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7 Thus I may safely venture through,

Beneath my Shepherd's care ;
And keep the gate of heaven in view,

Till I shall enter there.


815 1 THERE'S 4 land that is fairer than day,

And by faith we can see it afar;
For the Saviour Himself points the way,

And prepares us a dwelling-place there. 2 We may sing on that beautiful shore,

The melodious songs of the blest;
Where the ransomed sorrow no more,

Nor once sigh for the blessing of rest. 3 To our bountiful Father above,

Let us offer the tribute of praise,
For the glorious gift of His love,

And the blessings that hallow our days.


1 THOU guardian of our youthful days,

To Thee we'll tune our songs of praise,

Jesus, the Children's friend!
2 From Thee our daily mercies flow,

Our life and health descend;
O save our souls from sin and woe;

Thou art the Children's friend !
3 Teach us to prize Thy holy word,

And to its truths attend;
Thus shall we learn to fear the Lord,

And love the Children's friend!
4 O may we feel a Saviour's love,

To Him our souls commend,
Who left His glorious throne above,

To be the Children's friend!

5 Lord, fix our youthful hearts on high,

And when this life shall end,
Raise us to live above the sky,
With Thee, the Children's friend!

7,6. D. 1 ITWAS God that made the ocean 'TWAS

And laid its sandy bed; He gave the stars their motion,

And built the mountain's head; He made the rolling thunder,

The lightning's forkèd flame : His works are full of wonder,

All glorious is His name. 2 And must it not surprise us

That one so high and great
Should see and not despise us,

Poor sinners, at His feet?
Yet day by day He gives us

Our raiment and our food;
In sickness He relieves us,

And is in all things good. 3 But things that are far greater

His mighty hand hath done; He sent us blessings sweeter

Through Christ His only Son: Who, when He saw us dying

In sin and sorrow's night, On wings of mercy flying,

Came down with life and light. 4. He gives His word to teach us

Our danger and our wants; And kindly doth beseech us

To take the life He grants.
His Holy Spirit frees us

From Satan's deadly powers;
Leads us by faith to Jesus,
And makes His glory ours.


83, 7s. D. 1 E shall sleep, but not for ever,

We shall meet to part—no, never,

On the resurrection morn!
From the deepest caves of oceav,

From the desert and the plain,
From the valley and the mountain,
Countless throngs shall rise again.

We shall sleep, but not for ever,

There will be a glorious dawn ! We shall meet to part—no, never,

On the resurrection morn!
2 When we see a precious blossom

That we tended with such care,
Rudely taken from our bosom,

How our aching hearts despair!
Round its little grave we linger,

Till the setting sun is low,
Feeling all our hopes have perished
With the flower we cherished so.

We shall sleep, but not for ever

In the lone and silent grave;
Blessed be the Lord that taketh,

Blessed be the Lord that gave!


Ss. 1 WF E speak of the realms of the blest,

That country so bright and so fair; And oft are its glories confessed;

But what will it be to be there!
2 We speak of its pathways of gold,

Its walls decked with jewels so rare;
Its wonders and pleasures untold;
But what will it be to be there!

3 We speak of its freedom from sin,
From sorrow, temptation, and care,
From trials without and within;
But what must it be to be there!

4 We speak of its service of love,

Of robes which the glorified wear,
The Church of the first-born above;
But what must it be to be there!

5 Do Thou, Lord! midst pleasure or woe,

For heaven our spirits prepare;
And shortly we also shall know,
And feel what it is to be there.


8, 7. 1

a strange and wondrous story,

From the Book of God is read!
How the Lord of Life and glory,

Had not where to lay His head.


2 How He left His throne in heaven,

Here to suffer, bleed, and die,
That my soul might be forgiven,

And ascend to God on high.

3 Father! let Thy Holy Spirit

Still reveal a Saviour's love,
And prepare me to inherit

Glory where He reigns above.

4 There with saints and angels dwelling,

May I that great love proclaim,
And with them be ever telling

All the wonders of His name.


821 1

WHEN, His salvation bringing,
The children all stood singing

Hosanna to His name.
Nor did their zeal offend Him,

But, as He rode along,
He let them still attend Him,
And smiled to hear their song;

Hosanna to Jesus they sang. 2 And since the Lord retaineth

His love for children still;
Though now as King He reigneth

On Zion's heavenly hill:
We'll flock around His banner,

Who sits upon the throne,
And cry aloud, Hosanna
To David's royal Son:

Hosanna to Jesus we'll sing. 3 For should we fail proclaiming

Our great Redeemer's praise,
The stones, our silence shaming,

Would their Hosannas raise.
But shall we only render

The tribute of our words?
No, while our hearts are tender,
They too shall be the Lord's.

Hosanna to Jesus, our King!


68, 8s. 1 WHE THEN little Samuel woke,

And heard his Maker's voice, At every word He spoke

How much did he rejoice! O blessed happy child, to find l'he God of heaven so near and kind.

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