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This family is descended from Simon Banke, who m. the daughter and heiress of Caterton, of Newton, Yorkshire, 7th Edward III. By this marriage the manor of Newton, in the Wapentake of Staincliffe, came to the family of Banke, and was afterwards called Banke Newton. It was sold to Mr. Townley, of Royle, about the middle of the seventeenth century. Henry Banke, of Banke Newton, the tenth in li

neal descent from the said Simon, m. Isabella, daughter of William Lister, of Thornton and Medhope, in the county of York, by whom he had two sons, Henry and Robert. The elder son, Henry, of Banke Newton, living in 1612, m. first, Alicia, daughter of Robert Byncloes, of Bewick, in Lancashire, by whom he had Thomas, aged eleven, in 1612, and Isabella. He married, secondly, Johanna, daughter of Nicholas Parker, of Horracforth, in Lancashire, by whom he had four sons and two daughters,





Anne. Aurelia. The second son, Ron ERT BANKEs was an eminent attorney at Giggleswick, in Yorkshire, temp. Elizabeth and Jac. 1. and lived at Beck, jure uxoris. He m. Anne, daughter of Joseph Crake, of Beck Hall, in the parish of Giggles. wick, by whom he had three sons and two daughters, 1. Luke, died in the king's service in the civil wars: he m. Hester, daughter of Alan Bellingham, esq. by whom he had one daughter, Anne, who was the first wife of Roger Pepys, esq. of the Middle Temple, London. She d. about 1641, without issue: he was afterwards recorder of Cambridge, and m. a daughter of Judge Bacon, by whom he had several children. 11. Robert, in holy orders, of whom hereafter. 111. Joseph, a barrister-at-law, one of the six clerks in Chancery: he died without issue at Giggles. wick. 1. Anne, was wife of Ralph Baynes, gent. of Mewith-Head, of the parish of Bentham, in Yorkshire. 11. Margaret, m. to William Pukering, A.M. rector of Swillington, in Yorkshire. He d. in 1646, and she in 1686. REv. RoRERT BANK Es, of Beck Hall, second son, living 16th February, 1641, 17th CAR. I. as per deed: he was heir to his niece, Anne Pepys, and m. Anne. daughter of Stephen Pudsey, esq., by whom he had a son, Rev. Robert BANks, of Beck Hall, born there 27th March, 1630; m. Margaret, daughter of John Frank. land, of Rathmell, and sister of the Rev. Richard Frankland, also of Rathmell, by whom he had two sons," Robert, and

Joseph BANks, esq. of Revesby Abbey, in Lincolnshire, sometime of Sheffield, M.P. for Grimsby, in Lincolnshire, and Totness, in Devonshire, born at Giggleswick 6th September, 1665, d. 27th September, 1727, buried at Revesby. He m. Mary, daughter of the Rev. Rowland Handcock, of Shircliffe Hall, in the parish of Ecclesfield, in Yorkshire, by whom he had one son, Joseph, and one daughter, Mary, wife of Sir Francis Whichcote, bart. of Aswarby, in Lancolnshire. She died s. p. and was buried at Chesham, in Buckinghamshire. The son and heir,

Joseph BANks, esq. aged twenty-nine years 1719, was high sheriff of Lincolnshire 1736, and sometime

* Rev. Robert Banks, born 22nd June, 1650, vicar of Trinity, in Hull, and prebendary of York in 1712. He m. first, Margaret, danghter of the Rev. Robert Thornton, rector of Birkin, in Yorkshire, by whom he had four sons and three daughters, Robert Banks, of Bawtrey, in Yorkshire, attorney at law, and clerk of the peace for the county of Nottingham. He m. first, Jane, daughter of - Wharton, by whom he had one son, Robert Banks, of Bawtrey, attorney-at-law, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Ward, of Wittington, in Derbyshire, by whom he had two sons, Robert and Joseph, who both died in their infancy. 11. Rev. Joseph Banks, rector of Stooton-Roberts, in Yorkshire, and buried there. He m. Mary, daughter of Mr. Alderman Sykes, of Leeds (buried at Stooton-Roberts), by whom he had issue, three sons and one daughter, Robert Banks, of London, merchant, who m. but died without surviving issue. Joseph Banks, LL.B. of Mortlake, in Surrey, chancellor of the diocese of York 1780, bar. rister-at-law, of Lincoln, died at Walton

