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Rivet. I my eyes will rivet on his facę

A.S. PRjvented trim

Hamlet.13 2 Rivo, says the drunkard

Ant. and Cleop. 4 479 Road. This Doll Tearsheet should be some road

i Henry iv. 2) 445 I warrant you, as common as the way between St. Alban's and London

2 Henry iv. 2 2 48 At last with easy roads he came to Leicester

Ibid. 21 21 49 Ready, when time shall prompt them, to make road upon us again

Henry viii. 4 216 You know the very road into his kindness, and cannot lose your way

Coriolanus. 31 1171

Ibid. 5 117
Ream. Rome shall remedy this.-Roam thither then
Roan. That Roan Mali be my throne

1 Henry vi. 3 15 Now, Roan, I'll take thy bulwarks to the ground

i Henry iv. 2 314 Let me play the lion too: I will roar, that I will do any man's heart good to hear

i Henry vi. 3 215 me: I will roar, that I will make the duke fay, let bim roar again Mid. N. Dr. I 2 - I will roar you as gently as any fucking dove; I will roar you an 'twere a nightingale

Ibid. 1 2 As we mall make our griefs and clamour roar upon his death

Macbeib. 1173 Is this a place to roar in

Henry viii. 513 But I fear, they'll roar him in again

Coriolanus. 4 6 = Nay, lay thee down and roar; for thou hast kill'd the sweetest innocent Orbello. 5) 210 Roar'd. There roard the sea, and trumpet clangor sounds

2 Henry iv. 5 This torture should be roar'd in dismal hell

Romeo and Juliet. 31 2 Rarers. What care there roarers for the name of king

Tempeft. 11 Rearing. Bardolph, and Nym, had ten times more valour than this roaring devil

H. 0.4 4 When Antony found Julius Cæsar dead, he cried almost to roaring Ant. and Cleo. 3 Roaft. Suffolk, the new made Duke, that rules the roast

2 Henry vi. 1 - me in sulphur

Orbello. 51 21 Rrafied in wrath, and fire

Hamlet. 2 Ridied. But with such words that but roated in your tongue

Coriolanus. 31 2 Rob. Even such, they say, as stand in narrow lanes, and beat our watch, and rob our passengers

Richard i. 5) 3
Now could thou and I rob the thieves, and go merrily to London, it would be argu-
ment for a week, laughter for a month, and a good jest for ever

I Henry iv. 2
And rob in the behalf of charity

Trvi. and Cred: 5 3
I'll rob none but myself: and let me die, stealing so poorly

Cymbeline. 41 2 Kobb’d. For where I am robb’d and bound, there must I be unloos'd Henry viii. 24 The robb'd that smiles takes something from the thief

Orbello. 1 31 'He that is robb’d, not wanting what is stolen, let him not know it, and he's not robb'd at all

Ibid.31 311 Robbers. And what makes robbers bold, but too much lenity

3 Henry vi. 26 Rubbery. Thieves for their robbery have authority, when Judges steal themselves M. for M.2 Progress of money acquired by robbery

i Herry iv. Robbing. To watch like one that fears robbing

Two Gent. of Verona. 2 Robe. Sure this rohe of mine does change my disposition

Winier's Tale. 4 3

Lid. 5 2
You were best say, there robes are not gentiemnan born

Macbäib. 21 41
Left our old robes fit casier than our new
My rohe and my integrity to heaven, is all I dare call mine own

Henry viii. 3 2
When old robes are worn out, there are members to make new Ant. and Cleep.

Lear. 41
and furr'd gowns hide all
A bin, pare to Falstaff. D. P.

Merry W. of Windh.
Rubin Goodfillow, or Puck. D. P.

Midf. Nighi's Drean.
Robin Hood. On the bare scalp of Robin Hood's fat friar

Iwo Gent. of Verona. 4

As Ycu Like It.I And there they live like the old Robin Hood of England

Two Gent, of Ver.121
Rubin-red-breaft. To relin a song like a robin-red-breast

R bufrious perriwig pated fellow
Rocks. And not one vessel 'scape the dreadful touch of merchant-marring rocks

ilerchant of Venice. 3 2

2 Henry 13
The splitting rocks cowr'd in the finking sands
Oh, I could hew up rocks, and fight with fiint, I am so angry at these abject terms ib. 51
Lo, where comes that rock, that I advise your Munning

Sleep rock thy brain

i Henryiv. hinnid and scourg'd with rods


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A. S. P. C. L. koderigo. D.P.

