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Campion, Tho. "Obs. in the Art of English Poesy" cited i. lift

Castillo's Courtier, translated by Sir T. Hobby i. 242

Chalmers, Mr. G. Life of Thomas Churchyard, and

omission in it ii. 73

bis mistake regarding Sunday plays ii. 244

'i—-point in his Supplemental Apology corrected.. ii. 312

Chamberlain, Robert, Epitaph on C. Fitzgeffrey from

. .his' Nocturnal Lucubrations," 1638 '• 72

Chapman, George, his attack in his Zxiznxlo; upon

hypercritical readers t. .6

:——- — his dislike of commendatory verses i. 8

his " Epicede on the Death of Prince Henry,"

1612, observed upon i. 24

:—-his praise of the long verse, monosyllables and

English, in the address before his translation of

Homer i. 35

his inconsistency; his "Seven Books of Ho-
mer," 1598, and in his " Achilles Shield" i. 38

• his success in compound epithets i. 39

— supposed envy of his contemporaries i. ib.

"Hymn to Hymen," 1613, quoted i. 135

.——r on the word " swagger" i. 291

bis "Justification of Nero," and translation

of Juvenal, Sat. 5. examined ii. 60

. specimen of ii. 63

Chaucer, Geoffry, his " Man of Law's Tale" quoted ... i. 297

: —"Merchant's Tale" i. ib.

Chinese, plays of the, from Parke's History of China,

1588 ii. 202

. i ; the argument of one ii. 203

Chrestoleros, by T. Bastard, quoted i. 199, ii. 108, 120,254,255

Christ's Tears over Jerusalem, by Tho. Nash ii. 269

Church of evil Men, &c . 1509, printed by Pynson .... ii. 207

Churchill, Charles, his " Rosciad" quoted ii. 32

Churchyard, Thomas, his praise of the English tongue.. i. 37

'-—account of him by G. Chalmers ii. 73

•• .,r his "Misery of Flanders, Calamity of

. .France," &c. 1579 . • . • ii. 74

7——i quotations from it ii. 76,78

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Churchyard, Tho. lines by regarding Scotland ii. 85

on " the Blessed State of England" ii. 86

his " True Discourse historical," relating

to the Netherlands ii. 88

„ quoted regarding the death of Sir P. Sidney ii. 142

recognition of Spenser's allusion ii. 89

r- ;—rhis praise of poetry, 1596 ii. 103

City Madam, by Massinger, referred to ii. 269

Commendatory poems censured by G. Chapman i. 8

Compound epithets of Fitzgeffrey, on the i. 33

^—;of Chapman i. 39

Constable, Henry, his four Sonnets to the Soul of Sir P.

Sidney before " the Apology of Poetry," 1595 ... ii. 104

Cookery Book, old, called " Epulario" ii. 71

Cornu-copice, Pasquil's night-cap, assigned to N. Breton i. 329
Country-life praised in "The Return of the Knight of

the'Post," 1606 i. 219

Courtship, the art of, from N. Breton's "Mad World

my.Masters" i. 333

Cowley, Abr. his Naufragium Joculare, perhaps founded
on a passage in R. Junius's "Drunkard's Cha-
racter" i. 27

his " Guardian," afterwards called "Cutter of

Colman-street," referred to ii. 300

Curan and Argentile, 1617, by William Webster i. 264

Daniel, Sam. applauded by Fitzgeffrey in his "Drake" i. 32

, Drayton, Jonson, Chapman, Sylvester, &c ii. 48

Dante, on the word Tragedy ii. 91

Decker and Middleton's "Roaring Girl" quoted i. 20

Deer-stealing a crime committed by players, &c ii. 257

Dibdin, the Rev. T. F. his edition of Ames, mistake in it ii. 85

; his account of Walter's "Titus

and Gisippus" ii. 80

Dolamey's Primrose,. 1606, plagiarism from Hamlet in . ii. 16

, —r-. quotation from it ii. 17

Donne, Dr. the oldest English poetical Satirist i. 153

;/ .;; Proof that his three first satires were written. >..'

. . before 1593 i. .155


Donne, Dr. Doubts as to the printing of hi* j

Variation* beuteea the MS. and printed copy of

Ms satires, 1633 i. 159

Allusions in the satires to temporary matters ... i. ib.

his " Progress of the Soul" quoted on Fishing.. ii. 108 Dorastus and Fawnia, by R. Greene, compared with

Shakespeare's Winter's Tale ii. 177

quoted ii. 181, 186, 188, 189

Douce''* Illustrations of Shakespeare, note in on Usury ii. 270
Douland, John, quotation from his" Musical Banquet,"

