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otherwise, to the said commissioners, or any seven or more of them, in any sum not less that two thousand pounds, for the accounting and due payment, by such treasurer dr treasurers* of all monies which (hall come to his or their hands, and for the delivery of all books, papers, and writings, to any succeed-* ing treasurer or treasurers j and the said commissioners, or any fifteen or more of them, assembled at any such general meeting, may discharge or remove such treasurer or treasurers from

who shall ac- his or their said office: and every such treasurer of treasurers

count for all ("hall account annually, or oftener, if thereunto requited by the monies re- s • i -n. J r 1 c ^\ ^ v i

tewed 6cc. *aic* commniioners, or any (even or more or them, at any such

'' general meeting, for all monies by him or them received and paid, as such treasurer or treasurers as aforesaid, on fourteen days previous notice to be given or left at his or their house ofhouses, or most usual place or places of abode, for that purpose: and the said treasurer or treasurers, or his or their executors or administrators, (hall well and truly pay all such monies, as shall appear to be remaining in his or their hands, on auditing or settling such accounts, and shall deliver over all books, papers, and writings, in his or their possession, custody, or power* belonging to the said commissioners, or to the said office of treasurer, to any succeeding treasurer or treasurers, when thereunto required by the said commissioners, or any seven or more of them, at any such general meeting as aforesaid. (Commission- XX. And whereas there are great numbers of manufacturers and ers to take day-labouring people residing in the Tower Hamlets, ivho with their debts^orTent fam^leS 0CCUPy tenements, or ports of tenements, let by parol deunder 4.0 s/ Jnife-> ^')e expences of recovering of such refits by aclion at law, most commonly exceed the amount of the rent sued for, to the great injury of the landlords of such tenements, and the oppression of such occupiers \ for remedy zvhereof, be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it (hall and may be lawful to and for the said commissioners to take cognizance of any debt or demand, under the value of forty shillings, for rent of any tenement, or part of a tenement, within the Tower Hamlets aforesaid, let by parol demise, (except the precinct of the Tower within ;) and also for the said commissioners to hear and determine on such debts and demands, and to award execution, in the fame manner as they are authorized to do for any other cause of action, any thing in the said former act contained to the contrary notwithstanding. "No person to XXL Provided always nevertheless, That the said cornrecover rent missioners shall not take cognizance of any such demand or aSfs°rhe3has c'a^m ^or rent5 un^s Per^on or persons making such de"ten In poi-* mnnd or claim, or the person or persons iri whose right such session of the demand or claim shall be made, or under whom he or they premises, &c. shall claim, hath or have been in the actual possession of the iz months tenements, or in the actual receipt of rent for the said te

nmrforwhich nements, during twelve months immediately preceding the such rent is ' time for which such rent shall be so demanded; and provided demanded. a]so that no recovery of rent in the said court be accepted or <nven in evidence in support of the title of any person or persons

whatsoever, whatsoever, to any lands, tenements, or hereditaments whatsoever.

XXII. Provided also, That nothing herein contained shall This act not extend, or be construed to extend, to prevent any person or to prevent any persons from making distress for or bringing any action or acti- Sistrab^sor ons for rent, although the fame (hall not amount to the sum of rent# ^ forty (hillings.

XXIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid^ if defendant That, from and after the passing of this act, in all cafes what- neglects to soever, whenever any debtor or defendant, residing within the appear to the jurisdiction of the said gourt, (hall have been duly summoned summons, the

. r 1 -rr i r-i court may

to appear before the commillioners in the laid court, ac- pronounce cording to the usual and accustomed manner of summoning judgement ist persons for that purpose, and such debtor or defendant (hall re- hi* abience; fuse or neglect to appear to such summons, it (hall and may be lawful for the said commissioners, or any three or more of them, when assembled in the said court, upon due proof being made before them that such debtor or defendant was duly summoned in manner as aforesaid, to proceed to hear the cause dr matter of complaint, touching or concerning such debt or debts5 on the part of the plantiff or plantisss only, and to make or pronounce thereon such order or orders, or judgement or judge* ments, in respect of the debt or debts demanded or sued for^ as to them (hall seem just and equitable: and the said com mis- an£j apiioners, or any three or more of them, (hall then fix upon and point a certain appoint some certain time and place, according to their discre- timeforhim tion, for every such debtor or defendant to (hew cause before the *°J|ieft ^k*6 commissioners of the said court, or any three or more of them, judgement, against such order or orders, or judgement or judgements, so &c. * made and pronounced upon such hearing as aforesaid; at which time and place, or at any other subsequent court or courts, the said commissioners, or any three or more of them, (hall have full power and authority by this act (whether such person or persons (hall appear or (hew cause, or not) upon proof, on the* oath^of one of the beadles of the said court, (that such order or orders, or judgement or judgements, or a copy thereof, had been delivered to such debtor or debtors, or left at his, her, or their usual place of residence, or abode, or working), to award execution thereupon^ in like manner as by the said former act, they are authorized to do in other cases: and the clerks and beadles of the said court are, in every such case, hereby author rized to take and receive the like fees, for the call of the defendant, and making, and serving or leaving of every such order as aforesaid, as they are authorized and impowered to take and receive for or upon any attachment, issued by virtue of or under this or the said former act.

