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The family of Bolles, of long standing in the county of Lincoln, was resident there so early as the reign of HENRY III. Its principal seat seems to have been Bolle Hall, in Swineshead, until the close of the reign of Edward IV. when, by an intermarriage with the heiress of the family of Hough, the elder branch became settled at Hough, near Alford, in Lincolnshire; while a younger established itself at Gosberkirke, now Gosberton, in the same county, and from this branch descended the Baronets of Scampton.

John Bolle, sheriff 16 Edward IV. m. Katherine, daughter and co-heir of Richard Hough, esq. of Hough, in Lincolnshire, and had, inter alios,

Richard, of Hough, who m. Isabel, sister and heir of Richard Nansant, of Cornwall, and had issue.

The descendant and representative of this line, John BoLLE, esq. of Thorpe Hall, left at his decease one son and two daughters, namely, John, d.s. p. in 1732, aged seventy-nine. Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. Thomas Bosvile, B. D. Rector of Ufford, and had three daughters, namely, MARGARET Bosville, b. in 1710, m. 1734, to James Birch, esq. of Coventry, and had issue, 1. Thomas Birch, of Thorpe Hall, whose son, Thomas - James Birch, lt.-col. first life guards, assumed the surname of Bosville, on inheriting Ravenfield Park, in Yorkshire. He d. s. p. 22nd April, 1829. 2. James Birch, rector of Wishford, Wilts, d. in 1823, aged eightyfour. 3. Elizabeth Birch, m. to Robert Lee, esq. of Louth and Littlecoates, in Lincolnshire, and was grandmother of the present Thomas Bosville Bosv11.E, esq. of Ravenfield Park, Yorkshire. ELIzABETH Bosville, m. first, to Alexander Emerson, esq. of West Retford, Notts; and secondly, to the Rev. Stephen Ashton, vicar of Louth. BR1Dcer Bosville, m. to Thomas Bosvile, esq. of Braithwell and of Ulverscroft Abbey, and had two sons, who both d.s. p. SARAH, m. to Henry Eyre, esq. of Bramley Hall, and had an only daughter and heir, MARGARET EY RE, m. in 1726, to William Spencer, esq. of Attercliffe Hall, Yorkshire, and was greatgrandmother of the present Rev.

William PAKENHAM Spencer, of Bramley Grange. (See BURRE's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 389.) Godfrey. The younger son, Godfrey Bolle, esq. was father of Thomas Bolle, esq. of Gosberkirke, who m. Jane, daughter of George Winter, esq. of Workington, in Leicestershire, and was s. by his son, SiR GeoRGE Bolle, knt. alderman of London, who served as sheriff of that city in 1608, and filled the civic chair in 1617. He m. Jane, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Hart, knt. lord mayor of London in 1590, by whom he acquired the estate of Scampton, in Lincolnshire, and had issue,

John, his heir.

George, d.s. p.

Judith, who married.

Anne, m. to Humphrey Smith, of London, sheriff in 1620.

Sir George died 1st September, 1621, at the advanced age of eighty-three, and was buried on the 25th of that month in the family vault in St. Swithin's, London, where a monument was erected to his memory by his widow. The son and successor of this respected citizen, 1. SiR John Bolle, knt. inherited Scampton at the decease of his mother, served as high sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1627, and was created a BARoNEt in the following year. He m. Katherine, daughter of Thomas Conyers, esq. of Brodham, in the county of Nottingham, and dying 8th March, 1648, aged sixty-seven, was s. by his son, 11. SiR Robert BoLLE, of Scampton, M.P. for Lincoln in 1661, who m. in October, 1637, Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Hussey, knt. of Hunnington, and had two sons and five daughters, viz. John, his heir. Robert. Isabella, m. to Sir Edward Ayscough, knt. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Peter Wych, knt. and was mother of Sir Cyril Wych, bart. Katherine, m. to Thomas Washer, esq. and had a son, John Washer, esq. of Lincoln's Inn. Mary. Anne, m. to George Antrobus, esq. and had an only daughter and heir, Mary Antrobus, who m. John Hayes, esq. of Ashby-de-la-Zouche, and had an only surviving daughter, MARY HAYEs, m. to John TURTon, M.D. of Birmingham.

