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pensions granted him by both kings out of the fee farm rents of Worcester, pro bono et gratuito tervicio, as expressed in the grants. He took to wife, Maud, daughter and heir of Richard Quartermain, of a large estate at Ricote and North Weston, in Oxfordshire, by Joan his wife, daughter and heir of Grey, of Rotherfield, and had an only daughter and heiress,

Elizabeth, who m. Thomas Westcotk, esq. but previously to her marriage, insisted that her husband should take the name of Lyttleton. He (Thomas) d. about the year 1421. Maud, his wife, surviving him, holding Frankley iu dower or jointure, married secondly, John Massey, esq. His son inlaw,

Thomas Westcotk,alias Lyttleton, wasescheator of Worcestershire, 20th Henry VI. and died in that reign, leaving by the heiress of Littleton, who wedded, secondly, Thomas Hewster, esq. of Lichfield, (with four daughters, of whom Anne, m. Thomas Porter, esq. of fiarston, in Warwickshire) four sons, viz. i. Thomas, his heir.

11. N icholas, \ who both retained their paternal surMi. Guy, J name of Westcote, though often solicited by their mother to call themselves Lyttlkton: she once expostulating with them, whether they thought better of themselves than their elder brother, they answered, that he had a fair estate to alter his name, and if they might share with him, they would do the like. Nicholas m. Agnes, daughter and heir of Edmund Vernon, of Staffordshire, and was ancestor of the Westcotes of that county. Guy wedded Greenevill, of Gloucestershire, and from him the Westcotes of Devon and Somerset. iv. Edmund, d. unm. The eldest son and heir,

Sir Thomas Lyttleton, K B. became one of the great law luminaries of his country, and is immortalized by one work alone, his celebrated "treatise On Ten Ures."* In 1464, be was called to the degree of serjeant at-law, and afterward appointed steward of the Marshalsea of the king'-* household; the next year he was constituted king's serjeant, and rode justice of the assize in the northern circuit. On the accession of Euward IV. he sued a general pardon, which was granted to him, and in the 4th year of that prince's reign, he was appointed one of the judges of the Court of Comnion Fleas, when he had a grant of 110 marks out of tbe Customs of London, Bristol, and Hull, and moreover 106*. 1 \\d. for a robe and furs, and Cs. 6d. for a summer robe. In tbe 15th of King Edward, he was made a Knight of the Bath, with the Prince of Wales, iind several persons of the highest distinction. Sir Thomas m. Joan, daughter and coheir of William Hurley, esq. of Broomscroft Castle, in Shropshire, and relict of Sir Philip Chetwynd, knt. of Ingestry, iu Staffordshire, (with whom he acquired large possessions) and had three sons,

i. William (Sir), of Frankley, from whom the Lords Lvttelton, refer to Burke's Peerage, II. Richard, of whom presently. in. Thomas, of Spechley, near Worcester, ancestor of the Lord Keeper Lyttelton, temp. Charles 1. and of Sir William Lyttelton, speaker of the House of Commons iu the reign of William III. (See Littleton Of Stokb MiLnmaH.)

This celebrated judge made his last will 22nd August, 1481, and died the uext day, at his seat at Frankley, in a great and good old age. His widow survived him twenty-four years, and died 22nd March, 150a, nearly fourscore, leaving a great estate, which came by her father and mother, t to her eldest son, Sir William. The second son,

Richard Littleton, esq. to whom his father gave a moiety of tbe manor of Baxterley, in Warwickshire. m. Alice, daughter and hair of William Wiuesbury, esq. of Pillaton Hall, in the county of Stafford, and had issue,

Richard, rf. .». p.
Edward (Sir), his heir.

Ellen, wi. first to John Cotes, esq. of Woodcote,
iu Shropshire, ami secondly to William Bas-
set, esq. of Blore, in the county of Stafford.
Margaret, *». first to William Humphry Pigot,
esq. of Salop, and secondly to — Clifton, esq.
of Derbyshire.
Anne, m. to Thomas Middlemore, esq. of Edg-
bastoii, in the county of Warwick.