Orbello 1043 Roe. Here comes Romeo, without his roe, like a dried herring Romeo and Juliet.241 9782223 Whip to your tents, as rocs run o'er the land

Love's Labour Loft. 5 2 1651 14
Rogero. D. P.

Winter's Tale. 333
Rogue, I never heard such a drawling, affecting rogue,

M. W. of Wind. 2
very rogues, now they be out of service

Ibid. 2

The Slies are no rog

Indus. to Tan. of the Sbrew.
Having flown over many knavish professions, he settled only in a rogue Wi's Tale. 4. 2349 2 2
Let him call me rogue for being so far officious; for I am proof against that title,
and what shame elle belongs to 't

Ibid. 41 31 357 239
A very filthy rogue

Troila and Cref: 51 41 88812 50 Roguery. There is nothing but roguery to be found in villainous men,

i Henryir. 24 45212 33 Reisting. I have a rojsting challenge sent amongst the dull and factious nobles of the Greeks

Troil. and Cradla

2 868259 Roll. All the courses of my life do Mew I am not in the roll of common men

1 H.iu.l3

1 457 153 Romage. The chief head of this post-hatte and romage in the land

Hamle!. I 1 100012 37 Roman. One in whom the ancient Roman honour more appears, than any that draws breath in Italy

Merchant of Venice. 3 2 212152 Why Tould I play the Roman fool, and die on mine own sword Macberb. 5 7 386 1 21 I will imitate the honourable Roman in brevity

2 Henry iv. 2 2 482054 senators, D. P.


We are come off like Romans, neither foolila in our stands, nor cowardly in retire 16. 6709127
I would not be a Roman of all nations, I had as lieve be a condemn'd man Ibid. 41 51 730 8
A Roman by a Roman valiantly vanquish'd

Ant. and Cleop. 4131 797117
D. P.

Titus Andronicus.
A Roman with a Roman's heart can suffer

Cymbeline. 5 5 924218
I am more an antique Roman than a Dane

Hamlet. 5) 210411129 Do you triumph, Roman

Orbelto. 4 1 1068|2|13 Rome. John hath made his peace with Rome; what is that peace to me K. Jobr. 5 2 4082 28

Am I Rome's llave, what penny hath Rome borne, what men provided, what munition sent

Ihid. 52 4082 33 The nurse of judgment

Henry wii. 21 2 6812150
Abhor this dilatory Soth, and tricks of Rome

Ibid. 21 41 68512 15
Whose gratitude towards her deserved children is enrolld in Jove's own book Cor. 31 1 722151
The honour'd gods keep Rome in safety, and the chairs of justice supply'd with wor-
thy men

Ihid. 34 34 725414 thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods

7. Cæfar.1 2 743 212 Here is a mourning Rome, a dangerous Rome, no Rome of safety, for Octavius yet

Ibid. 31 1

7541249 Let Rome in Tyber melt! and the wide arch of the rang d empire fall Art, and Cleip. Ik 767 224

Dost thou not perceive that Rome is but a wilderness of tygers Tirus Andron. 31 1 842119
Romeo, nurse's description of

Rem, and Jul. 2 5l 98012151
Romißh. To mart as in a Romish stew

Cymbeline. 17900226 Ronyon. Your ronyon

Merry Woof Windsor. 41 2 67129 -Aroint thee, witch! the rump-fed ronyon cries

Macberb. 1

3 364/21 g Road. An early stirrer, by the rood

2 Henry iv. 3 2 489115 By the rood

Romeo and Juliet. 1

31 972148 Roof of heaven

Antory and Cleap. 31 6784247 Rcokid. The raven rook'd her on the chimney's top

3 Henry vi. 5 61 631 261 Rom. O lawful let it be, that I have room with Rome to curse a while King Jobr. 3 397239

And all the unlook’d-for issue of their bodies, to take their rooms, ere I can place

3. Henry vi. 3 2
ogs. It is impossible you Mould take root

Much Ado About No:bing. 31 124 2 57 And will not once remove the root of his opinion, which is rotten, as ever oak or stone was spund

Winter's Tale. 21 31 34221 But that myself mould be the root, and father of many kings

Macburb. 31 | 372|1 60 But fet his murdering knife unto the root from whence that tender fpray did sweetly spring

3 Henry vi. 2 6 6.5237 And rape, I fear, was root of thine annoy

Titus Andronicus. 4 1845125 He cut our roots in characters

Cymbeline. 4 29:51 20 Rcoted. They rooted between them such an affection as cannot but branch now W.T.