1610 i. 161

specimen of verse from his "Introduction

containing the Art of Singing," 1609 i. 163

Drake, Sir Francis, Fitzgeffrey's poem on the death of i. 6

Drake, Dr. his " Shakespeare and his Times" mentioned ii. lb

referred to ii. 135

Drant, Tho. his " Medicinable Moral," 1556 i. 197

Drayton, Mich, applause of, by Fitzgeffrey in his

"Drake" i. 32

epistle to, by Tho. Lodge i. 185

——. a poem called "The Metamorphosis of To-
bacco," 1602, dedicated to i. 188

Drinking excused, by R. Brathwayte, in his Health

from Helicon ii. 58

Drunkard's Character, by R. Junius, plagiarism in,

from Feltham's " Resolves" i. 25

Earthquake of 6th April, 1580, list of writers upon the i. 117

— Fleming's tract upon the i. 116

Eeds, Dr. R. Dean of Worcester, an epigrammatist.... ii. 120 Elegiac Poems on the great, why freqently inflated i. 24 Eliosto Libidinoso, 1606, by John Hind, account of ... ii. 5

Elizabetha Triumphans, by J. Aske, quotation from ... i. 126
Elizabeth, Queen, her "Entertainment by the Earl of

Hertford," in 1591, blank verse in i. 133, 134

: a writer of blank verse ii. 231

Elliot, Sir T. quotation from his " Governor" relating

to Titus and Gisippus ii> 84

Emperor of the East, Massinger's, quoted ii. 36

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England's Parnassus; by whom compiled i. 17

'lines in, by Sir J. Harington, attributed to J.

Weever i. 18

———— Fitzgeffrey's " Drake" often quoted in i. ib.

—— long quotation in, from Lodge's tale of For-

bonius and Frisceria ii. 282

English language, Chapman's praise of the i. 35

—— Churchyard's praise of the i. 37

English Mirror, 1586, by G. Whetstone, quoted ii. 32

Envy, character of ii. 32

Ephemerides of Phialo, by Stephen Gosson ii. 219

Epulurio, or the Italian Banquet, quoted ii. 71

Essays and Characters, 1615, by John Stephens ii. 308

Essex, Lord, specimen of a song by, in Douland's

"Musical Banquet," 1610 i. 161

Euplmes, the Anatomy of Wit, by J. Lilly ii. 169

Fairy Queen, speech of, to Queen Elizabeth, in blank

verse i. 134

by Edm. Spenser, quoted i. 170

Warton's opinion regarding the rhyme

of i. 92

Fardle of Fashions, 1555, by W. Watreman ii. 202

. on the plays of the Bramins and interludes ii. 204, 205

Farewell to Sir J. Norris and Sir F. Drake, by G.

Peele i. 54, 56, 58

Farewell to Military Profession, by B. Rich, 1606 .... ii. 134 first printed between 1578 and 1581 ii. 136

quotations from it ii. 138, 146, 151, 152, 153, 156,

157, 158, 161, 163

omitted in all lists of Rich's productions .... ii. 145

Feltham, Owen, plagiarism, by R. Junius, from his

"Resolves" i. 25

Female Actors, when first allowed ii. 319

the " Rosary of Rarities," by Jordan,

quoted, regarding ii. ib.

Fenner, Dudley, his "Song of Songs," 1587 i. 308

Field, John, his " Godly Exhortation" regarding the

accident at Paris Garden, in 1583 ii. 242

on the abolition of plays on Sunday ii. 243

Vol. Page

Fig for Momus, by Tho. Lodge, examined i. 171

Fisherman's Tale, the, &c. by F. Sabie i. 13ff

Fttxgeffrey, Charles, his poem on the death of Sir

Francis Drake, 1596 i. 6

— article in the British Bibliographer re-
garding i. 7

quotation from the preface of it i. 1 f

'— authors mentioned in his Affanite, 1601 .. i. 12

his claim to the compilation of " England's

Parnassus," 1600 i. 17

'— satirical stanza, before Storer's " Life of

[ocr errors]

- prefatory Sonnet to it quoted i. 21

'his youth and boldness in the undertaking.. i. 21

- specimens from his " Drake" i. 23, 30,31

- his address to English Navigators i. 28

- his applause of Spenser, Daniel, and Drayton i. 32

- his praise of writers for the stage ..i. 41

his" Blessed Birth-day," quoted i. 71

- sermons by him on Sir A. Rous, &c i. ib.

- Epitaph by R. Chamberlain on the death

of Fitzgeffrey, in 1636 i. 72

Fleming, Abr. a writer of blank verse in his Bucolics and

Georgics of Virgil, 1589 i. 105

-—specimens of his translation i. 106,108, 109

—— his relation of " A strange and terrible

Wonder, &C. in the parish church of Bongay," &c.

1577, with extracts ..' i. 114

his "Bright burning Beacon" on the earth-

quake of 1580, and poetical specimen i. 116

—. mention in it of 8 other writers on the same

subject i. 117

: his work "of English Dogs," 1576, with a

"Prosopopoical speech of the Book" i. 194,195

Foote, Samuel, the player, anecdote of ii. 311

Fortescue, Tho. his " Forest, or Collection of Histories,"

1571, quoted i. 171

; : ■ incident similar to one in "All's well that

ends well 195

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