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quently a knight of the garter. His lordship, with Thomas Thurlby, Bishop of Ely, was deputed by parliament to the pope, to reconcile the realm to the holy see, and to make a tender of renewed allegiance, and after the accession of Eliza BETH, in whose privy council his name was omitted, he had the courage and consistency, with the Earl of Shrewsbury alone, to vote against the abolition of the papal ascendancy. He was afterwards, nevertheless, accredited ambassador to the court of Spain, by Queen Elizabet H. Lord Montagu m- first, Jane, daughter of Robert Ratcliffe, Earl of Sussex, and by her ladyship had issue, ANTHoNY, who d. in the lifetime of the Viscount, 29th June, 1592, leaving by his wife, Mary, daughter of Sir William Dormer, knt. ANTHoNY, second Viscount. John, m. Anne, daughter of – Gifford, esq. and had a son, Stanislaus, whose grandson, MARK ANTHoNY BRowNE, inherited as ninth Viscount MontAGU. (See BURRE's Extinct Peerage.) Dorothy, m. to Edward Lee, esq. of Stanton Barry, Bucks. Jane, m. to Sir George Englefield, bart. Catherine, m. to — Treganian, esq. Mary, m. first, to Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, secondly, to Sir Thomas Heneage, knt. and thirdly, to Sir William Hervey, bart. created Baron Hervey, of Ross, in the county of Wexford, in the peerage of Ireland, and Baron Hervey, of Kidbrook, in the county of Kent, in that of England. His lordship wedded, secondly, Magdalen, daughter of William, Lord Dacre, of Gillesland, and by her had George (Sir), of Wickham-Breus, in the county of Kent, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt, knt. of Ketilby, in Lincolnshire, and had issue. He was ancestor of the BRow Nes, of Caversham. Thomas, d. unm. HENRY (Sir), of whom presently. Anthony (Sir), of Effingham, who m. Anne, daughter of – Bell, esq. of Norfolk. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Robert Dormer, afterwards Lord Dormer. Mabel, m. to Sir Hugh Capel. Jane, m. to Sir Francis Lacon, of Willey, in the county of Salop. The Viscount, who sate on the trial of MARY, Queen of seats, d. 19th October, 1592. The third son of his lordship's second marriage, SIR HENRY BRowNE, knt. who was seated at Kiddington, in the county of Oxford, m. first, Anne, daughter of Sir Willian Catesby, knt. of Ashby Legers, and by that lady had two daughters, both nuns at Graveline. He wedded, secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Philip Hungate, bart. of Saxton, in the county of York, by which lady he had a son, SIR PETER BRowNE, knt. who d. at Oxford of his wounds received at the battle of Naseby, in the service of King CHARLEs I. leaving, by Margaret, his wife, daughter of Sir Henry Knollys, knt. two sons, HENRY and FRANcis; the elder, 1- HENRY BRowNE, esq. of Kiddington, was created a BARoNET, with remainder to his brother, default his own male issne, by King CHARLEs II. 1st July, 1659. (Letters patent dated at Brussels.) He m. Frances, third daughter and co-heir of Sir Charles Somerset, K-B. of Troy, in the county of Monmouth, sixth son of Edward, Earl of Worcester, and had issue, CHARLEs, his successor, Henry, Peter, Mary, Frances, and Catherine. Sir Henry d. about 1689, and was s. by his eldest son, 11. Sir CHARLEs BrowNE, of Kiddington, who wedded Mary, eldest daughter of George Pitt, esq. of

Strathfieldsay, in the county of Southampton, and dying 20th December, 1751, was s. by his only son, 111. SiR GEORGE BRow NE, of Kiddington, (the Sir Plume of the Rape of the Lock.) This gentleman m. first, in 1725, Lady Barbara Lee, youngest daughter of Edward, first Earl of Litchfield, and widow of Colonel Lee, by which lady he had an only daughter and heiress, BARBARA Browne, who wedded, first, in 1748, Sir Edward Mostyn, (fifth) bart. of Talacre, and had two sons, PYERs, father of the present SIR Edward Most YN, of Talacre, Flintshire. CHARLEs, who assumed, pursuant to the will of Sir George Browne, bart. the name and arms of BRowNE, and became of KiddingToN. (See BUR KE's Commoners, vol. iii. p. 381.) Lady Mostyn m. secondly, Edward Gore, esq. of Barrow Court, in Somersetshire, and left by him two sons, Colonel Gore Langton, of Newton Park, and the Rev. Charles Gore. Sir George m. secondly, Mrs. Holman, of Warkworth, and thirdly, Frances, sister of William Sheldon, esq. of Beoley, and widow of Henry Fermor, esq. of Tus. more, but had no issue by either of those ladies. He d. 20th June, 1754, when the BARoNETcy became ExTiNct.

