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A. S. P. C.L. Retires. And thou hast talk'd of fallies and retires; of trenches, tents i Henry iv. 24 31-4502152

Ne'er may he live to see a sun-line day, that cries Retire, when Warwick bids him stay

3 Henry vi. 2

1 611121 - He that retires, I'll take him for a Volce, and he hall feel mine edge Coriclanus. 41 708151 Not fate, obedience, nor the hand of Mars beckoning with fiery truncheon my retire

Troil. and Cressida. | 3 Thou doft miscall retire: I do not fly

Ilid. 5 Retir'd. That he, our hope, might have retir'd his power, and have driven into despair an enemy's hope

Richard ii. 2 2 423 133 Retirement. A comfort of retirement lives in this

1 Henry iv. 41 | 464 147 I beseech your majesty, make up, left your retirement do amaze your friends Ibid. 15 41 4702 20 Retort. And they retort that heat again

Troilus and Cred: 31 31 8752 26 Retort-courteous.

As You Like It. 5| 4249 2 20 Retra&t. And had as ample power as I have will, Paris should ne'er retract what he hath done

Troj. and Crefl:12

2 867 2162 Retreat. In a retreat he outruns any lacquey

All's Well. 41 31 2992 7 Let us make an honourable retreat, though not with bag and baggage, yet with scrip and scrippage

As You Like It. 3 21 2361114 Retrograde. It is most retrograde to our desire

Hamlet. I 2 10021226 Return. Let the trumpets sound while we return these dukes what we decree R. ii. 1 31 417153

I'll pawn my victories, all my honours to you, upon his good returns T.of Ab. 3 51 81718 Revels. I delight in masks and revels sometimes altogether

Tw. Nigbl. 1 3 309 230 You cannot revel into Dukedoms there

Henry v.

2 5131 40 To revel in the entrails of my lambs

Ricbard iii. 41 41 661 26 Antony, that revels long o'nights, is notwithstanding up

J. Cæfar.21 2 751132 He fishes, drinks, and wastes the lamps of night in revel

Antony and Cleo. 1 This heavy-headed reveh east and west, makes us traduc'd, and tax'd of other nations

Hamlet. 1 4 1006 1 4 Revenge. Humours of revenge

Merry W. of Windjor. 13 49235 If it feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge

Mercb. of Venice. 31 1 209419 No fatisfaction, no revenge

Ibid.31 1 209 164 I will go fit and weep, 'till I can find occasion of revenge Tam. of the Sbrew. 2 260 146 Though my revenges were high bent upon him, and watch'd the time to shoot A.W.151 3 302 2 20 His revenges must in that be made more bitter

Winter's Tale. 1 2 338 239 Let's make us med'cines of our great revenge, to cure this deadly grief Macbeth. 4) 3 382 228 - burn in them

Ibid. 1 5 2 38312 42 Were revenge did paint the fearful difference of incensed kings

K. Jsbn. 3 1 3981143 Till I have set a glory on this hand, by giving it the worship of revenge Ibid. 41 31 406 1131 Farewel my blood, which if to day thou Med, lament we may, but not revenge thee dead

Richard ii. 1 3 416244 I take thy groat, in earnest of revenge

Henry v. 151 1 5372 51 When merchant-like I sell revenge, broke be my


2 Henry vi. 14 I 59112/45 Think therefore on revenge, and cease to weep

Ibid. 41 41 5942152 And you both vow'd revenge on him, his sons, his favourites, and his friends 3 H. vi.l1 1604136 They seek revenge, and therefore will not yield

Ibid. I


Ibid. 2 Tears, then, for babes; blows and revenge for me

1610137 Withhold revenge, dear God! 'tis not my fault

Ibid. 2

2 61 2 2 I speak this in hunger for bread, not in thirst for revenge

Coriolanus. 1 1 7032 And vows revenge as spacious, as between the youngest and oldest thing Ibid. Though I owe my revenge properly, my revenge lies in Volcian breasts Ibid. 5) 273412131 To revenge is no valour, but to bear

