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A. S. P. C.L. Gelded. Lord Say hath gelded the commonwealth, and made it an eunuch 2 Henry vi. 4, 51 59412 54 Gelding, the opposed continent as much, as on the other side it takes from you 1 H.iv. 3 1 458,1 II Git. Would he were gelt that had it

Mercb. of Venice. 5 i 22012 11 Gem. Never so rich a gem was set in worse than gold

Ibid. 21 7 206 2 54 Of fix preceding ancestors, that gem conferr'd by testament to the sequent issue, hath it been ow'd and worn

All's Will S/ 3304 155 "Tis that miracle, and queen of gems, that nature pranks her in, attracts my soul

Twelfıb Nigbr. 2 4 317|2'39 Who knows yet, but from this lady may proceed a gem to lighten all this ifle H. viii. 2 31 6831 41 Geminy of baboons

Merry Wives of Windser.122 532 53 Gender. The great love the general gender bear him

Hami:1.41 71031159 Supply it with one gender of herbs, or distract it with many

Orbeilo. 1 3 1050127 Or keep as a cistern for soul toads to knot and gender in

Ibid.41 2107119 General. The general, subject to a well-with'd king

Mafure for Measure.22 Whilft a field should be dispatch'd and fought, you are disputing of your generals

i Henry vi. 1 544 24 Our general is cut i' the middle, and but one half of what he was yesterday Cori. 451 730132 Generation. When the work of generation was between these woolly breeders, in the act

Mercb. of Venice. 1 3 2011 24 Fourteen they Mall not see to bring false generations

Winter's Tale. 2 1 340 1151 - Is this the generation of love? hot biood, hot thoughts, and hot deeds Tr. and Cr.3 1 8721155

Or he that makes his generation messes to gorge his appetite, shall to my bosom be as well neighbour'd, pitied, and reliev'd


1 9301221 Generfiry. To break the heart of generosity, and make bold power look pale Cri. 1 705214 Gencrous and graves citizens

Measure for Messure. 46 97 2:50 islanders, by you invited, to attend your presence

o: hell. 31 31063-24 Genius. One of these men in genius to the other

Comedy of Errors. 51 | 11912 48 The genius and the mortal instruments are then in council

Julius C.zjar. 2 1 74711156 Some say, the genius so cries come! to him that instantly must die Troi. and Crij:44 8801734 Gennets. You will have coursers for cousins, and gennets for germans

O bello. 1

1104412 47 Geniile. By my hood, a gentile and no Jew

Merchant of Venice. 2 Geniil.ty. A dangerous law against gentility

Love's Labor Lot.1 1 1481227 Gentles are at their game

Ibid. 4 2 169,154 When you are gentle, you shall have one too

Tam. of the Shrew. 41 3 2717 18 Prythee, son, do; for we must be gentle, now we are gentlemen Winter's Tale. 5 2 361144 The air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses

Macbeth. I 6 367/219 Be he ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition

Henry v. 41 31 531216 'Tis a condition they account gentle

Coriolanus. 2

3 7171151 'Till I be gentle, stay for thy good-morrow

Tim. of Albens. 1 80512110 Thou art too gentle and too free a man

Troil. and Crefy: 415

8821216 As gentle tell me, of what honour was this Cressida in Troy

Lid.4 51 8841 4 He said he was gentle, but unfortunate

Cymbeline. 41 21 915 1 4 Gentleman, If you strike me, you are no gentleman; and if no gentleman, why, then no

Tam. of the Shrew. 2 1 262 116 – Leaving me no sign, save men's opinions, and my living blood, to thew the world i am a gentleman

Richard 11.31 4.261 33 of the shade

i Henry :v. 1 21 443 1 2 I To bear a gentleman in hand, and then stand upon security

2 Henry iv. i 2476137 And gentlemen in England, now a-bed, shall think themselves accursid they were not here

Henry v. 4. 21 531217 It was never merry world in England, since gentlemen came up 2 Henry vi. 4 2 53212:57 We will not have one lord, one gentleman