Sir Robert Bolles, a munificent patron of the arts and literature, died in August, 1663, aged forty-four, and was s. by his son, 111. Sir John Bolle, of Scampton, who m. first, in November, 1663, Elizabeth, daughter of John Pynsent, esq. one of the prothonotaries of the Court of Common Pleas, by whom he had an only daughter, who died young; and secondly, in May, 1667, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir Vincent Corbett, bart. of Morton Corbett, in Shropshire, by whom he had to survive him,

John, his heir. Sarah.

Sir John d. in 1685, and was s. by his son,

1v. SiR John Bolle, of Scampton, who represented

the city of Lincoln in five successive parliaments,

from 1690 to 1701, and is recorded to have lived in

great splendour. He died unmarried in December,

1714, and was buried with his ancestors at St. Swithin's,

London. At his decease the BARONETcy Expired, and

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William Bond, of Buckland, in the county of Somerset, the first of this family who is mentioned in the pedigree proved at the visitation of London, in 1633, is there described as " descended of a younger house of Bond, of Cornwall."t He m. a daughter of — Hill, and had three sons,

i. William, of Crosby Palace, in the City of London, who was " a merchant adventurer, and roost famous in his age for his great adventures both by sea and land." He was an alderman, and in 1008 sheriff of London. By Margaret, his wife, daughter of William Aldy, of Guildford, in Surrey, he had issue,

1. Daniel (Sir), who inherited Crosby Pa"


2. William, of London, tn. Margaret, daugh

ter of Thomas Gore, esq. of London, and had issue.

3. Martin, of London, who was a captain at

Tilbury camp, in 1588, and chief captain of the train bands of the city of London. In l\ J.vmi-s I. he was M.P. for that city, and d. in May, 1645, aged eighty-five.

4. Nicholas.

5. Anne, tn. first, to Robert King, and se

condly, to William Whitmore, esq. of London.

■ I. Edward, who m. and had issue, in. George (Sir), of whom presently, i. Katherine, tn. to Palmer, of Trull, in Somersetshire. H. Avis, m. to Otte Wescombe.

in. Ann, m. to William Gifford.

iv. Agnes, m. to — Cade. The third son,

Sir George Bond, b. at Buckland, filled the civic chair of the city of London, in 1587. He d. in 1502, leaving, by Winifred his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Leigh, knt. of London, issue,

t. William (Sir), his heir. Ii. George, of Bridgewater, tn. Gertrude, daughter and heir of William Saunders, and left an only daughter and heir,

Mary, tn. to Richard Musgrare, esq. of Nettlecomb. Hi. Thomas (Sir), of Ogbom St. George, Wilts, received the honour of knighthood, and was secretary to the lord chancellor Egerton; tn. Frances, second daughter of Edmund Bale, of Soddington, in Devon, and was father of George, of Ogborne, whose name appears in the listof those gentlemen, of the county of Wilts, who were qualified to become knights of the royal oak. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Hoskins, of Barrow Green, in Surrey, and had one son, George, who d. 22nd September, 1712, aged forty. Alice, tn. first, to Walter Vaughan, esq. of Pembray, and secondly, to William Ball, esq. i. Alice, in. to Sir William Quarks, knt. of Lancaster. ii. Ann, m. to Richard Martin. ill. Dronese, m. to Sir Henry Wenston, knt. of

Standish, in Gloucestershire, iv. Jane, m. to — Dare, of Devonshire, v. Mary, m. to Hugh Hill, of Yard, near Taunton,

Somersetshire, vi. Rose, tn. to William Hale, esq. of King's Walden, Herts, ancestor of the present

