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8 So to thy sacred laws shall I

Entire observance pay:
O then forsake me not, my God,
Nor cast me quite away.

PART 11. BETH. C. M.
i How shall the young preserve their ways

From all pollution free?
By making still their course of life

With thy commands agree.
2 With hearty zeal for thee I seek,

To thee for succor pray;
O suffer not my careless steps

From thy right paths to stray. 3 Safe in my heart, and closely hid,

Thy word, my treasure, lies, To succor me with timely aid

When sinful thoughts arise.
4 Secured by that, my grateful soul

Shall ever bless thy Name;
O teach me then by thy just laws

My future life to frame.
5 My lips, unlock'd by pious zeal,

To others have declared
How well the judgments of thy mouth

Deserve our best regard.
6 Whilst in the way of thy commands,

More solid joy I found,
Than had I been with vast increase

Of envied riches crown'd.
7 Therefore thy just and upright laws

Shall always fill my mind;
And those sound rules which thou prescrib'st

Entire respect shall find.
8 To keep thy statutes undefaced

Shall be my constant joy ;
The strict remembrance of thy word
Shall all my thoughts employ.

C. M. 1 BE gracious to thy servant, LORD;

Do thou my life defend, That I according to thy word

My time to come may spend.
2 Enlighten both my eyes and mind,

That so I may discern
The wondrous things which they behold,

Who thy just precepts learn.
3 My fainting soul is almost pined,

With earnest longing spent, While always on the eager search

Of thy just will intent.

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4 Thy sharp rebuke shall crush the proud,

Whom still thy curse pursues ; Since they to walk in thy right ways

Presumptuously refuse. ; 5 But far from me do thou, O LORD,

Contempt and shame remove; For I thy sacred law affect

With undissembled love.
6 For thy commands have always been

My comfort and delight;
By then I learn with prudent care

To guide my steps aright.

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1 My soul, oppress'd with deadly care,

Close to the dust doth cleave;
Revive me, LORD, and let me now

Thy promised aid receive..
2 To thee I still declared my ways,

And thou inclin'dst thine ear; 0. teach me then my future life

By thy just laws to steer,
3 If thou wilt make me know thy laws,

And by their guidance walk,
The wondrous works which thou hast done

Shall be my constant talk.
- 4 But see, my soul within me sinks,

Press'd down with weighty care;
Do thou, according to thy word,

My wasted strength repair.
5 Far, far from me be all false ways

And lying arts removed ;
But kindly grant I still may keep

The path by thee approved.
6 Thy faithful ways, thou God of truth,

My happy choice I've made;
Thy judgments, as my rule of life,

Before me always laid.
7 My care has been to make my life

With thy commands agree;
O then preserve thy servant, LORD,

From shame and ruin free.
8 So in the way of thy commands

Shall I with pleasure run;
And, with a heart enlarged with joy,
Successfully go on.

C. M.
1 INSTRUCT me in thy statutes, LORD,

Thy righteous paths display;
And I from them, through all my life

Will never go astray,


2 If thou true-wisdom from above

Wilt graciously impart,
To keep thy perfect laws I will

Devote my zealous heart.
3 Direct me in the sacred ways

To which thy precepts lead; Because my chief delight has been

Thy righteous paths to tread.
4 Do thou to thy most just commands

Incline my willing heart;
Let no desire of worldly wealth

From thee my thoughts divert.
5 From those vain objects turn mine eyes,

Which this false world displays; But give me lively power and strength

To keep thy righteous ways.
6 Confirm the promise of thy word,

And give thy servant aid,
Who to transgress thy sacred laws

Is awfully afraid.
7 The censure and reproach I fear

In mercy, LORD, remove;
For all the judgments thou ordain'st

Are full of grace and love.
8 Thou know'st how after thy commands

My longing heart does pant;
O then make haste to raise me up,

And promised succor grant.

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C. M.

PART VI. 1 Thy constant blessing, LORD, bestow,

To cheer my drooping heart; To me, according to thy word,

Thy saving health impart. 2 So shall I, whosoe'er upbraids,

This ready answer make; “In God I trust, who never will

His faithful promise break.”
3 Then let not quite the word of truth

Be from my mouth removed ;
Since still my ground of steadfast hope,

Thy judgments, LORD, have proved. 4 So I to keep thy righteous laws

Will all my study bend;
And constantly my time to come

In their observance spend.
5 My soul shall gladly walk at large,

From all oppression free, Since I resolve to make my life

With thy commands agree.

6 My longing heart and ravish'd soul

Shall both o'erflow with joy,
When in thy loved commandments I

My happy hours employ.
7 Then will I to thy holy laws:

Lift up my willing hands;
My care and business then shall be

To study thy commands.

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1 ACCORDING to thy promised grace,

Thy favor, LORD, extend;
Make good to me the word on which

Thy servant's hopes depend. 2 That only comfort in distress

Did all my griefs control; Thy word, when troubles hemm’d me round,

Revived my fainting soul.
3 Thy judgments then of ancient date

I quickly call'd to mind,
Till, ravish'd with such thoughts, my soul

Did speedy comfort find.
4 Thy name, that cheer'd my heart by day,

Has fill'd my thoughts by night: I then resolv'd by thy just laws

To guide my steps aright. 5 That peace of mind, which has my soul

In deep distress sustain'd, By strict obedience to thy will

I happily obtain'd.

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1 O Lord, my God, my portion thou

And sure possession art;
Thy words I steadfastly resolve

To treasure in my heart.
2 With all the strength of warm desire

I did thy grace implore;-.
Disclose, according to thy word,

Thy mercy's boundless store.
3 With deep reflection and strict care

On all my ways I thought;
And so, reclaim'd to thy just paths,

My wand'ring steps I brought. 4 Prolonging not the time, my soul

Resolved without delay
To watch, that I might never more

From thy commandments stray.

To such as fear thy holy Name

Myself I closely join;
To all who their obedient wills

To thy commands resign.
6 O'er all the earth thy mercy, LORD,

Abundantly is shed;
O grant that I may truly learn

Thy sacred paths to tread.

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1 With me, thy servant, thou hast dealt

Most graciously, O LORD; Repeated benefits bestow'd,

According to thy word. 2 Teach me the sacred skill by which

Right judgment is attain'd, Who in belief of thy commands

Have steadfastly remain’d.
3 Before affliction stopp'd my course,

My footsteps went astray;
But I have since been disciplined

Thy precepts to obey.
4 Thou art, O LORD, supremely good,

And all thou dost is so;
On me, thy statutes to discern,

Thy saving skill bestow.
5 'T is good for me that I have felt

Affliction's chast'ning rod, That I may duly learn and keep

The statutes of my God. 6 The law that from thy mouth proceeds

Of more esteem I hold Than richest mines, than thousand mines

Of silver and of gold.

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1 To me, who am the workmanship

of thy almighty hands, The heavenly understanding give

To learn thy just commands. 2 My preservation to thy saints

Strong comfort will afford,
To see success attend my hopes,

Who trusted in thy word.
3 That right thy judgments are, I now

By sure experience see;
And that in faithfulness, O LORD,

Thou hast afflicted me.

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