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RoBERT SANDYs, of St. Bees, in Cumberland, 1399 temp. HENRY IV. was father of John SANDYs, of Furnese-fells, in Lancashire, whose son and heir, WILLIAM SANDYs, of Furnese-fells, was father of WILLIAM SANDYs, of Hawkeshead, who m. Margaret, daughter and heir of William Rawson, of Yorkshire, and left a son and heir, WiLLIAM SANDYs, father of GEORGE SANDYs, citizen of London, who m. Margaret, daughter of John Dixon, of the same city, and was father of * EDw YN SANDYs, an eminent divine in the time of ELIZABETH, and in succession (1559) Bishop of Worcester, (1560) Bishop of London, and (1567) Archbishop of York. Doctor Sandys was educated at Cambridge, and was vice-chancellor of tae university at the decease of Edward VI. when, by order of the Duke of Northumberland, he preached against Queen MARY, and defended the right of Lady Jane Grey; for this line of conduct he was imprisoned a year, but then received a pardon. He retired subsequently into Germany, and openly professing the reformed re

- - - -

* From his fifth son, Myles, descended the Lords Sandys of the Vine, and the present Sir Edwis BAYNT:MSANDYs, bart.; and from his sixth son, Anthony, derives the present MYLEs SAN bys, esq. of Gray thwaite Hall,



ligion, remained abroad until the accession of ElizaBETH, by whom he was preferred in the manner stated above. He died in 1588, leaving behind a high reputation for learning, probity, and other Christian virtues. His grace m. Cecilia, daughter of Thomas Wilford, esq. of Cranbrook, in Kent, and had issue,

1. SAMUEL (Sir), his heir, of Ombersley, in the county of Worcester, high sheriff in 1619, ancestor of the LoRus SANDYs, of Ombersley. (See BUR KE's Ertinct and Dormant Peerage.) 11. Edwin (Sir), ancestor of the Sandys of Northborne Court. 111. Miles (Sir). iv. GEORGE, a traveller and poet, died in 1643. The third son, 1. SiR MY Les SANDYs, of Wilberton, in the county of Cambridge, received the honour of knighthood from Aing JAMEs I. and was created a BARoNET 25th November, 1612. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Cook, gent. of North Cray, and had seven sons and a daughter, who all died issueless. Sir Miles represented his native county in parliament 3 Charles I. and dying in 1644, was s. by his eldest son, 11. S1R MYLEs SANDYs, who had received the honour of knighthood in the lifetime of his father. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Thomas Park, esq. of Wisbeach, in the Isle of Ely, but died without issue in 1644, when the BARONETcy Expired.

Arms–Or, a fesse wavy between three crosses crosslet fitché gu.


CREATED 15th Dec. 1684.—ExTINCT 2nd May, 1726.


Sir Edwin SANDYs, second son of Dr. Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York, received the honour of knighthood from King JAMEs I. and was distinguished as a politician in that king's and in the subsequent reign. “He was (says an old writer) a leading man in all parliamentary affairs, well versed in business, and an excellent patriot to his country; in defence of which, by speaking too boldly, he, with Selden, was committed into custody 16th June, 1621, and not deli

vered thence till the 18th July following, which was voted by the House of Commons a great breach of their privileges. He was treasurer to the undertakers for the western plantations, which he effectually advanced, was a person of great judgment, and, as my author saith, ingenio et gravitate morum insignis. He wrote while he was at Paris, anno 1629, Europe Speculum, or a View or Survey of the State of Reli. gion in the Western Part of the World. He left £1500 to the university of Oxford for the endowment of a metaphysic lecture; and departing this life in the year 1629, was buried in the church of Northbourne, in Kent, where he had a seat and fair estate.” Sir Edwin m. first, Margaret, daughter of John Eveleigh, esq. of Devonshire, and by that lady had a daughter,

Elizabeth, m. to Sir Thomas Wilsford, knt. of

Heding, in Kent.

He wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter of Thomas Southcott, esq.; thirdly, Elizabeth, daughter of Tho. mas Nevinson, esq. of Eastrey: by the former he had a daughter, Anne; by the latter, no issue. He *. fourthly, Catharine, daughter of Sir Richard Bulkeley, knt. of Anglesey, and by her (who d. in 1610) had, with other issue,

Edwin, his heir, a colonel in the parliament's army. Richard, who purchased Downehall, in Kent, was, like his brother, a colonel in the parliament's army. He m. Hester, daughter of Edwin Aucher, second son of Anthony Aucher, esq. of Bourne, in the same county." The elder son, Edwin SANDYs, esq. of Northbourne Court, a colonel in the parliament's army, received a mortal wound at the battle of Worcester, and died in 1642, leaving by Catherine, daughter and at length heir of Richard Champneys, esq. of Hall Place, Kent, a son and heir, Sir Richard SANDYs, knt. of Northbourne Court, who m. Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Heyman, bart. and being accidentally killed by his fowling-piece in passing over a hedge, anno 1669, was s. by his son, 1. Richard SANDYs, esq. of Northbourne Court, who was created a BARoNET 15th December, 1684. Sir Richard m. first, Miss Ward, daughter and her of Prebendary Ward, of Salisbury; and secondly, Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Francis Rolle, knt. of Bicton, in the county of Devon, and left daughters only at his decease 2nd May, 1726, when the BARON

* His son,

EDw1N SANDw Ys, was father of

Jor DAN SANDYs, esq. of Downehall, captain in the royal navy, buried at Downe 9th January, it 34, left by his wife, Deborah, daughter of George St. Quintin, of London, merchant, a son and heir,

HENRY SANDYs, esq. of Downehall, who m. Priscilla, eldest surviving daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard Sandys, bart of Northborne Court, and acquired thereby the estate of Northborne: he left at his decease in 1726 a son and heir,

Richard SANDYs, esq. of Northborne Court and Canterbury, justice of the peace for the county of Kent, m. Susan-Crayford, daughter of James Taylor, of London, merchant, and by her, who d. in 1777, had issue,

Rich ARD, in holy orders, his heir. Edwin-Humphry, m. first, Sarah, daughter of Sir William Fagg, bart, but by her, who d. in 1782, had no issue to survive infancy. He m. secondly, Helen, daughter and heir of Edward-Lord Chick, esq. and had by that lady EDw1N, in holy orders, rector of Upper Har. dress, in Kent, b. in 1785; m. in 1816, MaryLilias, daughter of William Lumsdaine, esq. of Edinburgh, and has issue. Charles, of Canterbury, b. in 1786; m. in 1815, Miss Sedley-Frances Burdett, and has issue.

George, b. in 1791, lieutenant in the royal navy, d. at sea in 1812 unm. James, b. in 1794, lieutenant in the royal navy, drowned at sea in 1815 unm. John, in holy orders, b. in 1799. Mary. Sarah, d. in 1813 unm. The elder son and heir, Rich ARD SANDYs, in holy orders, m, first, Catherine, daughter of William Hougham, esq. and had by her Richa Rid-Edwin, lieutenant in the royal navy, killed in action off Copenhagen 2nd April, 180i, d. unm. CATHER INA, co-heir of her brother, m. in 1803, John Chesshyre, esq. captain in the royal navy. Mr. Sandys m. secondly, Lady Frances-Alicia Aslong, widow of William Aslong, and daughter of Charles, third Earl of Tankerville, by whom (who wedded, thirdly, the Rev. Edward Beckingham Benson, rector of Deal,) he had another daughter, Alicia-An ABELLA, co-heir of her half-brother, m, in 1801, to Francis Cockburn, esq. son of the late Sir James Cockburn, bart. of Langton.

The Rev. Richard Sandys d. in 1782.