William Hale, esq. of King's Walden. The eldest son,

Sir William Bond, knt. who was of Highgate, and received the honour of knighthood, 23rd July, 1003, m. Catherine, daughter and sole heir of John Povey, gent, of Barnard's Inn, Holborn, and had two sons, John, who died without issue, and

Thomas Bond, M. D. of H ox ton, in the county of Middlesex, who wedded Catherine, daughter and heir of John Osbaldeston, esq. of Harbens, in the county of Warwick, a younger branch of the Osbaldestons, of Chadlington, and had issue, i. Thomas.

Ii. John, who left issue by his wife, Elizabeth, second daughter of John Field, of London, John and Mary, til. Edward.

iv. William, tn. Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Gage, bart. of Hengrave, in Suffolk, and left issue, at his decease in 1606, two daughters, it. s. p. i. Mary, m. to Sir Thomas Grymes, bart. of Peckham. Ii. Catherine, m. to Sir William Compton, bart. of

Hartpury, in Gloucestershire. Hi. Elizabeth, tn. to — Wynne, esq. of Wales.

Doctor Bond's eldest son, i. Thomas Bond, esq. being introduced to court by Lord St. Albans, was made comptroller of the house. hold to the Queen Mother of King CHARLEs II. and advanced to a baronetcy 9th October, 1658. This gentleman appears to have been a considerable person and in great favour with King CHARLEs II., and several sums of money were remitted to him, for his majesty's use, during the civil war. He purchased a considerable estate at Peckham, in Surrey, of his bro. ther-in-law, Sir Thomas Crimes, bart. He married Marie, daughter of Mons. Charles Peliott, Sieur de la Gard, of Paris, whose sister, Madmoiselle de la Gard, was one of the maids of honour to the Queen of CHARLEs II. By her he had issue,


The descendants of the tUu(-iilcrs of Sir Robert Bolle, the second baronet. See family of Bond of Dorsetshire, Burke's Vommonera, vol. i. p. 240.

I. HENRY, his successor. II. Thomas, of Bury St. Edmond's, county of Suffolk, who, by Henrietta his wife, second daughter and co-heir of Thomas, Lord Jermyn, of St. Edmondsbury, was father of Henry Jermyn Bond, esq. of Bury, who died 20th February, 1748, leaving, by Jane his wife, daughter of — Godfrey, (who remarried 26th Dec. 1750, Thomas, first Viscount Gage, and d. 1757), three sons, viz. Charles Jermyn, of Bury, d.s. p. 1700. Henry, b. 1726. James, b. 1724, who m. and left issue. Judith, d. unm. 1793. 1. Mary-Charlotte, was brought up by Henrietta, Duchess of Orleans, daughter of King CHARLEs 1. and married Sir William Gage, bart. of Hengrave Hall, in the county of Suffolk. She d. in 1717. The elder son, II. SIR HENRY BoxD, of Peckham, sold that estate, and lived chiefly in France. He married a French bly of the name of Noir, and had a son and successor, iii. Sir Thomas BoND, who espoused Dorothea, *ughter of — Wynne, of Wales, and dying in August, 1734, left issue, i". Sir CHARLEs BoND, who is believed to have been the last baronet of this family. He was born in De*mber, 1734, and was living 7th November, 1760, but the period of his death is unknown. He had an only *ter, who was living unmarried 7th November, 1760.

