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PRAYER FOR TRUE RELIGION: My great desire with God is to create among all people one God one Religion and the Moral. It shall come that God will visit us with the Happiness on us and give it to us after our prayer, life itself the highest. God himself will prove each one of us the Salvation and give you on done God that every man can do God. Bless God as you see good and bad in your ways. Blessed is the righteous Judge and righteous among us. Prayer is the only weapon after done God, that prayer brings miracles for all people and the only great weapon inherited from great fathers, a weapon proved in thousand battles and warriors in millions, even on the evil doers when the gates of prayer are closed in heaven those tears are open that the righteous among them can be saved of the Eternal. When heart to the Great Father in Eternal no evil can prevail against them. No evil can bit the man and the people of our Great Father in Eternal. Eternal will grant life even if died before the wicked. He who sacrifices a whole offering shall be rewarded for a whole sacrifice. Great Father God in Heaven says; “Where I shall permit my name to be mentioned I will come to thee and Bless them and whom have bestowed my greatness I will perform them”. Jesus is God in human ways of the Bible and Christ the action (This is meditated prayer all people and souls of Prophesy – Archbishop Ittycheria Abraham - Abraham Christ of God Mexican National Catholic Church - MNCC ) 

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