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Martha and Mary. MARTHA her love and joy express'd 1

By care to entertain her Guest;
While Mary sat to hear her LORD,

And could not bear to lose a word. 2 The principle, in both the same,

Produc'd in each a diff'rent aim ;
The one to feast the LORD was led,

The other waited to be fed.
3 But Mary chose the better part,

Her SAVIOUR's words refresh'd her heart; While busy Martha angry grew,

And lost ber time and temper too.
4. With warmth she to her sister spoke,

But brought upon herself rebuke:
• One thing is needful, and but one;

Why do thy thoughts on many run?' 5 How oft are we like Martha vex'd,

Encumber'd, hurried, and perplex'd !
While trifles so engross our thought,

The one thing needful is forgot. 6 LORD, teach us this one thing to choose,

Which they who gain can never lose;
Sufficient in itself alone,

And needful, were the world our own. 7 Let grov'ling hearts the world admire,

Thy love is all that I require !
Gladly I may the rest resign,
If the one needful thing be mine!


Disentangled from the World, and delighted with Christ.

1 LET worldly minds the world pursue,

It has no charms for me; Once I admir'd it's trifles too,

But grace has set me free.

2 It's pleasures now no longer please,

No more content afford ;
Far from my heart be joys like these,

Now I have seen the LORD.

3 As by the light of op'ning day

The stars are all conceald; So earthly pleasures fade away,

When JESUS is reveal'd.

4 Creatures no more divide my choice,

I bid them all depart;
His Name, and love, and gracious voice,

Have fix'd my roving heart.
5 Now, LORD, I would be Thine alone,

And wholly live to Thee; But

may I hope that Thou wilt own A worthless worm like me?

6 Yes! though of sinners I'm the worst,

I cannot doubt Thy will;
For if Thou hadst not lov'd me first,
I had refus'd Thee still,

Crucified to the World by the Cross.

1 I THIRST, but not as once I did,

The vain delights of earth to share;
Thy wounds, EMMANUEL, all forbid

That I should seek my pleasures there. 2 It was the sight of Thy dear cross

First wean'd my soul from earthly things; And taught me to esteem, as dross,

The mirth of fools, and pomp of kings. 3 I want that grace that springs from Thee,

That quickens all things where it flows, And makes a wretched thorn, like me,

Bloom as the myrtle, or the rose.
4 For sure, of all the plants that share

The notice of Thy FATHER's eye,
None proves less grateful to His care,

Or yields him meaner fruit than I.

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i THOUGH all these things substantial seem, The world itself is but a dream,

And soon must pass away:
The things that variously employ,
That yield us either grief or joy,

Must see their final day.

2 How sweet to have their portion there,
Where sorrow never comes, nor care,

And nothing will remove !
We then may hear, without a sigh,
The world's destruction to be nigh ;

Our treasure is above.

3 How sweet to know the SAVIOUR's Name ! The SAVIOUR, who in mercy came,

And vanquish'd all our foes :
On Him, as on a solid Rock,
Our hope is built, and stands the shock

Of ev'ry storm that blows.

4 Then let a world of shadows go; It matters not, His people know

Their treasure still is sure: "Tis laid up there where nothing fades, No rust consumes, no thief invades;

And there it is secure.


Universal Praise.

Praise through His courts proclaim;

Rise and adore :
High o'er the heav'ns above
Sound His great acts of love,
While His rich grace we prove,
Vast as His pow'r!

2 Now let the trumpet raise
Sounds of triumphant praise,

Wide as His fame:
There let the harp be found;
Organs, with solemn sound,
Roll your deep notes around,

Fill'd with His Name.
3 As His high praise ye sing,
Shake ev'ry sounding string,

Sweet the accord !
He vital breath bestows;
Let ev'ry breath which flows
His noblest fame disclose :

Praise ye the LORD.


General Praise.


MEET and right it is to sing,

In ev'ry time and place,
Glory to our heav'nly King,

The God of truth and grace.
Join we then with sweet accord,
All in one thanksgiving join ;
Holy, holy, holy LORD,

Eternal praise be Thine!
Thee, the first-born sons of light,

In choral symphonies,
Praise by day, day without night,

And never, never cease:
Angels and archangels, all
Praise the mystic Three in One;
Sing, and stop, and gaze, and fall

O'erwhelm'd before Thy throne!

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