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'Tis God's own Word! It cures of sin,

And makes the guilty conscience clean. 5 Give me this lamp to light my road !

This storehouse for my daily food;
Give me this chart for life's rough sea!
These healing leaves, this heavenly tree.


8, 8, 6. 1 To those who love Thee, gracious Lord ! 1 How bright, how precious is Thy wond,

To us in mercy given;
A guide to all who, travelling here,
Mid sin and darkness, death and fear,

Are pressing on to heaven.
2 O gracious Saviour! God of love,
Let Thine own Spirit from above

Now fill us with desire
To read, to mark, to learn Thy will,
And with Thy truth our spirits fill,

Purging our hearts with fire.
3 And till in glory Thou dost come
To take Thy waiting people home,

May we obedient be!
Doing Thy will, till that great day
When from this earth we're called away

To dwell, O Lord! with Thee.



Six 88. 1 66 A LITTLE while,” our Lord shall come,

A And we shall wander here no more; He'll take us to our Father's home,

Where He, for us, has gone before ;

To dwell with Him, to see His face, And sing the glories of His grace. 2 “A little while,” He'll come again;

Let us the precious hours redeem; Our only grief to give Him pain,

Our joy to serve and follow Him : Watching and ready may we be,

As those who long their Lord to see. 3 "A little while,” 'twill soon be past;

Why should we shun the shame and cross ? Oh! let us in His footsteps haste,

Counting, for Him, all else but loss : Oh! how will recompense His smile,

For sufferings of this “ little while." 4 “A little while”; come, Saviour! come;

For Thee Thy waiting people long;
Take us with all Thy ransomed home,

To sing the new, eternal song;
To see Thy glory, and to be
In everything conformed to Thee !

140 11,10,11,10,5,4,5,6. 1 COME, gracious Saviour! manifest Thy glory, U And let Thy lightnings shine from east to

(west; Oh ! by Thine anguish 'neath the olives hoary, Take us, Thy people, to Thy promised rest.

Come, blessed Jesus !
Come, come, we pray; .
Banish the darkness,

And bring the glorious day. 2 Come, gracious Lord ! our longing eyes to

[gladden, Arise! O Sun of Righteousness, arise ! Let hope deferred our hearts no longer sadden, But turn to songs our sorrows and our sighs.

Come, blessed Jesus ! &c.

8 Oh!comeand cheerthe eyes all dim with weeping,

Banish the sin, the sorrow, and the strife ; Let those who sow in tears now have their reaping, Their golden harvest sheaves of light and life.

Come, blessed Jesus! &c. 4 Then shall we worship Thee with joy and singing,

And laud Thy name all other names above; The world throughout with praises shall be

(ringing, And we shall swell the triumph of Thy love.

Come, blessed Jesus! &c.

S.M. 1 NOME, Lord! and tarry not,

U Bring the long looked-for day;
Oh! why these years of waiting here,

These ages of delay?
2 Come, for Thy saints still wait;

Daily ascends their sigh;
The Spirit and the Bride say, Come;

Dost Thou not hear the cry?
3 Come, for Thy Israel pines

An exile from Thy fold;
Oh! call to mind Thy faithful word,

And bless them as of old.
4 Come, and make all things new;

Build up this ruined earth;
Restore our faded paradise,

Creation's second birth.
5 Come, and begin Thy reign

Of everlasting peace;
Come, take the kingdom to Thyself,
Great King of Righteousness!

8, 7. 1 NOME, Thou long-expected Jesus !

U Born to set Thy people free;

From our fears and sins release us ;

Let us find our rest in Thee.
2 Israel's strength and consolation,

Hope of all the earth Thou art ;
Dear desire of every nation,

Joy of every longing heart. 3 Born Thy people to deliver;

Born a child and yet a king;
Born to reign in us for ever;

Now Thy gracious kingdom bring. 4 By Thine own eternal Spirit,

"Rule in all our hearts alone :
By Thine all-sufficient merit,
Raise us to Thy glorious throne.

UTARK! the glad sound! the Saviour comes,
1 The Saviour promised long!
Let every heart prepare a throne,

And every voice a song.
He comes, the prisoners to release,

In Satan's bondage held;
The gates of brass before Him burst,

The iron fetters yield.
He comes, the broken heart to bind,

The bleeding soul to cure;
And with the riches of His grace

To bless the humble poor.
Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace !

Thy welcome shall proclaim ;
And heaven's eternal arches ring
With Thy beloved Name.

144 6, 4, 6, 4, 6, 7, 6, 4. JARK! 'tis the watchman's cry, 1 Wake, brethren! wake!

Jesus, our Lord, is nigh;

Wake, brethren! wake! Sleep is for sons of night, Ye are children of the light, Yours is the glory bright:

Wake, brethren! wake! 2 Call to each waking band,

Watch, brethren! watch!
Clear is our Lord's command,

Watch, brethren! watch !
Be ye as men that wait
Always at the Master's gate,
E'en though He tarry late;

Watch, brethren! watch!
3 Heed we the Steward's call :

Work, brethren! work!
There's room enough for all,

Work, brethren! work!
This vineyard of the Lord
Constant labour will afford,
Yours is a sure reward :

Work, brethren! work. 4 Hear we the Shepherd's voice?

Pray, brethren! pray! Would ye His heart rejoice?

Pray, brethren! pray! Sin calls for constant fear,

Weakness needs the strong One near; Long as ye struggle here,

Pray, brethren! pray!
5 Now sound the final chord,

Praise, brethren! praise !
Thrice holy is our Lord,

Praise, brethren! praise !
What more befits the tongues,

Soon to lead the angels' songs,

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