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Nathaniel, left issue.

Magdalen, m. to — Clarke, esq. of Hampshire.
Elizabeth, m. to Humphrey Walrond, esq. of

Sir Nathaniel erected the mansion at More Critchell, which was destroyed by fire. His wife d. 7th October, 1024; himself 6th September, 1635, when he was s. by his eldest son,

i. Gerard Napier, esq. of Middle Marsh Hall, in the county of Dorset, who was created a Baronet ■26th June, 1641. Sir Gerard distinguished himself in arms for the royal cause during the civil war, and lost more than £10,000 by his loyalty. His estates in the counties of Dorset and Kent were sequestered in 1645, and he was disqualified from representing Melcombe. During the exile of Kins; II. he transmitted to his majesty 500 broad pieces by Sir Gilbert Taylor, who detained the money, and was arrested for it by Sir Gerard after the Restoration; but Sir Gilbert acknowledging the receipt, was, through the king's mediation, forgiven; and Sir Gerard was ordered a number of deer annually from the New Forest without fee. Notwithstanding the persecution and heavy losses he endured, Sir Gerard still augmented his paternal property. He had the honour of entertaining the king and queen at More Critchell, when the court removed to Salisbury from the plague in 1665. He m. Margaret, daughter and co-heir of John Colles, esq.4 of Barton, in the county of Somerset, and had one surviving son, Nathaniel, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary. He d. 14th May, 1673, and was s. by his son,

Ii. Sir Nathaniel Napier, who m. first, in 1656, Blanch, daughter of Sir Hugh Wyndham, knt. of Sylton, in the county of Dorset, and by that lady (who */. in 1605) he had issue,

Wyndham, d. unmarried at the age of twenty.
Gerard, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Jacob

Lucy, esq. an alderman of the city of London,

with whom he had a large fortune. Both died

in 1689, leaving no issue.
Lenox, d. in 1660 unmarried, in the twenty-fourth

year of his age.
Nathaniel, who s. to the estate and title.

Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Guise, hart, of Rend-
comb, in the county of Gloucester.

He m. secondly, in 1697, Miss Susanna Guise, hut had no other issue. Sir Nathaniel sat in parliament for several years, representing at different times the county of Dorset and the boroughs of Poole and Corfe Castle. "He was (says an old author) a gay, ingenious gentleman, well vented in several languages, and understood very well architecture and painting; he has left behind him several pieces of his own drawing, besides many others of good value, which he had collected on his travels." He d. in January, 1708, and was «. by his only surviving son,

in. Sir Nathaniel Napikr, M.P. for the county of Dorchester temp. King William and Queen Annb. He m. first, Jane, daughter of Sir Robert AVorseley bart. of Appuldercombe, in the Isle of Wight, but by that lady had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Cathe rine, younger daughter of William, second Lord Al lington, and co-heir of her brother Giles, third lord and by her had

William, hi* heir.
Gerard, successor to his brother.

Diana, M. to Humphry Start, esq. of Horton, in
Dorsetshire, and d. 1st February, 1730-40, leav-
ing, with other issue,

Hcmphry Sttrt, who inherited the estates of the Napiers at the decease of Sir Gerard, the sixth baronet. Catherine, d. unm. Blanch, d. young. He d. 2ith February, 1738, and was * by his eldest son,

Iv. Sir William Napier, who d. unmarried 27th January, .1753, and was s. by his brother,

v. Sir Gerard Napier, who m. Bridget, daughter of Edward Phelips, esq. of Montacute, in the county of Somerset, and dying 25th October, 1759, was *. by bis son,

vi. Sir Gerard Napier, whom. Elizabeth,daughter of Sir John Oglander, hart, of N unwell, in the Isle of Wight, but dying 25th January, 1765, aged twenty-six, the Baronetcy Expired. His widow m. James Webb, esq. and d. 16th October, 1814. The estates devolved upon his cousin,

Humphry STURT,esq. of Horton,M.P. for Dorsetshire.

Arms—Aa Napier Of Lcton-hoo.


Created 25th Feb. 1681.—Extinct in 1743.