He (Richard) d. 0th Henry VIII. and was s. by his ,on.

Sir Edward Littleton, knt. of Pillaton Hall, who had a grant from Henry VIII. of the office of constable and keeper of the castle of Stafford, and keeper of his parks, and bailiff of his manor of Farebriggs, in the county of Stafford, for life. He was sheriff of Staffordshire 15 and 31 Henry VIII. and 4 Edward VI. He wi. first, Helleu, daughter of Humphrey Swinnerton, esq. of Swinnerton, in the county of Stafford, and by her had seven sons, the six eldest died without issue, the seventh, Edward, succeeded aa heir, beside two daughters, Barbara, wife of Henry Gower, esq. of Worcestershire, and afterwards of John Folliot, esq. of Pirton; and Constance, wife of Sir James Fuljambe, knt. Sir Edward m. secondly, Isabel, relict of — Wood, and daughter of Richard Hill, sister and heir of Robert Hill, esq. of Hounhill, in the county of Stafford, (she m. secondly, Ralph Egerton, esq. of Wrinehill) but by that lady had no issue. He died 10th October, 1558, and was J. by his son,

Sir Edward Littleton, knt. sheriff of Stafford' shire, 5 Elizabeth who m. Alice, daughter of Francis Cockayne, esq. of Ashburne, iu Derbyshire, and had issue,

i. Edward (Sir), his heir.

Ii. Thomas, in. Cassandra, daughter of Thomas Lane, esq. of Bentley, iu the county of Stafford, and left issue. in. Francis, of Melsho, in the county of Salop, m. Gertrude, daughter of Thomas Sutton, of Uverhaddon, in the county of York, and left issue. iv. Walter, of Eccleshall, in the county of Stafford, in. Alice, daughter of John Comberford, esq. of the same county. v. John, rf. s. ii. vi. James, m. Mercy, daughter of John Stone, esq. of London, relict of William Bowyer, esq. and left issue, vn. Devereux, m. Jane, daughter of George Allen, esq. of Woodhouse, in the county of Derby, and left issue.

i. Jane, m. to John Laue, esq. of Bentley.

• Which was commented upon by Sir Edward Coke, and which is so much studied by gentlemen of the profes*ion. The celebrity and usefulness of the work have endured to our own time; and notwithstanding the prodigious .itcession of statutes and reports, tbe large altera

tions both in the knowledge and practice of the law, and accumulation of publications, Lyttleton, with Coke's commentary, will ever continue to demand the attentiou awl applause of our shiest advocates.

t The daughter and heir of Grcndon, uf Grendon.

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, m. — Dilke, esq. of Maxtoke Castle, in Warwickshire. Sarah, m. to Stanfold Wolferstan, esq. of Statfold.

He d. about 1709, and was s. by his grandson,

iii. SIR EDwARD LITTLEToN. This gentleman m. Mary, only daughter of Sir Richard Hoare, knt. lord mayor of the city of London, and one of its representatives in parliament, temp. Queen ANNE, but died * p. 2nd January, 1742, and was s. by his nephew,

17. Sir Edward LITTLEToN, who m. Frances, eldest daughter of Christopher Horton," esq. of Catton, in the county of Derby, but d. issueless 18th May, 1812, when the BARONErcy ExFIRED. Sir Edward had removed the seat of the family from Pillaton Hall, to Teddesley, in the same county. His estates devolved upon his grand-nephew,

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Sir Thomas LUTTElron, K.B. of Frankley, the cele"rated author of the “Treatise on Tenures,” m. Joan, *idow of Sir Philip Chetwynd, of Ingestrie, in Staf*hire, and daughter and co-heir of Sir William Burley, of Bromscroft Castle, in the county of Salop, and dying 23rd August, 1481, left issue, WiLLIAM, ancestor of the Lords Lyttleton, of Frankley. Richard, ancestor of the LITTLErons, of Pillaton and Teddesley. THowas, of whose line we have to treat. The youngest son, Thomas Littleron, was seated at Spetchley, in Worcestershire. He m. Anne, daughter and heir of *hn Botreaux, esq. of Botreaux Castle, in Cornwall, and from this marriage descended SIR EDMUND Lyr"fox, of Mounslow, lord keeper of the great seal, Baron Lyttleton of Mounslow; and 1. ADAM LITTLEroN, esq. of Stoke Milburgh, in