1 333 2 2 Thy truth and thy integrity, is rooted in us, thy friend

Henry vili.'s 1697 2 50 Rope. Thou drunken llave, i fent thee for a rope

Comedy of Errors. 4 1 11311 45


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Love's Labor Loft.


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Il 261/2

Rope. Five hundred ducats, villain, for a rope

A.S. P. C.L. Poor ropes you are beguild, both you and I

Comedy of Errors.141 41 suis

Rom. and Jul 31 21 98514)
Rope's end. Buy a rope's end
Beware the rope's end

Comedy of Errors. 14/112115
Rope-maker. God and the rope-maker bear me witness

Ibid. 41 41 11521 Ropery. What faucy merchant was this, that was so full of his ropery Romeo and Juliet. 312 27912

Ibid. 4) 4) 176
Rope-tricks. He'll rail in his rope tricks

Taming of the
Rosalind. D.P.


As You Like It.
Rosaline. D. P.


147 Roscius. What scene of death hath Roscius now to act

3 Henry vi. 5) 61 6312) When Rofcius was an actor in Rome

Hamlet. 2 2/1014/15 Rose. I had rather be a canker in a hedge, than a rose in his grace

M. Ado Ab, Notb.) 3) 1242 Fair ladies mask'd, are roses in the bud

Love's Lab. Loft. 5) 21682 At Christmas I no more desire a rose, than wish a snow in May's new fangled Thews

Ibid. 1

1 1481 Hoary-headed frosts fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose

Midf. Night's Dream. 21 2 1801 With sweet musk roses


181) Some to kill cankers in the musk-rose buds

Ibid. 2


181/2) Of colour like the red rose on triumphant brier

Ibid. 3) 1 184) Say, that the frown; I'll say she looks as clear as morning roses newly wash'd with dew

Taming of the Sbrew.2 But when you have our roses you barely leave our thorns to prick ourselves, and mock us with our bareness

All's Well. 4/ 22967 My face so thin, that in mine ear I durft not stick a rose

King 1) 3893 But soft, but fee, or rather do not see, my fair rose wither

Ricbard ii. 5) 1434" To put down Richard, that sweet lovely rose, and plant this thorn, this canker, Bolingbroke

i Henry iv. l1

3) 4462 - red and white, origin of their becoming the badges of the Houses of York and Lancaster

i Henry vi. 2 I see no reason if I wear this rose, that any one should therefore be suspicious Toid.122 7 567/1 I cannot reft, until the white rose, that I wear, be dy'd even in the luke-warin blood of Henry's heart

3 Henry vi. 1 The red rose and the white are on his face

Ibid. 21 51 6142 Wither one rose, and let the other flourish

Ibid. 2) 3) 61412 Their lips were four red roses on a stalk

Ricbard ii. 141 3) 6582 We will unite the white rose and the red:-smile heaven upon this fair conjunction

Ibid. s 466912 Against the blown rose may they stop their nose, that kneelid unto the buds

Antony and Cleop. 311 7882 What's in a name that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as

Romeo and Juliet. 2

Ibid. 4
The roles in thy lips and cheeks shall fade to paly alhes

Hamler. 3
The expectancy and rose of the fair state
With two provincial roles on my rayed shoes

Ibid.31 4/10245
Takes off the rose from off the forehead of an innocent love

Ibid. 41 510301
O rose of May
When I have pluck'd thy rose, I cannot give it vital growth again, it needs mult

Oibello. 5

2 1075) wither Rosemary. For you there's rosemary, and rue; these keep seeming and savour all the

Winter's Tale.4
winter long

Rom. & ful. 2
Doth not rosemary and Romeo begin both with a letter
Dry up your tears and stick your rosemary on this fair corse

There's rosemary, that's for remembrance

552) 2

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975)2 I

99012 1101811 2 102 1/2

Ibid. 3

Ibid. 41

3 35012 4 98011 51 993/1 510301

Ibid. Kolencrantz. D. P.

Ricbard ii.