Timon of Alb. 31 5 816222 Then which way shall I find Revenge's cave

Titus Andronicus. 3

1843260 But Plato sends me word, if you will have revenge from hell you shall Ibid. 51 31 848 1150 I am Revenge; sent from the infernal kingdom, to ease the gnawing vulture of thy mind

Ibid. 5) 2852 7123 Tell him, Revenge is come to join with him, and work confusion on his enemies Ib. 5 2

851219 Pleasure and revenge have cars more deaf than adders, to the voice of any true decision

Troil. and Cred:21

2867131 Hope of revenge thall hide our inward woe

Ibid. 511 8971113 The revenges we are bound to take upon your traiterous father, are not fit for your beholding

Lear. 3 7951158 I would, revenges, that posible strength might meet, would seek us through, and put us to our answer

Cymbelina. 4 2 916143 hould have no bounds

Hamlet. 141 71032 2116


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A.S. P. C.L. Revenge. Had all his hairs been lives, my great revenge had ftomach for them all Orhello.1 51 241076|2/20 Then murder's out of tune, and sweet revenge grows harsh

Ibid. 5 2 1077416 Reveng'd. Be reveng'd: or she that bore you, was no queen, and you recoil-from your

Cymbeline. 1 7 900 57 Revengeful. You know his nature, that he's revengeful

Henry vm. 16731420 Revenue My revenue is the filly cheat

Winter's Tale. 41 21 348 2 40 Barely in title, not in revenue

Ricbard 1.2 I 421 2158 The common curse of mankind, folly and ignoratice, be thine in great revenue

Troil. and Cref:2 31 868 249 Reverberate. Haloo thy name to the reverberate hills

Tw. Nigbr. 1 5 313110 Reverbs. Nor are those empty-hearted, whose low round reverbs no hollownefs Lear. 1 1 9315 Reverence. Knavery cannot, sure, pride himself in such reverence M. Ado About Norb. 2

31 139 142. That I am forced to lay my reverence by

Itid. 51 1412 41 Saving your worship’s reverence

Mercb. of Venice. 2 220312 43 What reverence he did throw away on Naves

Ricbard i. 11 4 419|2 3 - Cover your heads, and mock not filesh and blood with folemn reverence Ibid. 31 21 428 113

Our arms, in strength of malice, and our hearts of brothers temper do receive you in, with all kind love, good thoughts and reverence

Jul. Casar. 3) 1 753245 - Yet reverence (that angel of the world) doth make diftin&tion of place 'twixt high and low

Cymbelin. 4 2 917 4:45 - Let this kiss repair those violent harms, that my two fifters have in thy reverence made

Lear. 4. 71 960435 Reverend. There is no staff more reverend than one tipt with horn Mu. Ado Ab, No. 51 4 14612150 Reverent. Of very reverent reputation

Comedy of Errors. 51 1 116 1159 Thou art reverent touching thy spiritual function, not thy life

i Henry vi. 31 155521 1 I will touch thee, but with reverent hands

Ibid. 3 4 5661144 Reveller. The Briton reveller

Cymbeline. 1 7899227 Revives. We must away; our waggon is prepar’d, and time revives us All's Well. 41 41 300143 Revolt. And pick strong matter of revolt and wrath, out of the bloody fingers ends of John

King Jobn3 41 401|231 Lead me to the revolts of England here

Ibid. 51 4 409 239 Thou wilt revolt, and fly to them, I fear

Ricbard iii. 44 664 11 6 If I revolt, off goes young George's head; the fear of that withholds my prefent aid

Ibid. 45664 338 All the regions do smilingly revolt

Coriolanus. 4 Revolted. Our revolted wives Mare damnation together

Merry W. of Wind/. 3) 2 5995 Should all despair, that have revolted wives, the tenth of mankind would hang themselves

Winter's Tale. 1 2 336 1 28 To ranrom home revolted Mortimer

i Henry iv. 1

31 446,113 - Mortimer! he never did fall off, my sovereign liege, but by the chance of war Ibid. 31 446111 Revolve. If this fall into thy hand, revolve

Twelfth Nigb:42 5 319114 Save such as do revolve and ruminate himself

Treilus and Cref] 2 3 870 1143 And you nxay then revolve what tales I have told you

Cymbeline. 31 31 9082134 Revolution. The present pleafure, by revolution lowering, does become the opposite of itself

Ant. and Cleopu 2 769233 Rewards. He that rewards me, heaven reward him

i Henry iv. 5 4 472 2/41 Come, he dies; I had forgot the reward

Richard i. 41 64211160 I will reward thee, once for thy sprightly comfort, and ten-fold for thy valour A.&C. 41 7 792 2 47 Reynaldo. D.P.