Shropshire, created a BARoNET 14th October, 1642. He m. Awdrey, daughter and eventual heir of Thomas Poyntz, esq. of North Skynden, in Essex, and dying about the year 1647, left a son, 11. Sir THoMAs LiTTLEToN, who m. his cousin, Anne, daughter and heir of Edmund Lord Littleton, of Mounslow, lord keeper of the great seal, and dying in April, 1681, was s. by his son, 111. Sir Thomas LITTLEToN, speaker of the House of Commons, temp. WILLIAM III, who m. Ann, daughter of Benjamin Baum, esq. of Westcoate, in Gloucestershire, but died without issue in January, 1710, when the BARoNETcy became Extinct.

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The family of Livesey was originally of Livesey, in the county of Lancaster, a scion of which

EDMUND LivesEY, of Parva Markham, in Nottinghamshire, left by his wife, a daughter of Nevil, two sons, Henry, whose only daughter and heir, m. – Roken ; and

ALExANDER LivesEY, who m. Anne, Fleshwell, of Slaby, in Derbyshire, and was father of

Robert Lives EY, esq. of Streatham, in Surrey, who served as sheriff of Sussex and Surrey in 1592, and 1602. He m. first, Amy, daughter of John Brooke, of London, and had by her, an only daughter, Martha, m. to Sir Edward Peyton, bart. He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Maurice Berkeley, esq. of Wymondham, in Leicestershire, and by her, who m. after Mr. Livesey's decease, Robert Pakenham, had three sons, viz.

Edward, whose son Robert was living abroad in 1619.

William, d. s. p.

GABR1El, of whom we have to treat.

The third son, GABR1EL Lives EY, esq. of Hollingbourne, in Kent, inherited, by bequest, from Henry Richards, the manor and estate of Minster, in the same county, and served the office of sheriff in 1618. By Anne, his second wife, daughter of Sir Michael Sondes, knt. of Throwley, he left at his decease, 18th March, 1622, an only son, 1. SIR Michael Lives EY, of East Church, in Kent,

"Christoph E.R HorroN, esq. m. Frances, only daugh" and heir of Sir Eusebius Baswell, bart. of Cadeby, in the county of Leicester, and had issue,

CitalsTop HER, m. Lady Anne Luttrell, second daughter of Simon, Earl of Carhampton, and had one son, who died an infant. His widow m. H. R. H. HENRY-FREDER1ck, DUKE of CUM BERLAND, youngest son of King GEoRGE II. but had no issue by His Royal Highness.

Eusebius, m. Phoebe, daughter of Davies Davenport, esq. of Capesthorne, in Cheshire: his eldest daughter. ANNE, m. Robert-John, eldest son of the late Sir Robert Wilmot, bart, who having taken the name of Horton, is the present Rt. Hon. Sir RoBerr-John Wilmot-Horton, bart.

Frances, m. to Sir Edward Littleton, as above. Elizabeth, m. to George, third Lord Carberry.

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Evan Lloyd, esq. of Yale, in Denbighshire, (described in the inscription on his monument in Llanarmon Church, North Wales, as " one of the deputy lieutenants, custos rotulorum, and justice of the peace in Denbighshire, a captain-general in the service of his majesty King Charles, in Ireland, son and heir of Sir John Lloyd, knight banneret, and grandson of Sir Evan Lloyd, knight banneret, the twelfth of his race lineally descended from Ynyr of Yale, and the tenth of bis house of the name of Lloyd;") married Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard Trevor, knt. and had issue, John, his heir.

Roger, i/i. Miss Nightingale, and had issue. Trevor, a captain in the army of Charles I. who m. in 1639, Miss Medhop, an heiress, by whom he acquired estates in the King's County, and in the county of Tipperary. From this Trevor Lloyd descend the Lloyds of Gloster, in the former county, now represented by Hardress Lloyd, esq. of Gloster. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 550.)

