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liament; and after the Restoration, became secretary of the treasury, teller of the exchequer, and one of his niaiesty's commissioners of customs. With Sir George Downing, when secretary of the treasury, originated the important act of the 17 Charles II. " To make all the money that was to be raised by this bill to be applied only to those ends to which it was given, which was the carrying on of the war, and to no other purpose whatsoever, or by what authority soever." This important innovation, and one which was the origin of estimates being laid before the House of Commons, was the more necessary in that reign, as it was well known the public service was much injured by the application of money to the purposes of the pleasures of the court, instead of the interests and defence of the country. Sir George Downing was opposed violently by Lord Clarendon, who was such a slave to his narrow prepossessions, that he would rather see the dissolute excesses he abhorred derive nourishment from that revenue which had been allotted to maintain the national honour, and which, by its deficiencies thus aggravated, had caused the navy to be laid up, and the coasts to be left defenceless, than suffer them to be restrained by the only power to which thoughtless luxury would submit. In 1670,Sir George Downing proceeded again as ambassador to Holland, on the recall of Sir W. Temple, and remained there until lfi72, when the war again broke out. He m. a lady greatly distinguished for beauty, Frances, fourth daughter of Sir William Howard, knt.of Naworth Castle, in Cumberland, and sister to the first Earl of Carlisle, and dying in 1684, left issue,

i. George (Sir), his heir. Ii. Willliam d. s. p.

in. Charles, comptroller of the customs, who m. Sarah, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Garrard, bart. and d. 15th April, 1740, leaving a son, Jacob (Sir), who s. as fourth baronet.

i. Frances, m. to John Cotton, esq. son and heir

of Sir John. Cotton, bart. II. Philiidelphia, m. to Sir Henry Pickering, bart.

of Whaddon. in. Lucy, m. to Sir Richard Bulkeley, bart. of Old

Baron. It. Mary, m. to Thomas Barnardiston, esq. of Bury, v. Anne. His eldest son,

II, Sir Georck Downing, of East Hatley.oneof the tellers of the exchequer temp. James II. m. Catherine, eldest daughter of James, Earl of Salisbury, by Margaret his wife, daughter of John, Earl of Rutland, and had an only son,

in. Sir Gborge Downing, of East Hatley, knight of the bath, and jf OUTtuTT Of ©Otomnff fiToIUgC. Cambridge. Hew. Miss Forester, daughter of Sir William Forester, knt. of Watltng-street, in Shropshire, and died 5. p. in 1749. By a will dated in 1717, he devised all his property to hisconsin and heir, Sir Jacob Downing; and in case that gentleman's line failed, he directed the foundation of a College at Cambridge, which latter event, after much litigation, took place in 1800. Sir Gnorge represented Dunwich in parliament. His aforesaid cousin and heir,

iv. Sir Jacob Downing m. a daughter of — Price, esq. but died without issue in 1784, when the BaroNetcy became Extinct. Sir Jacob's widow wedded, secondly, Admiral Sir George Bowyer, bart.

^rm,f—Barry nf eight arg. and vert, over all a gTy■"■on rampant or.

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Charles DoYLE.'esq.of the county of Kilkenny, son of William Doyle, esq. of Clonmony, in Carlow-shire, married Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Nicholas Milley, of Johnville, and dying in 1709, left issue,

William, barrister-at-law, king's counsel, and mas-
ter in chancery, iu Ireland, m. twice, and had
Charles, R.N.

Nicholas-Milley, in holy orders, had two sons,
Charles, and Jobn-Milley (Sir), lieutenant-col.
in the army, late M.P. for the county of Carlow.
John, of whom presently.

Welbore-Ellis, a major-general in the army, father
of the present Sib Francis Hastings Dotlx,
Catherine, m. to the Rev. Thomas Bushe.

The fourth son,

i. Sir John Doylb, G.C.B. and K.C. a general in the army, colonel of the 87th regiment, and governor of Charlemont, was created a Baronet in 1825, but dying unmarried, 8th August, 1834, the title became


Arms—Arg. three stags' heads erased gu. within a bordure compony or and az- on a canton sa. a palm branch in bend sinister under it the word" Egypt."