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Margaret, m. to Hewett. Alice, m. to Christopher Eyre, esq. of Highlow Padley, in the county of Derby, and had issue. The second son, Nicholas SA UNDERson, of Revesby, married Agnes, daughter of William London, and had, with two daughters, Dorothy, wife of Robert Trigott, and Maria, of John Kaym, several sons, of whom the youngest, Rob ERT SAUNDERson, esq. purchased the estate of Saxby, in Lincolnshire, and erected the mansion of Fillingham. He d. 2nd November, 1583, aged sixtythree, leaving by Catharine," his wife, daughter of Vincent Grantham, esq. of St. Catharine's, Lincoln, with three daughters (of whom the eldest, Ann, m. Sir John Staingate, knt.), three sons, viz. Nicholas (Sir), his heir. Robert, d. s. p. Thomas, of Gainsborough, in Lincolnshire; admitted of Lincoln's Inn ln 1591; will dated 4th March, 1640, was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 3rd December, 1642: the preface to that document is curious for the mass of proverbial and other moral and religious remarks. He m. first, Jane, daughter of Denzil Holles, esq. by whom he had a son, Robert, living in 1642, the father of several children. He m. secondly, Dorcas, daughter of Sir Julius Caesar, chancellor of the Exchequer; and thirdly, Dorothea, daughter of Richard Maddison, esq. The eldest son, 1. Nicholas SAUNDERson, esq. of Saxby, in Lincolnshire, M.P. for Gainsborough and afterwards for Lincoln, aged twenty-one at the death of his father, was created a BARoNET 25th November, 1612, and raised to the peerage of Ireland, as Wiscount Castleton, in 1628. His lordship m. Mildred, daughter and heir of John Elltoft, esq. of Boston, and had issue, Nicholas, his heir. William (Sir), knt. m. Jane, daughter of Sir John Cooper, of Dorsetshire, and d. in 1612. George, of Thoresby Abbey Grange, Lincolnshire, who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter and sole heir of Thomas Bostock, of London; and secondly, Susannah, daughter of Sir George Fitzwilliam, of Mabblethorpe. Robert, who had lands from his father at Friskney. Frances, m. first, to Edward Coppledike, esq. of Startington, in Lincolnshire; and secondly, to Sir Edward Waldegrave.

* She m. secondly, William Rokeby, esq. of Skiers.


Anne, m. to Sir Philip Tyrwhitt, bart. of Stainfield, Lincolnshire. Margaret, m. to Sir Peregrine Bertie. Lord Castleton died about 1630, and was succeeded by his son, ii. Sin Nicholas SAUNDERson, second Wiscount Castleton, whose will, dated 2nd March, 1639, was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1st January, 1641. His lordship m. Frances, daughter of Sir George Manners, knt. of Haddon, and had issue, Nicholas, his heir. PEREGRINE, successor to his brother. GEORGE, who inherited as fifth viscount.

Rutland, * Francis, } all living in 1652. Charles, Mildred, m. 3rd July, 1651, to Thomas, Viscount Falconberg. Grace, d. unm. His lordship was s. by his eldest son, iii. SiR Nicholas SAUN deRson, third Wiscount Castleton, fifteen years old at his father's decease. He died intestate without issue, and was succeeded by his brother, iv. SIR PEREGRINE SAUNDERson, fourth Viscount Castleton, whose will was dated 4th November, 1619, and administration granted to his next brother, v. SiR GEORGE SAUNDERson, fifth Wiscount Castleton, who m. first, Grace, daughter of Henry Bellasis, son and heir of Thomas, Lord Fauconberg; and secondly, Sarah, daughter of Sir John Evelyn, of West Dean, relict of Sir John Wray, of Glentworth, and of Thomas, Viscount Fanshawe. By the former his lordship had issue, Nicholas, whose will, dated 7th November, 1691, was proved 6th March, 1692. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir John Wray, of Glentworth, and had an only son, WRAY, who m. Mary, daughter of Lewis Watson, Earl of Rockingham, and died in the lifetime of his grandfathers. p. Hugh, d. 18th January, 1655. Charles, d. 20th May, 1684. Samuel, d. young. John, of Glentworth, George, Thomas, whose will was proved 18th July, 1707. JAMEs, heir to his father.

His lordship died at Sandbeck 27th May, 1714, and was s. by his only surviving son, . v1. Sir JAMEs SAUNDERson, sixth Viscount Castleton, who was created a peer of England in 1714, as BARon SAUNDERson, of Saxby. In 1716 he was made Wiscount Castleton, of Sandbeck, in Yorkshire, and in 1720 advanced to the EARLDoM of CAsri-EToN. His lordship d.s. p. in 1723, when the BARONETCY and all his other honours became Extinct. His great estate he bequeathed to his cousin on the mother's side, Thomas Lumley, third Earl of Scarborough, who thereupon assumed, by act of parliament, the additional surname of “SAUNDERson.”*