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Robert, of whom presently, as ancestor of the Lords Delamere. William, archbishop of York. Richard, of Strickland, near Ipswich, in the county of Suffolk. Roger, m. Catherine, daughter and heiress of Ralph Hatton, esq. of Mollington, near Chester, and had issue, Robert Booth, esq. of Sawley, in the county of Derby. Isabel, m. to Ralph Nevil, third earl of Westmoreland, and had issue, ANNE, who m. William Lord Coniers. John, bishop of Exeter, anno 1465; buried in the church of St. Clement Danes, London, in 1478. Ralph, archdeacon of York. Margery, m. to John Byron, esq. of Clayton, in the county of Lancaster. Joan, m. first, to Thomas Sherborne, esq. of Stonyhurst, in the county of Lancaster, and secondly, to Sir Thomas Sudworth, knt. Catherine, m. to Thomas Ratcliffe, esq. of Wimmorley. Alice, m. to Sir Robert Clifton, knt. of Clifton, in the county of Nottingham.

Mr. Booth married a second wife, (but the lady's name is not known), and left a son,

Laurence Booth, who was chancellor of the university of Cambridge, bishop of Durham, and afterwards archbishop of York. His Lordship was appointed keeper of the privy-seal in the 35th of HENRY VI., and Lord chANCELLoR or ENGLAND in the 12th of Edward IV. He d. in 1480.

The line of Sir Thomas Bouth, the eldest son, terminating, as stated above, in co-heiresses, we proceed with the second son, Sir Robeat Bourh, knt. of Dunham Massie, in the


county of Chester, which seat he acquired hy his wife, Douce, daughter and co-heireas of Sir William Ven-, ables, of Bollen, in the same shire; which Sir William was son of Joane, daughter and heir of Hamon Fitton, who was grandson of John Fitton, of Bollen. by Cicelie his wife, eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir Haroon de Massie, the sixth and last baron of Dunham Massie, one of the eight feudal lordships instituted by Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, in the time of the Conqueror. By this lady Sir Robert Bouth had no less than nine sons and five daughters. Of the former, William, the eldest, inherited the fortune. Philip, the youngest, m. the daughter and heiress of Sir William Hampton, of Wellington, knt. The daughters were,

Lucy, m. to William Chauntrell,esq. of the Bache,

near Chester. Ellen, m. to Robert Legh, esq. of Adlington, in

the county of Chester. Alice, m. to Robert Hesketh, esq. of Rufford, in the county of Lancaster, ancestor of the baronets Hesketh. Joan, wi. to Hamond Massie, esq. of Rixton, Lancashire. Margery, m. to James Scarebrich, esq. Sir Robert and his eldest son had a grant of the office of sheriff of Cheshire for both their lives, and to the survivor of them, by patent, dated at Chester on the 8th of March, in the 21st of Henry VI., with all fees appertaining to the said office, and to execute its duties, either personally or by deputy. Sir Robert died on the 16th September, 1450, and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir William Both*, whom. Maud, daughter of John Dutton, esq. of Dutton, in the county of Chester, by whom he had five sons and nine daughters, which daughters were,

Douce, m. to Thomas Leigh, esq. of West Hall,

in the county of Chester.
Anne, m. first, to John Leigh, esq. of Booths,
Cheshire, and secondly, to Geoffery Shakerly.of
Shakerly, in the county of Lancaster.
Ellen, m. to Sir John Leigh, of Baguley, in the

county of Chester.
Margery, m. John Hyde, esq. of Haighton, Lan-
Alice, m. to John Ashley, esq. of Ashley, in the

county of Chester. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Fitton, esq. of Pownall,

Cheshire. Joane, m. to William Holt, esq. Isabella. Catherine. Sir William d. in 1476, and was *. by his eldest son,

George Bothb. esq. This gentleman m. Catherine, daughter and heiress of Robert Mountfort, esq. of Bescote, in the county of Stafford, and of Monkspatb, Warwickshire, by whom he acquired considerable estates in the counties of Salop, Stafford, Warwick, Leicester, Wilts, Somerset, Cornwall, and Hereford, and had issue,

William, his successor.



