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The Fearful encouraged. 1 PRIS'NERS of hope, lift up your heads,

The day of liberty draws near! JESUS, who on the serpent treads,

Shall soon in your behalf appear: The LORD will to His temple come,

Prepare your hearts to make Him room. 2 O ye fearful hearts, be strong!

Your downcast eyes and hands lift up! Ye shall not be forgotten long:

Hope to the end, in Jesus hope ! Tell Him, ye wait His grace to prove;

And cannot fail, for God is love. 3 Pris'ners of hope, be strong, be bold;

Cast off your doubts, disdain to fear! Dare to believe! on CHRIST lay hold !

Wrestle with Christ in mighty pray'r! Tell Him, “We will not let Thee go,

“Till we Thy Name, Thy nature know." 4 LORD, we believe, and wait the hour

Which all Thy great salvation brings ; The SPIRIT of love, and health, and pow'r,

Shall come and make us priests and kings: Thou wilt perform Thy faithful word,

“ The servant shall be as his LORD.5 The promise stands for ever sure,

And we shall in Thine image shine,
Partakers of a nature pure,

Holy, angelical, divine;
In spirit join'd to Thee, the Son,
As Thou art with Thy FATHER One.


Guidance and Support,

1 ETERNAL GOD, our wond’ring souls

Admire Thy matchless grace;
That Thou wilt walk, that Thou wilt dwell,

With Adam's worthless race.

2 O lead me to that happy path,

Where I my God may meet;
Though hosts of foes begird it round,

Though briers wound my feet.

3 Cheer'd with Thy converse, I can trace

The desert with delight:
Through all the gloom one smile of Thine

Can dissipate the night.
4 Nor shall I through eternal days

A restless pilgrim roam;
Thy hand, that now directs my course,

Shall soon convey me home.
5 I ask not Enoch's rapt'rous flight

To realms of heav'nly day;
Nor seek Elijah's fiery steeds

To bear this flesh away.
6 Joyful my spirit will consent

To drop it's mortal load;
And hail the sharpest pangs of death,

That break it's way to GOD.

Danger and Folly of Declension.
WHEN any turn from Zion's way,

(Alas! what numbers do!)
Methink's I hear my SAVIOUR say,

“ Wilt thou forsake me too ?” 2 Ah, LORD! with such a heart as mine,

Unless Thou hold me fast,
I feel I must, I shall decline,

like them at last.
3 Yet Thou alone hast pow'r, I know,

To save a wretch like me;
To whom, or whither, could I go,

If I should turn from Thee?
4 No voice but Thine can give me rest,

And bid my fears depart; - No love but Thine can make me bless'd,

And satisfy my heart. 5 What anguish has that question stirr'd,

If I will also go?
Yet, Lord, relying on Thy Word,
I humbly answer, No.


Wandering Thoughts. 1 How oft, alas! this wretched heart

Has wander'd from the LORD!
How oft my roving thoughts depart,

Forgetful of His Word ! 2 Yet sov’reign Mercy calls “Return;"

Dear LORD, and may I come?
My vile ingratitude I mourn:

O take the wand'rer home!

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3 And canst Thou, wilt Thou yet forgive,

And bid my crimes remove?
And shall a pardon'd rebel live

To speak Thy wondrous love?
4 Almighty grace, Thy healing pow'r

How glorious, how divine !
That can to life and bliss restore

So vile a heart as mine.

5 Thy pard'ning love, so free, so sweet,

Dear SAVIOUR, I adore :
O keep me at Thy sacred feet,

Avd let me rove no more!


Ashamed of Christ.

1 ASHAM'D of Jesus! can it be?

A mortal man asham'd of Thee!
Scorn'd be the thought, by rich and poor!

I scorn it more and more!

O may

2 Asham'd of Jesus! of that friend

On whom my hopes of heav'n depend !
No! when I blush, be this my shame,
That I no more revere His Name.

3 Asham'd of Jesus! yes, I may,

When I've no sins to wash away,
No tears to wipe, no joys to crave,
And no immortal soul to save.

4. Till then-nor is the boasting vain,

Till then, I'll boast a SAVIOUR slain :
And, O, may this my portion be,
That SAVIOUR not asham'd of me.


Grieving the Holy Spirit.

I STAY, Thou insulted SPIRIT, stay,

Though I have done Thee such despite; Nor cast the sinner quite away,

Nor take Thine everlasting Aight.

2 Though I have steel'd my stubborn heart,

And still shook off my guilty fears,
And vex'd, and urg'd Thee to depart,

For many long rebellious years;
3 Though I have most unfaithful been,

Of all who e'er Thy grace receiv’d;
Ten thousand times Thy goodness seen;

Ten thousand times I'hy goodness griev'd ;

4 Yet, O! the chief of sinners spare,

In honour of my great High PRIEST; Nor in Thy righteous anger swear

T exclude me from Thy people's rest. 5 Now, Lord, my weary soul release,

Upraise me with Thy gracious hand,
And guide into Thy perfect peace,

And bring me to the promis'd land.

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