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don in 1507, and by the former, a successor, Robert BRow NE, esq., Chamberlain of the Exchequer, who m. Isabel, daughter and heir of Sir John Sharpe, knt. and had two sons, Robert, his heir, and Edward, knt. of Rhodes, and one daughter, Isabel, m. to George Quarles, of Ufford. The elder son, RoBERT BRow NE, esq. of Walcot, one of the Privy Chamber to HENRY VIII. m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Palmer, of Augmering, in Sussex, and left, with a younger son, John, of Welley, in Wilts, a successor, Robert BRow Ne, esq. of Walcot, who m. Margaret, daughter and heir of Philip Barnard, esq. of Aldenham, and relict of Sir Barnard Whetstone, of Essex, by whom he left a son and heir, Sir William BRow Nr, of Walcot, knight of the Bath, who d. in 1603, and was s. by his brother, 1. SiR Robert BRow NE, of Walcot, created a BARoNET, 21st Sept., 1621. He m. first, Anne, daughter of Roger Capstock, who d.s. p. and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of John Doyley, esq. of Chiselhampton, in Oxfordshire, by whom (who wedded secondly Sir Guy Palmes, knt. of Ashwell, in Rutlandshire,) he left at his decease, in 1623, a son, 11. SiR THoMA's BRow NE, of Walcot, who m. Anne, daughter of Sir Guy Palmes, knt. of Ashwell, and dying, in 1635, left issue, Elizabeth. Anne, m. to John Lord Poulett, of Hinton, St. George. Sir Thomas was s. by his uncle, 111. Sir Robert BRow NE, of Walcot, who d. unmarried, and with him the BARoNETcy expired.

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Richard Brownlow, esq. of Helton, prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas temp. Elizabeth and James I. m. Katnerine, daughter of John Page, esq. of Wembly, a master in Chancery, and dying in 1638, left two sons,

John (Sir), his heir.

William (Sir), of Great Humby, in Lincolnshire,
who was created a Baronet 27th July, 1641. He
m. Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of William
Duncombe, esq. and d. in 1666, leaving, with a
daughter, Elizabeth, re. to Sir Charles Hussey,
hart, a son and successor,
Sir Richard Brownlow, second baronet, of
Humby, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of John
Freke, esq. of Stretton, in Dorsetshire, and
was s. by his son,
Sir John Brownlow, third baronet, of
Humby, who m. Alice, daughter of Richard
Sherrard, esq. of Lopethorp, in Lincolnshire,
and had four daughters, his co-heirs, viz.
Jane, wi. to Peregrine, Duke of Ancaster;
Elizabeth, m. to John, Earl of Exeter;
Alicia, m. to Francis, Lord Guilford; Elea-
nor, m. to John, Lord Tyrconnel. Sir John
dying without male issue, 16th July, 1697,
was J. by his brother,
Sir William Brownlow, fourth baronet, of
Humby, who m. Dorothy, eldest daughter
and co-heir of Sir Richard Mason, knt. of
Sutton, in Surrey, and dying 6th March,
1700, left issue,
John, his heir.

William, who d. unm. in 1726. Anne (eventual heiress of the family), m. to Sir Richard Cust, bart. ancestor of John, present Earl Brownlow. Sir William was s. by his son. Sir John Brownlow, fifth bart. of Humby, M.P. for Lincolnshire, who was derated to the peerage of Ireland, as Baron Charleville and Viscount Tyrconnel, in 1718. His lordship m. first, Eleanor, daughter and co-heir of bis uncle, Sir John Brownlow, bart. and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of William Cartwright, esq. of Marnham, Notts, but d. s. p. in 1754. The elder son of Richard Brownlow, the prothonotary, i. Sir John Brownlow, of Belton, in the county of Lincoln, was created a Baronet 26th July, 1641, and served as high sheriff in 15th Charles 1. He m. Alice, second daughter and eventual heir of Sir John Pulteney, of Misterton, and dying a. p. in 1680, the Baronetcy Expired.