Robert Napier, esq. of Puncknoll, second son of Sir Nathaniel Napier,of More Critchell, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter and heir of John Gerard, esq. was master of the Hanaper Office in the reigns of Charles 1. and Charles II. and had many employments at court after the Restoration. He m. first, Anna, daughter of Allan Corrance, esq. of Wykin, in Suffolk; secondly, Catherine, sister of Lord Hawley; and thirdly, Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Evelyn, bart. of Loug Ditton, and relict of Edmond Ironside, esq. By the first he left, at his decease in 1686, a daughter, Anne, m. to John Fry, of Yarty, in Devonshire, son of the regicide John Fry, and a son,

i. Sir Robert Napier, knt. of Puncknoll, master of the Hanaper Office, who served in the convention and other succeeding parliaments for the boroughs of Weymouth, Melcombe Regis, and Dorchester, and was created a Baronet 25th February, 1681. He m. Sophia, daughter of Charles Evelyn, esq. of Gotktonc, in Surrey, and dying 31st October, 1700, was s. by his son,

Ii. Sir Charles Napier, of Puncknoll, who at. Melony, daughter of Arthur Alibone, esq. and had issue. Sir Charles sold the estate at Puncknoll to William Clutterbuck, esq. and from the Clutterbucks it has descended to the Fromes, by whose representative, the Rev. Gborck-cli;tterbucr. Fromb, AM. it is now possessed. He died in 1743, but whether the Baronetcy then Expired, or a son of Sir Charles survived to inherit, we have not ascertained.

Arms—Aa Napier Op More Critchell.

John Colles left three daughters, his co-heirs, namely,

Margaret, m, to Sir Gerard Napier, hart. "■mzabeth, Ot. first, to Herbert Dodington, esq.;

and secondly, to the .Hon. John Coventry, son of the Lord Keeper Coventry. Anne, m. to Sir William Porunan, bart.


Created 15th Not. 1688.—Extinct 2*nd Oct. 1707.


Sib John Narborovgh, knt. of Knowlton, in the county of Kent, an admiral in the royal navy, m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Hill, esq. a commissioner in the nary, and by that lady (who m. secondly, RearAdmirml Sir Cloudesley Shovel, who was cast away on the rocks of Scilly 22nd October, 1707,) had issue, John, bis heir. James.

Elizabeth, m. about 1714, to Sir Thomas D'Aeth, bart of North Cray, and had, with other issue, Sir Narborouoh D'aeth, ban. Harriet, married Josiah Hardy, esq. consul at Cadiz, and had five daughters, of whom the eldest, Harriet, became the second wife of William H ughes, esq. and was mother of the present George-william Huches-d'aeth, esq. of Knowlton Court. Sir John was *. by his elder son,

I. John Narborough, esq. of Knowlton, who was created a Baron Et 15th November, 1688, with remainder to his brother, default his own male line; but both, were lost with their step-father, Sir Cloudesley Shuvel, on the rocks of Scilly, 22nd October, 1707, when the Baronetcy became Extinct; the estates passing to their sister Elizabeth, who m. as stated above. Sir Thomas D'Aeth.

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This was an offshoot from the once great and potent family of Nevile, Lords of Kaby, who became subsequently Earls of Westmorland, and whose line may be deduced from Saxon times.

Rinulph De Netili. was summoned to parliament a* a Baron from 8th June, 1204, to I8th February, 1331, in which latter year he died, and was s, by bis only surviving son,

Ralph Dk NfcviLi., second baron, summoned to parliament from 20th November, 1330, to 20th January, 1336. His lordship m. Alice, daughter and co-heir of Hugh de Audley, and bad John iSir), his heir, the third lord, with five younger sons. The fourth son.

Sir Robert Nevile, of Eldon, was lineal ancestor (for the intermediate links refer to Burke's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 8,) of

Grorcr Nevile, esq. whom. Barbara,sister and coheir of Sir John Hercy, of Grove, in the county of Nottingham, and fifth daughter of Sir Humphrey

Hercy, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir John
Digby, of Ketelby, and bad issue,
John, his heir.

Gborgk, of Thorney, in the county of Nottingham,
ancestor of the present
Christopher Nevile, esq. of Thorney. (See
Burke's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 8.)
Dionysius, ancestor of the Neviles of Badsworth.
The eldest son,

John Nevile, esq. of Grove, m. Gertrude, daughter of Richard Whalley, esq. and was s. by his son,

Hehcy Netile, esq. of Grove, who married Bridget, daughter of — Saville, esq. of Lupset, and had (with a daughter, Barbara, re. first, to Thomas Pate, esq.; secondly, to John Babington, esq. of Rampton; and thirdly, to Anthony Eyre, esq. of Loughton, in Yorkshire,) a son and successor,