Hamlet. 9991 Rbeu.

3 Henry vi. 4 2 623253 Rbet ric. The hearts still rhetoric, disclosed with eyes

Love's Lab. Lop.121

I 15411/26 Sweet smoke of rhetorick

I 155 138 - Fye, painted rhetorick! O, me needs it not

Ibid. 41 3163 For it is a figure in rhetorick, that drink, being poured out of a cup into a glass, by! filling the one, doth empty the other

As You Like It. 5 1 2461 5 And practice rhetorick in your common talk

Tam.of be Shrew. 1 I 255 1/40 Rbeum. A widow weeps an hour in clamour, and a quarter in rheum

M. Ado Ab. N. 5 2 145113 You that did void your rheum upon my beard

Mer. of Venice.1 Why holds thine eye that lamentable rheum

King Jobn. 3 1 396 1.40 How now, foolish rheum! turning dispiteous torture out of doors

Ibid. 4 1 402130 Awak'd the sleepy rheum, and so by chance, did grace our hollow parting with a

Richard i. 1 41 4191 26 - At a few drops of woman's rheum, which are as cheap as lies, he fold the blood and labour of our great action

Coriolanus 51 51 738|1|41


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Ibid. 3

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A.S. P. C. L. Rbeum. I have a falt and lullen rheum offends me

Orbel!6.131 47106511 38 Rbeumatick. In your doublet and hose this raw rheumatick day M.W. of Wirdf. 312

587151 You are both in good troth as rheumatic as two dry toasts

2 Henry iv.12

448417123 - But then he was rheumatic; and talk'd of the whore of Babylon

Henry v. - 31 518 8 Rheumatism attributed to the influence of the moon

Mid. Nigbt's Dream.12 Rheumy. And tempt the rheumy and unpurged air to add unto his sickness 7. Cæjar.12

74911152 Rbinoceros. The arm'd rhinoceros

Macbarb. 31 41 376145 Rhodes. The Turkish preparation makes for Rhodes

0:bello. Il 31047 1123 Rbodope.

i Henry vi.

54912153 Rbimes. Thou hast given her rhimes, and interchang’d love-tokens with my child

Midf. Nigbr's Dream. 1

175/2115 * A rhyme is but a ballad

Henry v. 512 5391225 Rbyming planet. I was not born under a rhyming planet

Much Ado Ab. Norb. 5/ 2 14412122 Ribs.

Vailing her high top lower than her ribs, to kiss her burial Mer. of 1972) 7 - To rib her cerecloth in the obscure grave

Ibid. 2 It is the first time that ever I heard breaking of ribs was sport for ladies As Y. L. It Ribs of oak. What ribs of oak, when mountains melt on them, can hold the mortice Oib. 2 Ribs of feel. O!-enough, Patroclus; or give me ribs of steel Troil. and Crell. 3863149 Ribald. Yon ribald nag of Ægypt, whom leprosy o’ertake

Ant, and Cleopo 31

Tr. & Cr. 4 2 8781217 - But that the busy day, wak'd by the lark, has rouz'd the ribald crows Ribands. With ribands pendant, faring 'bout her head

Merry W. f Wind. 41 6

701212 New ribbons to your pumps

Mids. Night's Dream 4

192 17 He hath ribbons of all the colours i'the rainbow

Winter's Tale. 41 31 351231 A very ribband in the cap of youth

Hain'ct.+ 71103211

2 Rice. What will this lister of mine do with rice

Winter's Tal. 412 34812 53 Rice ap Tbomas.