upon Thames, in Surrey. He married his cousin Mary, daughter of the Rev. William Steer, who died at Margate, in Kent, 18th November, 1789, by whom he had an only daughter, Anne, m. at Walton 29th November, 1784. to Henry-John Kearney, esq. Samuel, governor of Wigapatam, in the East Indies, where he died s. p. Mary, the daughter, was wife of the Rev. Mr. Wilkinson, vicar of Gargrave, in York. shire. 111. Hamon, third son of Robert, m. Anne, daughter of – Rogers, and died s. p. Iv. John, died s. p. Of the danghters of Robert, 1. Anne, was wife of William Steer, vicar of Ecclesfield, and prebendary of York, by whom she had one daughter, Mary, wire of her cousin, Joseph Banks, abovementioned. 11. Elizabeth, was wife of the Rev. Mr. Wilkinson, vicar of Trinity church, Hull, and died s. p.


M.P. for Peterborough. He m. first, Anne, daughter and heiress of William Hodgkinson, esq. of Overton, in Derbyshire receiver-general of the customs, by whom he had three sons and four daughters, 1. Joseph, who d. vita patris. it. William, of whom hereafter. iii. Robert-Hodgkinson, of Overton, succeeded to that estate by his grandfather's will, when his brother William succeeded to the Revesby estate, F.R.S. and F.S.A. aged four 1726, highsheriff for Carmarthenshire 1784, died 11th November, 1792, and was buried at Battersea. He m. 1st October, 1757, Bridget, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Williams, esq. of Edwinsford, Carmarthenshire, chancellor and chamberlain of the counties of Carinarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan. 1. Lettice-Mary, died unmarried at Revesby Abbey, 1757. it. Elizabeth, died young. iii. Elizabeth, wife (1744) of James Hawley, M. D. of Brentford, in Middlesex, and of Leybourne Grange, Kent, died 1777, aged seventy-two. iv. Margaret-Eleanor, wife of the Hon. Henry Grenville, uncle to the Marquess of Buckingham. *ph Banks m. secondly, Catherine, daughter of – Collingwood, esq. of Northumberland, relict of Newman Wallis, of Stamford, in Lincolnshire, and by her had two sons, Collingwood, who died at Christchurch college, Oxford, a minor, and there buried. George, b. 10th March, 1735-6, a lieutenant of the guards, died unmarried. The son and heir, William BANks, b. 1719, assumed the surname and arms of Hodgkinson for the Overton estate, before " eldest brother's death. He m. Sarah, daughter of William Bate, of Fausson, in Derbyshire, by the daughter and co-heiress (with her sister, HannahSophia, wife of Brownlow, eighth Earl of Exeter) of Thomas Chambers, esq. of London, by whom he had * daughter, Sarah-Sophia, b. 17th October, 1744, and **on, Joseph. Mr. Banks d. 1761, and was s. by his son, the celebrated 1. Richt Hon. Sir Joseph BANks, bart. president " the Royal Society, knight of the most honour* order of the Bath, and one of his majesty's most "nourable privy council, b. 13th December, 1743. He * 23rd March, 1779, Dorothea, daughter and coheiress (with her sister Mary, wife of Sir Edward Knatchbull) of William-Weston Hugessen, esq. of Pro"er, in the parish of Norton, in Kent, but dying *less, 19th June, 1820, the BARoNErcy, which had * conferred on him in 1781, expired.