Ibid. 4 2 59412,13 There is no ancient gentlemen but gardeners, diteliers, and grave-makers; they hold up Adam's profesion

Himler, 5) 110332129 Gentleman born. But I was a gentlenian born before my father

Winter's Tali. 5 2 361130 Gentleness. I thought you lord of more true gentleness

Midf. Night's Dream. 21 34 182242 Your gentleness thall force, more than your force move us to gentleneis As You Like It. 2. 7 2331/40 · I have not from your eyes that gentleness and inew of love, that I was wont to have

Julius Cajar.1 21 722|218 And will with deeds requite thy gentleness

Titus Andronicusofı! 2 83312:54 Gentler. Decrepit mifer! bare ignobic wretch! I am defcended of a gentler blood 1 H.2. 5 55712'4.1 He looks gentler than he did

Othil.. 4 31072 203 Gentle-sleeping proce. And there awake God's gentle-Deeping peace

Ricbari ni. Gentle villain, do not turn away

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A. S. P. C.L. Gentlewoman. It was the death of the most virtuous gentlewoman, that ever nature had pra le lor creating

All's Well. 5 5 300124 Gingly. What’s, may it be gently heard

Ant. and Clop. 2 21 774124 Gentry. If that thy gentry, Britain, go before this lout, as he exceeds our lords Cym. 51 2 9202122 li it will ple use you to snew us so much gentry and good will

Harkt. 2 2'1010139 George. By my George, my Garter, and my Crown

Ricbard iii. 41 41 562 248 The George, prophan'd, hath lost his holy honour

Ibid. 4 4 562 253 Look on my George, I am a gentleman St. George, that swing'd the dragon, and e'er fince fits on his horse-back at mine

2 Henry vi. 41 1 591/2/31 hofteis door

King Jobri. 2 1393/142 Mine innocency, and St. George to thrive

Ricbar. 1. 11 31 417 1/10 God, and St. George, Richmond, and victory

Richard u. 5 3 668155 - Our ancient word of courage, fair St. George, inspire us with the spleen of fiery

dragons Germane. The phrase would be more germane to the matter, if we could carry a cannon

Ibid. 15 3 669128 by our fides

Hamler. 5) 21039 1/10 Germaine. Those that are germaine to him, though removed ffty times, tall all come under the hangman

Winter's Tale. 41 31 3571|15 Germans are honest men

Merry Wives of Windfr. 4 5 691 54 As a German from the waist downward, all Nops

Mucb Ado About Nob. 3) 21331 28 young, nephew to the Duke of Saxony, described by Portia Mer. of Venice. 1

200), 8 With hasty Germans

3 Heary vi. 4 8 6271/36 Germens. All germens spill at once, that make ingrateful man

Liar. 3/ 2 94612 40 Germins. ' Though the treasure of nature's germins tumble all together

Maibeth. 4

1 378155 Gertrude, Queen of Denmark. D.P.


999 Geft. To let him there a month, behind the gest prefix'd for his parting Wint. Tale. 1

2 33411156 Gesture. If you do love Rosalind so near the heart as your gesture cries it out As Y. Like It. 5) 2 246 241 To the dumbness of the gesture one might interpret

Timon of Arbens. 1

1 804/12 Get. Never before this child did I get any thing

Henry viii. 5 3 702|2|26 Gbaftly looks are at my service, like enforced smiles

Richard 1:1. 31 5 652 2 59 Geoft. Her brother's ghost his paved bed would break, and take her hence in horror

Meas. for Meal: 512 And yonder Mines Aurora's harbinger, at whose approach ghosts wandering here and there, troop home to church-yards

Midf. Night's Dream. 31 2] 188/2/15 - Were I the ghost that walk’d, I'd bid you mark her


Winter's Tale. 5 1 3581152 He will look as hollow as a ghost

K. Jobm. 414002153 Never, O never, do his ghost the wrong, to hold your honour more precise and nice with others, than wito him

2 Henry iv. 2 3 4831140 Henry the fifth, thy ghost I invocate

i Henry vill I 544 1142 When spirits walk, and ghosts break


2 Henry vi.

41 577/27 Oft have I seen a timely parted ghost, of afhey sembiance

Ibid. 3 2 588157 Sometimes he talks as if Duke Humphrey's ghost were by his side

Ibid. 3) 2 590129 D. P.

