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ANToxiNA, of W. Wickham, Bishop of Lin-1 daughter and eventually heir of Sir John Lloyd, bart.

coln. of Forrest, in Carmarthenshire, and had two daughBishop Barlow d. in 1569, and was interred in ters, viz. his own cathedral of Chichester. BEATRice, m. first, to Sir Anthony Rudd, bart.; Elizabeth, went as a companion with the Countess and, secondly, to Griffith Lloyd, esq. of Oxford into Scotland, and was maid of ho- ANNE, d. unmarried. nour to MARY Queen of Scots: she m. first, Sir John wedded, secondly, Catherine, daughter of Alexander, Lord Elphinstone; and, secondly, Christopher Middleton, esq. of Middleton Hall, in the

Lord Drummond, and was mother of the suc- county of Carmarthen, and by that lady had three ceeding Lords Elphinstone and Drummond. sons, viz.

The second son, GeoRGE, his successor.

RockR BARLow, esq. on his father's commitment John, m. first, Anne, daughter of Simon, Viscount to the Tower, went over to Spain, and was employed, Harcourt, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, at the recommendation of the Duke of Modena, by and had a son, the Emperor CHARLEs V. for the discovery of Peru; George, who wedded Anne, daughter of –

but having communicated his discovery to the English ambassador at Madrid, Sir Thomas Boleyne, he was Mr. John Barlow m. secondly, Anne, daughter ordered by his own sovereign, King HENRY VIII., to of Richard Skrine, esq. and left by her a daughreturn home, with a promise of preferment. He was ter, Anne. He d. in November, 1739. afterwards appointed vice-admiral to Lord Seymour, William. and but for the death of the king, was to have under- | He d. about the year 1695, and was s. by his eldest taken the discovery of a north passage to the East son, Indies with three of his highness's ships from Milford 11. SiR GEORGE BARLow, who m. Winifred, daughHaven. This Roger was the first of the family who ter of George Heneage, esq. of Hainton, in the county came into Pembrokeshire, and purchased an estate of Lincoln, and had an only son, GEORGE. Sir George from the crown. He m. Julian, daughter and co-heir made over a great part of his estate to his brother,

of Rees Daws, of Bristol, and was s. by his son, John Barlow, esq. He was s. at his decease by his JoHN BARLow, esq. of Slebetch, in the county of son,

Pembroke, who wedded Elizabeth, daughter of John 111. Sin GeoRCE BARLow. This gentleman died

Fisher, esq. and had a son and heir, in France without issue, when the BARONErcy became GroRoe BARLow, esq. who wedded Anne Vernon, ExTINCT. Administration to his effects was taken out

Blundell, esq. of Haverfordwest.

niece of Viscount Hereford, and was s. by his son, in 1775. John Barlow, esq. of Slebetch, known as “Colonel Barlow,” from holding that commission in the royalist Arms—Arg. on a chev. engrailed between three cross

army during the great rebellion. Colonel Barlow crosslets fitchèe sa, two lions encounter of the first. marched at the head of his corps, chiefly composed of his own tenantry, to the relief of the Marquess of Worcester at Ragland Castle, but his followers having BARNARDISTON, OF KETTON. been nearly cut to pieces, he was himself forced to abscond for several years, when his estates were conferred upon Cromwell's favourites, and his library, with a valuable collection of manuscripts, burnt at Slebetch by Colonel Horton, one of Cromwell's offi

- - CREAted Extix.ct cers. This gentleman had six sons and three daugh 7th Apr. 1663. about 1750. ters, *1z. Grosor, his successor. John. William, served for the Venetians against the Turks, and returned to England after the ResI'". Wis. Charles, \ entered the Venetian service with their #lineage. Thomas, J brother William, and fell in it. This was one of the most ancient families of the

Anne, m. to Lewis Wogan, esq. of Weston Castle. equestrian order in the kingdom, having flourished in a direct line for twenty-seven generations at least.

lady abbesses in France * y abbesses in France. i he name was assumed from the town of Barnarston