Richard iii. 41 51 66412 46 Ricb. And make her rich in titles, honours, and promotions

K. Jebr. 2 2 3951116

Ricbard ii. 21 41 425|2 47 - men look sad, and ruffians dance and leap

Or else a feast, and takes away the stomach.-Such are the rich, that have abun-
dance, and enjoy it not

2 Henry iv. 414 49812) S only in my hurts

Timon of Athens. 3 51 8171140 The rich shall have more

Trcilus and Criffidati 2 860|240 Fairert'Cordelia, thou art most rich, being poor

Lear. I 932 1 2 Riches. 'Tis the very riches of thyself that now I aim at

Merry W.of Wind.13! fineless, is as poor as winter

Orbell. 3 3106111

45 Richard, that robb'd the lion of his heart

King Jibn.2

Ibid. I
Ricbard. King Richard ceur-de-lion was thy father

413 Rickard II. resigns his throne to Bolingbroke

Ricbard ii. 4 1 432 215 Soliloquy in prison

Ibid. 51 51 4391158 I Richard's body have interred new

Henry v.4 1530116 Richard III. His foliloquy on his hopes of obtaining the crown

3 Henry vi. 3) 2 618226

And Richard, but a ragged fatal rock

4 630/1/10 RICHARD III.

633! yet lives, black heaven's intelligencer; only reserv'd their factor to buy souls R. 17. + 4659|-!55 difturbed in his neep by the ghosts of those whom he had murder'd

Ibid. 5 3 65611:49

Ibid. - soliloquy after being disturbed by the ghosts


Ibid. Richmond Earl, afterwards Henry VII. D.P. - Henry VIth’s divining thoughts of him

3 Henry vi.

41 6261 1 Henry the sixth did prophecy that Richmond should be king

Richard iii. 4, 2659150 A bard of Ireland told me once, that I hould not live long after I saw Richmond 15.42 658/22 aims at young Elizabeth, my brother's daughter, and, by that knot, looks proudly on the crown


4 3 659 112 - The Earl of Richmond is with a mighty power landed at Milford

Ibid. ! 41 66412 24 -'s address to God the night before the battle of Bosworth

Ibid. 5 31 66612 37 encouraged in his neep by the ghosts of those who had been murder'd by Richard Ib.15 3 666 2 49

Ibid. -'s address to his troops before the battle of Bosworth

15 3 6681.22 I think, there be fix Richmonds in the field; five have I Nain to-day, instead of him


51 Richmond, Contess.

Ibid. 1 3 633120 Rid. This Gloster Mould be quickly rid the worly, to rid us from the fear we have of him

2 Henry vi. 3) 58528 Willingness rids way

3 Henry vi. 53 6291237 As, deathsmen! you have rid"this sweet young prince

Ibid.5 5163711 34


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A. S. P, C. LA Rid. We are blert, that Rome is rid of him

7. Cæfar.131 21 755, 2120 I must rid all the sea of pirates

Antony and Cleop. 2 6779 124 Riddance. A gentle riddance : draw the curtains, go

Mer. of Venice. 21 7 2071117 A good riddance

Troil. and Cres: 2 1 8661117 Riddles. Book of

Merry W. of Wind. Lysander riddles very prettily

Midf. Night's Dream.2 31 182 1115 Dead though she be, she feels her young one kick, so there's my riddle, one, that's dead, is quick

All's Well. 51 31 30525 How did you dare to trade and traffic with Macbeth, in riddles, and affairs of death Mac. 3) 5 376 2152 His currith riddles fort not with this place

3 Herry vi. 51 51 6301246 I know the riddle: I will go

Lear. 51 1961 2118 Riddle-like, lives sweetly where she dies

All's Well. 1 31 282 213 Riddling. Confession finds but riddling Thrift

Romeo and Julier.2 31 9771245 Ride. On whose foolish honesty my practices ride cary

Lear. 11 21 934 2 2 Riding. My master riding behind my mistress

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 4 1 267 252 Rifr. Within which rift imprison'd

Tempeft. 21 Then I'd friek, that even your ears shou'd rift to hear me

Winter's Tale. 5 1 358155 Wars 'twixt you twain would be as if the world should cleave, and that Nain men Mould folder up the rift