Gilbert Nevile,of Grove, whom. Margaret,daughter of Sir Thomas Bland, of Kippax Park, Yorkshire, and had two sons, Edward, his heir; and Anthony, a major in the royal army during the civil wars, who died 24th February, 1688, aged sixty-nine. The elder son,

Edward Nevile, esq. of Grove, m. Maria Scott, of Camberwell, and had, with two daughters, Catherine, who died unmarried in 1683, and Anne, m. to John Millington, esq. barrister-at law, a son and heir,

i. Edward Nevile, esq. of Grove, who was created a Baronet in 1674. This gentleman, who represented Retford in parliament, m. Elizabeth, sister of Robert Holt, esq. of Warwickshire, and widow of — Kidderminster, esq. but d. $. p. in 1686, when the title ExPired.

Arms— Gu. a sal tire arg.

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This family, variously written in old charters and upon ancient monuments, Niwudcate, Mwodecate, &c* assumed their surname from, or gave the name to, Newdigate, a town in the hundred of Reigate and county of Surrey, of which, with the manors and lands thereunto pertaining, they were lords and proprietors from time immemorial until the reign of Charles I.

John Db Niwuuecatb, living temp, hing John, left, by his wife Agnes, three sons, Richard, Williamand Robert. To the eldest,

Richard De Niwudecate, it appears, by an old deed, one William Young granted, for homage and service, half a yard of land; and by another dateless charter,of WilliamTessardus, he held the same lands in the parish of Niudigate as his father did. He m. Alicia, daughter of Walter de Horley, as is evident by a deed of William de Longo Ponte, whereby the said William grants to him all that land which Walter de Horleia conferred upon him with Alice, his daughter, in free marriage. He had three sons, John, William, and Peter, and was s. by the eldest, and demesnes of Fifehead-Magdalen, Dorset, and that there were distinct branches of the family seated at Queen's Camel, Wincanton, and other places in Somersetshire.

* The name came, in all probability, at first from Saxony, and was derived from the city of Nicuweirit, upon the Rhine.

John De Nywdbcati, living in the time of Henry III. who was s. by his son,

William Db Nywdbcate, who added to the estate several lands situated in the parishes of Newdegate and Charlewode, which he acquired by grants from Henry Kymer and William Egloff. He was living 17 Edward I. for in that year Thomas de la Lynde assigned to him his wood in Lynde; after which, Gilbert Wytecrofte, of the parish of Cherlewode, granted to him all his land called the Berlaud, in the parish of Newdigate. His son and heir,

Sir Henry Db Newdegate, knt. living temp. EdWard 1. m. Catherine, daughter and co-heir of Sir Nicholas Maintains, knt.t and was *. by his elder son,

John De Newdegate, who d. s. p. and was ,s. by his brother,

William Db Nbwdecatb, who flourished temp. EdWaru II. He m. the daughter and heiress of John Echingham, and had four sons, John, Richard, Robert, and William. The eldest,

John De Newdegate, wedded, in the beginning of Edward III."a reign, a lady named Agnes, of what family is not recorded, and had three sons, viz.

i. William, who inherited, at the decease of his father, the manor and lands of Newdegate, was sheriff' of Surrey and Sussex 25 Edward III. and several times member of parliament

for the former county. He m. Amicia ,

and d. about 1 Richard II. leaving a son and heir,

John Newdegate, of Newdegate, in whose male descendants the estate continued vested until the year 1012, when Thomas Newdegate, of Newdegate, Cherlewode, and Horlee, in the county of Surrey, and of Rowesparr, in Sussex, died, leaving by Mary, his wife, (who m. secondly,Henry Darell,esq.J two daughters, his co-heirs, viz. Mary, m. to William Steper. Anne, m. to William Smithy man. n.John.