Alice, m. to William Massie, esq. of Denfield,in

the county of Chester. Ellen, m. first, to Thomas Vaudrey, esq. and secondly, to Trafford, of Traflord. Mr. Bothe d. in 1433, and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir William Bothe, knt. who m. first, Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Asheton, of Ashton-under-Lyne, in the county of Lancaster, and of his wife Anne, daughter of Ralph, Lord Greystock, by

which alliance a great accession of property came to the family of Bothe. He had issue of this marriage, George, his successor.

John, m, to Margery, daughter of Sir Piers Dutton,

of Dutton, in the county of Chester, and had

two sons, William and Robert.

Sir William m. secondly, Ellen, daughter of Sir John

Montgomery, of Trewly, in the county of Stafford, and


William, m. a daughter of Smith, esq. of the

county of Leicester.
Haruinet, m. a daughter of Humphrey Newton,

Edward, m. to Mary, daughter and co-heir of Roger
Knutsford, esq. of Twemlow, in the county of
Chester, from whom descended the Booths of
Twemlow Hall.
Henry, m. to a daughter of — Bowdon, of the

county of Chester.

Jane, m, first, to Hugh, son and heir of Sir Piers Dutton, of Dutton, in the connty of Chester, and secondly, to Thomas Holford, esq. of Holford, in the same shire. Dorothy, m. to Edward, son and heir of Laurence Warren, esq; of Pointon, in the county of Chester. Anne, m. to Sir William Brereton, of Brereton,in Cheshire. Sir William d. 9th November, in the 11th Hem. VIII. and was s. by his eldest son,

Georce Bothe, esq. who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Boteler, of Beausey, near Warrington, and had issue,

George, his successor.

John, m. to Elizabeth, daughter of John Dutton,
esq. and left four sons,
Robert, in holy orders, rector of

Moors, in the county of Chester.
Ellen, in. to John Carrington, esq. of Carrington.
Anne, m. to William Massie, esq. of Podington.
Margaret, m. to Sir William Davenport, of Bram-

Elizabeth, m. Richard Sutton, esq. of Sutton, near

Dorothy, m. to Robert Tatton, esq. of Withen-

shaw. ^'

Alice, m. to Peter Daniel, esq. of Orer-Tabley. Cecilie, d. unmarried. Mr. Bothe died in the 22d Henry VIII. and was s. by his eldest son,

George Bothe, esq. who left, at his decease in
1348, a son and three daughters, viz.
William,his successor.
Elizabeth, m. to William Chauntrell, esq. of the

Bache, near Chester.
Mary, m. to Randle Davenport, esq. of Henbury,

in the county of Chester. Anne, m. to — Wentworth, esq. of the county of York. To this George Bothe, Queen Jane Seymour commanded a letter to be written, acquainting him with the birth of a son, (afterwards King Edward VI.) bearing date, at Hampton Court, the very day of her delivery, October 12th, 29th Henry VIII., in these wards :—

By The Queen. "Trusty and welbeloved, we grete youe well. And for asmuche as by the inestimable goodness and grace of Almighty God, we be delivered and brought in childbed of a prince, conceived in most lawful matrimonie between my Lord the King's Majestye and us, doubting not but for the love and affection which ye beare unto us, and to the commyn wealth of this realme, the knowledge thereof shud be joyous and glad tidings unto youe, we have thought fit to certifie youe of the same. To thintent ye might not only rendre unto God condigne thanks and praise for soo great a benefit, but also pray for the long continuance and preservation of the same here in this lief, to the honor of God, joy and pleasor of my Lord the King, and us, and the universall weale, quiet, and tranquillyty of this hole realme. Gevyn under our signet, at my Lord's manor of Hampton-Cort, the xii. day of October.

