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4 O let thy tender mercy now

Afford me needful aid ; According to thy promise, LORD,

To me, thy servant, made.
5 To me thy saving grace restore,

That I again may live ;
Whose soul can relish no delight

But what thy precepts give.
6 In thy blest statutes let my heart

Continue always sound;
That guilt and shame, the sinner's lot,

May never me confound.

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1 My soul with long expectance faints

To see thy saving grace;
Yet still on thy unerring word

My confidence I place.
2 My very eyes consume and fail

With' waiting for thy word ;
O when wilt thou thy kind relief

And promised aid afford ?
3 Thy wonted kindness, LORD, restore,

My drooping heart to cheer;
That by thy righteous statutes I

My life's whole course may steer.

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1 For ever and for ever, LORD,

Unchanged thou dost remain;
Thy word, establish'd in the heav'ns,

Does all their orbs sustain.
2 Through circling ages, LORD, thy truth

Immoveable shall stand,
As doth the earth, which thou uphold'st

By thine almighty hand.
3 All things the course by thee ordain'd

E’en to this day fulfil;
They are thy faithful subjects all,

And servants of thy will.
4 Unless thy sacred law had been

My comfort and delight,
I must have fainted and expired

In dark affliction's night.” 5 Thy precepts therefore from my thoughts

Shall never, LORD, depart;
For thou by them hast to new life

Restored my dying heart.

6 I've seen an end of what we call

Perfection here below;
But thy commandments, like thyself,

No change or period know.

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1 The love that to thy laws I bear

No language can display ;
They with fresh wonders entertain

My raptured thoughts all day.
2 My feet with care I have refrain'd

From every sinful way,
That to thy sacred word í might

Entire obedience pay.
3 I have not from thy judgments stray'd,

By vain desires misled ;
For, LORD, thou hast instructed me

Thy righteous paths to tread.
4 How sweet are all thy words to me!

O what divine repast !
How much more grateful to my soul

Than honey to my taste !
5 Taught by thy sacred precepts, I

With heav'nly skill am blest;
Through which the treach’rous ways of sin

I utterly detest.



[blocks in formation]

1 Thy word is to my feet a lamp,

The way of truth to show:
A watch-light, to point out the path

In which I ought to go.
2 I've vow'd, and from my cov’nant, LORD,

Will never start aside,
That in thy righteous judgments I

Will steadfastly abide.
3 Let still my sacrifice of praise

With thee acceptance find;
And in thy righteous judgments, LORD,

Instruct my willing mind. 4 Thy testimonies I have made

My heritage and choiee;
For they, when other comforts fail,

My drooping heart rejoice.
5 My heart with early zeal began

Thy statutes to obey,
And, till my course of life is done,

Shall keep thine upright way.


C. M.

1 DECEITFUL thoughts and practices

I utterly detest;
But to thy law affection bear

Too great to be express'd.
2 My hiding place, my refuge-tower,

And shield art thou, O LORD;
I firmly anchor all my hopes

On thy unerring word.
3 Away from me, ye wicked men,

Approach not my abode;
For firmly I resolve to keep

The precepts of my God.
4 According to thy gracious word,

From danger set me free;
Nor make me of those hopes ashamed,

That I repose on thee.

[blocks in formation]

1 Mine eyes, alas ! begin to fail,

In long expectance held;
Till thy salvation they behold

And righteous word fulfill'd. 2 To me, thy servant in distress,

Thy wonted grace display,
And discipline my willing heart

Thy statutes to obey.
3 On me, devoted to thy fear,

Thy sacred skill bestow,
That of thy testimonies I

The full extent may know.
4 Thy laws and precepts I account

In all respects divine;
They teach me to discern the right,

And all false ways decline.

[blocks in formation]

1 The wonders which thy laws contain

No words can represent; Therefore to learn and practice them

My zealous heart is bent.
2 The very entrance to thy word

Celestial light displays,
And knowledge of true happiness

To simplest minds conveys.
3 With eager hopes I waiting stood,

And fainting with desire,
That of thy wise commands I might

The sacred skill acquire.


C. M.

4 With favor, LORD, look down on me,

Who thy relief implore;
As thou art wont to visit those

Who thy blest Name adore.
5 Directed by thy heavenly word

Let all my footsteps be; Nor wickedness of any kind

Dominion have o'er me. 6 On me, devoted to thy fear,

LORD, make thy face to shine: Thy statutes both to know and keep My heart with zeal incline.

1 Thou art the righteous Judge, in whom

Wrong'd innocence may trust;
And, like thyself, thy judgments, LORD,

In all respects are just.
2 Most just and true those statutes were

Which thou didst first decree; And all with faithfulness performid

Succeeding times shall see. 3 LORD! each neglected word of thine,

Howe'er by men despised, Is pure, and for eternal truth

By me, thy servant, prized.
4 Thy righteousness shall then endure

When time itself is past;
Thy law is truth itself, that truth

Which shall for ever last.
5 Though trouble, anguish, doubts and dread,

To compass me unite;
Beset with danger, still I make

Thy precepts my delight. 6 Eternal and unerring rules

Thy testimonies give:
Teach me the wisdom that will make
My soul for ever live,

1 With my whole heart to God I callid

LORD, hear my earnest cry; And I thy statutes to perform

Will all my care apply. 2 Again more fervently I pray'd-

O save me, that I may Thy testimonies fully know,

And steadfastly obey.
3 My earlier prayer the dawning day

Prevented, while I cried
To him upon whose faithful word
My hope alone relied.




C. M.

4 LORD, hear my supplicating voice,

And wonted favor show;
O quicken me, and so approve

Thy judgments ever true.
5 Concerning thy divine commands

My soul has known, of old
That they were true, and shall their truth

To endless ages hold.

[blocks in formation]

1 CONSIDER my affliction, LORD,

And me from bondage draw; Think on thy servant in distress,

Who ne'er forgets thy law.
2 Defend my cause, and me to save

Thy timely aid afford;
With beams of mercy quicken me,

According to thy word.
3 From harden'd sinners thou remov'st

Salvation far away; 'T is just thou should'st withdraw from them

Who from thy statutes stray.
4 Since great thy tender mercies are

To all who thee adore;
According to thy judgments, LORD,

My fainting hopes restore.
5 Consider, O my gracious God,

How I thy precepts love;
O therefore quicken me with beams

Of mercy from above.
6 As from the birth of time thy truth

Has held through ages past,
So shall thy righteous judgments firm
To endless ages last.

C. M. 1 The sacred word my joyful breast

With heav'nly rapture warms;
Nor conquest, nor the spoils of war,

Have such transporting charms. 2 Perfidious practices and lies

I utterly detest;
But to thy laws affection bear

Too vast to be express'd.
3 Sev'n times a day, with grateful voice,

Thy praises I resound,
Because I find thy judgments all

With truth and justice crown'd. · 4 Secure, substantial peace

have they
Who truly love thy law;
No smiling mischief them can tempt,

Nor frowning dạnger awe.


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