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5 But ere that trumpet shakes

The mansions of the dead, Hark from the Gospel's gentle voice

What joyful tidings spread! 6 Ye sinners, seek His grace,

Whose wrath ye cannot bear;
Fly to the shelter of His cross,

And find salvation there.


Death and Judgment. 1

AND am I born to die?

To lay this body down?
And must my trembling spirit fly

Into a world unknown?
Soon as from earth I

What will become of me?
Eternal happiness or woe

Must then my portion be.
2 Wak'd by the trumpet's sound,

I from my grave shall rise,
And see the Judge with glory crown'd,

And see the flaming skies !
How shall I leave my tomb?

With triumph or regret?
A fearful, or a joyful doom,

A curse, or blessing meet?
3 O Thou that would'st not have

One wretched sinner die!
Who diedst Thyself my soul to save

From endless misery!

Show me the way to shun

Thy dreadful wrath severe,
That when Thou comest on Thy throne,

I may with joy appear ! 4 Thou art Thyself the way,

Thyself in me reveal;
So shall I spend my life's short day

Obedient to Thy will :
So shall I love my God,

Because He first lov'd me;
And praise Thee in Thy bright abode
To all eternity.


Death and Judgment. 1 Am I then only born to die? And must I suddenly comply

With Nature's stern decree?
What after death for me remains ?
Celestial joys, or hellish pains,

To all eternity! 2 How then ought I on earth to live, While God prolongs the kind reprieve,

And props the house of clay!
My sole concern, my single care,
To watch, and tremble, and prepare

Against that fatal day!
3 No room for mirth or trifling here,
For worldly hope, or worldly fear,

If life so soon is gone;
If now the Judge is at the door,
And all mankind must stand before

Th' inexorable throne !

4 Nothing is worth a thought beneath,
But how I may escape the death

That never, never dies !
How make mine own election sure;
And when I fail on earth, secure

A mansion in the skies!

5 JESUS, vouchsafe a pitying ray,
Be Thou my Guide, be Thou my way

To glorious happiness!
Ah, write the pardon on my heart,
And whensoe'er I hence depart,

Let me depart in peace!


Death and Judgment.
THOU Judge of quick and dead,

Before whose bar severe,
With holy joy, or guilty dread,

We all shall soon appear; 2 Our caution'd souls prepare

For that tremendous day;
And fill us now with watchful care,

And stir us up to pray.
3 To pray and wait the hour,

That awful hour unknown,
When rob'd in majesty and pow'r,

Thou shalt from heav'n come down ; 4 To damp our earthly joys,

T' increase our gracious fears,
For ever let th' archangel's voice

Be sounding in our ears


5 The solemn midnight cry,

Ye dead, the Judge is come!
Arise, and meet Him in the sky,

‘And meet your instant doom ! 6 O may we thus be found,

Obedient to His Word
Attentive to the trumpet's sound,

And looking for our LORD!



Serious View of Judgment.
O GOD, mine inmost soul convert!
And deeply on my thoughtful heart

Eternal things impress;
Give me to feel their solemn weight,
And tremble ere it be too late,

And wake to righteousness.
2 Before me place, in dread array,
The pomp of that tremendous day

When Thou with clouds shalt come,
To judge the nations at Thy bar;
And tell me, LORD, shall I be there,

To meet a joyful doom?

3 Be this my one great business here,
With watchful care and holy fear,

Eternal bliss t ensure;
Thine utmost counsel to fulfil,
And suffer all Thy righteous will,

And to the end endure.

4 Then, SAVIOUR, then, my soul receive,
Transported from this vale, to live

And reign with Thee above;
Where faith is sweetly lost in sight,
And hope in full supreme delight

And everlasting love.


Saints rejoicing in view of Judgment.

1 Lo! He comes with clouds descending,

Once for favour'd sinpers slain!
Thousand, thousand saints attending,

Swell the triumph of His train : Hallelujah! GOD appears on earth to reign. 2 Every eye shall then behold Him

Rob'd in dreadful majesty;
Those who set at nought and sold Him,

Pierc'd and nail'd Him to the tree, Deeply wailing, shall the true MESSIAH see! 3 The dear tokens of His passion

Still His dazzling body bears;
Cause of endless exultation

To His ransom'd worshippers :
With what rapture gaze we on these glorious


Yea! Amen! let all adore Thee,

High on Thy eternal throne!
SAVJOUR, take the pow'r and glory;

Claim the kingdom for Thine own!
Jah! Jehovah ! everlasting God! come down.

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