Bancroft's First[-fifth] Reader, Book 2

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Page 25 - What does little birdie say In her nest at peep of day ? Let me fly, says little birdie, Mother, let me fly away. Birdie, rest a little longer, Till the little wings are stronger. So she rests a little longer, Then she flies away. What does little baby say, In her bed at peep of day ? Baby says, like little birdie, Let me rise and fly away.
Page 114 - tis a little thing Dropped in the heart's deep well ; The good, the joy, that it may bring, Eternity shall tell...
Page 158 - With the wheat-fields that nod and the rivers that flow, With cities and gardens, and cliffs, and isles And people upon you for thousands of miles? "Ah, you are so great, and I am so small, I...
Page 141 - seven times" over and over, Seven times one are seven. I am old, so old, I can write a letter; My birthday lessons are done; The lambs play always, they know no better; They are only one times one.
Page 114 - Speak gently to the aged one, — Grieve not the care-worn heart; The sands of life are nearly run: Let such in peace depart.
Page 142 - O columbine, open your folded wrapper, Where two twin turtle-doves dwell ! 0 cuckoopint, toll me the purple clapper That hangs in your clear green bell...
Page 142 - Where two twin turtle-doves dwell ? 0 cuckoopint, toll me the purple clapper That hangs in your clear green bell! And show me your nest with the young ones in It; I will not steal them away; 1 am old ! you may trust me, linnet, linnet, — I am seven times one to-day.
Page 122 - I wonder if he knew How sad the bird would feel ? " A little boy hung down his head, And went and hid behind the bed ; For he stole that pretty nest From poor little yellow-breast ; And he felt so full of shame, He didn't like to tell his name.
Page 113 - SPEAK gently ! it is better far To rule by love than fear ; Speak gently ! let not harsh words mar The good we might do here.
Page 142 - They are only one times one. 0 moon! in the night I have seen you sailing And shining so round and low; You were bright! ah, bright! but your light is failing— You are nothing now but a bow. You moon, have you done something wrong in heaven, That God has hidden your face? I hope if you have you will soon be forgiven, And shine again in your place.

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