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This family resided at Ipswich from a very remote period, and so early as the time of Edward III. it gave its name to a street in that borough. RoBERT BARKER, of Ipswich, m. Anne, daughter of – Bestney, esq. of Cambridgeshire, and left by her a son and heir, RoBERT BARKER, a burgess of Ipswich in the 1st of Eliza BETH. He m. a daughter of — Kempe, of Suffolk, and had a son, John BARKER, a burgess of Ipswich in the 26th and 30th of Eliza BETH, who m. first, Willemina, daughter and heir of John Bomart, a merchant at Bremen, and by that lady had issue, Robert (Sir), his heir. John, a colonel in the army, m. a daughter of Paul Withypoole, esq. by the Honorable Dorothy Wentworth his wife, youngest daughter of Thomas, Lord Wentworth, and left two daughters, namely, Dorothy, m. to – Knowles, esq. of Kenthorp, in the county of Warwick. Willemina, m. to — Gerling, esq. William.


Margery, m. to Thomas Clench, esq. son and heir of Mr. Justice Clench, of the court of King's Bench. Thomasine, m. to Sir Robert Gardiner, knt. of the county of Suffolk, lord deputy of Ireland. He wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter of Mr. Alderman Herdson, of London, and widow of George Stoddart, esq. by whom he had another daughter, Abigail, fn. to Sir Edward Waterhouse, lent, of Halifax, in the county of York. He was s. at his decease by his eldest son.

Sib Robert Barker, M.P. for Ipswich 35th ElizaBeth, who was made a Knight Op The Bath at the coronation of King James I. (1003). This gentleman fixed the seat of the family at Grimston Hall, in the parish of Trinley St. Martin, eight miles south-east from Ipswich, whither he removed. He m. first, Judith, daughter of George Stoddard, esq. of Nottingham, in Kent, and by her had John, his heir. Robert, who d. s. p.

Anne, m. to Sir Arthur Jenney, knt. of Knotishall. Sir Robert wedded, secondly, Susanna, daughter of Sir John Crofts, knt. of Saxham, in Suffolk, by whom he had

Thomas (Sir), heir of his mother, was of Besford, in the county of Suffolk, and marrying Penelope, daughter of Sir John Tasborough, knt. of the same shire, had several children. Edward, m. first, Mary, daughter and sole heir of Edward Wigmore, esq. of Twickenham, and widow of Sir Thomas Holland, knt. of Quiddenham, in Norfolk; and, secondly, a daughter of James Pooley, esq. of Boxted. William , an alderman of London, from whom the Barkbhs, of Bocking Hall. The eldest son and heir,

i. John Barker, esq. of Grimston Hall, in the county of Suffolk, was created a Baronet by King Jambs I. on the 17th March, 1021. He m. Frances, daughter of Sir John Jenny, knt. of Brightwell, in Suffolk, and had three sons, John, his successorThomas, m. a daughter of Sir Dudley Carle ton,

knt. of Imber Court, in Surrey. Robert, d. $. p. Sir John d. in 1652, and was s. by his eldest son,

ir. Sir John Barker, of Grimston Hall, who wedded Winifrid, daughter of Sir Philip Parker, knt of Arwarton, in Suffolk, and left at his decease, in 1604, three sons, vis.

Jermy, his heir. John, successor to his brother. Robert, who m. a daughter of Robert Marriot, esq. of Bradfield, and had two sons and five daughters: the sons both fell in the service of Queen Anne, one a naval officer, the other in the army. The eldest son and heir,

in. Sir Jerhy Barker, died unmarried about the year 1665, and was t, by his brother,

iv. Sir John Barker. This gentleman wedded Bridget, daughter of Sir Nicholas Bacon, K. B. of Shrubland, and had a son and daughter, namely, William, his successor.