Ricbard ini.) Poor mortal living ghost

Ibid. 41 4659 2 3 And ghosts did shrink, and squeal about the streets

Julius Cæfar.2 2 750148 Vex not his ghoft: 0, let him pass !

Lear. 5 3 965239 of Hamlet's father, D. P.

Hamlet. 999 There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave, to tell us this

Ibid. 1) 510081116 It is an honeit ghost

Ibid. Il 51008133 I'll take the ghoft's word for a thousand pounds

Ibid. Giant. It is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a

M:af. fur Meal: 2

832 50 He is then a giant to an ape

Much Ado About Notb. 5 7 143|
Some mablification for your giant, sweet lady

Twelfth Nighi. 1 5 31253

Henry viii. 1
A stirring dwarf we do allowance give before a neeping giant Troil. and Crell: 21 3 8601246
The gates of monarchs are arch'd to high, that giants may get through them, and
ir impious turhans on

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A. S. P. C.L. Gibber. And the sheeted dead did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets Hamler.!1, 1100012146 Gibber. Hang no more about me, I am no gibbet for you Mer. W. of Windsor. 2 2

And told me, I had unloaded all the gibbets, and press’d the dead bodies 1 Heni iv. 4 2 4652117

Come off, and on, swifter than he that gibbets on the brewers bucket 2 Henry iv. 3 2 491155 Gibbet-maker. Ho! the gibbet-maker? he says that he hath taken them down again

Titus Andronicus. 41 31 8482 41 Giber. You are well understood to be a perfecter giber for the table, than a necessary bencher in the capitol

Coriolanus. 2 712 234 Gibes. A lousy knave, to have his gibes, and his mockeries Merry W. of Windfor.31 3 You are wise, and full of gibes and vlouting-stogs

Ibid. 41 51 692 With taunts did gibe my missive out of audience

Ant. and Cleop. 2

2 775118 Where be your gibes now

Hamlet. 51 11035156 Mark the fleers, the gibes, and notable scorns

Orbello. 41 1 1068/1 24 Gibing. That's the way to choak a gibing spirit

Love's Labor Loft. 5 2 1741 41 Gibingiy. Which most gibingly, ungravely, he did fashion

Coriolanus. 2 31 7182116 Giddily. The parts that fortune hath bestow'd upon her, tell her I hold as giddily as fortune

Twelfth Nigzz.2 41 3171138 Giddiness. Neither call the giddiness of it in question

As You Like I.. 5 2 246 1 39 Giddy. Art not thou thyself giddy with the fathion too

Mu. Ado Abt. Norb. 3 3 135 133 More giddy in my defires than a monkey

As You Like It. 41 1 2431 8 for lack of seep

Tam. of tbe Sbrew. 41 31 2701218 He that is giddy, thinks the world turns round

Ibid. 5 2 275156 Thou hast inade me giddy with these ill-tidings

K. Jobn. 4 2 4041141 Who hath been still a giddy neighbour to us

Henry v. 1 512 148 And many giddy people flock to him

3 Henry vi. I fear, I fear, 'twill prove a giddy world

Richard iii. 2 31 646 2 52 Turn giddy, and he holps by backward turning

Romeo and Juliet. 2 9702 Giddy-paced times

Iw. Nigbr. 2 41 31621 5 Gifts. Win her with gifts, if the respect not words

Two Gent. of Verona. 3) 1 34 1135 She has good gifts

Mer. Wives of Windsor.
Seven hundred pounds, and possibilities, is good gifts

Ibid. I
His only gift is in devising impossible Nanders

Mu. Ado About Norbing. 2

I 126 227 If ladies be but young and fair, they have the gift to know it

As You Like It. 271 232 2133 I will not take her on gift of any man

Ibid. 3/ 3239 1117 Your gifts are so good, here is none will hold you

Taming of the Sbrew. I

1 25617 If both gain all, the gift doth stretch itself as 'tis received, and is enough for both