Ant. and Cleop. 31 47847 Rifted Jove's stout oak with his own bolt

Tempeft. 51 1 Riggish. That the holy priests bless her, when me is riggish

Ant. and Cleopo 2 2 776 2 34 Rigbi. First he deny'd you had in him no right.—He meant, he did me none C. of Er. 412 113 214 Do me right, or I will protest your cowardice

Mu. Ado Abt. Norb. 51 1 142/2/14 I will tell you every thing, right as it fell out

Midj. Nigbt's Dr. 4 2 1921 To do a great right, do a little wrong

Mer. of Venice. 4 1 216 2123 - To look into the stains and blots of right

King John. 2 399 225 - For I do see the cruel pangs of death, right in thine eye

Ibid. 51 41 410134 - For, of no right, nor colour like to right, he doth fill fields with harness in the realm

1 Henry iv. 3 2 460238 O that right Mould thus overcome might

2 Henry iv. 5 4 5052/41 - By words, or blows, here let us win our right

3 Henry vi. 1 604 1113 - If that be right, which Warwick says is right, there is no wrong, but every thing is right

Ibid. 2) 2! 612 2 31 Say, that right for right hath dimm'd your infant morn to aged night Richard . 4. 4659 1150 - In the name of God, and all these rights, advance your standards, draw your willing swords

668 1 48 -'s by right fouler, strengths by strength do fail

Coriolanus. 47 732 2 58 O virtuous fight, when right with right wars who shall be most right Tr.ard Cr.31 2 874 138 Rigbr glad

Timon of Arb. 3812 2 54 Right now. Came he right now to sing a raven's note

2 Henry vi. 3 2 587,145 Rigbtful. Most rightful judge

Mer. of Venice. 4! 217 54 Rigol. This is a sleep, that from this golden rigol hath divorc'd so many English kings

2 Henry iv. 4.4 499|1|20 Rigour. Like a rigour of tempestuous gufts

i Henry vi. 5 6 569 147 Rim. For I will fetch thy rim out at thy throat, in drops of crimson blood Henry v.4 41 532 210 Ring. Keep this remembrance for thy Julia's fake

Two Gent. of Ver. 2 2919 Deliver it to Madam Silvia: The lov'd me well, deliver'd it to me This is the ring you sent to Silvia A death's face in a ring

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 1723 I give them with this ring; which when you part from, lose or give away, let it presage the ruin of your love

Mer. of Venice. 3/ 2211145 When this ring parts from this finger, then parts life from hence

Ibid. 3 21 21157 For your love, I'll take this ring from you

Ibid. 4) 1 218 21 5 Go, Gratiano, run and overtake him, give him the ring

Ibid. 1 2182135 My Lord Bassanio gave his ring away unto the judge that beggd it, and, indeed, deserv'd it too

Ibid.s 1 2202146 By this ring the Doctor lay with me

Ibid. 51 2212 12 For that same scrubbed boy, the Doctor's clerk, in lieu of this last night did lie with

Ibid. S 1 221219 He that runs fastest gets the ring

Tam. of sbe Sbrew. 1 1256 1 43 He hath given his monumental ring, and thinks himself made in the unchaste composition

All's Wdl.

4 31 297 1/23 Such a ring as this, the last time that e'er the took her leave at court, I saw upon her finger

Ibid.5 31 303!1139

Ibid. 5) 3

Ibid. 41 31
Ibid. 51 4

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A. S. P. C.L. Ring. In Florence was it from a casement thrown me, wrapp'd in a paper which contain'd the name of her that threw it

All's Well. 5/ 330358 Behold this ring, whose high respect, and rich validity, did lack a parallel Ibid. 51 3 304 149

She got the ring; and I had that, which an inferior might at market price have bought

Ibid. 51 3 304 217 None of my Lord's ring! why, he sent her none

Twelftb Night.2

2 314.128 Look, how this ring encompafseth thy finger, even fo thy breast encloseth my poor heart

Richard tij. 1

2 637 1 46 If entreaties will render you no remedy, this ring deliver them Henry vii. 51.698 1130 By virtue of that ring I take my cause out of the gripes of cruel men

