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But if the Communion be not' given as a Viati-


in the usual manner :
May the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, pre-

serve, &c.

q Then he says,
P. The Lord be with you.
A. And with thy spirit.

Let us pray O Hoy Lord, Alinighty Father, Eternal God, we beseech thee in faith, that the sacred body of our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son, may be available to this our Brother, (or Sister) that bath received it, as a medicine for eternity, both for body and soul. Thro'. After Cominunion, an Exhortation may be read,

to this Efect. RETURN thanks now to your Saviour Jesus Christ whom you have received in this holy sacrament, and make an offering of all the powers of your soul, and of your whole being, to him. Reflect how great is your happiness in being thus united to him, in having him come to take his abode in your breast, and by this union becoming entitled to that everlasting life, which he has graciously promised to all who worthily receive him. Say now with the Spouse in the Cantic!e, iii. 4. I have found him whom my soul loveth; I will hold him fast, and will not let him go. Invite all heaven and earth, with all the angels and saints of God, to bless him, to praise him, and to glorify him for ever, for this and the innumerable other favours and mercies he has bestowed upon you; and resolve to employ all the remaining time of your life in rendering him an acceptable homage of thanksgiving and love. bim, who knows your inability to make him a suitable return for these his favours, to accept of


Beg of

your good will, and of your heart, and to give his blessing to this poor house, into which he bas vouchsafed to enter. Beseech him to wash away all your sins with his precious blood, and to strengthen you in such manner by his grace, as that you may henceforward be ever faithful to him; and may never more, by sin, provoke hin to depart from your soul.

Behold I leave you now in his blessed company; keep as attentive to his presence as possibly you 'can; and entertain yourself sweetly and quietly with him.


BENEDICTION TO A DYING PERSON. 9 The sick person having confessed his Sins, and made

a fervent Act of Contrition, he is directed to offer all his Pains und Sufferings to God, in satisfaction for that Penunce rulich the dirine Justice exacted of him in this Life. He is then instructed io re. gose an entire confidence in Jesus Christ, and in the Prayers of his Church ; after which the Priest says; P. Our trust is in the name of the Lord. A. Who'made heaven and earth.

Anthem. Remember not, O Lord, the sins of thy servant, neither take thou vengeance of his sins. P. Lord have

mercy upon him,
A. Christ bave mercy upon hima
P. Lord have mercy upon him.
Our Father, &c.
P. And lead us' not into temptation.
A. But deliver us from evil.
P. Save thy servant.
A. Trusting in thee, my God.
P. O Lord, hear my prayer.
A. And let my cry come unto thee.
P. The Lord be with you.
A. And with thy spirit.

Let us pray.

Most tender Lord, Father of mercies, and God of all consolation, who desirest that no one should perish that believes and hopes in thee; according to the multitude of thy mercies, look with compassion on thy servant N. for whom true faith and christian hope now plead. Visit him with salvation, and, by the passion and death of thy only Son, graciously grant him the remission. and pardon of all his sins, that his soul may find thee a merciful judge at the hour of his death ; and being purified from all stain in the blood of a Redeemer, he may deserve to pass to life everlasting. Thro'. 9 Then after repeating the Confession Prayer, in the

usual Way, 8c. the Church proceeds by her Minisa ter to release the Soul from all and every Bond of Penance, as follows, which is called a plenary Indulgence :

May our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, who gave to blessed Peter, his Apostle, the power of binding and loosing; in his gracious mercy receive thy confession, and restore to thee that robe which thou first received in baptism; and in virtue of that power committed to me by the apostolic see, I grant thee a plenary indulgence and remission of all thy sins, in the name of the Father, fo and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

May the Almighty God, by the mystery of the sacred incarnation, forgive thee whatever punishment is due to sin in the present or future life; may he open to thee the gates of paradise, and conduct thee to eternal happiness, Amen.

May the blessing of the almighty God, Father, fo Son, and Holy Ghost, remain with thee for ever. Amen.

THE BURIAL OF THE DEAD. The Priest going into the House of the Deceaser, sprinkles the Corpse with Holy Water, he then recites the Anthem, If thou, O Lord, wilt observe Iniquities, O Lord, &c. with psalm cxxix. From the Depths, &c. And while the Body is carrying to the Church is said L. Psalm, Have mercy upon me, O God, &c. Then if Time and Opportunity permits, the Dirge, that is the Office of the dead is said. Afterwards the Priest reads the Burial Service as follows:

Enter not into judgment, O Lore!, with thy servant, for no man shall be justified in thy sight, unless thou vouchsafe to forgive him all his sins.Let not, therefore, we beseech thee, thy sentence of punishment fall upon him, whom the true supplication of Christian faith recommendeth to thee, but through the assistanee of thy grace, may he escape the sentence of condemnation, who, whilst he was living, was signed with the mark of the blessed Trinity, who livest and reignest one God, world without end. Amen.

Response, Deliver him, O Lord, from eternal death, at that dreadful day, when the heavens and the earth shall be moved, when thou shalt come to judge the world by fire. Vers. I tremble, and fear at the thought of reckoning, and of the death to come, when the heavens and the earth shall be moved,

Vers. That great and most bitter day, that day of wrath, catamity, and misery, when thou shalt come to judge the world by fire.

Vers. Eternal rest give to him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Deliver him, O Lord, &c, to Vers. I tremble, &c.

V. Lord have mercy upon us. R. Christ have mercy upon us. Our Father, &c. V. And lead us nnt into temptation, R. But deliver us from evil. V. From the gates of hell. R. liver soul,

Lord. V. May he rest in peace. R. Amen. V.0 Lord, hear my prayer. R. And let my cry come unto thee. V. The Lord be with you. Ř. And with thy spirit.

Let us pray.

O God, whose property is always to have mercy and to spare, we humbly beseech thee for the soul of thy servant, N. which thou hast called out of this world, that thou wouldst not deliver it into the power of the enemy, nor forget it for ever, but command it to be received into the hands of thy holy angels, and be carried to the blessed abodes of happiness and peace ; that as it hath faith and hope in thee, it may not be consigned to a place of punishment, but may take possession of joys everlasting, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. *

Anih. May the angels conduct thee into Paradise ; may the martyrs receive thee on thy ar

* The following prayer for the dead was formerly read by Protese stants in their burial service. (See Common Prayer-Book of Edward VI.)

Let us pray. O Lord, with whom do lire the spirits of them that are dead, and in whom the souls of them that are elected (after they are de. livered from the burden of the flesh) are in lore and felicity ; grant unto this thy serrant that the sins which he committed in this world be not imputed unto him, but that he, escaping the gates of hell and pains of eternal darkness, may erer dwell in the region of light with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the place where is no weeping, sorrow, nor heaviness; and when that dread*ful day of the general resurrection shall come, make him to rise also with the just and righteous, and receive this body again to glory, then made pure and incorruptible ; set him on the right hand of thy Son Jesus Christ among thy holy elect, that then he may near with them, these most sueel and comfortable words, Come to me je blessed of the Father, possess the kingdom which bath bren prepared for you from the beginning of the world. Grant this, we beseech thee, O most merciful Father, through Jesus Christ our Medlutar and Redeemer. Amen.

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