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To keep the lamp alive,

With oil we fill the bowl; "Tis water makes the willow thrive,

And grace that feeds the soul.

2 The LORD's unsparing hand

Supplies the living stream ;
It is not at our own command,

But still deriv'd from Him.


Beware of Peter's word,

Nor confidently say,
I never will deny 'Thee, LORD,

But grant I never may.

Man's wisdom is to seek

His strength in God alone; And e'en an angel would be weak,

Who trusted in his own.

5 Retreat beneath His wings,

And in His grace confide; This more exalts the King of kings

Than all your works beside.

6 In Jesus is our store,

Grace issues from His throne: Whoever says, “I want no more,'

Confesses he has none.


Watchfulness. 1

I WANT a sober mind,

A self-renouncing will,
That tramples down, and casts behind

The baits of pleasing ill;
A soul inur'd to pain,

To hardship, grief, and loss;
Bold to take up, firm to sustain

The consecrated cross. 2 I want a godly fear,

A quick-discerning eye,
That looks to Thee when sin is near,

And sees the tempter fly;
A spirit still prepar'd,

And arm’d with jealous care,
For ever standing on it's guard,

And watching unto pray’r. 3 I want a heart to pray,


and never cease,
Never to murmur at Thy stay,

Or wish my suff'rings less.
This blessing above all,

Always to pray, I want,
Out of the deep on Thee to call,

And never, never faint.
I rest upon Thy Word,

The promise is for me;
My succour and salvation, LORD,

Shall surely come from Thee:.
But let me still abide,

Nor from my hope remove,
Till Thou my patient spirit guide

Into Thy perfect love.



1 I WANT a principle within

Of jealous godly fear;
A sensibility of sin,

A pain to feel it near:
2 I want the first approach to feel,

Of pride, or fond desire,
To catch the wand'ring of my will,

And quench the kindling fire.

3 From Thee that no more may part,

No more Thy goodness grieve,
The filial awe, the fleshly heart,

The tender conscience give.

4 Quick as the apple of an eye,

O God, my conscience make!
Awake, my soul, when sin is nigh,

And keep it still awake.

5 If to the right or left I stray,

That moment, LORD, reprove;
And let me weep my life away,

For having griev'd Thy love.

6 O may the least omission pain

My well-instructed soul!
And drive me to the blood again,

Which makes the wounded whole.



1 ALAS, what hourly dangers rise!

What snares beset my way!
To heav'n O let me lift my eyes,

And hourly watch and pray!
2 How oft my mournful thoughts complain,

And melt in flowing tears !
My weak resistance, ah, how vain!

How strong my foes and fears !

3 O gracious God, in whom I live,

My feeble efforts aid;
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive,

Though trembling and afraid.

4. Increase my faith, increase my hope,

When foes and fears prevail;
And bear my fainting spirit up,

Or soon my strength will fail.
5 Whene'er temptations fright my heart,

Or lure my feet aside,
My GOD, Thy pow'rful aid impart,

My Guardian and my Guide.

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6 O keep me in Thy heav'nly way,

And bid the tempter fee;
And let me never, never stray

From happiness and Thee!



1 PIERCE, fill me with an humble fear;,

My utter helplessness reveal:
Satan and sin are always near,

Thee may I always nearer feel. 2 O that to Thee my constant mind

Might with an even flame aspire!
Pride in it's earliest motions find,

And mark the risings of desire ! 3 O that my tender soul might fly

The first abhorr'd approach of ill!
Quick as the apple of an eye,

The slightest touch of sin to feel ! 4 Till Thou anew my soul create,

Still may I strive, and watch, and pray, Humbly and confidently wait,

And long to see the perfect day.




A CHARGE to keep I have,

A GOD to glorify;
A never-dying soul to save,

And fit it for the sky;
To serve the present age,

My calling to fulfil:
may it all my pow'rs engage

To do my Master's will !

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