Grace, m. to Philip Bacon, esq. of Ipswich, grandson of Sir N. Bacon, of Shrubland. Sir John returned back to Ipswich, and again made that the place of abode of the family. He represented the borough in several parliaments, in the reigns of II., James II., and William and Mary. He d. in 1600, and was s. by his son,

v. Sir William Barker, who u, first, Mary, only daughter of John Hence, esq. of Heveningham, in

Suffolk, and by her, who d. 1st January, 1715-16, had an only child, John, his successor. He wedded, secondly, Oth February, 1731, Anne, relict of Edward Spencer, esq. of Rendlesbam, in Suffolk, but had no issue by that lady. Sir William sat in parliament for Ipswich in the reign of Qiieen Anne, and he was one of the knights of the shire for Suffolk, in the reigns of George I. and of George II. He d. 23rd July, 1731, and was .v. by his son,

vi. Sir John Barker. This gentleman m. 28th October, 1741, Alice, only daughter of Sir Comport Fytch, bart. of Mount Marksall, in Kent, and heir of her brother. Sir William, who died a minor in 1736, by this lady he had

John-fytch, his heir, b. 25th July, 1741. He d. 7th June, 1757, and was s. by his son,

vn. Sirjohn-fytch Barker, who m. Lucy, daughter of Sir Richard Lloyd, of Hintlesham, in Suffolk, but d. s. p. 3rd January, 1766, when the Baronetcy became Extinct.

Arms— Party per fess nebule vert and sa. three martlets or: a canton erm.


Created 9th Sept. 1665.—Expired in 1706.


Baldwin Barker, who died in 1603, married two wives: by the first wife he had a large family, and by the second, Elizabeth Taylor, he had two sons, namely,

Abel, his heir.

Samuel, of South Luffenham, who m. Dorothy Dixey, and was father of Samuel, who m. Elizabeth Wildbore, widow of — Chaloner, esq. of Duftield, and died in 1076, when he was s. by his son, Augustin, of South Luffenham, who m. Thomasin Tryst, of Maidford, Northamptonshire, and d. in 1689, leaving a son, Samuel, b. in 1686, who m. in 1717, Sarah, daughter of the Rev. William Whiston, well known to the philosophers and controversialists of his time, and dying in 1759, was s. by his son, Thomas, b. in 1722, who m. in 1751, Anne, daughter of John White, esq. of Salborn, Hants, and dying in 1809, left (with four daughters, Sarah, m. to Edward Brown, esq. of Walcot, Anne, Mary, and Elizabeth, who all died unmarried), a son, Samuel, of Lyndon, in Rutlandshire, 6. 21st January, 1757, who served the office of hit»h sheriff for that county in 1815. He m. 7th October, 1786, Mary, daughter of the Rev. George Haggitt, rector of Rushton, Northamptonshire, and had one son and two daughters, viz. Thomas, who d. in 1802, aged nine years. Mary. Anne. The elder son,

Abel Barker, esq. of Hambleton, in the county of Rutland, m. Elizabeth Wright, and was «. by his son, i. Abel Barker, esq. of Hambleton, b. in 1018, who was created a Baronet Oth September, 1005. He m. first, Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Burton, bart. of Stokerston, in Leicestershire; and, secondly, Mary, daughter of Alexander Noel, esq. of Whit well, in Rutlandshire. By the latter he had no issue, but by the former he had a son, Thomas, his heir. Sir Abel purchased the estate of Lyndon, in the county of Rutland, soon after the Restoration, and erected the present mansion, which was completed in 1675. He d. in September, 1679, and was s. by his son,

II. SIRTHoMA's BARKER, of Hambleton and Lyndon, who d. issueless in 1708, when the BARoNETcy became ExTINCT, and the estate passed to the descendants of his grand-uncle, Samuel Barker, of South Luffenham.

Arms—Party nebulê or and az. three martlets counterchanged.