Catharine, m- to John Lewis, esq. of Presaddfcd.

Mary, tn. to William Parry, esq. of Pontygof.

Magdalen, m. to Robert Humphreys, esq. of Bodlewyddan. Evan Lloyd, in the words of the monumental inscription alluded to above, " departed this life on the 17th April, in the year of our Lord, 1037, at Presaddfyd, in the Isle of Anglesea, and his body, by order of Mary, his wife, was brought away thence, and interred in the sepulchre of his fathers at Llanarmon, in Yale." His eldest son,

John Lloyd, esq. of Yale, a magistrate and deputy* lieuteuant for the county of Denbigh, married, first, Margaret, daughter of Sir Bevis Thelwall, knt. and secondly, Eleauor, daughter of Sir William Junes, knt. of Castellmarch, one of the judges of the King's Bench, and widow of John Price, esq. of Rhiwlas- By his first wife. John Lloyd had a son and heir,

i. Sir Evan Lloyd, of Yale, who was created a Baronet 21st June, 1647. He wedded Anne, daughter of Sir Charles Williams, knt. of Llangibby, and dying in October, 1663, was t. by his son,

u. Sir Evan Lloyd, of Yale, who m. Mary, daughter and co-heir of Rees Tanat, esq. and had an only daughter and heir,

Marcaret, who tn. Richard Vaugban, esq. of Corsygedol, and was mother of. Catherine Vaughan, who tn. the Rev. Hugh Wynn, D. D. prebendary of Salisbury, and left a daughter, Margaret Wynn, heir to her uncle, William Vaughan, esq. This lady rn. Sir Roger Mostyn, bart. of Mostyn, and had five daughters. Sir Evan Lloyd died 6th April, 1700, when the BaroNetcy Expired.

Arms— Quarterly; first and fourth, paly of eipht arg. and gu.; second, az. a lioii rampant arg.; third. em. a lion rampant az. crowned or.

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Humphry Lloyd, esq. of Lear, married Gwelliam. daughter of Thomas ap Rees, of Newtown, and was father of

David Lloyd, esq. of Moyle v Garth, in Montgomeryshire, who in. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Owen Vaughan, esq. of Llwydyarth, and was .*. by his son,

l. Charles Lloyd, of Garth, who was created a Baronet by King Charles II. 10th May, 1661. Sir Charles tn. Elizabeth, daughter of John Bowater, esq. of Whitley, in the couuty of Warwick, and had issue,

Charles, his successor.

Edward, tn. a daughter of John Penryn, gent, of
Dythur, in Montgomeryshire.

John, </. s. p.



Hester. He d. about the year 1678, and was s. by his eldest son,

n. Sir Charles Llotd, who wedded Catherine, daughter of John Huxley, esq. of Wirehall, in Middlesex, and had, with four daughters, Catherine, Sarah, Anne, and Elizabeth, an only son, his successor at his decease, about the year 16tf2,

in. Sir Charles Lloyd, who m. first, Victoria, daughter of Sir Richard Corbet, bart. of Longner, in Shropshire, by whom he had no surviving isaue. He wediied, secondly, Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Leighton, bart- of Watlesborough, in Salop, and widow of Thomas Jones, esq. of Shrewsbury, by whom (who d. in June, 1734) he had a son, Charles, who d. issueless, and a daughter,


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David tr Llewkllin Llwtd, m. Leaky, daughter of John Lloyd, of Llwy David, and had a ion,

Luwcllin Llwtd, esq. of Castlehowell, who m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas ap Watkins, of Noyadd, in Llanarth, and wan s. by his son,

Hugh Li.kwei.lin Llwyd, esq. of Lhanlhyr, high sheriff of Cardiganshire, »th Elizabeth. This gentleman m. Joane, daughter and co-heir of Griffith Henry, esq. and had four sons, viz. f. Morhan.

ll. Griffith, LL.D. D. D. principal of Jesus College, Oxford, to which he was a benefactor.

in. Thomas.

