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This is a popular, and, in a true sense of the word, evangelical book. It is not merely a dry commentary, but contains many luminous essays on different points in the life of Christ.” Gospel Banner.

"We are happy to notice a volume in which the exposition of the Gospels is made to impress so much of their spirit. The author is a Unitarian, but is so candid in setting forth the grounds of differing opinions in various points, that his own doctrinal leanings are often not very apparent. He is studious in investigating and skilful in explaining the meaning of the text, and we cannot but anticipate that his work will exert a useful influence. We shall be glad to know that many of those for whom his book is designed appreciate its merits, and have the benefit of its aid in understanding the Scriptures." Boston ( Baptist) Christian Watchman and Reflector.

* Teachers of Bible and Sunday-school classes often express the need felt of a help in their duties, combining sound exposition with an unction of the spirit that will at the same time enlighten the understanding and consecrate the heart. We think this volume of Dr. Morison's is eminently adapted to meet this want, as it is to daily and family use; and to both parents and teachers it is cordially recommended.” Providence Daily Journal. “The style is concise, elegant, and perspicuous.” The Century.

The author has done his work well, and the book will prove a most interesting and useful help to students of the New Testament.” Boston Advertiser

“We cannot refrain from heartily commending the spirit in which it is conceived and expressed. . . Loving and reverential spirit, united to ripe scholarship, abundantly fits the author for the task, and makes his work a valuable guide to students of the Bible.”' Boston Journal.

We need say nothing of the author's well-known clear logic and beautiful perspicuity of style, his moral glow, his spiritual insight, his nice perception and quick sympathy with all the peculiar loveliness of the character of Jesus." Christian Register. “ The author of this work seems to us to have performed his task well.

He brings to his undertaking scholarship, candor, and other needed requisites for an interpreter, and he has produced a work of much solid merit." Boston Recorder,

"Dr. Morison has reason to be thankful that, where so many have failed, he has succeeded, and that, without sacrificing the practical purpose of instruction in the Scriptures, he has made a book which is 'good' without being tedious, and which can be read. For us, the great charm of the book, even beyond its abundant learning and its simple and beautiful style, is the fulfilment of the law imperative in all expositions, but especially in the exposition of the Scripturés, that the same Spirit which wrote must interpret the words written.

We confess to an honest pride, that one of a company of Christian scholars who have been charged with dealing very largely in criticism and questioning, should have given to the Church a book which every unprejudiced reader must commend for its well-sustained affirmations, and which will be of great service to sincere students of the New Testament, of every name. We are satisfied that many outside of what is known as the Unitarian denomination will thank Mr. Morison for his work of love." Christian Examiner.

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