Colonel Barlow was s. by his eldest son, or Barnston, contiguous to Ketton, of which the BarGeonce BARLow, esq. of Slebetch, who m. Joan, nardistons were proprietors from the Conquest. daughter and co-heir of David Lloyd, esq. of Kily- By marrying the heiress of Willoughby, in the time keithed, in Pembrokeshire, and had issue, of EDw ARD II., the family obtained the noble manor Joax, his successor. of Great Cotes, in the county of Lincoln, which they William, who was introduced into the court of held for several centuries. CHARLEs II., and on the king's death was made Ketton Hall, or Kedyton Hall, they acquired with

captain of horse in Lord Peterborough's regi. the heiress of the family of Newmarch, which surment; before King Jawes's abdication he had name it appears they adopted and anciently bore, attained the rank of colonel, and accompanied in conjunction with that of Barnardiston, as exhithat monarch in his retirement. On his ma- bited on the monument of Anne, daughter of Sir jesty's death he returned, and lived and died in Thomas Barnardiston." wife of Sir Hugh Everard,

Pembrokeshire in great esteem. in the church of Great Waltham, Essex. She died -, m. to Sir Herbert Perrot, knt. of Welling- in 1609. ton, Herts. The estate of the Barnardistones amounted, in the *** * by his elder son, time of Elizaner", to 4000/- per annum. * John Barlow, esq. of Siebetch, in the county of LE NEve, in his MSS. begins the pedigree with *troke, who was created a Baronet by King Roger BARNARDIsroN, who ".. the daughter and

Casalts II. 13th July, 1677. He m. first, Beatrice, heir of Havering, and w:* of


Sm Thomas Barnardiston, who wedded the daughter and co-heir of Sir William Franke, knt. of Grimsby, in the county of Lincoln," and left a son,

Rogkr Barnardiston, father by his wife Isabel, relict of William Kelke, of Beverley, of

Thomas Barnardiston, who m. Alice, daughter of Henry Vavasor, of Haselwood, in the county of York, and left a son and heir,

Thomas Barnardiston, who wedded a daughter of Sir Thomas Waterton, knt. and was s. by his son.

Sir Thomas Barnardiston, knt. of Kedington, or Ketton, in Suffolk, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Newport, of Pelham, in Hertfordshire, by whom he had seven sons and seveu daught' rs. In Kedington church, in the south window, there is to be seen, says Weaver," a Barnardiston, kneeling, in his compleat armour, his coat armour on his breast, and behind him seven sons. In the next pane of the glass is Elizabeth, the daughter of Newport, kneeling, with her coat armour likewise on her breast, and seven daughters behind her, and under it is thus written, now much defaced:

'Orate pro Animabus Thome Barnardiston, Militis, et Elizabethe, uxoris ejus, qui istam Penestram fieri fecerunt, anno Domini Mccccc . . . Aninia . . . Deus, Amen.'

Over against the said south window, under the second arch of the said south side of the church, is the monument of the said Sir Thomas Barnardiston, in stone, at length, in his compleat armour, and the said Dame Elizabeth his wife by him: and in a table of stone, under their coat armours, this epitaph or inscription;

* This 19 the monument of Sir Thomas Barnardiston, knight, bcying buryd in Cotys, in the conntie of Lincolue, and of Dame Elizabeth, his Wyffe, buryd under this Tombe: whych Sir Thomas, by his last will, gave certen Londis in the Towne callyd Brokholes, of the yerly value of vii mark is, towards the maintenens of a chantrie, in this church: and the seid Daine Elisabeth, aftyr his Deth, optened lycens to amortysc the seid Chantrie, perpetually, and made the possession thereof, to the yerly value of vii markis, and besyds buylt the church roif new, and co very d it with Lede. Whych Dame Elisabeth, died the — day of — Anno Domini Mcccccxx.'"