Created 29th Mar. 1676.—Extinct 22nd Oct. 1818. #lineage. SIR Robert BARKER, K. B. of Grimston Hall, in the county of Suffolk, married for his second wife Susanna, daughter of Sir John Crofts, of Saxham, and by her had three sons, viz. Thomas (Sir), who became heir to his mother, and was of Besford, in Suffolk. He m. Penelope, daughter of Sir John Tasborough, knt. and had several children. Edward, m. first, Mary, daughter and sole heir of Sir Edward Wigmore, knt. of Twickenham, and widow of Sir Thomas Holland, knt. of Quiddenham, in Norfolk; and, secondly, a daughter of James Pooley, esq. of Boxted. Williaw. The youngest son, WILLIAM BARKER, esq. who was an alderman of London, m. Martha, daughter of William Turnor, of Highworth, Wilts, and of London, merchant (relict of Daniel Williams, also a merchant of London), by whom he left a son and heir, 1. WILLIAM BARKER, esq. of Bocking Hall, in the county of Essex, who was created a BARoxEr by King CHARLEs II. 29th March, 1676. He m. Elizabeth, sixteenth child of Sir Jerome Alexander, knt. one of the justices of the court of Common Pleas in Ireland, by whom he acquired an estate of 1500l. per annum, and had issue, William, his successor. Jerome, d. unmarried. Robert, of Everley, in Wiltshire, who m. a daughter and one of the co-heirs of Samuel Keck, esq. of the Middle Temple. Sir William died in Ireland, and was s. by his eldest son, it. Sir WILLIAM BARKER, of Bocking Hall. This **tleman m. Catherine-Teresa, daughter and co-heir

of Samuel Keck, esq. of the Middle Temple, and had issue,

Williaw, his heir. Samuel. Alexander. Eleanor, m. to Thomas Vokes, esq. barrister-atlaw. Hannah-Martha. Grace. He d. 5th May, 1746, and was s. by his eldest son, tū. Sir William Bakker of Bocking Hall, and Kil*ley Abbey. This gentleman wedded Mary, daughter * Valentine Quin, Esq. of Adare, in the county of merick, and had issue, 1. WILLIAM, his heir. 1. Mary, who m. first, Chambre-Brabazon Ponsonby, Esq., grandson of the first Viscount rough, and had issue, 1. Chambre-Brabazon Ponsonby, of Kilcooley

Abbey, in the county of Tipperary, who assumed the additional surname of BARKER. He m. in 1791, Lady Henrietta Taylor, eldest daughter of Thomas, first Earl of Bective, and dying in 1834, left, with other issue, a son, the present WILLIAM-PoNsoNRY BARKER, Esq. of Kilcooley Abbey. 2. Frances, widow of George Lowther, Esq. 3. Sarah, d. at Llangollen, 8th Dec., 1831. Mrs. Ponsonby wedded, secondly, Sir Robert Staples, Bart., of Dunmore, and had a son, Robert, and a daughter, Anne-Maria, m. to Ralph Smyth, esq. of Gaybrook. II. Hannah-Maria, m. to Eland Mossom, Esq. Sir William d. 20 March, 1770, and was s. by his son, iv. SiR William BARKER, of Bocking Hall, who m. Miss Lane, only daughter and heiress of William Lane, esq. of Dublin, but dying without issue, 22d October, 1818, the BARoNErcy expired, while the estates devolved on his nephew, Charles-Brabazon Ponsonby,

esq., father of the present Mr. PoNsoNBY BARKER, of Kilcooley Abbey.

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1. SiR Robert BARKER, knt. M. P. for the borough of Wallingford, and a general officer in the East Indies, where he performed eminent service as commander in chief of the artillery at the capture of Manilla in October, 1762, was created a BARoNET 24th March, 1781. He purchased of the widow of PhilipCarteret Webb, esq. the estate of Bushbridge, in Surrey, and was thence designated. He m. in September, 1779, Ann, daughter of Brabazon Hallows, esq. of Glapwell, in Derbyshire, but had no issue.

Sir Robert d. 14th September, 1789, and was buried at Hammersmith, when the BARoNETcy became Extinct. In 1791, the estate of Bushbridge was sold, under a decree of chancery, to Nathaniel Webb, esq.

but he subsequently sold it to Henry-Hare Townsend, esq.

