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Before Sermon.


presence, gracious God, afford; Prepare us to receive Thy Word : Now let Thy voice engage our ear, And faith be mix'd with what we hear : Thus, LORD, Thy. waiting servants bless, And crown Thy Gospel with success.

2 Distracting thoughts and cares remove,

And fix our hearts and hopes above ;
With food divine may we be fed,
And satisfied with living bread :
Thus, LORD, thy waiting servants bless,
And crown Thy Gospel with success.

3 To us the sacred Word apply,

With sov'reign pow'r and energy;
And may we, in Thy faith and fear,
Reduce to practice what we hear:
Thus, LORD, Thy waiting servants bless,
And crown Thy Gospel with success.

4 FATHER, in us Thy Son reveal,

Teach us to know and do Thy will:
Thy saving pow'r and love display;
And guide us to the realms of day:
Thus, LORD, Thy waiting servants bless,
And crown Thy Gospel with success.


Before Sermon. 1 DEAREST SAVIOUR, help Thy servant

To proclaim Thy wondrous love;
Pour Thy grace upon this people,
That Thy truth they may approve :

Bless, O bless them,
From Thy shining courts above.
2 Now Thy gracious Word invites them

To partake the Gospel-feast :
Let Thy SPIRIT sweetly draw them;
Every soul be JESU's guest!

O receive us, Let us find Thy promis'd rest. 3 Come, Thou soul-transforming SPIRIT,

Bless the sower and the seed;
Let each heart Thy grace inherit;
Raise the weak, the hungry feed;

From the Gospel
Now supply the people's need.


After Sermon.

1 SAVIOUR, follow with Thy blessing

Truths deliver'd in Thy Name;
Thus the Word Thy pow'r possessing,

Shall declare from whence it came :
Mighty let the Gospel be,
All subduing, LORD, to Thee.

2 Let the Word be food to nourish

Those whom Thou hast call'd Thine own: Let Thy people's graces flourish,

Flourish to Thy praise alone : Thou who mad'st the sinner live, Further life alone canst give.

3 Let the sinner see his danger;

Show him, LORD, his fearful state,
While he lives to Thee a stranger,

Loving what his soul should hate :
Let him now Thy truth receive:
Let him now repent and live.


After Sermon.

1 WHAT now is my object and aim?

What now is my hope and desire?
To follow the heav'nly LAMB,

And after His image aspire:
My hope is all centred in Thee;

I trust to recover Thy love;
On earth Thy salvation to see,

And then to enjoy it above. 2 I thirst for a life-giving GOD,

A God that on Calvary died;
A fountain of water and blood,

That gush'd from IMMANUEL's side!
I long for the streams of Thy love,

The spirit of rapture unknown;
And then to re-drink it above,

Eternally fresh from the throne.



1 BLEST be the dear uniting love,

That will not let us part;
Our bodies may far off remove;

We still are one in heart.
2 Join’d in one spirit to our Head,

Where He appoints we go:
And still in Jesu's footsteps tread,

And show His praise below.

3 O may we ever walk in Him!

And nothing know beside, ,
Nothing desire, nothing esteem,

But JESUS crucified!

4 Closer and closer let us cleave

To His belov'd embrace;
Expect His fulness to receive,

And grace to answer grace.

5 Partakers of the SAVIOUR's grace,

The same in mind and heart;
Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place,

Nor life, nor death, can part.

6 But let us hasten to the day

Which shall our flesh restore,
When death shall all be done away,

And bodies part no more!




O LET our heart and mind

Continually ascend,
That haven of repose to find,

Where all our labours end !


Where all our toils are o'er,

Our suff'ring and our pain; Who meet on that eternal shore,

Shall never part again.

3 O happy, happy place,

Where saints and angels meet! There we shall see each other's face,

And all our brethren greet.

4 The church of the first-born,

We shall with them be blest, And, crown'd with endless joy, return

To our eternal rest.



We shall our time beneath

Live out in cheerful hope,
And fearless pass the vale of death,

And gain the mountain top.


To gather home his own

GOD shall his angels send,
And bid our bliss, on earth begun,

In deathless triumph end.

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