The son and heir of Sir Thomas, by Elizabeth Newport, another

Sir Thomas Barnardistun, knt. m. Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Lucas, of Saxham, in Suffolk, and was j. by his son,

Sir Thomas Barnardiston, knt. who wedded Mary, second daughter of Sir Edward Walsingham, knt. of Scadbury, in Kent, lieutenant of the Tower, by whom he left his successor,

Sir Thomas Barnardiston, knt. who m. first, Elizabeth,* daughter of Thomas Hanchet, esq. of Hertfordshire, and by her had a son, Thomas (Sir), his heir. He wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter of — Bygrave, esq. of Hertfordshire, and had another son, Giles, of Clare, in Suffolk, who left issue by his wife, Philippa, daughter of Sir WiUiam Waldgrave, knt. of Smallbridge. Sir Thomas d. 23rd December, 1619, and was s. by his elder son,

Sir Thomas Barnardiston, knt of With am, Essex, who m. first. Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Knightley, knt. of Fawsley, in the county of Northampton, and had issue,

Nathaniel (Sir), his heir.

Thomas, ancestor of the Barnardistons, of Bury,
of which Mr. Serjeant Barnardiston was the
lineal descendant and heir male.
Arthur, m. Anne, daughter of James Harvey, esq.
of Debden, in Suffolk, and relict of Sir Roger
Thornton, knt. of Snails well, in Cambridge-

Thomas, m. first, Mary, daughter of Henry Aus-
tin, of London, and had a daughter,
Margaret, m. to Richard Poulter.
He wedded, secondly, a daughter of Henry Pol-
sted, and left by her,
Thomas, who m. a daughter of John Clark.

William, a Turkey merchant.
A daughter, m. to Sir William Fish, knt.
Hannah, m. to Sir John Brograve, knt. of Hamels,
in the county of Hertford.
He wedded, secondly, Catherine, daughter of Thomas)
Banks, esq. of London, but by that lady had no issue.
She died 3rd March, 1632. Sir Thomas was s. at his
decease by his eldest son,

Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, knt. of Ketton, who was five times knight of the shire for the county of Suffolk, and sat once for Sudbury, in the same county. He m. Jane, daughter of Sir Peter Soame, knt. lord mayor of London, and by her had seven sons and two daughters, viz.

Thomas, bis successor.

Nathaniel, of Hackney, in the county of Middle-
sex, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Ba-
con, esq. of Friston,* in Suffolk, and had
Samuel, who inherited the Baronetcy of
Brightwell from his uncle, Sir Samuel Bar-
Nardiston, of Brightwell Hall, and d. s. p.
in 1712.
Pelethiah, successor to his brother, and third

baronet of Brightwell.
Jane, m. to Robert, son and heir of Mr. Alder-
man Man, of Norwich.
Elizabeth, m. to Samuel Blackerby, esq. of
Gray*s Inn.
Samuel, of Brightwell Hall, created a Baronet
1 lth May, 1663, with remainder, default of male
issue, to his elder brother Nathaniel Barnar-
diston, esq. of Hackney, and his heirs, default
of which, to his younger brother, Pelethiah Bar-
nardiston, of Hackney, merchant, and his heirs
male. (See Barnardiston, of Brightwell).
Pelethiah, of Hackney, merchant, m. a daughter
of Richard Tumor, esq. of Totteridge, in Hert-
fordshire, and sister of Sir William Tumor, knt.
of Bromley, and had a son,

Nathaniel, who succeeded to the baronetcy of Brightwell at the decease of his cousin, Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, in 1712.

* By a daughter and co-heir of Sir Marmaduke Tunstall, knt.

t On the north side of Kedington Church, is a very fair monument or tomb, with the portraiture of Sir Thomas Barnardistun, and hi* lady Elizabeth. In the second window of the north side of the church, is to be seen a Barnardiston kneeling, in his complete armour, and his coat-armour on In- breast, and upon both his shoulders; the writing under him is wholly perished: ver him is written—non peccata nostra—nobis— This "■■ to be very ancient.

I The eventual heiress of the Bacons of Friston married Dr. Hugh Chambkrle>, and had three daughters, vis.

Mary, d. nnmarried.

Anna-Maria, m. to the Rt. Hon. Edward Hopkins, and thence descends the present General NortheyHopkins, of Oving.

Charlotte, m. to Richard Luther, esq. great-grandfather of Dr. T*>lor, of Clifton.

