it is expedient to make Provision for the gradual Suppression and final Prohibition of the same therein...
Page 137 - Mothers of families," he seems to say, "gentle maidens, innocent children, look at me, for I am worth looking at. You do not see such a sight every day. Can any church live over the imputation of such a production as I am? I have been a...

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