413 Roli. Lord D. P.


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A. S. P. C. L. Rough. As rough, their royal blood enchaf'd, as the rudeft wind

Cymbeline.141 21.91621 8 Rougb-caft. Let him have some plaster, or some lome, or some rough-cast about him to fignify wall

Mid. Nigbt's Dream. 31 1 183 234 Rougb-bew. There's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will

Hamlet. 5) 21037 1/12 Round. Am I fo round with you, as you with me

Com. of Err. 2 1 1062/22 The queen your mother rounds apace

Winter's Tale. 2 I

339113 And chastise with the valour of my tongue all that impedes thee from the golden round

Macberb. 1 51 3662 54 Your reproof is something too round

Henry w. 41 1 529138 And on your heads clap round fines, for neglect

Henry viii. 5 3 7012 22 I will be round with him, now he comes from hunting

Timon of Atbens. 2 2 8101123
I went round to work

Let her be round with him

Ibid. 31 11018 2 8

Otbello. 1
I will a round unvarnish'd tale deliver

31047259 Rounded in the ear

K. Jobn.2 3952139 in with danger

Troi, and Cref. 1 3 8632 8 Roundel. Come, now a roundel, and a fairy song

Midf. Night's Dream. 21 31 1812 12 Roundeft. He answer'd me in the roundest manner, he would not

Lear. 1 41 935148

Winter's Tale. 1 Rounding. They're here with me already; whispering, rounding

2 33611150 Roundly. Shall I then come roundly to thee

Tam. of the Sbrew. I 21 258 11 1 'Tis like you'll prove a jolly surly groom, that take it on you at the first so roundly

Ibid. 3 2 266 2 33 replied

Ibid. 51 21 2751 57 And fell fo roundly to a large confession, to angle for your thoughts Troi. and Crep 3 2 874 1 19 Round-man,' You whoreson round-man! what's the matter

1 Henry iv.2 41 452 2 SI Roundure. 'Tis not the roundure of your old faced walls

K. Jobr. 2 1 393 1 10 Round-wombid. Whereupon the grew round-womb'd

Lear. 1 1 9291118

Hamlet.14/1005244 Rouse. The king doth wake to-night, and takes his rouse O'ertook in his rouse

Ibid. 2 1 10091156 'Fore heaven, they have given me a rouse already

Otkello. 21 31055155

All's Well. Roufillon, Bertram, Count of. D. P.

277 Countess. D. P.

Ibid. 277 Rout. And after me I know the rout is coming

Tam, of the Sbrew. 3 2 2661

1159 If you know that I profess myself in banqueting to all the rout, then hold me dan

Julius Cæfar. 1 21 74316 gerous of nations

Tim. of Aibens. 4 31 820 1114 Nothing routs us, but the villainy of our fears

Cymbeline. 5 2 920 2 28 Row. The first row of this pious chanson will Mew you more

Hamlet. 2 2/1014/2/20 Rowel. Who ne'er wore rowel nor iron on his heel

Cymbeline. 44 9201 Rowland.

Meaf. for Mcaf.4 5 972 22 England all Olivers and Rowlands bred

i Henry vi. 1 27 545 235 Rogal. Give him as much as will make him a royal man

i Henry iv. 2 454 149 All was royal; to the disposing of it nought rebelled

Henry viii. 1

1672 143 Royalize. To royalize his blood I spilt mine own

Ricbard iii. 1 3 639 110 Royal mercbant. Enough to press a royal merchant down

Mer. of Venice.

1 2153 Royalties. These long-usurped royalties from the dead temples of this bloody wretch have I pluck'd off, to grace thy brows withal

Ricbard ii. 51 41 669212 Royalty. Now hear our English King, for thus his royalty doth speak in me K. fobr. 5) 2409/11 6

And then all this thou feeft, is but a clod and module of confounded royalty Ibid. 57 41124
My father, and my uncle, and myself, did give him that same royalty he wears

i Henry iv.1434662 18 Roynish. The roynish clown, at whom so oft your grace was wont to laugh, is also milfing

As You Like It, 2 2 229240 Rubs. To leave no rubs, nor botches in the work


3 11 374 1 28 Madam, we'll play at bowls; 'twill make me think, the world is full of rubs R. ii. 3. 41 430 2 11 We doubt not now, but every rub is smoothed in our way