XXIV. And be it further enacted by authority aforesaid, Attornies not That no privilege (hall be allowed to exempt any person from exempt from the jurisdiction of the said court of requests on account of his ^eJuris(JIC

t r l- • c C x rwr n * tlOn Of the

being an attorney or solicitor or any or the courts at JVeJlminfler^ court. or of any other court whatsoever, but that all attornies and so

C c 2 licitors

Directions for holding general meetings.

No victualler
&c. capable
of acting as a

Expences of
this act how
to be paid.

This, act not to extend to the precinct of the Tower within, &c.

Limitations of actions.

licitors (hall be subject to the several processes, orders, judge ments, and executions of the said court of requests, in the saoi6 manner as any other persons are subject to the same by this or the said former act.

XXV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That no general meeting shall be held as aforesaid for any of the purposes in this or the said former act, without the order, of three or more of the commissioners, made upon one of the court-days in the said former act mentioned, whilst they (hall be in court; which said order shall be in writing, and (hall specify the particular time and place, and also the purpose of such general meeting, and shall be registered by the clerks then present in court, or one of them, and notice thereof in writing, or in print, mall be delivered to, or left at the usual place of abode of, all the said commissioners respectively^ by the beadles of the said court, or by any other person or persons the commissioners requiring such general meeting shall direct, four days at least before the holding of each and every such general meeting respectively.

XXVI. And be it further enacted, That no victualler, or person or persons whosoever, who (hall sell ale, beer, or spirituous liquors by retail, (hall be capable of acting as a commissioner in the execution of this or the said former act.

XXVII. And be it further enacted, That all the charges and expences of procuring and passing of this present act shall be paid satisfied and discharged, out of the first monies which (hall be raised as aforesaid, by virtue or in pursuance of this act.

XXVIII. Provided always* That nothing herein contained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to the precinct of the Tower within y nor to restrain the ancient court of record held for and within the liberty of the tower of London > from holding plea of any personal action which (hall arise within the said liberty^ or to take away, alter, or abridge, any jurisdiction, authority, privilege, immunity, or exemption, which the chief governor of the tower, or his deputy or deputies, or any officer or minister or any inhabitants within the said liberty, enjoys, or enjoy, or ought'to enjoy, by virtue of any law, usage, prescription, grant, charter, commission, or otherwise, any thing herein or in the said recited act contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

XXIX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid,

General issue*

That no action or suit (hall be commenced against any person or persons for any thing done in pursuance of this act, or on account of any order, determination, judgement, or decree of the said commissioners, until twenty days notice shall be given thereof in writing, to be left at the office of the clerks of the said court* or after sufficient satisfaction or tender thereof hath been made to the party or parties aggrieved, or after three calendar months next after the cause of action (hall arise ; and the defendant or defendantsin such actions and suits, and every of them, may plead the general isi\ie, and give this act and the special matter in evidence dence at any trial or trials which shall be had thereupon : and if

the plaintiff (hall become nonsuited, or isa verdict or judgement

shall be given for the defendant or defendants therein, then,

and in either of the said cases, such defendant or defendants

(hall have double costs, and shall have such remedy for reco- Double costs.

vering the fame, as any defendant or defendants may have for

his, her, or their costs in any cafes by law.

XX3£. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That Public act. this act thai] be deemed and taken to be a publick act; and shall be taken notice of as such, by all judges, justices, and other perspns whomsoever, without specially pleading the same.


An acl for the more effequally preventing the pernicious practices of smuggling in this kingdom ; and for indemnifying persons who have been guilty of offences against the laws of the customs and excise? upon the terms therein mentioned.