William, John, d. unm. Arthur, who m. 'first, a daughter of Sir Richard Lloyd, knt. of Hallom, and had by her three sons and two daughters, Samuel, of London, merchant, m. Anne, dau. of Samuel Blackerby, esq. of Gray's Inn. Nathaniel, d. young. Arthur, a merchant, at Smyrna. Mary, m. to Sir Robert Clarke, bart. of Snailwell, in the county of Cambridge. Jane, d. unmarried. Mr. Arthur Barnardiston m. secondly, Mary, daughter of Samuel Luke, esq. of Woodend, in Bedfordshire, who surviving him, re-married in her widowhood Samuel Blackerby, esq. Anne, m. to Sir John Rolt, knt. of Milton, in the county of Bedford. Jane, m. to Sir William Blois, knt. of Coxfield Hall, Suffolk. This Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, esteemed the greatest ornament of his family, is styled by Fairclough, who wrote his life, and printed it with Clark's Lives, " "ne of the most eminent patriots of his time, and the twenty-third knight of his family.” He died *th July, 1653, and was s. by his eldest son, l, Sir Thomas BARNARD1ston, of Ketton, M.P. for the county of Suffolk, who was created a BARoNET by Miss Charles II. 7th April, 1663. He m. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Sir William Armine, bart. of Osgodby, in Lincolnshire, and had issue, Nathaniel, d.s. p. in his father's lifetime. Thomas, his successor.


:} all d.s. p.


Michael, d. at Smyrna, unmarried.

John, m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Cordell, bart. of Long Melford, in Suffolk.

Mary, m. to Sir Joseph Brand, knt. of Edwardstown, in Suffolk. Anne, m. to Sir Philip Skippon, knt. of Wrentham, in the same county. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Williams, esq. of Stoke, also in Suffolk. *Thomas d. 11th October, 1669, (his widow survived * the 25th August, 1671), and was s. by his eldest *rviving son, "Sir Thomas BARNARDIsroN, of Ketton, who m. *abeth, daughter and heir of Sir Robert King, of Boyle, in Ireland, and by her, who d. in 1707, had, With two daughters, Sophia and Elizabeth, who both died in infancy, six sons, viz. Thomas, his heir, b. 7th August, 1674. Nathaniel, d. an infant. Rossar, successor to his elder brother. Nathaniel, d. in the East Indies, unmarried. *L, who inherited as fifth baronet. *n, m. Sophia, daughter of — Rich, esq. of Scotland, and relict of William, brother of the Lord Gray, by whom he left at his decease, in the lifetime of his brother SAMUEL, a son, John, who succeeded that gentleman, and be. came sixth baronet. s: Thomas d. in 1698, was buried on the 15th October, "that year, and s. by his eldest son, *** Thomas BARNARDIsroN. This gentleman **, daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard Roth*il, bart of Stapleford, in the county of Lincoln, by ** who d. 21st February, 1701) he had three *ughters, his co-heirs, namely,

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Eliza BETH, b. 23rd January, 1694, d. in 1701. ANNA-MAR1A, m. in 1716, to Sir John Shaw, bart. of Eltham, in Kent. CHARLorre, m. in 1720, to Sir Anthony Abdy, bart. of Felix Hall. Sir Thomas d. in November, 1700, was buried on the 21st of that month, and leaving no male issue, was s. in the baronetcy by his next surviving brother, 1v. SiR Robert BARNARDIsroN, who d. unm. in July, 1728, when the title devolved upon his next brother, v. SiR SAMUEL BARNARDIsroN, who m. in August, 1730, Catherine, daughter of Sir Rowland Wynne, bart. of Nostel Abbey, in the county of York, but had no issue. He died at Ketton Hall 4th Feb. 1735-6, and was s. by his nephew, v1. Sir John BARNARDIsroN. This gentleman dying s. p. about the year 1750, the BARoNETcy became Extn NCT.