Hi. Thomas, to whom his father, by deed dated 7 Edward III. granted his tenements in Hullond for life, remainder to his brother John for life, remainder to William and his heirs. The second son,

Sir John Newdegate, having served in the wars of Edward III. in France, received the honour of knighthood, and had a fleur-de-lis granted to him for a crest. He m. Joanna, daughter and co heir of William de Swanland, by whom he acquired the manor of Harefield, in Middlesex, and had a son and heir, John. She married, after the decease of Sir John, Edward Salle, and outlived him. Sir John de Newdegate was s. by his son,

John Newdegate, esq. of Harefield, living in the reigns of Henry V. and Henry VI. He m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Walter Knoll, esq. of Crawley, and Margaret, his wife, to whom, by deed of entail dated 7 Henry V. the manor of Downe, in the hundred of Godalming, Surrey, is devised for her life; remainder to Elizabeth, her daughter, for life also; remainder to William Newdegate, son of the said Elizabeth, and his heirs. By her he had two sons,

Win Iam and Thomas. He m. secondly, Catharina, daughter and heir of Roger Chambers, and had a daughter, Margaret, wife of — Castlemain. He was s. at his decease by his elder son,

William Newdegate, esq. of Harefield, who wedded Edicha, daughter of John Bowett, esq. of Surrey, and left at his decease, 30 Henry VI. a son and heir,

John Newdegate, esq. lord of Harefield, in Middlesex, and of Crawley, in Surrey. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Youug, one of the justice* of the Common Pleas, and heir of her brother, Thomas Young, esq. of Bristol, and was s. by his son,

John Newdegate, esq. of Harefield, one of the king's Serjeants, learned in the law, who m. Amphelicia, daughter and heir of John Nevill, esq- of Sutton, in Lincolnshire, and had, with several daughters, John, his heir.

Duran?} knights of St. John. Sebastian, who, upon the death of his wife in 1524, became a Carthusian monk, and suffered, 27 Henry VIII. for opposing the king's supremacy. Mr. Serjeant Newdegate was s. at bis decease by his eldest son,

John Newdegate, esq. of Harefield, 6. 6 Henry VII.; m. Anne, daughter and heir of Nicholas Hylton, esq. of Cambridge; and dying in 1545, was /. by his eldest son,

John Newdegate, esq. of Harefield, M.P. for Middlesex in 1571, 1573, and 1574. This gentleman «first, Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Cheney, knt. of Chesham Boys, in Buckinghamshire, by whom be had a son, John. He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Lovett, esq. of Astwell, in the county of Northampton, and relict of Anthony Cave, esq. He was s. by his son,

John Newdegate, esq. who exchanged, in 15S6, the manor and lands of Harefield, with Sir Edmond Anderson, knt. chief justice of the Common Pleas, for the estate of Arbury, in the county of Warwick, where Sir Edmond had recently erected a quadrangular stone mansion upon the site of the dissolved priory of ErJbury, which he had obtained from the heirs of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, the grantee at th? time of the dissolution. Mr. Newdegate m. first, Martha, daughter and heir of Anthony Cave. esq. of Chicheley, in Bucks, by whom he had John, his heir, with five younger sons and three daughters. He i». secondly, Mary Smith, and by her had a son, Henry, of Hampton, to whom he gave the manor of Little Asted. in Surrey. He wedded,thirdly, Winifred Wells,of Staffordshire, and dying in 1592, was s. by his eldest son.

Sir John Newdegate,knt. of Arbury, in the county of Warwick, aud of Brackenbury, in Middlesex, 6. in 1570; m. Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Edward Pittcn, knt. of Cheshire; and dying 12th April, 1610, left a son and heir,

John Newdigate, esq. of Arbury, 6. in 1600. This gentleman wrote the name with an i, which alteration was subsequently adopted. He d. s. p. in 1642, and was s. by his brother,

i. Richard Newdigate, esq. serjeant-at-law, constituted in 1654 one of the three judges then appointedMr. Justice Newdigate incurred the displeasure «f Cromwell by laying it down at the York assises, where he presided at the trials for high treason of tbr Earls of Bellasis and Dumfries, &c. that there was no

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law making it treason to levy war against a lord protector; for this he was dismissed, but reinstated and constituted chief justice of the upper bench in 1659. On the Restoration he was created a BARoNET by King CHARLEs II. 24th July, 1677, and remitted the sums usually paid on such an occasion for the patent. He m. in 1631, Juliana, daughter of Sir Francis Leigh, K.B. and had surviving issue, Richard, his heir. Robert, of Hillingdon, m. first, Frances, daughter of Thomas Harrison,esq.; and secondly, Juliana, daughter of Robert Beale, esq. Thomas, of Lewes, in Sussex, and of Hawton, Notts, left two sons, Richard, of the Inner Temple, d. in 1745, and John, of the Six Clerks’ Office, d. in 1740.