All's Well. 2 1 2831 12 His present gift shall furnish me to those Italian fields, where noble fellows strike 1b. 2 3 288 28 And hath all the good gifts of nature

Twelfıb Night. 31 308 2146 The gifts, she looks from me, are pack’d, and lock'd up in my heart Winter's Tale. 41 31 353|1|23 My lord, I claim the gift, my due by promile

Richard iii. 41 21 65811142 A gift, that heaven gives for him, which buys a place next to the king Henry viii. 1 1 6722116 Nogift to him, but breeds the giver a return exceeding all use of quittance Tim. of Ab.11 806 2 28 And as rich men deal gifts, expecting in return twenty for one

Ibid. 1825145 The secrets of neighbour Pandar have not more gifts in taciturnity Troi. and Cref. 4 2 879139 Giga. To see great Hercules whipping a gigg

Love's Labor Lf.41 3) 162 1128 Thou disputest like an infant; go, whip thy gigs

Ibid. s 1 1651134 Giglet fortune

Cymbeline. 31 1 906 227 Giglots. Away with those giglots too, and with the other confederate companions

Mcal: for Meas. 5) I 1011 16 Young Talbot was not born to be the pillage of a giglot wench 1 Henry vi. 5 1 564 140 Gild. I will make fast the doors, and gild myself with some more ducats Mcr.of Ven.2

If he do bleed, I'll gild the faces of the grooms withal, for it must seem their guilt Macb. 2 2 370145
Shall gild her bridal bed

King Jobr.21 2 395 116
England shall double gild his treble guilt

2 Hinry iv. 41 41 500 1 3 Gilded. Where should they find this grand liquor that hath gilded them Tempeft. 51

Your day's service at Shrewsbury hath a little gilded over your night's exploit on

2 Henry iv. 1

2 47711153 serpent

Lear. 51 3 563130 Gilded puddle. Thou didst drink the stale of horses, and the gilded puddle which beasts would cough at

Ant. and Cleop. 1 4 772 143 Gilders. I am bound to Persia, and want gilders for my voyage Comedy of Errors. 4 1121136 Gilliams. Is Gilliams with the packet gone

1 Henry iv. 2 Gillian.

Comedy of Errors.13 10911143


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A.S. P. C. La Gilly-jiswer. The faireít flowers of the season are our carnations and streak'd gillyhowers, which some call nature's bastards

Winter's Tale. 41 31 3502111 Then make your garden rich in gilly-flowers, and do not call them bastards

Ibid. 41 31 350 2130 Gilt. Have for the gilt of France (o guilt indeed!) confirm'd conspiracy with fearful

When thou wast in thy gilt, and thy perfume, they mock'd thee for too much

Henry v. 2 cb 5141 28 curiosity

Timon of Arbens. 41 31 823117 And Thew to dust, that is a little gilt, more laud than gilt o'er-dufted Tr. and Cr.31 3 876146 Gili two-perses. If you do not all few like gilt two-pences to me 2 Henry iv. 41 31 42612123 Gimmals. I think, by some odd gimmals or device, their arms are set like clocks, ftillto Itrike on

i Henry vi. 1 2 545 2 47 Ginmal bit. In their pale dull mouths the gimmal bit lies foul with chew d grass, full and motionless

Henry v.41 2 530|240 Gin. Now is the woodcock near the gin

Twelfth Nigbt.2 5 318 2 5 Giney's cafe. Vengeance of Giney's care

Merry Wives of Windsor. 41 1 Ginger was not much in request, for the old women were all dead Meas. for Meaj: 4 3 9511115

I would she were as lying a gosip in that, as ever knapt ginger Mer. of Venice. 3) 1208156 I have a gamon of bacon, and two razes of ginger

i Henry iv.12 1 44811131 Gingerly. What is't that you look up so gingerly

Two Gent. of Verona."