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This was a scion from the ancient family of Barnardiston, of Ketton. Sir NATHANIEL BARNARD1stoN, knt. of Ketton, M.P. for the county of Suffolk, and esteemed the most eminent of his knightly family, m. Jane, daughter of Sir Stephen Soame, lord mayor of London, and by that lady had, with other issue, THoMAs (Sir), his successor. NATHANIEL, of Hackney, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Bacon, esq. of Fristow, in Suffolk, and had two sons and two daughters, viz. SAMUEL, who inherited the title and estates of his uncle, Sir SAMUEL BARNARD1stoN, of Brightwell HALL. PELET1Ah, heir to his brother. Jane, m. to Robert, son and heir of Mr. Alderman Man, of Norwich. Elizabeth, m. to Samuel Blackerby, esq. of Gray's Inn.

SAMUEL, of whom presently.
PELET1Ah, who m. a daughter of Richard Turnor,

esq. of Totteridge, in Hertfordshire, and had

one son,
NATHANiel, who became fourth baronet of
Brightwell, at the decease of his cousin, in


The third son, 1. SAMUEL BARNARDIstoN, esq. of Brightwell Hall, in the county of Suffolk, was created a BARoNET 11th May, 1663, with remainder, default of direct male issue, to his elder brother, Nathaniel Barnardiston, of Hackney, and his heirs male, default of which to his younger brother Peletiah Barnardiston, and his heirs male. Sir Samuel m. first, Thomasine, daughter of

'*, Sophia, widow of viscount wimbleton, and daughter of Sir Edward Zouch, knt. of Woking, in Surrey.


Joseph Brand, esq. of Edwardston, in Suffolk; and, secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir Abraham Reynardson, knt. lord mayor of Loudon, but having no issue, the title devolved according to the limitation upon his nephew,

Ii. Sib Samuel Barnardiston, who wedded a daughter and co-heir of Mr. Thomas Richmond, of London, apothecary, but died issueless 3rd January, 1709, and was s. by his brother,

in. Sir Prletiah Barnardiston, who d. unm. 4th May, 1712, when the title devolved upon his cousin,

iv. Sir Nathanirl Barnardiston. This gentleman dying, like his predecessor, issueless, list September, 1712, the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms— As Barnardiston, of Ketton.

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Stephen Barnham, of Southwick, in Hampshire, of the privy chamber to Henry VIII. had, with one dau. Dorothea, ro. to Mr. Chapman, of London, two sons, Francis, his heir.

Thomas, who m. a daughter of — Gressey, and had issue. The elder son,

Francis Barnham, sheriff of London in 1570, married Alice, daughter and heir of — Brobridge, of Sussex, and dying in 1571 left issue, Martin (Sir), his heir. Anthony. Stephen.

Benedict, sheriff of London in 1592, m. Doro-
thea, daughter of Ambrose Smith, of London,
and by her, who wedded, secondly. Sir John
Packington, knt. left at his decease in 1598 five
daughters, viz.

Elizabeth, m. to Mervin, Earl of Castlehaven.
Dorothy, m. to Sir John Constable, knt.

Bridget, m. to Sir William Soame, knt.
Alice, m. to Francis, Lord Vcrulam, lord high
Etheldred, m. to William Cleybroke.
The eldest son.

Sir Martis Barnham,knt. of Hollingbomc, sheriff of Kent 14 Elizabeth, married, first, Ursula,daughter of Robert Rudstone, of Boughton Monchclscy, in the same county, and had by her a son,

Francis (Sir), his heir. Sir Martin espoused, secondly, Judith, daughter of Sir Martin Colthorp, knt. mayor of London, and by that lady had

Martin, of Hollingbome.

James, m. the daughter of Wood of Bromley, and

had issue.

Elizabeth, ffl. Augustin Steward, esq. of Barking.
Anne, m. to Robert Honywood, esq. of Charing.

Catherine, m. to Sir Christopher Buckle, knt. of

, m. to Sir George Chute, knt.