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Of this family, whose chief abode for many generations had been at the castle of Frodsham, in Cheshire, and occasionally at another house more recently erected at Clifton, on the opposite side of the river, called Rock SAVAGE, was SIR John SAVAGE, a good and faithful ally of the Earl of Richmond, and one of the brave soldiers who placed that prince upon the throne as HENRY WII. Sir John was subsequently in the wars of France, and fell at the siege of Boloine. His son and heir, SiR John SAvAGE, knt. m. Lady Elizabeth Somerset, daughter of Charles, first Earl of Worcester, and was s. by his son, SIR John SAvAGE, knt. who m. Lady Elizabeth Manners, daughter of Thomas; first Earl of Rutland, and had two sons, John and Thomas. The younger,

1. SIR THoMA's SAVAGE, knt. of Rock Savage, in the county of Chester, was created a BARoNET (being the nineteenth from the institution of the order) 29th June, 1611. He m. Mary, daughter and co-heir of Richard Allington, esq. and left at his decease in 1615, with two daughters, Elizabeth, wife, first, of Thomas Manwaring, and secondly, of Sir Ralph Done, and Grace, wife of Sir Richard Wilbraham, bart. of Woodhey, several sons, of whom the eldest,

11. SiR Thomas SAVAGE, of Rock Savage, who was raised to the peerage as Viscount Savage 6th November, 1626. He m. Elizabeth, eldest daughter and coheir of Thomas, Lord Darcy, afterwards Wiscount Colchester and Earl Rivers, and had issue,

John, his heir.

Thomas, who m. Bridget, widow of Sir Edward Somerset, and daughter and heir of William Whitmore, esq. of Leighton, by Margaret, his wife, sister and heir of Sir George Beeston, of Beeston, in Cheshire. From this marriage descended the Savages of Beeston, in Cheshire.


Charles, whose daughter, Mary, married Jeremy

Thoresby, of Leeds.

Jane, m. to John Pawlet, Lord St. John, afterwards Marquess of Winchester.

Dorothy, m. to Charles, Lord Andover.

Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Thimbelby, of Irnham, Lincolnshire.

BRIDGET, m. to Charles Beaty, gent. of Louth, and had three daughters, MARY BEATY, m. to A. Pearson, esq.

Eliza BETH BEATY, m. to John Waterhouse, esq. of Wellhead, Halifax, in Yorkshire, and had issue.

FRANCEs BEATY, m. to John Shaw, esq. of Lon. don, and had an only daughter and heir, Elizabeth, m. to Benjamin Bond, esq.

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The SAvi LEs came originally from the province of Anjou, in France, but they have been settled in different parts of Yorkshire for several centuries. The first of the name upon record is SiR John SAvi LE, of Savile Hall, who married the daughter of Sir Simon de Rockley. His great-grandson, THoMA's SAVILE, of Newstead, in the county of York, m. the daughter and heir of Sir Richard Tankersley, knt. and had issue, John (Sir), his heir. Henry, who m. about the year 1300, Ellen, daughter and heir of Thomas Copley, of Copley, in Yorkshire, and was ancestor of the SAvi LEs of Copley and the SAvi LEs of Methley.

The elder son, SIR John SAvilE, knt. m. the daughter and heir of - Rochdale, esq. and left a son, John SAvile, who m. the daughter of Sir Robert Latham, knt. and was father of SiR John SAvi LE, knt. who m. Jane, daughter of Matthew de Bosco, alias Wood, and had a son and heir, John SAvile, who m. Margaret, daughter and coheir of Henry Rishworth, and was s. by his son, Sir John SAvile, knt. who was sheriff of Yorkshire 3 and 11 Rich ARD II: and twice returned to parliament by the same county, in the 7th and 8th of the same king. He m. Isabel, daughter and heir of Thomas Eland, esq. of Eland, also in Yorkshire, and had two sons,

John (Sir), his heir, who m. Isabel, daughter of
Robert Ratcliffe, esq. and had issue,
John (Sir), who m. Isabel, daughter of Sir
William Fitzwilliams, knt. but d.s. p.

IsABEL, heir of her brother, n. to Thomas D'Arcy, son of Lord D'Arcy. HeNRY. The younger son and eventual heir male, HENRY SAv1LE, esq. m. Elizabeth, daughter and sole heir of Simon Thornhill, esq. of Thornhill, in the county of York,+ and by that alliance he acquired the manor of Thornhill and other extensive estates. He left a son and heir,

+ Son and heir of SiR BRYAN Thornhill, knt. a person of great note in the time of EDw ARD III. having served in several parliaments as knight of the shire; he was descended from Jor DAN DE THoRNhill.

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