WHEREAS///? defiance of the several laws of customs and Preamble. excise already made, and os the penalties and provisions from time to time enacled for the punishment of offenders against such laws; and notwithstanding the grace and clemency lately offered to persons who had been guilty of smuggling offences, great quantities of prohibited and uncustomed goods, and particularly of tea, foreign brandy and other foreign spirits, continue to be illegally imported into and landed in this kingdom; and such goods are run^ carried, and conveyed, from the sea coasts through the country, as well by secret frauds and clandestine praclices as by open force, and by gangs of daring and dissolute persons, armed zvith offensive weapons, and associated and assembled to carry into execution their evil and pernicious purposes, in subversion of all civil authority and poiver whatsoever: and whereas it is become highly necessary, for the preservatian of the publick revenue, the protection of the fair trader, arid the quiet and good order os the kingdom, that some further provisions should be made for the better preventing such illegal praclices, and for deterring all persons from committing such offences, or from being aiding and assisting therein; be it enacted by the King's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament Af . assembled, and by the authority of the same, That, from and f^-f "mr after the first of day August, one thousand seven hundred and foreign spiriseventy-nine, where any foreign brandy or other foreign spiri- tuous liquors tuous liquors (hall be imported or brought into Great Britain soal1 ^e lm~ or into any port, harbour haven, or creek thereof, from any^r/of1 any part of Europe, in any vessel or cask which lhall not Europe, Va contain sixty gallons at the least, (excepting only for the use of vessel contain* the seamen then belonging to and on board the ship or vessel in inS ,es^ than which the same shall be imported, not exceeding two gallons the^ame"shall for each seaman), then not only the said brandy, and other be forfeited, foreign spirituous liquors, but also the (hip or vessel in which with the (hip, the same (hall be so imported, of whatever burthen the same Suns &c

C c 3 may (Exception.) may be, with all her guns, furniture, ammunition, tackle, and apparel, (hall be forfeited and lost. After Ancr. X) H. And it is hereby further exacted by the authority aforesaid,

an79wahcstf That' fr°m ^ ^ the said fisst ^ °f °nb thousand

fee or^ther *"even hundred and seventy-nine, when any tea, coffee, foreign goods, are brandy, or other foreign spirituous liquors, or any goods whatliioifc to for- soever, are liable to forfeiture for being found on board any feiture for be- ships or vessels coming or arriving from foreign parts, at anchor, bo^rdan^ (hi 01 hovering within the limits of any of the ports of this king-' coming from ^om, or within two leagues of the coasts thereof, or for having foreign parts, been discovered to have been within the limits of any port conat anchor, &c, trary to any act of parliament now in force, the (hip or vessel, th^coaft^the ^ commg or arriving from any part of. Europe, on board which said ship)'if fucn goods (hall be so found, together with all her guns, furnot above 200 niture, ammunition, tackle, and apparel, shall be forfeited, tons, (hall be provided such (hip or vessel doth not exceed -the burthen of h°erse unt tW° hundrded t0ns

Becf'aT^f °' w^erca$ an aft* ma-fc in the eighth year of the reign

act°8 Geo T °s te ma')efly &ng George the firjl, it was, amongst other things, enacled, That if any boat, wherry, pinnace, barge, or galley, rowing, or made or built to row, with more than foiir oars,, should be found upon the water, or in any place within the counties ^Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, or Essex, or in the river Thames, either above or below London Bridge, or within the limits of the ports of London, Sandwich, or Ipswich, such boat, ivberry, pinnace, barge, or galley, with all her tackle and furniture, or the value thereof, should be forfeited, and the owner or owners thereof, or any person using or rowing the fame, should also forfeit and loose the sum of forty pounds; in which aft it ivas provided, that the said ad should not extend to any barge or galley belonging to his Majefiy, or any of the royal family, or to any long-boat, yaul, or pinnace, belonging to or used in the service of any merchant ship or vessel, or to any such boat, wherry, pinnace, barge, or galley, as should be licensed by the lord high admiral, or commissioners for executing the office of lord high admiral, or the major part of them for the time being, upon sufficient security to be given to his Majesty^ his heirs and successors, by the owner or oivners of such boat, wherry, pinnace,' barge, or galley, as in the said acl is directed, with condition that the fame should not be made use of in the clandestine running of uncustomed and prohibited goods: and whereas it may be a means to prevent and discourage the pernicious practice ofsmuggling, if the like penalties, forfeitures, and reflriclions, were extended to such boats and other vessels as are mode or built to row, or are found rowing with more than fix The said act oars, within any other part of this kingdom; be it therefore enacted so far a<5 it re- by the authority aforesaid, That, from and after the said first lates to boats, fay of August, one thousand seven hundred 2nd seventy-nine, barges, &c. the said in part recited act, and the several clauses, penalties, wUhmoreW forfeitures, and restrictions, therein contained, (not altered by than four oars, this act),. so far as the fame relate to boats, wherries, pinnaces, tvit'u'n the barges, or gallies, rowing, or made or built to row,-with more counnesthere- tj^a ^QUr Qars wjtjlul the counties and places in the said act m mentioned, . mentioned,

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