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many Truths may be industriously conceald, and on whom a great many wrong Notions under falle Colours may with equal care be Obtruded, will have the greater Advantage from this faithful Rennembrancer.

This Author, once a Privy Counsellor and Minister to two Great Kings, and, in a good degree, Favourite to one of Them, bath some pretence to be admitted into Your Majesty's Council too, and may become capable of doing You Service also ; whilst the Accounts he gives of Times past, come reasonably to guide you through the Times present, and those to come. .

This History inay lie upon Your Table unenvied, and Your. Majesty may pass hours and days in the perusal of it, when, possibly , They who shall be the most use. ful in Your Service , may be reflected on for aiming too much at influencing Tour Actions, and engrossing Your Time.

From this History Tour Majesty may come to know more of the nature, and temper of Tour own People, than hath yet been observ'd by any other band. Nei. ther can any Living Conversation lay before Your Majesty in one viewe, so many Transactions necessary for Tour observation. And seeing no Prince can be endued in a moment with a perfect Experience in the Conduct of Affairs, whatever knowledge may be useful to Your

Majesty's Government, if it may bave been concealed from Tou in the Circumstances of Your Private Life, in this History it may be the most effe&tually supplied; where Your Majesty will find the true Constitution of Your Government, both in Church and State, plainly laid before You, as well as the Mistakes that were committed in the management of both.

Here Your Majesty will see how both those Interests are inseparable, and ought to be preserv'd so, and how fatal it bath prov'd to both, whenever, by the Artifice and Malice of wicked and self-denying Men, they have bappend to be divided. And though Your Majesty will Jee here, bow a Great King lost his Kingdoms, and at last his Life, in the Defence of this Church, You will discern too, that it was by Men who were no better


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Friends to Monarchy than to true Religion, that his Car lamities were brought upon Him; and as it was the method of those Men to take exceptions first to the Geremonies and outward Order of the Church, that they might attack her the more surely in her very Being and Foundation, so they could not destroy the State, which they chiefly design'd, till they had first overturn'd the Church. And a truth it is which cannot be contro verted, That the Monarchy of England is not now car pable of being Supported, but upon the Principles of the Church of England; from whence it will be very natural to conclude, that the preserving them both firmly United together is the likeliest way for Your Majesty to Reign happily over Your Subjects.

The Religion by Law Establish'd is such a Vital part of the Government, lo constantly woven and mixed into every branch of it, that generally Men look upon it as a good part of ibeir Property too, since that, and the Government of the Church, is secured to them by the same provision. So that it seems that , next to Treason against Your Sacred Perfon, an Invasion upon the Church ought to be watched and prevented by those who have the Honour to be trusted in the Publick Administration, with the strietest Care and Diligence, as the best way to preserve Your Person and Government in their just Dignity and Authority.

Among:St all the observations, that may be made out of this History, there seems none more Melancholick, than that, after so much misery and desolation brought upon these Kingdoms by that unnatural Civil War, which bath yet left so many deep and lamentable marks of it's Rage and Fury, there have hitherto appeard fo few higns of Repentance and Reformation...

Some Persons will fee, they are design'd to be excepted out of this Remark, whose Conduct bath happily inade amends for the mistakes of their Ancestors, and whose practice in the Stations they are now in, does sufficiently distinguish them. Happy were it for the Nation, had all the rest thought fit to follow so good Examples, and that either Acts of Indemnity and Oblivion,

of Acts of Grace and Favour, or Employments of Auto thority, Riches, and Honour, bad hitherto been able to recover many of them to the temper of good Subje&ts. The truth of this observation is set forth by this Author in fo lively a manner, that one hath frequent occasions to look on him as a Prophet as well as an Historian, in several particulars mention'd in this Book.