Anne, m. to German Pole, esq. of Radborn, in Derbyshire. Mary, m. to Sir George Parker, bart. of Willington, in Sussex. Sir Elmond Anderson, with whom the judge's greatgrandfather had exchanged the manors of Harefield and Moor Hall, conveyed those estates to Alicia, Countess Dowager of Derby, and of her ladyship's heirs Sir Richard Newdigate purchased back, in 1674, the ancient patrimony of his family. He also added to his possessions the castle and manor of Astley and the manor of St. John's, both in Warwickshire. He d in 1678, and was s. by his eldest son, ii. Sir Rich ARD NEw DiGATE, M.P. for the county of Warwick in 1681 and 1685, who m. first, Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Bagot, bart. of Blithfield, in the county of Stafford, and had issue, 1. Richaad, his heir. ii. Francis, b. in 1684, settled at Nottingham, m. Milliscent, daughter of German Pole, esq. of Radbourn, and had Francis, of Kirkhallam, m. his cousin, Elizabeth, daughter of German Pole, esq. but d. s. p. Milliscent, m. to Christopher Parker, esq. of Salford Priors, in Warwickshire, and had, with four daughters, three sons, viz. 1. Robert Parker. 2. Francis Parker, of Kirkhallam, who assumed, under the will of his uncle, the surname and arms of New DiGATE. He m. Frances, daughter of Ralph Sneyd, esq. of Keel, and had a son, FRANcis Newdigate, of Kirkhallam, who m. Lady Barbara Legge. 3. Charles Parker, of Harefield, m. Jane, daughter of Sir John Anstruther, bart. and died 24th April, 1795, leav1ng FRANCIS PARKER, of Arbury, who assumed the surname of NewDiGATE on inheriting the estate of Hallam from Mr. Newdigate, of Bath. CHARLEs-NEw DiGATE PARKER, of whom hereafter. t. Amphelis, d. unm. * Mary, m. to William Stephens, esq. of Barton, in the Isle of Wight. " Francis, m. to Sir Charles Sedley, bart. of Chartley, in Kent. ". Anne, m. to John Venables, esq. of Woodcote, in Hants.

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v. Jane, m. to Samuel Boys, esq. of Hawkhurst, in Kent. vi. Juliana, m. to Robert Glegg, esq. of Gayton, in Cheshire. v11. Elizabeth, m. to Abraham Meur, esq.

Sir Richard m. secondly (his first wife dying in 1692), Miss Henrietta Wigginton, but by her (who wedded, secondly, Sir Francis Windham, bart. of Trent,) had no issue. He d. 4th January, 1710, and was s. by his elder son,

iii. Sir Richard Newdigate, of Harefield and Arbury, b. in 1668; m. first, in 1694, Sarah, daughter of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, bart. of Parham, but by her had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Roger Twisden, bart. of Bradburne, in Kent, and had to survive youth,

£" ') fourth and fifth baronets. OGER,

Elizabeth, m. to the Hon. John Chichester, only brother of the Earl of Donegal.

Mary, m. to Charles Palmer, esq. of Ladbrooke, and had issue.

Juliana, m. to John Ludford, esq. of Ansley Hall, and had issue.

Sir Richard d. in 1727, aged fifty-nine, and was s. by his eldest son, iv. Sir Edward Newdicate, who died a minor in 1734, and was s. by his brother, v. Sir Roger Newdicate, b. in 1719, M.P. for the county of Middlesex in 1742; m. first, Sophia, daughter of Edward Conyers, esq. of Copped Hall, in Essex; and secondly, in 1776, Hester, daughter of Edward Mundy, esq. of Shipley, in Derbyshire, but d.s. p. 23rd November, 1806, when the BARoNetcy became Extinct. At Sir Roger's decease, the Warwickshire estate devolved on the grandson of Sir Roger's first cousin, Milliscent Newdigate (refer to second baronet), FRANcis PARKER, esq. who had previously taken the name of NEw D1GATE for his life only; while the Middlesex property passed to another grandson of the said Milliscent Newdigate, CHARLEs-New DiGATE PARKER, esq. who assumed, in consequence, the surname and arms of New DEGATE" only. This gentleman m. in 1815, Maria, daughter of Ayscough Boucherett, esq. of Willingham, in the county of Lincoln, and dying 23rd April, 1833, left an only son and successor, the present CHARLEs-New DiGATE New DEGATE, esq. of Harefield, Arbury, and Astley Castle.

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* Sir Roger made it a point that his heir should spell the name Newdegate, as anciently written.