Anns—Or, an inescutcheon within an orle of eight martlets sa.

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Charles Brydgks, of Wilton Castle, near Rosa, in Herefordshire, (second son of Sir John Bruges, of Sudeley, created Baron Chandos, in 1554,) became cup-bearer to King Philip, and was deputy-lieutenant of the Tower to his father, Lord Chandos, when the warrant came for executing the Princess Elizabeth, which he refused to obey, until he should receive orders from the king and queen, and thereby was the means of saving her life; for the order being disowned at court a stop was put to the execution. Mr. Brydges lived to an advanced age, and was sheriff of Herefordshire, in the 32nd of Elizabeth. He m. Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Carne, of Wenny, in the county of Glamorgan, knt. and dying in 1619, was *. by his oldest son,

I, Sir Giles Brydges, of Wilton Castle, who waa created a Baronet, 17th May, 1627. Sir Giles m. Mary, daughter of Sir James Scudamore, and was *. by his eldest son,

n. Sir John Brydges, second baronet, who s». Mary, only daughter and heir of James Kearle, esqof Dewsal and Anconbury, in the county of Hereford, and dying in 1651, was s. by his only son,

in. Sir Jambs Brydges, of Wilton Castle, who eventually succeeded his kinsman as eighth Baron Chandos. This noble was accredited ambassador to Constantinople, in 1680, where he resided for some years in great honor and esteem. His lordship m. Elizabeth, eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir Henry Bernard, knt. an eminent Turkey merchant. By this lady he had no less than twenty-two children, of which number fifteen only were christened, and seven of those dying young, the remainder were, James, his successor.

Henry, in holy orders, of Addlestrop, in Glouces-
tershire, archdeacon and prebendary of Roches-
ter, and rector of Agmondesham, Bucks. Mr.
Brydges m. Annabella, daughter of Henry, and
grand-daughter of Sir Robert Atkins, lord chief
baron of the exchequer, by whom he had a
large family.
Francis, receiver general of the duties on malt,

died s. p.
Mary, m. to Theophilus Leigh, esq. of Addlestrop,

in the county of Gloucester. Elizabeth, m. first, to Alexander Jacob, esq. and secondly, to the Rev. Dr. Thomas Dawson, vicar of Windsor. Emma, m. to Edmund Chamberlain, esq. of Stow, in the county of Gloucester.

Anne, m. to John Walcote, esq. of Walcote, in the county of Salop.

Catherine, m. first, to Brereton Bourchier, esq. of Barnsley Court, in the county of Gloucester, and secondly, to Henry Perrot, esq. of North Leigh, in the county of Oxford.

His lordship d. in 1714, and was s. by his eldest son, iv. James BRYDges, ninth baron, who, upon the accession of King GeoRGE I. was created, by letters patent, dated 19th October, 1714, Viscount Wilton, and Earl of CAERN ARvoN, with a collateral remainder to the issue male of his father; and in the Novemher following, a patent passed the great seal, granting to his lordship and his two sons, John and Henry, the reversion of the office of clerk of the hanaper in chancery. In 1719, on the 30th April, his lordship was advanced to the Marquisate of Caernarvon, and DUKEDow of CHANDos, and he acquired by his magmificence the appellation of the princely Chandos. He espoused first, 28th February, 1696-7, Mary, only surviving daughter of Sir Thomas Lake, of Cannons, in the county of Middlesex, by whom he had two surviving sons, John, Marquess of Caernarvon, m. in 1724, Lady Catharine Talmache, daughter of Lionel, Earl of Dysart, by whom he had issue, Catherine, m. first, to William Berkeley Lyon, esq. of the horse guards, and secondly, to Edwin Francis Stanhope, esq. by whom she was grandmother of the present SIR EDwYN FRANcis Scud'AMoRE STANHoPE, bart. Jane, (a posthumous child,) m. to James Brydges, esq. of Pinner. Lord Caernarvon d. 8th April, 1727. HENRY,Marquess of Caernarvon, after the decease of his brother. His grace m. secondly, Cassandra, daughter of Francis Willoughby, esq. and sister of Thomas Willoughby, lord Middleton; and thirdly, Lydia Catherine Van Hatten, widow of Sir Thomas Davall, knt. but had no issue by either of these ladies. He d. at his noble *at of Cannons," 9th August, 1744, and was s. by his only surviving son, v. HENRY BRYDG Es, second duke, who m. in 1728, Mary, eldest daughter and co-heir of Charles, Lord Bruce, only son and heir apparent of Thomas, Earl of Aylesbury, by whom he had issue, James, Marquess of Caernarvon. Caroline, m. to John Leigh, esq. of Addlestrop, in the county of Gloucester, and was grandmother of the present CHANDos Leigh, esq. of Stoneleigh Abbey, in the county of Warwick. His grace espoused, secondly, Anne Jeffreys, and by her he had a daughter, Augusta-Anne, m. to Henry 'hn Kearney, esq. The duke m. thirdly, in 1767, Elizabeth, second daughter and co-heir of Sir John Major, bart of Worlingworth Hall, in the county of *lk, by whom he had no issue. He d. 28th No"ember, 1771, and was s. by his son,