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The family of Barkham was, for a long period, of influence and fortune, in the counties of Norfolk and Lincoln.

1. SiR Edward BARKHAM, of South Acre, in Norfolk, the first baronet of the family, m. Frances, daughter of Sir Thomas Berney, knt. of Redham, in that county, and was s. by his son,

11. SIR EDw ARD BARKHAM, of South Acre, who m. first, Grace, daughter of Lewis, first Lord Rockingham, which lady died without issue; and, secondly, Frances, daughter of Sir John Napier, bart of Luton

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garet, daughter of Robert Gamble, esq. and his son and heir, HENRY BARLow, esq., wedded Anne, daughter of Sir Rowland Shirwood, knt. and was s. by his son, Richard BARLow, esq. who m. the daughter of Sir John Townley, knt. and left a son and heir, Joh N BARLow, esq. who wedded Maryan, daughter of Sir Thomas Sherburn, knt. and was s. by his son, SiR THoMA's BARLow, knt. This gentleman m. Anne, daughter of Sir William Stanwidge, knt. and had a son and heir, SiR John BARLow, knt. who m. Anne, daughter of Sir Ralph Langford, knt. by whom he had a daughter, Margaret, m. to Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, and a son and heir, Sir Thomas BARLow, knt. who wedded, according to Thoresby," Christian, daughter of Edward Barley, esq. of Barley, in the county of Hertford, and had several children. His second son, Thomas BARLow, esq. m. Margaret, daughter and heir of John Trussel, esq. and had a son, John BARLow, esq. This gentleman m. Christian, daughter of Edward Barley, esq. of Barley, and had four sons and a daughter, who were thrown upon the world almost destitute, owing to the political misfortunes of their father. In the time of HENRY VII. Mr. Barlow was committed close prisoner to the Tower, for harbouring at Barlow his brother-in-law Barley, and Sir Robert Clifford, who had married his wife's sister, the night before their departure for the court of Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy, and his whole estate being wrested from him was conferred upon Vere, Earl of Oxford, then recently created lord high chamberlain of England, while he himself was detained in prison until he fully and legally ratified the transfer, getting free at last, but with difficulty, from the penalties of high treason. Of his children,

Thomas, became a secular priest, and was made chaplain to Queen ANNE BoLEYNE. Roger, we shall treat of presently. John, was a student at Oxford, and fellow of Magdalen College. WILLIAM, also of Oxford, and a fellow of Magdalen, was a canon regular and prior of Bisham: in the 27th HENRY VIII. he was constituted Bishop of St. Asaph, and two months afterward translated to St. David's. In the 2nd EDw ARD VI. (1547) he was translated to Bath and Wells, but in the 1st of MARY (1553) he was deprived and forced to fly the realm, and remained in exile until the accession of Eliza BETH, when he was appointed Bishop of Chichester, and was the principal bishop of the four at the consecration of Archbishop Parker. He was the first Protestant bishop in England. He m. Agatha, daughter of John Wellesborne, esq. and had, with several sons, five daughters, t who all became the wives of bishops, namely,

ANNE, of Herbert Westfaling, Bishop of Hereford.

ELIZABETH, of William Day, Bishop of Winchester.

MARGARET, of William Overton, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry.

FRANCEs, of Tobias Matthews, Archbishop of York.

* THoresby’s LEEDs, but this marriage was not mentioned in the family pedigree.

+ In the marriages of these ladies Thoresby has been followed, but the family pedigree makes Anne to marry first, Augustus Bradbridge, and secondly, Bishop West faling; and Frances to marry first, Matthew Parker, son of Archbishop Parker, and secondly, Bishop Matthews.

-- - - -

! Toby Matthews, Archbishop of York, was a great favourite of Queen Eliza BETH and King JAM Rs 1., and an able and indefatigable preacher, who kept an account of all the sermons he preached, by which it appears he preached, while Dean of Durham, 721; whilst Bishop of Durham, 550, and whilst Archbishop of York, 721in all, 1992 sermons.

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