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The Brothers 68

Artegal and Elidure 72

To a Butterfly 75

A Farewell 75

Stanzas written in my Pocket-copy of Thomson's Castle of Indolence ...... 76

Louisa. After accompanying her on a Mountain Excursion 77

Strange fits of passion have I known 77

She dwelt among the untrodden ways 77

I travelled among unknown men 78

Ere with cold beads of midnight dew . . 78

To 78

The Forsaken 78

'Tis said, that some have died for love 79

A Complaint 79

To 79

Yes ! thou art fair, yet be not moved 80

How rich that forehead's calm expanse 80

What heavenly smiles! O Lady mine 80

To 80

Lament of Mary Queen of Scots, on the Eve of a New Year 80

The Complaint of a Forsaken Indian Woman 81

The Last of the Flock 82

Repentance. A Pastoral Ballad 83

The Affliction of Margaret 84

The Cottager to her Infant 85

Maternal Grief 85

The Sailor's Mother 86

The Childless Father 86

The Emigrant Mother 87

Vaudracour and Julia 88

The Idiot Boy N

Michael. A Pastoral Poem 96

The Widow on Windermere Side 101

The Armenian Lady's Love . . . . . . 101

Loving and Liking. Irregular Verses, addressed to a Child 104

Farewell Lines 104

The Redbreast. Suggested in a Westmoreland Cottage 105

Her Eyes are Wild 106


It was an April morning: fresh and clear 108

To Joanna 108

There is an Eminence,—of these our hills 109

A narrow girdle of rough stones and crags . . . 109

To M. H 110

When, to the attractions of the busy world Ill

Forth from a jutting ridge, around whose base . . .112


A Morning Exercise 113

A Flower Garden, at Coleorton Hall, Leicestershire 113

A whirl-blast from behind the hill ... 114

The Waterfall and the Eglantine 114

The Oak and the Broom. A Pastoral 115

To a Sexton 116

To the Daisy 117

To the same Flower 118

The Green Linnet 118

To a Sky-lark . 119

To the Small Celandine 119

To the same Flower 120

The Seven Sisters; or, the Solitude of Binnorie 120

Who fancied what a pretty sight 121

The Redbreast chasing the Butterfly 121

Song for the Spinning Wheel. Founded upon a Belief prevalent among the Pastoral Vales of

Westmoreland 122

Hint from the Mountains for certain Political Pretenders 122

On seeing a Needlecase in the Form of a Harp 123

To a Lady, in answer to a request that I would write her a Poem upon some Drawings that she

had made of Flowers in the Island of Madeira 123

Glad sight wherever new with old . . . . • 124

The Contrast . The Parrot and the Wren 124

The Danish Boy. A Fragment 124

Song for the Wandering Jew 125

Stray Pleasures 125

The Pilgrim's Dream; or, the Star and the Glow-worm 126

The Poet and the Caged Turtledove 127

A Wren's Nest 127

Love lies Bleeding 128

Companion to the foregoing 128

Rural Illusions 128

The Kitten and Falling Leaves 129

Address to my Infant Daughter, on being reminded that she was a Month old, on that Day . . 130


Canto II 134

Canto III 136

Canto IV 137


There was a Boy 141

To the Cuckoo 141

A Night-piece 141

Airey-force Valley 142

Yew-trees 142

Nutting 142

The Simplon Pass 143

She was a Phantom of delight 143

6 2


O Nightingale! thou surely art 143

Three years she grew in sun and shower 1**

A slumber did my spirit seal 1*4

I wandered lonely as a cloud 144

The Reverie of Poor Susan 145

Power of Music • 145

Star-gazers *'*

Written in March, while resting on the Bridge at the foot of Brother's Water . . . . 146

Lyre ! though such power do in thy magic live 147

Beggars 147

Sequel to the Foregoing, composed many Years after 148

Gipsies . 148

Ruth 148

Resolution and Independence 151

The Thorn 153

Hart-leap Well.—Part I 156

Part II 157

Song at the Feast of Brougham Castle, upon the Restoration of Lord Clifford, the Shepherd, to

the Estates and Honours of his Ancestors 158

Lines, composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey, on revisiting the Banks of the Wye during

a Tour, July 13, 1798 160

It is no Spirit who from heaven hath flown 161

French Revolution, as it appeared to Enthusiasts at its Commencement. Reprinted from " The

Friend" 161

Yes, it was the mountain Echo 162

To a Skylark 162

Laodamia 162

Dion. 165

The Pass of Kirkstone 166

To Enterprise . 167

To , on her First Ascent to the Summit of Helvellyn 169

To a Young Lady, who had been reproached for taking long Walks in the Country . . . 169

Water-fowl 169

View from the top of Black Comb 170

The Haunted Tree. To 170

The Triad 171

The Wishing-gate 173

The Wishing-gate destroyed 174

The Primrose of the Rock 174

Presentiments 175

Vernal Ode 176

Devotional Incitements 177

The Cuckoo-Clock 178

To the Clouds 179

Suggested by a Picture of the Bird of Paradise 180

A Jewish Family, 180

On the Power of Sound 181

PETER BELL—A Tale.—Prologue 184

Part 1 186

Part II 190

Part III 192

PART I. Pace

Dedication. To 197

Nuns fret not at their convent's narrow room 197

Admonition 197

"Beloved Vale!" I said, " when I shall con" 198

At Applethwaite, near Keswick 198

Pelion and Oflsa flourish side by side . . . . . . . • . ..198

There is a little unpretending Rill 198

Her only pilot the soft breeze, the boat 198

The fairest, brightest, hues of ether fade 198

Upon the sight of a Beautiful Picture 199

"Why, Minstrel, these untuneful murmurings" . . 199

Aerial Rock—whose solitary brow 199

To Sleep 199

To Sleep 199

To Sleep 199

The Wild Duck's Nest 200

Written upon a Blank Leaf in " The Complete Angler" 200

To the Poet, John Dyer 200

On the Detraction which followed the Publication of a certain Poem 200

Grief, thou hast lost an ever ready friend 200

ToS.R 200

Composed in one of the Valleys of Westmoreland, on Easter Sunday 201

Decay of Piety 201

Composed on the eve of the Marriage of a Friend in the Vale of Grasmere, 1812 . . . . 201

From the Italian of Michael Angelo 201

From the Same 201

From the Same. To the Supreme Being 201

Surprised by joy—impatient as the Wind ........... 202

Methought I saw the footsteps of a throne 202

Even so for me a Vision sanctified ............ 202

It is a beauteous Evening, calm and free ........... 202

Where lies the Land to which yon Ship must go 1 202

With Ships the sea was sprinkled far and nigh .......... 202

The world is too much with us; late and soon 203

A volant Tribe of Bards on earth are found 203

'Weak is the will of Man, his judgment blind 203

To the Memory of Raisley Calvert 203

Part n.

Scorn not the Sonnet; Critic, you have frowned 203

How sweet it is, when mother Fancy rocks 203

ToB. R.Haydon 204

From the dark chambers of dejection freed 204

Fair Prime of life! were it enough to gild 204

I watch, and long have watched, with calm regret 204

I beard (alas! 't was only in a dream) 204

Retirement 204

Not Love, not Wrar, nor the tumultuous swell 205

Mark the concentred hazels that enclose 205

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