Henry v.12

517 2.12 What rub or what impediment there is

Ibid. 5 2 538 21 5 Nor has Coriolanus deserv'd this so dishonour'd rub

Coriolanus. 3 1 719233 He rubs the vein of him

Treilus and Cref:2 31 8701156 on and kiss the mistress

Ibid. 3 21 8751 22 To neep; perchance, to dream :--Ay, there's the rub


11017143 Rubb’d. "Tis the duke's pleasure, whose disposition, all the world well knows, will not be rubb’d, nor stopp'd


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A.S. P. Love's Labour Lo4 11 158 Comedy, of Errors. 3 2 111

Cymbeline. 2 24 902 Twelfeb. Nigbt. 1 4 310 Cymbeline

. 41 21 917

All's Well. 3) 2 291

be gone


Rubbing. I fear too much rubbing

uoparagon'd, how dearly they do't
Rubious. Diana's lip is not more smooth and rubious
Ruddock. The ruddock would with charitable bill bring thee all this
Ruddy drops, As deur to me as are the ruddy drops that visit my sad heart Julius Cajar. 2 1 749
Rude boys.' And he deserves, a lord, that twenty such rude boys might tend upon
Rudents. This rudeness is a sauce to his good wit
Rudifty. To give my hand, oppos'd against my heart, unto a mad-brain ruderby, full

Julius Cafur.l1 2 744 of spleen

Taming of the Sbrew. 3] 2 264

Twelftb. Nigbt. 4 + 327 R. Nought shall make us rue, if England to itself do reft but true

King Jubna 5) 7) 413 - For you there's rosemary and rue; these keep seeming and favour all the winter long

Winter's Tule. 4 31 35€ But what thou art, heaven, thou, and I do know; and all too soon I fear the king shall

Richard ii. 11 31 418 Here did he drop a tear; hese, in this place, i'll set a bank of rue, four herb of grace

Ibid. 31 41 435 France thou shalt rue this treason with thy tears

1 Henry vi. 3.) 2 55 And in thy closet pent up, rue my shame

2 Henry vi. 21 4 58. Thou and thy house thall rue it

3 Henry vi. 160If you deny them, all the land will rue it

Richard ii. 3 7 65 the tears I med, a mother's tears in pallion for her son

Titus Andron. 1/2.83 There's rue for you;--and here's some for me,--we may call it herb of grace o Sundays: you may wear your rue with a difference

Harles. 41 5103 Ruffs. With ruits and cuffs, and fardingals and things

Taming of the Sbrew.4) 312 I'll murder your ruff for this

2 Henry iv. 21 4 48 Ruffan. Talk with a ruffian at her chamber-window

M. Ado About. Ņotb. 41 1 A mad-cap ruffian and a swearing jack

Taming of the Shrew Rich men look sad, and ruffians dance and leap

Richard ii. 21 41 42 Let the old ruffian know, I have many other ways to die Antony and Cleopo 4) 1 79 Ruffiand. If it hath ruffian'd so at fea

Otbello, 2 3105 Ruffie. Were an Antony would rufe up your spirits, and put a tongue in every wound of Cæsar's

Julius Cizfar. 3 275 To cutħe in the commonwealth of Rome

Titus Andron. 1 Alack, the night comes on, and the bleak winds do sorely ruffie

Lear. 2) 4) 95 With robbers' hands, my hospitable favours you should not ruste thus

Ibid. 3 71 95 D. P. Rugby, lervant to Dr. Caius.

Merry Wives of Windfir.

As 1 c. Like I:.2 51 23 Rugged. My voice is rugged

Macbob. 3

37 Sleek o'er your rugged looks Rugged's. And approach the rugged'st hour that time and spight dare bring 2 Hen. iv. i

Riiburá 11. 2 Rug-headed. We mult iuppiant those rough rug-headed kerns

King Jobr. 4) 3 4 Ruin. Ķnceling before this ruin of sweet life


2 licnry vi. 51 ? Come thou, new ruin of old Clifford's house Restor'd me to my honours, and, out of ruins, made my name once more noble


Henry viii. 2 Thou art the ruins of the noblest man, that ever liv'd in the tide of times 7. Cajar. 3

Cymbeline.42 9 The ruin speaks, that sometime it was a worthy building

Comedy uf Errors. 3! 2
Ruirase. Shall love, in building, grow so ruinate
I will not ruinate my father's house, who gave his blood to lime the stones together

3 Henry vi. 5 Then afterwards, to order well the state; that like events may ne'er it ruinate

Titus Andron. 5 3 lady's favour at any thing more than contempt, you would not

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