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VII. A Dissertation on the ELEUSINIAN and BACCHIC MISTERIES. By Thos. Taylor. (Concluded.] .. 455

VIJI. An ADDRESS to Her Royal Highness The PrinCESS CHARLOTTE, on her Marriage ; showing the Cause of the DISTRESS of the Country, and pointing out a safe and effectual Remedy. (Original.]....


IX. Substance of the Speech of Mr. SerJ. Onslow, on the 23rd of May, 1816. on moving for leave to bring in a BILL, to repeal the Laws, which regulate or restrain the Rate of Interest. [Original.]


X. Thoughts on the Character and Tendency of the PROPERTY TAX, as adapted to a Permanent System of Taxation. By the Rev. G. GLOVER, A. M.


XI. A Letter to His Grace the ARCHBISHOP of CAN, TERBURY; by RICHARD, late LORD Bishop of LANDAVF,..

.. 578

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In compliance with the notice which I have given, I am now about to call the attention of the House to one of the most important subjects which can occupy its deliberations ; in which all ranks of society are deeply interested ; namely, the enormous and progressively increasing burden imposed for the maintenance of the poor. This increase has still not kept pace with their increasing misery, during the same period. Whilst the resources of the country have been exhausted, their sufferings have been aggravated. As it is the interest, so it must be the wish of all, that for these great and growing evils some remedy should be adopted.

In presuming to bring forward a matter of so difficult and complex a nature, much apology on my part is necessary. I have not, however, had the rashness to enter on it as a volunteer: it is undertaken at the express instance of

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