v1. JAMEs BRYDGEs, third duke, b. 27th December, 1731. This nobleman, upon the accession of his Majesty, King GEoRGE III. was appointed one of the lords of his bed-chamber. In 1775, he was sworn of the privy council, and was afterwards constituted lord-steward of the household. His grace m. 22nd May, 1753, Mary, daughter and sole heiress of John Nicol, esq. of Southgate, Middlesex, by whom he acquired Minchenden House, at Southgate, together with the whole fortune of his father-in-law. By this lady, who d. in 1768, he had no issue. The duke espoused, secondly, 21st June, 1777, Anne-Eliza, daughter of Richard Gamon, esq. and widow of Roger Hope Elletson, esq. by whom he had a daughter and heiress, ANNE-Eliza, who m. in 1796, Richard, Earl Temple, now Duke of Bucking HAM AND CHANDOs.

His grace d. without male issue 29th September, 1789, when all his honours, including the, became Extinct, but the BARoNY of Chandos, which was immediately claimed by the Rev. Edward TYMEwell BRYDGEs, M.A. of Wootton Court, in Kent, as next heir male of the body of Sir John Brydges, LoRD

CHANDos, the first grantee, who d. in 1557.

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"CANNons—This most splendid palace stood on the "d leading to Edgeware. The fronts were all of free"ne, and the pillars of marble, as were also the steps of great stair-case. The gilding was executed by the "mous Pargotti, and the hall painted by Paolucci. The *"ments were most exquisitely finished, and most nthly furnished. The gardens, avenues, and offices, were "Portionably grand. At night there was a constant "ch kept, who walked the rounds and proclaimed the * The duke also maintained a full choir, and had divine service performed with the best music, in a chapel that could hardly be exceeded in the beauty of its work*hip. But all this terminated with his life; for on * decease this magnificent mansion was disposed of £. The stone obelisks, with copper lamps, which "ed the approach from the Edgeware-road, were pur

chased for the Earl of Tilney, for his new building at Wanstead, in Essex, which has since experienced the fate of Cannons; the marble staircase was bought by the Earl of Chesterfield for his residence in May Fair. The ground and site whereon this magnificent edifice stood became the property of an opulent tradesman, who built thereon a neat habitation which still remains, after having passed into the hands of the well known Colonel O'Kelly of sporting celebrity.

+ He was buried at St. Giles's, Cripplegate, as appears by the following certificate:

Ano. 1596, Sir John Bucke, of Hembecke, als Hamby, in the parishe of Lynton, als Leventon, in the county of Lincolne, (who was knighted at Cales, in Spaya,) maryed Elioner,


Sir John Buck,of 11 amby-Grange,whowasknighted by King James the 1st, with several others, at Whitehall, *23rd July, 1603, before his majesty's coronation. He wedded Elizabeth, daughter and heir of William Green, esq. of Filey, in Yorkshire, and had issue, John, bis successor.

Robert, of Flotmaroby, in the county of York, m.
Mary, daughter of Edward Skip with, esq. of
Grantham, in Lincolnshire.

Elizabeth, m. to William Wyvill, esq. of Osgoodby, in the county of York. He d. in 1048, and was s. by his elder son,

i. John Buck., esq. of Hamby-Grange, who was ere* *ated a Baronet by King Charles II. 23nd Dec. 1660. Sir John m. first, Anne, daughter of Sir John Style, bart. of Wateringbury, in Kent, but by her had no surviving issue. He wedded secondly, Mary, daughter and sole heir of William Ashton, esq. of Tingrey, in Bedfordshire, (by Mary, daughter and sole heir of Henry Ewer, esq. of South-Mima,) and by that lady (who m. after his decease, the Lord Chief Baron Tumor,) had

William, bis successor.