Robert Newman, who lived and died at Fifehead Farm, aud was buried in the chancel there, as directed by his will, dated in 1556, left four sons, of whom the youngest,

Thomas Newman, of Fifeild, in Dorsetshire, was father of another

Thomas Newman, esq. who m. Ellen, daughter of Richard Mayo, esq. and dying 21st October, 1C4D, was .v. by his eldest son,

Richard Newman, esq. who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Giles Symonds, esq. and had a daughter, Anne, the wife of Robert White, esq. of Dorsetshire, He m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Christopher Perry, esq. of Kenn, in Somersetshire, and died 10th July, ICO 1, when he was .*. by his son,

Richard Newman, esq. who wedded Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Harbord, surveyor-general to Kings Charles I. and Charles II. and bad issue, Richard, his heir.

Francis-Hollis, of North Cadbury, in Somersetshire, b. in 1671, m. Ellinnr, daughter of Thomas Monpesson, esq. of Brewham.

Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Warre, esq. of Swell, in

Anne-Christian, m. to Sir William Honeywood,


He d. 24th September, 1695, and was succeeded by his son,

Richard Newman, esq. of Evercreech Park, in the county of Somerset, who t». in 1075, Grace, daughter and co-heir of Henry Edmonds, esq. of Preston Hall, in Northamptonshire, and had issue, Richard, his heir.

Anne, m. to Ashbumham Toll, esq. of Gray well,
Hants, and had,
1. Edmund Toll, who d. in 1774, leaving one
son and two daughters, viz.
Ashburnham Toll, rf. unm, 5th January,

Mary Toll, m. to John Bulley, of Read-
ing, surgeon.
Jane Toll, m. to John Aldridge, of Lin-
coln's Inn, gent.
'1. Ashburnham Toll, of Preston Deanery, in
the county of Northampton, attorney at-
law, married Mary, daughter of Lieutenant-
colonel Geary, of the 10th Dragoons, and
dying 25th May, 1771, leaving
Charles Toll, of Preston Deanery, b. in
1730, who assumed, in 1775, the sur-
name and arms of Newman, m. in 1765,
Hester, daughter of John Langham, esq.
of Cottesbroke, and had issue,
James, captain R. N. lost at sea, 24th

December, 1811.
Charles, surgeon R, N.

Maria, m. to James Payne, esq. of
Hardingstone, in Northampton-
Ashburnrax-philip Toll, in holy or-
ders, of whom hereafter.
Richard-newman Toll, M.D.
Anne Toll, d. in 1824, unm.
Mary Toll, in. to Mr. Pitman, of Odyham,
3. Charles Toll.

4. Frederick Toll, father of the Rev. John Toll, of King's Clear, rf. $. ;». Mr. Newman it. in June, 1682, and was s. by his son, i. Richard Newman, esq. of Fifehead-Magdalen, in the county of Dorset, Evercreech Park, in Somersetshire, and Preston Hall, in the county of Northampton, who was created a Baronet 20th December, 1600. Sir Richard m. Frances, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Samwel), bart, of Upton, and had issue,

Samwell, his successor.
Elizabeth, Mrs. Kitchen, d. s. p.
Barbara, died unm. in 1763.
Frances, heir to her brother.
He d. 30th December, 1721, and was s. by his son,

Ii. Sir Samwell Newman, who d. unm. 4th June, 1747, when the Baronetcy Expired, and his estates devolved upon his sisters, the survivor of whom,

Frances Newman, became eventually sole heires*.
She died unmarried 25th August, 1775, and be-
queathed a considerable portion of her estate*
to Sir James Langham, bart. of Cottesbrookr.
Her heirs were her cousins,
Charles Toll, of Preston Deanery, who as-
sumed the surname of Newman, and bis
Ashburnham-philip Toll, in holy orders, of
Thornbury Park, a prebendary of York, who
assumed the surname and arms of New-
Man. He d. s.p. in 1802, and was J. by
his brother,
Richard-newman Toll, M.D. who assamed,
in 1802, the surname of Newman. His son
is the present (1837)
Hbnry-wenman Newman, esq. of Thorn-
bury Park, in the county of Gloucester.
(Refer to Burke's Commoners, vol. ii.
p. 111.)

Arms -Quarterly; sa. and arg. in the first and fourth, three mullets of the second, in the centre an in escutcheon gu. charged with a portcullis imperially crowned or, being an augmentation granted by the king to Colonel Newman, for his conduct at the 1 of Worcester.

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