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Goodness of God.

1 THINE, LORD, is wisdom, thine alone!

Justice and truth before Thee stand; Yet nearer to Thy sacred throne

Mercy withholds Thy lifted hand. 2 Each ev'ning shows Thy tender love,

Each rising morn Thy plenteous grace; Thy wakend terrors slowly move,

Thy willing mercy flies apace. . 3 To Thy benign indulgent care,

FATHER, this light, this breath we owe; And all we have, and all we are,

From Thee, great Source of being, flow. 4 While those, at length, who scorn Thy might,"

Shall feel Thee a consuming fire;
How sweet the joys, the crown how bright,

Of those, who to Thy love aspire!


Wisdom of God.
į WAIT, O my soul, thy Maker's will ;

Tumultuous passions, all be still;
Nor let a murmuring thought arise :

His ways are just, His counsels wise. 2 He in the thickest darkness dwells,

Performs His work, the cause conceals;
But though His methods are unknown,
Judgment and truth support His throne.

3 In heav'n, and earth, and, air, and seas,

He executes His firm decrees;
And by His saints it stands confest,

That what He does is ever best.
4 Wait then, my soul, submissive wait,

Prostrate before His awful seat;
And 'midst the terror of His rod
Trust in a wise and gracious God.


Power of God.

1 ENTHRON'D on high th’ALMIGHTY reigns

Witb sov'reign, universal sway;
He executes what He ordains,

And none His powerful hand can stay. 2 The thunder of His glorious power

What mortal mind can understand ?
Archangels wonder and adore,

Hell trembles at His dread command. 3 Armies are nothing with the LORD,

Dispers'd like chaff before the wind;
And worlds, if He should give the word,

Vanish, and leave no trace behind.
4 Transporting thought! this God is mine ;

His pow'r engag'd my soul to save : The hand that keeps me is divine,

And will redeem me from the grave. 5 Come, sinner, bow before His throne;

With contrite heart, draw nigh to GOD; “ Be wise" in time, and “kiss the Son,"

Lest thou be crush'd beneath His rod.


Faithfulness of God.

1 BEGIN, my tongue, some heav'nly theme,

And speak some boundless thing;
The mighty works, or mightier Name,

Of our eternal King.

2 Tell of His wondrous faithfulness,

And sound His pow'r abroad;
Sing the sweet promise of His grace,

And the performing God.

3 Proclaim salvation from the LORD

For wretched dying men ;
His hand has writ the sacred Word

With an immortal pen.

4 Engrav'd as in eternal brass

The mighty promise shines,
Nor can the pow’rs of darkness rase

Those everlasting lines.

5 His very Word of


is strong As that which built the skies : The voice that rolls the stars along

Speaks all the promises.

6 O might I hear Thy heav'nly tongue

But whisper, Thou art Mine !
Those gentle words should raise my song

To notes almost divine.


Faithfulness of God. 1 How oft have sin and Satan strove

To rend my soul from Thee, my God! But everlasting is Thy love,

And JESUS seals it with His blood. 2 The oath and promise of the LORD

Join to confirm the wondrous grace;
Eternal Pow'r performs the word,

And fills all Heav'n with endless praise. 3 Amidst temptations sharp and long

My soul to this dear refuge flies :
Hope is my anchor, firm and strong,

While tempests blow, and billows rise. 4 The Gospel bears my spirit up;

A faithful and unchanging God
Lays the foundation for my hope,
İn oaths, and promises, and blood.


Dirine Attributes in general. 1

The Lord Jehovah reigns,

His throne is built on high ;
The garments He assumes

Are light and majesty :
His glory shines with beams so bright,

No mortal eye can bear the sight. 2 The thunders of His hand

Keep the wide world in awe ;
His wrath and justice stand

To guard His holy law:
And where His love resolves to bless,
His truth confirms and seals the grace!

Through all His ancient works

Surprising wisdom shines,
Confounds the pow'rs of hell,

And breaks their dark designs :
Strong is His arm, and shall fulál

His great decrees, His sov'reign will. 4 And can this mighty King

Of glory condescend?
And will He write His Name,

My Father and my Friend?
I love His Name, I love His Word;
Join all my pow'rs, and praise the LORD.


Trinity (us in the Litany.] i FATHER of Heav'n! whose love profound

A ransom for our souls has found,
Before Thy throne we sinners bend;

To us Thy pard’ning love extend. 2 Almighty Son! Incarnate Word!

Our Propbet-Priest --Redeemer- LORD! Before Thy throne we sinners bend;

To us Thy saving grace extend.
3 Eternal SPIRIT! by whose breath

The soul is rais'd from sin and death,
Before Thy throne we sinners bend;

To us Thy quick’ning pow'r extend.

Mysterious Godhead! Three in One!
Before Thy throne we sinners bend ;
Grace, pardon, life, to us extend,

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