Henry, m. Deborah, daughter of Mr. Thomas Salter, of London, draper, and died 0th Oct. 1737, aged 75, leaving two sons, Henry and William, and three daughters.

Mary, m. to the Right Honourable James Vernon, principal Secretary of State to King William the III. He d. in 1068, and was v. by bis elder son,

Ii. Silt William Buck, of Hamby-Grange. This gentleman in. Frances, daughter of Daniel Skinner, of London, merchant, and by her, who d. in 171*2, had surviving issue,

Cuarles, his heir.

Mary, m. to Charles Hoar, esq. of Rushford, in

Derbyshire. Elizabeth, m. to Mr. Pusey, of London, merchant. Alice. Frances. He d. 15th August, 1717, was buried at Watford, in Hertfordshire, and s. by his son,

Hi. Sir Charles Buck, of Hamby-Grange, who wedded Anne, daughter of Sir Edward Seabright, bart. of Besford, in the county of Worcester, by whom he bad isBue,

Charles, (Sir), his heir.

Anne, m. Ambrose Isted, esq. of Ecton, in North* amptonshire, and was grandmother of the present Ambrose Isted, esq. of Ecton. (See Burke's Commoner*.) Catherine, M. to Sir Henry Englefield, bart. of Whiteknight. He d. 20th June, 17*29, and was s. by his son,

iv. Sir Charles Buck, of Hamby-Grange, who m. Mary, daughter of George Cartwright, esq. of Ossiugton, Notts, but dyings. p. 7th June, 1789, the BaronEtcy Expired.

Arm*—Lozengy bendy of eight pieces or and az. a canton ermine.

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John Francis Buller, esq. of Sbillingham, representative of the ancient family of Buller, so long Heated in the west of England, m. 22nd July, 1716, Rebecca, daughter and eventual co-heir of Sir Jonathan TreLiwiiy, bart. bishop of Winchester, and dying in 1751, left issue,

i. James, of Shillingham, M.P. for Cornwall, who
m. first, in 1730, Elizabeth, daughter and sole
heir of William Gould, esq. of Downea, in
Devonshire, by whom he had one son,
James, of Shillingham and Downes, father
James,now of Shillingham and Downes,
some time M.P. for Exeter.
He m. secondly, in 1744, Jane, third daughter
of Allen, first Earl Bathurst, and had by her
John, of Morval, M.P. for West Looe, who
///-. Anne, daughter of W illiam Lemon, esq.
and //. in 1703, leaving a son,
John, of Morvall, some time M.P. for
West Looe.
Francis, the celebrated Judge Buller, grand-
father of the present Sir John Buller
Yards Buller, bart.of Lupton,in Devon.
Edward, who m. Harriet, daughter of John

Hoskyns, esq. and had issue.
Jane, m. to the late Sir William Lemon,

hart, M.P.
Mary, m. to James Templer, esq. of Stover,

Devon. Catherine, m. to lieut.-gen. William Macarmick. Ii. Francis, M.P. for West Looe, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Copleston Warwick Bamfylde, bart. of Poltimore, and relict of Sir Coventry Carew, bart. of Anthony, but d. s. p. in 1764. in. John, of whom presently.

iv. William, bishop of Exeter, m. in 1762, Anne, daughter and coheir of Thomas, D.D. bishop of Winchester, and d. in 1796, leaving issue, v. Rebecca, m. to Vice-Admiral Charles Watson, vi. Anne, in. to Reginald Pole, esq. of Stoke. Tii. Mary, m. to Sir Joseph Copley, bart. of Sprot

borough. Viii. Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. John Sturges, D.D. The third son, John Buller, esq. sometime M.P. for East Looe,

daughter of John Wymarke, of Getford, in the sayd couiitye, and hud by her issue three sonues, and one daughter, viz., John, the first sou; Edward, the fecund; Peregrine, the thyrd; and Anne. The above sayd knight, departed this life on Saturday, the xxlh of November, 1596, and was buryed in the parishe Churcbe of St. Gyles, without Criplegate, in London, on fryday, following, being the xxvith day of the sayd monetb; whose

funeral) was appoynted and served by Richard Lee,

Clarenceux, king of arines, and with him served at the

said funerall, John Raveu, Kouye Dragon, and Thomas

Lant, portcullis, officers of Amies. In witness whereof,

vte, (he executors to the aforesayd knight, have hereunto

subscribed our names, the day aud year above specifyed.