Ibid. 5) 27001 6 A precious ring, that lightens all the hole

Titus Andronicus.2 41 840124 I will wage against your gold, gold to it; my ring I hold dear as my finger, 'tis part of it

Cymbeline. 15 897 2130 For the ring is won

Ibid. 241 9042/30 Do you not hear it ring ? --what the chain ?- no, no; the bell Com, of Errors. 4 2 114 112 Thy old groans ring yet in my ancient ears

Romeo and Juliet. 2) 3) 97811 4 And in this habit met I my father with his bleeding rings, their precious stones new loft

Lear. 51 31 964/1155 Ring'd about with bold adversity

i Henry vi. 41 41 562 221 Ringlets. To dance our ringlets to the whistling wind

Midl. Night's Dream. 2 2 179 2 46 Rinsing. And like a glass did break i' the rinsing

Henry viii. 1

1 673235 Rior. There is no fear of Got in a riot

Merry W. of Wind. 1 461111 When that my care could not withhold thy riots, what wilt thou do when riot is thy care

2 Henry iv. 41 41 500110 Rip. I'll have this secret from thy heart, or rip thy heart to find it Cymbeline. 3) 51 912124

To know our enemies' minds we'd rip their hearts; their papers are more lawful Lar. 41 6 959217 Ripe. Trinculo is reeling ripe

Tempeft. 51 There is a brief how many sports are ripe

Midf. Nigbt's Dream. 5 1 192222 To supply the ripe wants of my friend

Mercb. of Venice. I

3/ 200/2163 As the ripe revenue and due of birth

Richard iii. 3 3 6552 % He is retired, to ripe his growing fortunes, to Scotland

2 Henry iv. 4 Il 492 1 39 Ripely. It fits us therefore, ripely, our chariots and our horsemen be in readiness Cym. 3) 51 911 2 3 Ripens. And as my fortune ripens with thy love, it Thall be still thy true love's recompence

Ricbard ii. 2 3 424 2120 And ripen Justice in this common-weal

Tit. Andronicus. I 2 833243 Ripeness. Men must endure their going hence, even as their coming hither : ripeness is all

Lear. 5 2 962 1/29 Riping. Stay the very riping of the times

Mercb. of Venice. 21 8 207 2.4 Ript. For I am richer than to be hang'd by the walls. I must be ript ;--to pieces

Cymbeline. 31 41 909 240 Rising. And doth enlarge his rising with the blood of fair King Richard, scrap'd from Pomfret stones

2 Henry iv. 1 11 475 2 41 Rites. Time goes on crutches, till love have all his rites Much Ado About Nuth.2 1 12312) 2

Proceed, proceed; we will begin these rites, as we do trust they'll end in true delights

As You Like It. 5 41 25001 S With such maimed rites

Hamlet. 51 110352135 The rites for which I love him are berest me

Orbello. 131049 238 Rivage. O do but think you stand upon the rivage, and behold a city on the inconstant billows dancing

Henry v. 31cb 51912155 Rivality. Presently denied him rivality

Ant. and Cleop. 31 5 7847 24. Rival bating. With rival hating envy

Richard i. 1 3 41712 5 Rivals. The rivals of my watch

Hamlet.1 11 9991124 Rive. To rive their dangerous artillery upon no christian soul but English Talbot 1 41 21 561 2/28

The soul and body rive not more at parting, than greatness going off Ant. and Cleop.4.11
When my heart, as wedged with a figh, would rive in twain

Troi, and Croj: 1 Il 85811/31 Blunt wedges rive hard knots

Ibid. 1 3/864/2 18 Close pent up guilts, rive your concealing continents

Lear. 3 2 947 137 Riv'd. Brutus hath riv'd my heart

Julius Cæfar.4) 31 759238 River. Pelting river

Mid. Nigbt's Dream, 2 17912151 -'s banks with pionied and twilled brims

Tempeft. 41 Nor let my kingdom's rivers take their course through my burn'd bosom K. Jobn. 5) 71 411|149 Which makes the filver rivers drown their Thores, as if the world were all dissolv’d

Richard i.
Rivers, Lord. D.P.
3 Henry vi. p. 603.

Richard it.
SH 3


with me



to tears

2 427 21 6


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