It. Richard, A.M. The third son,

Thomas Llotd, esq. precentor and treasurer of St. Darid'a, to which church he was a considerable benefactor, m. Frances, daughter of Marmaduke Middleton, esq. (sister of Middleton, Bishop of St. David's,) and was s. by his son,

Sia Marmaduke Llotd, knt. of Maes y Vellin, or Milfield, in the county of Cardigan, an eminent lawyer, who was appointed chief justice of the great sessions for the several counties of Radnor, Brecon, and Glamorgan, and one of the judges before the president of his majesty's council in the marches of Wales. He m. Mary, daughter of John Stedman, esq. of Strataflorida, by whom he had a daughter, Anne, the wife of Nicholas Williams, esq. of Edwinsford, in the county of Carmarthen, and a son and heir.

Sir Francis Llotd, knt. comptroller of the household to King Charles I. who endured much in the cause of his royal master during the civil war. He a». first, Lady Mary Vaughan, daughter of John, Earl of Carbery, but by her had no surviving issue. He wedded, secondly, Bridget, daughter of Richard Leigh, esq. of Carmarthen, and had Lucius, d. s. p. Charles, his heir. Frances.

Sir Francis, who was also one of the gentlemen of the privy chamber to Charles II. was s. at his decease by his only surviving son,

l. Sir Charles Llotd, of Milfield, in the county of Cardigan, who was knighted by King William III. and created a Baronet by Queen Anne 1st April, I70U. Sir Charles m. first, Jane, daughter and heir of Morgan Lloyd, esq. of Greengrore, in the same county, by whom he had two daughters,

Jane, m. to William Glover, esq. of Carmarthen.
Eleanor, d. unm.

He wedded, secondly, Francis, daughter of Sir Francis Cornwallia, knt. of Abermarles, in Carmarthenshire, and by her had

Charlks-coenwallis, his successor.

Lucicschristianos, heir to his brother.

Emma, m. to Doctor Foy, a physician at Carmar-

Sir Charles d. 28th December, 1723, and was s by his son,

ii. Sir Charles-cornwallis Lloyd, who m. Mrs. Jennings, of Somersetshire, but d. s. p. 23th February 1720, and was s. by his brother,

ill. Sir Lucius Christianus Llotd, who m. Anne daughter of Walter Lloyd, esq. of Peterwell, in the count)- of Cardigan, the king's attorney-general for Wales, and M.P. for Cardigan, but died issueless in 1750, when the Baronetct became Extinct.

Arms—Sable, a spear's head (its point imbrued with blood) between three scaling ladders arg.

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i. John Llotd, esq. of Woking, in Surrey, the descendant of an ancient Welsh family, seated at The Forest, in Caermarthenshire, was created a Baronet in 1661-2. He m. Beatrix, daughter of Francis, Viscount Valentia, and widow of James Zouch, esq. of Woking, and dying 1st January, 1063, was s. by his son,

Ii. Sir John Lloyd, who resided at The Forest. He m. Mary, daughter of Matthew Smallwood, LL. D. Dean of Lichfield, d. in 1074, when the Baronetcy became Extinct. His sister and heir,

Beatrice, married Sir John Barlow, bart. of Sle-
betch, and had two daughters,
Beatrice, m. first, to Sir Anthony Rudd,

bart. and secondly, to Griffith Lloyd, esq. Ann, died unm.

Arms—Gu. a lion rampant within a bordure dancette arg.


Created 26th Jan. 1763—Extinct 10th Aug. 1700.


i. Herbert Lloyd, esq. of Peterwell, in the county of Cardigan, son of Walter Lloyd, esq. of Voelallt, by his wife, daughter and heir of Daniel Evans, esq. of Peterwell, was created a Baronet in 1763. He m. Beatrix, sister of Dr. Powell, of Nanteos, but died without issue, 10th August, 1760, when the BaroNetcy became Extinct. Sir Herbert's nephew, John Adams, esq. of Whitland, spent the whole property, and the estate was consequently sold to Albany Wallis, esq.

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