Eleanor Buck, Executrix.

Edward Coxsoon, John Rose, Francis Vincent.

and one of the lords of the treasury, m. first, 3rd March, 1788, Mary, daughter of Sir John St. Aubyn, hart, of Clowance, in Cornwall, by whom he had, inter alios, a son, Edward, of whom presently. He wedded, secondly, 4th Noyember, 1708, ElizabethCaroline, daughter of John Hunter, esq. and had also issue by that lady, who d. 17fh January, 1708. His son by his first marriage,

I. Sir Edward Bullcr, of Trenant Park,Cornwall, vice-admiral of the red, was created a Baronet 3rd October, 1808. He m. Gertrude, daughter of Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt (for an account of the Van Cortlandt family, see Borer's Commoners, vol. iv.), and bad issue,

John St. Aubyn, d. young.

Anna-maria, who m. 23th February, 1824, Lieut.

Col. James Drummond Elphinstone, youngest

son of the Hon. Fullerton Elphinstone, of East

Lodge, Middlesex, and has, with other issue, a

son and heir, William. Colonel Elphinstone has

assumed the additional surname of Bullkr.

Sir Edward, who was recorder of East Looe, died

without male issue 15th April, 1824, wueu the Baro

Betcy became Extinct.

Arms—Sa. on a cross arg. quarterly pierced of the field, four eagles displayed of the first.


Created 4th May, 1703.—Extinct 24th April, 1803.


i. Sir John Smith-birgks, who m. Margaret, only daughter and heir of Ynyr Burges, esq. of East Ham and Thorpe Hall, Essex, was created a Baronet 4th May, 1793, but dying s. p. in 1803, the title expired.



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The first settler of this family in Ireland, presumed to be descended from the Lincolnshire house of Burroughs, who was elevated to the peerage by Queen Elizabeth, acquired a large landed property in the county of Wicklow, and was grandfather of

Thomas Burroughs, esq. who m. Elizabeth Lewis, and had a son,

Francis Burrouohs, esq. who m. Miss Mushet, niece to the Bishop of Derry, and had issue,

Thomas, who in. first. Miss Rainsford, and se-
condly, Miss Nugent. He d. leaving two sons,
Thomas, who m. Catherine, daughter of the
Right Hon. Sir Henry Cavendish, bart. and
had issue.

The second son,

The Rev. Lewis Burroughs, D.D. Archdeacon of Derry, m. Mary, daughter of Richard Cane, esq. of Larabrian, in Kildare, by Anne Lyons, of River Lyons, in the King's County, and had issue,

Medlicott, an officer in the army, who in. Mary
Moorecroft, widow of Captain Morrison, and
had issue.
Newburgh, Archdeacon of Derry, as. Anne Trevor,
only child of Isaac Bomlbrd, esq. of Tyrrells-
town, in Meath, and had issue.
William, of whom presently.
Thomas, who d. unm.



Selina-Frances. The third son,

l. Sir William Burroughs, barrister-at-law, went to India, and was appuinted advocate-general of Bengal, by Lord Cornwallis. On bis reiurn he was created a Baronet, 1st December, 1804. Sir William in. Letitia, daughter of William Newburgh, esq. of Ballyhaise and Drumcarn, in Cavan, by Letitia, his wife, daughter and heir of Brogbill Perrot, esq. of Ballyhugh, and had by her, who d. in 1803, one son and three daughters, viz.

William, b. 15th September, 1784, in the Coldstream regiment of foot guards, who a*, of wounds received before Bayonne, 11th May, 1814.

Letitia, m. 4th September, 1820, to Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Ogle, bart. and d. 13th November, 1832, leaving a son, William Ogle.

Maria-Isabella, d. unm. in 1798.


Sir William dying in 1829, without surviving male issue, the Baronetcy Expired.

Arms— Gu. the trunk of a laurel tree eradicated with two branches ppr.: on a chief or, an eastern coronet gu. between two annulets az.

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