Nash's Lenten Stuff: Containing, the Description and First Procreation and Increase of the Towne of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk: with a New Play, Never Played Before, of The Praise of the Red Herring ...

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Reeves and Turner, 1871 - Atlantic herring - 113 pages

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Page vii - Yes, trust them not; for there is an upstart crow, beautified with our feathers, that with his tiger's heart wrapped in a player's hide supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blank verse as the best of you; and being an absolute Johannes fac iotum, is in his own conceit the only Shake-scene in a country.
Page xiii - White silk knotted in the fingers of a pair of white gloves, and so contrived without suspicion, that, playing at Primero at cards, one may without clogging his memory, keep reckoning of all sixes, sevens, and aces, which he hath discarded.
Page 73 - Fabian or Palmerin of England, which is Cadwallader herring; and, as their meetings were but seldom, and not so oft as welcome, so but seldom should they meet in the heel of the week at the best men's tables upon Fridays and Saturdays, the holy time of Lent exempted, and then they might be at meat and meal for seven weeks together. The...
Page 75 - ... beldam, as she was, that was altered thereinto. Loving Hero, however altered, had a smack of love still, and therefore to the coast of Lovingland (to Yarmouth...
Page xix - our true English Aretine, " another, "Sweet satyric Nash," a third describes his Muse as ' ' armed with a gag-tooth (a tusk), and his pen possessed with Hercules's furies." He is well characterised in " The Return from Parnassus." " His style was witty, tho' he had some gall ; Something he might have mended, so may all ; Yet this I say, that for a mother's wit, Few men have ever seen the like of it.
Page 106 - A must needs ; for beggary is valiant. [Aside. Cade. I am able to endure much. 1 Tom Nashe speaks of having weighed one of Gabriel Harvey's books against a cade of herrings, and ludicrously says, " That the rebel Jack Cade was the first that devised to put red herrings in cades, and from him they have their name.
Page 69 - Hellespont contended which should howl louder ; the waves dashed up the clouds, and the clouds, on the other side, spit and drivelled upon them as fast. Hero wept as trickling as the heavens, to think that heaven should so divorce them. Leander stormed worse than the storms, that, by them, he should be so restrained from his Cynthia. At Sestos was his soul, and he could not abide to tarry in Abydos. Rain, snow, hail, or blow it how it could, into the pitchy Hellespont he leapt, when the moon and...
Page 69 - Cytherea's nuns have no power to resist him; and some such quality is ascribed to the lion. Were he never so naked when he came to her, because he should not scare her she found a means to cover him in her bed, and — for he might not take cold after his swimming — she lay close by him, to keep him warm.
Page ix - Lenten Stuffe, containing the Description and First Procreation and Increase of the Towne of Great Yarmouth in Norffolke : with a new Play never played before, of the Praise of the Red Herring.
Page 57 - ... any thing happy ; and even amongst mean artificers it thrusts in its foot, one of them envying another, if he have a knack above' another, or his gains be greater; and, if in his art they cannot disgrace him, they will find a starting-hole in his life, that shall confound him : For example: There is a * mathematical smith, or artificer, in Yarmouth, that hath made a lock and key that weighs but three farthings; and a chest, with a pair of knit gloves in the till thereof, whose poise is no more...

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