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3 We all shall think and speak the same

Delightful lesson of Thy grace;
One undivided CHRIST proclaim,

And jointly glory in Thy praise.

4 O let us take a softer mould,

Blended and gather'd into Thee;
Under one Shepherd make one fold,

Where all is love and harmony.


Church praying for the Flock.

I JESUS, united by Thy grace,

And each to each endear'd,
With confidence we seek Thy face,

And know our pray’r is heard.

2 Still let us own our common LORD,

And bear Thy easy yoke;
A band of love, a threefold cord,

Which never can be broke.

3 Make us into one spirit drink;

Baptize into Thy Name;
And let us always kindly think,

And sweetly speak the same.

4 Touch'd by the loadstone of Thy love,

Let all our hearts agree;
And ever tow'rds each other move,

And ever move tow'rds Thee.

5 To Thee inseparably join'd

Let all our spirits cleave; O may we all the loving mind

That was in Thee receive !

6 Grant this, and then from all below

Insensibly remove : Our souls the change shall searcely know,

Made perfect first in love!


Church praying for the Flock.


THOU God of truth and love,

We seek Thy perfect way,
Ready Thy choice t' approve,

Thy providence t' obey;
Enter into Thy wise design,
And sweetly lose our will in Thine.

2 Why hast Thou cast our lot

In the same age and place?
And why together brought

To see each other's face;
To join with softesti sympathy,

And mix our friendly souls in Thee? 3 Surely Thou didst unite

Our kindred spirits here,
That all hereafter might

Before Thy throne appear,
Meet at the marriage of the LAMB,
And all Thy glorious love proclaim...

Then let us ever bear

The blessed end in view,
And join with mutual care,

To fight our passage through;
And kindly help each other on,
Till all receive the starry crown.

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Church praying for Prosperity. 1 INDULGENT Sor’reign of the skies,

And wilt Thou bow Thy gracious ear? While feeble mortals raise their cries,

Wilt Thou, the great JEHOVAH, hear? 2 How shall Thy servants give Thee rest,

Till Zion's mouldering walls Thou raise ? Till Thy own pow'r shall stand confess’d,

And make Jerusalem a praise ? 3 For this a lowly suppliant crowd

Here in Thy sacred temple wait: For this we lift our voices loud,

And call, and knock at mercy's gate. 4 Look dowo, O GOD, with pitying eye,

And view the desolation round;
See what wide realms in darkness lie,

And hurk their idols to the ground. 5 Loud let the gospel-trumpet blow,

And call the nations from afar;
Let all the isles their SAVIOUR know,

And earth's remotest ends draw near. 6 Triumphant here let Jesus reign,

And on His vineyard sweetly smile;
While all the virtues of His train

Adorn our church, and bless our işle..


Church in Communion. 1 COME, wisdom, pow'r, and grace divine, Come, Jesus, in Thy Name to join

A happy chosen band,
Who fain would prove Thine utmost will,
And all Thy righteous laws fulfil,

In love's benign command.
2 If pure, essential love Thou art,
Thy nature into ev'ry heart,

Thy loving self inspire:
Bid all our simple souls be one,
United in a bond unknown,

Baptiz'd with heav'nly fire.
3 Still may we to our centre tend,
To spread Thy praise our common end,

To help each other on;
Companions through the wilderness!
To share a moment's pain, and seize

An everlasting crown.
4 Jesus, our tender'd souls prepare!
Infuse the softest social care,

The warmest charity;
The bowels of our bleeding LAMB,
The virtues of Thy wondrous Name,

The heart that was in Thee.
5 Supply what ev'ry member wants;
To found the fellowship of saints,

Thy SPIRIT, LORD, supply: So shall we all Thy love receive, Together to Thy glory live,

And to Thy glory die.


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Spiritual Baptism. 1 ATTEND, ye children of your God!

Ye heirs of glory, hear!
For accents, so divine as these,

Might charm the dullest car.
2 Baptiz'd into your Saviour's death,

Your souls to sin must die;
With Christ, your LORD, ye live anew,

With Christ ascend on high.
3 There by His FATHER's side He sits,

Enthron'd divinely fair;
Yet owns Himself your brother still,

And your forerunner there. , 4. Rise from these earthly trifles, rise!

On wings of faith and love,-Above your choicest treasure lies,

And be your hearts above, 5 But earth and sin will drag us down,

When we attempt to fly; LORD, send Thy strong attractive pow'r To raise and fix us high!


Lord's Supper instituted. 1 'Twas on that dark, that doleful night,

When pow'rs of, earth and hell arose', Against the Son of God's delight, And friends betray'd Him to His foes;

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