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in Oxfordshire, as appears by Domesday-Book and the abbey books of Osenay, by Oxford, and of Missenden, in Bucks. Of both which abbies the family were founders, temp. HENRY I. and were also great benefactors to the abbies of Abbington, Eynsham, Godston, and Thame, in England, as well as to several others in France. The family likewise built the castle and bridge at Oxford, A.D. 1071, which was then their ancient seat, and new made the walls about the same city. Robert D'Oyly was king's constable and feudal Baron of Hokenorton in Oxfordshire. He m. Algitha, daughter and heir of Wigotus, a noble Saxon, Lord of Wallingford, by whom he had an only daughter and heir, MAUD D'Oyly, Lady of Walingford, who inheriting the spirit of her ancestors, valiantly defended the Empress MAUD in her castle of Walingford. She m. first, Miles Crispin, and secondly, Brian Fitz Count, Lord of Bergavenny.

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SIR Cope D'Oyly, who is characterised as “a no

ble and renowned knight, at that time the honour of this

ancient and honourable house.” He m. Martha, daugh

ter, of James Quarles, esq. of Rumford, and had a nu

morons family. Sir Cope died 4th August, 163.1.* The eldest son and heir,

John D'oyly, esq. m. Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Shirley, knt. of lsfield, in Sussex, and had two sons, viz.

John, his successor.

Thomas, m. his cousin, Derothy, daughter of John
Michel, esq. of Kingston Russell, which lady m.
secondly, the Rev. John Owen, D.D.
He was s. at his decease by bis elder son,

i. John D'oyly, esq. of Chiselhampton, in the
county of Oxford, who was created a Baronet by King
Charles II. 7th July, 1688. He m. Margaret, daugh-
ter and co-heir of Sir Richard Cholmeley, knight-
banneret, of Whitby Abbey, in the county of York,
and had seven sons and two daughters, viz.
Cholmeley, who d. s. p.
John, his heir.
Richard, capt. of marines, killed scaling the walls

of Gibraltar, d. s. p. Thomas, an officer in the Customs, ». Mrs. Fortescue, widow of Hugh Fortescue, esq. uncle of the Lord Clinton. Robert, col. in the army, lieut.-governor of the Tower, m. Miss Freman, sister of Ralph Freman, esq. of Hamels, M.P. for Hertfordshire. Shirley, in holy orders, d. s. p. Hugh, an officer, in the Customs. — , m. to Samuel Wotton, esq. of Ingleborne, in Devon. Elizabeth, m. to the Honourable George Mordaunt. Sir John D'Oyly, who was M.P. for Woodstock, at the revolution, and captain of the county troop, d. in 1709, and was s. by his eldest surviving son.

ii. Sir John D'otlv, bart. who m. llrst, Susanna,
daughter of Sir Thomas Put, bart. of Comb, in Devon-
shire, and by her had,
Thomas, his heir.
John, fellow of Merton College, Oxford, who s.

as fourth baronet.
William, who ». as fifth baronet.


Ursula, m. to Thomas Young, esq. of Newington, in Oxfordshire, and died in January, 1730-1, leaving a son and daughter. Cholmeley, m. to William Jones, esq. of Nut, in Gloucestershire, and has two sons and a daughter. He wedded, secondly, Rebecca, daughter and co-heir of Goddard Carter, esq. of Alvescot, in the county of Oxford, but by that lady had no issue. He died about the year 1746, and was s. by his eldest son,

in. Sib Thomas D'oyliy, who m. Mary, daughter of Samuel Wotton, esq. of Englebourn, in the county of Devon, and had two daughters, viz.

Susanna, m. in 1767, to Dr. William Newcorne,

bishop of Dromore. Rebecca, died in infancy. Sir Thomas died 6th February, 1759, and was *. by his brother,

iv. Sir John D'oyly, rector of Cuxham, in Oxfordshire, who died unmarried, in November, 1772, and was s. by his brother,

v. Sir William D'oyly, who m. Miss Monk, and with him the Baronetcy is stated to have become Extinct, but that fact is very doubtful.

Anns—Or, two bendlets az.