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| Sir GeoRGE Booth, whose extensive estates were *ed by Queen Elizabeth during his minority, under * guardianship of her favourite, Robert Dudley, Earl * Leicester. In the latter end of her majesty's reign, * George received the honour of knighthood, and **n the institution of the order of baronet, he was *ngst the first raised to that dignity, on the 22d *s, 1611. Sir George Booth m. first, his second *in, Jane, only daughter, and heiress of John Car*gton, esq. of Carrington, in the county of Chester; * whom he had no issue, nor did he live long with * Yet he inherited the lands of her father, the same *ing strictly so settled by that gentleman, before the *rriage of his daughter, to descend to the family of - ; in which settlement, among other provisions, **ae particularly worthy of notice: “That if she, **id Jane, should, after marriage, be detected of "tinency, the estate should remain to the family **th." After the decease of this lady, Sir George * Catherine, daughter of Chief Justice Anderson, of

**rt of common Pleas, and had several children, ef whom,

"tula", the eldest son, m. Vere, second daughter,

and co-heir of Sir Thomas Egerton, Viscount

Brackley, Lord CHANcellor or ENGLAND, and

predeceasing his father, (26th April, 1636,) leit issue,

GroRGE, of whom presently, as successor to the baronetcy.

Nathaniel, m. Anne, third daughter of Thomas Ravenscroft, esq. of Bretton, in the county of Flint, whose line terminated with his great-granddaughter, Hannah Vere Booth, in 1765.

Catherine, m. to Sir John Jackson, of Hickleton, in the county of York, baronet.

John, the youngest son, having actively espoused the cause 9f King CHARLEs II. received the honour of knighthood after the restoration, anno 1600. Sir John m. Dorothy, daughter of Sir Anthony St. John, younger son of Oliver, Earl of Bolingbroke, and left several children at his - decease, in 1678.

Alice, m. George Vernon, esq. of Haslinton, in the county of Chester.

Susan, m. Sir William Brereton, of Handforth, in the county of Chester, baronet.

Elizabeth, m. to Richard, Lord Byron, (his lordship's second wife,) and died without issue.

Sir George Booth, who served the office of sheriff of Cheshire twice, and as often of Lancashire, d. on the 24th October, 1652, and was s. in his title and estates by his grandson (whose guardianship he had purchased from the crown for £4000.), 11. SiR GEORGE Booth. This gentleman was committed prisoner to the Tower of London during the usurpation, for his zeal in the royal cause, and his efforts to restore the exiled prince. He had the pleasure eventually, however, of being chosen one of the twelve members deputed by the House of Commons, in May, 1660, to carry to that prince the recall of the house, in answer to his majesty's letters. And on Monday, 13th July, 1660, the House of Commons ordered, “that the sum of £10,000 be conferred on Sir George, as a mark of respect for his eminent services, and great sufferings in the public cause;” which order obtained the sanction of the House of Lords in the ensuing month. In addition to which honourable grant, the baronet was elevated to the Peerage, by letters patent, dated 20th April, 1661, as BARoN DELAMERE, of Dunham Massie, in the county of Chester. His Lordship m. first, Lady Caroline Clinton, daughter and co-heir of Theophilus, Earl of Lincoln, by whom he had an only daughter, Vere, who d. unmarried, in 1717, in the 74th year of her age. He m. secondly, Lady Elizabeth Grey, eldest daughter of Henry, Earl of Stamford, by whom he had seven sons and five daughters, of whom,

HENRY, succeeded to the title.

George, m. Lucy, daughter of the Right Hon. Robert Robartes, Wiscount Bodmin, son and heir of John, Earl of Radnor, by whom he had an only son, Henry, who d. unmarried.

Robert, in holy orders, Archdeacon of Durham, in 1691, and Dean of Bristol, in 1708. This gentleman m. first, Ann, daughter of Sir Robert Booth, chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland, by whom he had a son, Henry, who died s. p. He m. secondly, Mary, daughter of Thomas Hales, esq. of Howlets, in the county of Kent, and had five sons and four daughters, of whom,

NatHANIEL, the fourth and only surviving, succeeded to the BARoNY of DeLAMRRE, but of him hereafter.

Elizabeth, m. to Charlton Thrupp, esq. of Hampstead, Middlesex.

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