252 28 Ginning in the middle

Prologue to Troie and Crefhda. 857 212 Gins. As whence the sun gins his reflexion, thipwrecking storms and direful thunders break

Macberb. I 2 3632 22 Gips. Like a right gipsy, hath, at fast and loose, beguil'd me to the very heart of lors

Ant. and Cleep. 41107941 28 Gird. I thank thee for that gird, good Franio

Tan. of the Sbrew. 51 2 275239 Men of all sorts take a pride to gird at me

2 Henry iv. 1 21 476114 The bishop hath a kindly gird

i Henry vi. 3) 1 556134 Being mov'd, he will not spare to gird the Gods

Coridanus. 1 1706120 Girded harfleur

Henry v. 31cb 520117 Girding with grievous fiege castles and towns

Ibid. 1 2) 5121155 Girdle. If he be angry, he knows how to turn his girdle Much Ado Ab. Norbing. 5 1422 9

An your waist, mistress, was as Nender as my wit, one of these maids' girdles for your waist should be fit

Love's Labor Loft.4) 1 15725 I'll put a girdle round about the earth in forty minutes Mid. Nigbe's Dream. - 2 180 228 - Dort thou think, I'll fear thee as I fear thy father ? nay, an if I do, let my girdle break

Henry iv. 3) 3463125 Other times, to see the beachy girdle of the ocean too wide for Neptune's hips 2 Hen. iv. 3 1 4881145 Suppose, within the girdle of these walls, are now confin’dtwo mighty monarchies H.v.566 5092% Knock me down with 'em, cleave to the g.rdle

Timon of Atbens. 3 4

815256 But to the girdle do the Gods inherit, beneath is all the fiends

Lear. 41 6 95811 6 Girdled. For they are all girdled within maiden walls, that war hath never enter'd Hen. v. 51 2 Who is now girdled with a waist of iron

i Herry vi. 41 31 562123 Girdleft. Othou wall, that girdlest in those wolves

Timon of Aibens.41 1818 1 46 Girdling one another within their alabaster innocent arms

Richard 11. 4) 31 6581234 Giris. Those girls of Italy, take heed of them, they say, our French lack language to deny

All's Wel. 2 Il 283129 'Tis a girl, promises boys hereafter

Henry vi. 5) 1 69811151 Girt. One girt fix times pieced

Taming of tbe Sbrew. 3 2) 2651137 My sovereign, with the loving citizens,—like to his inand, girt in with the ocean 3 81 6271 54 Gis. By gis, and by faint charity

Hamlet. 41 510291 3 Give. Did give himself all thin, and naked to the numb-cold night Ricbard it. 2

1 6451 24 If we give you any thing, we hope to gain by it

Coriolanus. 2) 31 7171 20 And men's reports give him much wrong d

Ant. and Cleop. 1 477217 There's none that truly says, he gives, if he receives

Timon of Arbens. ! 21 806245

Humiri. 1 3 10051 34 Give off. Let's see how it will give off

Antony and Cleopatra. 41 31 79526 Give out.

These pencil'd figures are even such as they give out Timon of Arbens. Il 8051 52 And too well given, to dream of evil

2 Henry vi. 3 1584/1154

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A. S. P. C. L. Glance at my credit with Hippolita

Mid. Night's Dream. 21 21 179;2135 The squandering glances of the fool

As You Like It. 2 7 232 253 And if we did but glance a far-off look

2 Henry vi. 3) 1 583143 Glanders. PofTefled with the glanders

Tam. of ibe Sbrew. 31 22651127 Glandsdale, Sir William. D. P.

i Henry vi.