Sir Martin d. in 1610, and was s. by his son,

Sir Francis Barnham, knt. of Hollingbome, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sampson Leonard, esq. of Chevening, and had issue, l. Dacres, d. s. p. n. Robert, of whom presently, in. Edward.

iv. Francis, of Maidstone.

v. William, mayor of Norwich in 1652, m. first,
Elizabeth,daughter of William Windham, esq.
of Stokesby, in Norfolk,and had by her a son,
William, barrister-at-law.who ffl. his cousin
Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Charles
Wyndham, esq. of Stokesby, but d. s. p.
His widow wedded, secondly, Sir Francis
Burdett, bart. grandfather of the present
Sir Charles Wyndham Burdett, bart.
Mr. William Barnham wedded, secondly, Sa-
rah, granddaughter of Sir Hugh Middleton,
bart. and by her had a daughter, Sarah, the
wife of Charles Wood, esq. of London. Hem.
thirdly, Rebecca, daughter of Edward Bacon,
of London, and had by that lady two daughters,
Mary, m. to Charles Wood.
Rebecca, m. Benjamin Wolleston, of London.
Hem. fourthly, Mary Flowerdew, of Norwich,
and had issue of his fourth marriage,

William, of Norwich, m. the sister of the

Rev. Isaac Virtue, and had a son,

William, of Norwich, who m. Elizabeth,

daughter of William Smith, esq. of

Ramplingham, in Norfolk, and had

1. William, of Norwich, 6. in 1756,

m. Catherine-Barry, widow of John Gibbs Clarke, esq. of Barbadoes, daughter of James Hebert, of London, merchant, and granddaughter of Sir Hildebrand Jacob, bart. and had issue,

William, 6. in 1789.

HildcbrandBarry, captain in the army.

Charles-Windham, 6. in I79B.

2. John, of Hoyden, in Norfolk, m.

Prudence Howlet, and has one son, George.

1. Mary, rf. unm.

2. Hannah, m. to Charles Vercoeul,

of Rotterdam, merchant.

3. Margaret, m. to Thomas Hopking.

4. Elizabeth, d. unm. vi. Dudley.

vu. Martin. The eldest surviving son,

i. Robert Barnham, esq. of Boughton Monchelsey. was created a Babonet 15th August, 1663. He m. and had one son,

Francis, who predeceased his father in 1668, leaving by Anne, his wife, sixth daaghter of Sir Thomas Parker, knt. of Ratton, and widow of John Shirley, esq. of Isficld, Robert, successor to his grandfather. Sir Robert d. in 1685, and was .«. by his grandson,

u. Sir Robert Barnham, of Boughton, who d. in 1728 without male issue, when the Baronetcy expired, and the estates devolved on his only daughter and heir, the wife of Thomas Rider, esq. and are now inherited by that lady's descendant, Thomas Rider, esq. of Boughton, in Kent.

Arms— Sa. a cross cngrailct between four crescents arg.

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Camden, in his Britannia, says, “Barrington Hall, (heretofore) the seat of that eminent family of the Barringtons, who in the time of King STEPHEN were greatly enriched with the estate of the Lord Montfitchet; and in the memory of our fathers a match with the daughter and co-heir of Henry Pole, Lord Montacute, son and heir to Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, rendered them more illustrious, by an alliance with the royal blood.” Le Neve (Norroy king-of-arms) deduces the lineage of the Barringtons from BARENToNE, a Saxon, who had the custody of the forest of Hatfield-Regis, temp. Willian the Conqueror, and whose son, Ersrachius DE BARENToNA, servant to King HENRY 1. obtained grants of land from that monarch, with the custody of the forest. This Eustachius died in the reign of STEPHEN, and from him we pass to his (thirteenth) lineal descendant, John BARRINGroN, living in the 25th of HENRY VIII, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Bonham, by his wife the Hon. Elizabeth Marney, daughter of Henry, first Lord Marney, of Marney, in the county * Essex, and was s. by his son, Thomas BARRINGroN, esq. This gentleman m. first, Alice, danghter of Henry Parker, Lord Morley, by whom he had an only daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Edward Harris, esq. He espoused, secondly, Winified, relict of Sir Thomas Hastings, knt. youngest *hter and co-heiress of Henry Pole, Lord Montagu, granddaughter of Sir Richard Pole, K.G. by Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury, and great grand*ghter of George, Duke of Clarence, brother to King *D IV.(see Burke's Extinct Peerage); by which illustrious lady Mr. Barrington had, with a daughter, Catherine, m. to William Bourchier, esq. two sons, viz. Francis (Sir), his heir. John, who had a very extensive grant of lands in Ireland from Queen Elizabeth, in 1558, and was of Cullinagh, in the Queen's County, where his descendants remained seated until that property was sold, under an act of parliament, in 1798, by John's descendant, John BARRINGroN, esq. of Cullinagh, who left, besides four daughters, five sons, viz. 1. John, d.s. p. 1834. 2. French, d.s. p. 1836. 3. Jonah (Sir), formerly judge of the high court of admiralty in Ireland, and M.P. for the cities of Tuam and Clogher, d. in 1833, leaving issue, Edward, b. in 1796, m. and has issue. Jane-Catherine,m. in 1815, to Thomas de Grenier de Fonblanque, K.H. an hereditary viscount of France, second son of the eminent king's counsel, and has issue.