He was buried at in Oxfordshire, with the following inscription to himself and his wife:

To the Glorious Memorie of that Noble knt. Sir Cope D'Oyly,

late Deputy Lieut, of Oxfordshire, and Justice of Oyer and Terminer.

Heir of the

Antient and famous Family of the D'Oyly's, of the same Countie, Founders

of the noble Abbies of Osney and Missenden, &c.

Who put on Immortality the 4th of August, in the year of our Redemption


Ask not who is buried here
Go ask the Commons, ask the Shire,
Go ask the Church, They'll tell thee who,
As well as blubberM Eyes can do j
Go ask the Heralds, ask the Poor,
Thine Ears shall hear enough to ask no more.
Then if thine Eye bedew this sacred Urn,
Each drop a Pearl will turn
To adorn his Tomb, or if thou canst not vent,
Thou brinjrst more Marble to his Monument.
Sacred to the Pious Memory of that rare example of undistained Virtue,
Wife of the said Sir Cope D'Oyly, knt. eldest daughter of James Quarks, of
Romford, Esq; who recciv'd the Crown of Glory, in the year of Grace,

Wouldst thou, (Reader,) draw to life

The perfect copy of a Wife,

Read on, and then redeem from shame,

That lost, that honorable Name,

This Dust was mice in Spirit a Jacl,

Rebecca in Grace, in Heart an Abigail,

In Works a Dorcas, to the Church a Hannah,

And to her Spouse, Susanna.

Prudently simple, providently warie
To the World a Martha, and to Heav

aven, a Marie.

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Dorothia married Hnbertns Arnold, of Armswel, Esq.
Joanna, the youngest, John Michel, of Kingslou-Russel, Esq. 1 setslilre.

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Thomas D'oyly, D. D. (descended from Edward D'Oyly, esq. of Littlemarsh, in the parish of Stone, Bucks,) archdeacon of Lewes, in Sussex, chancellor of the diocese of Chichester, and prebendary of Ely, m. 8th February, 17+1, Henrietta-Maria, second daughter of Robert Godfrey, esq. of London, (by Elizabeth, sister of Matthias Mawson, bishop of Ely). They both d. on the same day, 27th January, 1770, leaving issue three sons,

I. Matthias, of whom hereafter, n. Thomas, vicar of Walton-upon-Thames, and chaplain in ordinary to the king, 6. 2nd April, 1743, m. March, 1772, Susanna, daughter of Durham Rushbrooke, esq. of Westowe, county of Suffolk, and d. October, 1816, without issue. III. Francis, lieut.-gen. and col. of the 87th foot, m. Anne, daughter of Hugh Thomas, D. D. dean of Ely, and master of Christ's College, Cambridge, and rf. in 1803, without issue. The eldest son.

Rev. Matthias D'otly, rector of Uckfield, in Sussex, archdeacon of Lewes, and prebendary of Ely, b. 21rd November, 1743, in. May, 1770, Mary, daughter of George Poughfer, esq. of Leicester, and d. November, 1816, having had issue,

l. Thomas, D.C.L. and aergeant-at-law, 6. loth November, 1772, at. 4th January, 1820, Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Nicholas Simons, of Canterbury, and has one son, Thomas. ii. John, of whom presently. m. Francis (Sir), K.C.B. lieut.-col. in the 1st

guards, slain at Waterloo, unm. It. George, D.D. rector of Lambeth and of Sundridge, b. 31st October, 1778, m. 9th August, 1813, Maria-Frances, daughter of William Bruene, esq. of London, and has issue, Francis, 6. 27th November, 1815. George-Henry, b. 27th June, 1817. Henry-Thomas, 6. 3rd April, 1819. Charles-John, b. 31st July, 1820. v. Henry, capt. in the 1st guards, ft. 21st April, 1780. i. Henrietta, d. unm. 1804. The second son,

i. Sir John D'oylt, official resident at Kandy, in the Island of Ceylon, b. 0th June, 1774, was created a Baronet in 1821, but dying unm. in three years after, the title became Extinct.

Arms— Or, two fleurs-de-lis in bend, sable, between as many bendlets, azure.