That this Remark may not look froward or angry, with great submision to Tour Majesty, it may be consider'd, what can be the meaning of the several Seminaries, and As it were Universities, set up in divers parts of the Kingdom, by more than ordinary Industry, contrary to Law, supported by large Contributions; where the Youth is bred up in Principles directly contrary to Monarchical and Episcopal Government? What can be the meaning of the constant Solemnizing by fome Men, the Anniver- , Jary of that dismal T hirtieth of January, in scandalous and opprobrious Feasting and Festing, which the Law of the Land bath Commanded to be perpetually observ'd in Fasting and Humiliation ? If no fober Man can say any thing in the defence of such Actions, so destructive to the very Essence of the Government, and yet impossible to be conducted without much Consultation and Advice, it is hoped this Reflection will not be thought to bave proceeded from an uncharitable and ill-natur' d Spirit, but from a dutiful and tender regard to the good' of the Nation, and the prosperity of Your Majesty's Reign.

In the mean time, whether this does not look like an industrious Propagation of the Rebellious Principles of the last Age, and on that score render it necessary that Tour Majesty should have an Eye toward such unaccountable Proceedings, is humbly submitted to Your Ma. jesty; who will make a better judgement upon the whole than any others can suggest to Tou: You have a greater Interest to do it; You have msich more to preserve, and much more to lose; You have the happiness of Your Kingdoms, Your Crown, and Tour Government to secure, in a time of as great difficulties, as ever were yet known, under a very Expensive War at present, and some circumstances attending it in relation to these Nations,



that may continue even after a Peace; besides the dana i ger of a future Separation of the two Kingdoins, very : unconfortable to reflect on; which yet, in all probability, it will have Influence upon the present times too, if it comes once to be thought that it is inevitable. .

God give Tour Majesty a safe and prosperous pasage. through so many appearances of Hazard; You can never want Undertakers of divers forts, who, according to their several Politicks, will warrant You Success if You will trust 'em : But Your real happiness will very much is depend upon your self , and your choosing to Honours with Your Service such Persons as are Honest, Stout, and Wife.

If Informations of times past may be useful, this Aur. ihor will deserve a share of Credit with You, whose Reputation and Experience were so great in his Life time,' that they will be Recorded in times to come for the real Services he did, besides the Honour, and great Fortune, der unusual to a Subject, of baving been Grand-father to two great Queens, Your Royal Sister and your Self; both so well belovd, and esteemid by Your People; both lo. willing, and zealous to do Good. Her power indeed was more limited and dependent; but Her early Death made room for Your Majesty's more unrestrain'd and Soveraign Authority, and resign'd to Your Self alone the more lasting dispensation of those Blessings that came froin. Heaven to you both."

If the benefit Your Majesty may reap by the perusal of this History , Shall prove serviceable to after-times, it will be remember'd to the praise and honour of his Name; and Your Majesty Your self will not be displeafed to allow his Memory a hare of that advantage; nor be offended with being put in mind, that Your English Heart, so happily own'd by Your self, and Ador'd by Pour Subjects, bad not been to Entirely English, without & communication with His Heart too, than which there. never was one more devoted to the good of his Country, . and the firm Establisoment of the Crown. .

It being design'd by this Dedication only to Introduce this Noble Author into Your Presence, it would be con


trary to the Intention of it to take up more of Your Majesty's time here ; it is best therefore to leave this faithful Counsellor alone with You. For God's fake, Madam, and your own, be pleased to read Him with attention, and serious and frequent Refleétions ; and from thence, in Conjunction with your own Heart, prescribe to Your Self the methods of true and lasting Greatness, and the folid Maxims of a Sover aign truly English: That during this Life, You may exceed in Felicities and Fame, and after this Life, in Reputation and Esteem, that Glorious Predecesor of Your Majesty's, the Renown'd First Semper Eadem, whose Motto You have chosen, and whose Pattern You seem to have taken for Your great Example, to Your own Immortal Glory, and the Defence, Security, and Prosperity, of the Kingdoms You Govern.

And God grant You may do so long.


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