Sybella, m. in 1815, to William Otway, esq. Patricia, m. to Alexander Hunter, esq. Arabella-Henrietta, m. in 1826, to Edward Hughes Lee, esq. Margaret, m. 1829, to Capt. R. Worthy, of the H. E. I. Co.'s service. 4. Wheeler, who m. Miss O'Neill, and had a daughter. 5. Charles, m. and settled in Canada.

He was s. at his decease by the elder son,

1. SiR FRANcis BARRINGton, knt. member for the county of Essex, in the parliament assembled in the 43rd year of Queen Elizabeth, and subsequently in all the parliaments of the reign of JAMEs I. and in the three first of CHARLEs I. who was created a BARoNET the 29th June, 1611. Sir Francism. Joan, daughter of Sir Henry Cromwell, of Hinchinbrook, in the county of Huntingdon, and aunt of the Protector Cromwell, and had issue, Thomas, his heir. Robert, who m. Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Eden, knt. and had issue. Francis, of London. John, d. in Germany. Elizabeth, m. to Sir James Altham, knt. and secondly, to Sir William Masham, bart. Mary, m. to Sir Gilbert Gerard. Winifred, m. to Sir William Mewes, or Meux. Ruth, m. to Sir George Lamplugh, knt. Joane, m. to Sir Richard Everard, bart. Sir Francis dying in 1628, was s. by his eldest son, 11. SiR THoMA's BARRINGtoN, who m. first, Frances. daughter and co-heir of John Gobart, esq. of Coventry, by whom he had (with a daughter, Lucy) two sons, viz. JoHN, his successor. Gobart (Sir), of Tofts, Essex, who m. Lucy, daughter of Sir Richard Wiseman, knt. of Torrel's Hall, Essex, by whom he had surviving issue, Thomas, a colonel in the army, who d.s. p. having previously made over his estate to his brother. Francis, who m. Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Samuel Shute, esq. of London, but had no issue. Mr. Barrington bequeathed his estate to his wife's cousin-german, John Shute, of Becket Park, Berks, who assumed the surname of BARRINGtoN, and was elevated to the peerage of Ireland. (See BURKE's Peerage). Sir Thomas espoused, secondly, Judith, daughter of Sir Rowland Lytton, knt. of Knebworth, in Hertfordshire, and widow of Sir George Smith, knt. of Annables, in the same shire, but had no other issue. He d. in 1654, and was s. by his elder son,

111. SiR John BARRINGto.N. This gentleman was M.P. in 1640, for the borough of Newport, and one of the parliamentary committee for Essex and the Isle of Wight; but when he observed the lengths to which the parliamentarians had determined to proceed, he declined to follow; although it is probable it was expected that he would go to the utmost extremity, as he was one of the members nominated to sit in the mock high court of justice, appointed to try his unhappy sovereign. Sir John, however, refused to attend any of its meetings, and peremptorily declined signing the warrant for King CHARLEs's execution. He lived in retirement after the Restoration. Sir John m. Dorothy, daughter of Sir William Lytton, of Knebworth, and dying 24th March, 1682, was s. by the eldest son of Thomas Barrington, esq. by Anne, daughter and co-heiress of Robert Rich, Earl of Warwick, his grand


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