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Of the old Devonshire house of Drake,* was John Drake, esq. who married in the time of Hen>i V. Christiana, daughter and heir of John Billet, esq. of Ashe, in the county of Devon, and thereby that estate, situated in the parish of Musberry, accrued to the family, and eventually became the place of their designation, although their more usual residence was at Mount Drake, a mansion built by them in the same parish. His son and heir,

John Drake, esq. of Otterton,m. Christiana, daughter and heiress of John Antage, and had a son and heir,

John Drake, esq. of Otterton, in Devonshire, who m. the daughter of Crewse, of Crewse-Morchard, in the same county, and had a son and heir,

John Drake, esq. of Otterton, who a*. Agnes, daughter of John Kelloway, esq. and was $. by his son,

John Drake, esq. of Exmoutb, who m. Margaret, daughter of John Cole, of Rill, near that place, and had three sons and a daughter, viz. John, his successor. John.

Gilberts from whom the Drakes of Spratshays, in the parish of Littleham, Devon, a cadet, whereof was Robert Drake, who had his education first at Oxford, and was afterwards of the Inner Temple; he obtained a considerable estate at Dale-Ditch,in the parish of East Budleigh, the greater part of which he devoted at his death, about the year 1628, to pious uses. Agnes, m. to William Pole, esq. of Shute. He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

John Drake, esq. of Ashe, who m. Anne, daughter of Roger Granville, esq. of Stowe, in Cornwall, and left at his decease, 4th October, 1558, Bernard (Sir), his successor. Robert, of Wiscomb, in the parish of Southlegh, Devon, m. Elizabeth, daughter, of Humphrey Prideaux, of Thewborough, by whom, with other issue, he had Robert and Henry, the former a colonel in the Netherlands, of great esteem with the Prince of Orange and the States General, and the latter a captain in the army, both killed in the prime of life in the defence of Ostend. Richard, ancestor of the Drakes of Shardeloes. The eldest son and heir, Sir Bernard Drake, knt. of Monnt Drake and Ashe,

• "That carious and iugenioos antiquary, Sir William Pole, knt. of Shale, in his manuscripts, makes mention of Roger ie Drak, that held Hurnford cam Terra de la Wood, of Dertington, at half a knight's fee, 31 Edward I. and prior to that of others of this family, who were possessed at several lands in Devonshire."

A branch of the Drakes of Ashe, settled st an early

period in Ireland, and became seated at Drakerath, in the county of Meath. The present representative is ChrisTopher Drake,esq. of Roristown. (See Burke's Commoner*, vol. iv. p. 192.)

t From this Gilbert it is probable that the Drakes of Bystock, near Exmouth, descend.

was a very distinguished person, and " employed in several great offices at sea," being much in favour with Queen Elizabeth, who conferred the honour of knighthood upon him in 1585. He m. Gertrude, daughter of Bartholomew Fortescue, esq. of Filleigh, in Devonshire, and dying in 1585, was $. by his eldest son, John Drake;.* esq. of Mount Drake and Ashe, who m. Dorothy, daughter of William Button, esq. of Alton, Wilts, and dying in 1628, was s. by his son,

Sir John Drake, knt. of Ashe. This gentleman m.
Helena, second daughter of Sir John Butler, bart.
created Baron Butler, of Bramjield, and co-heir of
her brother William, second and last Lord Butler, of
Bramfield, and had issue,
John, his beir.
George, d. uuiu. in 1664.
Thomas, who d. in Ireland in 1659.

Dorothy, m. to William Yardley, esq.
Mary, d. unm.

Eleanora, m. to John Briscoe, esq. of Cumberland.
Elizabeth, in. to Sir Winston Churchill, knt. of
Standish, in Gloucestershire, and was mother of
the great Duke Op Marlborouuh.
Gertrude, d. unm.
Jvanna, d. unm.
Jane, m. to William Yonge, esq. of Castleton, in

Anne, in. to Richard Strode, esq. of Chalmington,
Dorsetshire. ,

He d. in 1636, and was s. by his eldest son,

i. Sir John Drake, knt. of Ashe, who was created a Baroxkt by King Charles II. 31st August, 1660. He m. first, Jane, daughter of Sir John Yonge, bart. of Culliton and Slutcomb, both in Devon, and by her had two sons,

John, his successor.
Walter, if. unm. in 1674.

Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Briscoe, knt. of Boughton, Northamptonshire, but d. s. p. in 1604. He wedded, secondly, Dionysia, daughter of Sir Richard Strode, knt. of Newenham, in the county of Devon, and by that lady (who a*, in 1687, and was buried at Axminster) had

Bernard, heir to his half-brother.

William, heir to Bernard in the baronetcy and his half-sister, Elizabeth, in the estates. Sir John d. 1660, and was s. by his eldest son.

Ii. Sir John Drake, bart. of Ashe, who rebuilt the mansion house there, which had been burnt down and demolished by the rebels in the civil wars. He d. unmarried in 1683, and was buried at Musberry, whereupon Elizabeth, bis sister, became sole heir, and settled the estates upon her youngest half-brother, William. Sir John was s. in the baronetcy by his brother of the half-blood.

in. Sir Bernard Drake, bart. who m. Elizabeth, daughter of George Prestwood, esq. of Butterford in Devon, and relict of Hugh Stowell, esq. of Ferrybere, and bad an only daughter,

Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Tothill, esq. of Bagtor. He was s. at his decease by his only surviving brother, It. Sir William Drake, bart. of Asbe, who had previously received the honour of knighthood from King James II. This gentleman m. first, Judith, daughter and co-heir of William Eveleigh, esq. of Tallaton, near Ottery St. Mary, in the county of

Devon, and by that lady had two sons and three daughters, viz.

Wiluam, \ 5tn "d 8th Baronrt*'
Elizabeth, m. to William Walrond, esq.of Borey,
in Devon, t and was mother of
William Walrond, esq. of Bovey, who m. Sa-
rah, sister and heir of William Oke, eaq. of
Axmouth, and dying in 1703, left an only
surviving child,
Judith-maria-walrond, of Bovey, who
in. 22nd July, 1778, John Rolle, esq. of
Stevenstone, created in 1706, Lord Rolle.
She d. s. p. 1st October, 1820.
Judith, it. an infant.

Anne, m. to Thomas Prestwood, esq. of Butterford. in Devon. He wedded, secondly, a daughter of Sir Peter Prideaux, bart, of Netherton, in Devon,but had no other issue. He was s. at his decease by bis elder son,

r. Sir John Drake, bart. who dying unm. 0th September, 1734, was J. by his brother,

vi. Sir William Drake,bart. who m. in 1726, Anne, daughter of William-Peere Williams, esq. M. P. for Bishop!* Castle, in Shropshire, but died s. p. 21st October, 1733, when the Baronetcy became Extinct. The manor of Musbury was purchased by the family of Tucker, from Capt. William Peer Williams, nephew of Lady Drake. The mansion of Ash, now occupied as a farm house, is celebrated as the birth place of John, Duke Of Marlborough.

Arms—Arg. a wivern with wings displayed gu.

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This was a branch of the Drakes of Aahe. John Drake, esq. of Ashe, in the county of Devon, m. Anne, daughter of Roger Grenville, eaq. of Stowe, in Cornwall, and left, at his decease in 1558,

Bernard (Sir), from whom the baronets of Aahe.

Robert, of Wiscomb, in Devon.


The youngest son,

Richard Drake, esq. one of the equerries to Queen Elizabeth, m. Ursula, daughter of Sir William Stafford, knt. and dying 11th July, 1603, was s. by his son,

Francis Drake, esq. of Esher, one of the gentlemen of the privy chamber in ordinary, who wedded Joan, daughter of William Tothill, esq. of Shardeloea, in Bucks, and had issue, William, his heir. John, it. unm. in 1633.

• From William Drake, a younger son of this John Drake, descended the Drakes of Yardbury, whose representative in 1832, was Francis Horatio Nelson Drake, esq. of Wells.

t Great grandson of James Walrond, of BradfirM, in Devonshire, through his second Sod, William Walrond, of Bovey. Refer to Burke's Commoner*, vol. ii. p. 553.

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