543) Glared. I met a lion who glar'd upon me

Julius Cæfar.1 3) 745'154

Glares. Look where he Itands and glares


9501149 How pale he glares

Hamlet. 31 4 1025 2 Glafs. And like a Prophet looks in a glass

Meas. for Meal. 22 Methinks you are my glass, and not my brother

C-medy of Errors. 5 1 - What wicked and diffembling glass of mine made me compare with Hermia's sphery eyne

Midf. Night's Dream. 2

5 'Tis not her glass, but you, that flatters her

As You Like It. 31 5 24012133 I my brother know yet living in my glass

Twelfıb Nigbt. 31 41 326/2113 If this be ro, as yet the glass seems true

Ibid. 51 331124 Give me that glass, and therein will I read

Richard ii. 41 4341114 Oh, flattering glass, like to my followers in prosperity thou dost beguile me

Ibid. 41 1434

18 He was, indeed, the glass wherein the noble youth did dress themselves 2 Henry iv. 2 3 483 1/22 Ere the glass that now begins to run, finish the process of his fandy hour 1 Hen. vi. 4 2 5611234 I must be married to my brother's daughter, or else my kingdom stands on brittle

Richard i11.4 glass And like a glass did break i' the rinsing

Henry vm. 1 1, your glass, will modestly discover to your self, that of your self which yet you know not of

Julius Cæfar. 1

21 742 2155 — But more in Troilus thousand fold I see than in the glass of Pander's praise may be

Truilus and Crillida. 1 2) 861 220 You go not, 'till I set you up a glass where you may see the inmost part of you Ham. 3411023|2 53

Ricbard ii. 1 Glafjes. Even in the glaties of thine eyes I fee thy grieved heart

3/ 418126 Glaffes is the only drinking

2 Henry iv. 2 1 48012148 And school-boys tears take up the glasses of my fight

Coriclanus. 2 7241124 Glass-fac'd. From the glass-fac'd flatterer to Apemantus

Timon of Aibens. 1 8041130

Lear. 2 21 94012122 Glass-gazing rogue Gially ellence

Meal. for Meal: 12 Glean. Which is a wonder, how his grace Tould glean it

Henry v. 1 1 5102 10

Hamlet. 2 And to gather, so much as from occafion you may glean

2 10101132 Gleaned. How much low peasantry would then be gleaned from the true feed of honour

Mercbant of Venice. 21 9 20811-10 Girding the gleaned land with hot assays

Henry v. 2 512 154 Gleaning. Yes, that goodness of gleaning all the land's wealth into one, into your own hands

Henry viii. 31 21 691-42 Gleeful. Wherefore look'st thou sad, when every thing doth make a gleeful boast Tit

. And. 2 3 83811/25 Gleek. I can gleek upon occasion

Mid. Nigbr's Dream. 3. I 18412 8

Romeo and Juliet. 41 51 99312 14 No money, on my faith, but the gleek Gleeking. I have seen you glecking and galling at this gentleman twice or thrice Hen. v. 538117 Gleeks. Where are the battard's braves, and Charles his gleeks

i Henry vi. 31 25581117 Glendower. To fight with Glendower and his complices

Ribard ii. 31 1 426153 Owen. D.P.

i Hen. iv. 441 Glow'd, My love and fear glew'd many friends to thee

3 Henry vi. 2 6 6151149 Glows. Thy tears would wash this cold congealed blood, that glews my lips Ibid. 5 2) 6291160 Glıh. I had rather glib myself, than they should not produce fair illue

Winter's Tale. 2 1 3491152 There encounters so glib the tongue

Trcilus and Croj:41 5 881 244 - If for I want that glib and oily art to speak and purpose not

Lear.lil 93112138 Glides. With indented glides did nip away into a bush

As You Lile I:. 41 3 244 247 If one of inean affairs may plod it in a week, why may not I glide thither in a day Cym. 3 29071234 Glimmer. That it will glimmer through a blind man's eye

i Henry vi. 21 41 55212124 Glimmering night

Mid. Night's Dream. 2 21 17912 37 Glimpse of newness

Measure for Measure. 1 3

781023 There is no man hath a virtue, that he hath not a glimpse of Troi. and Credil! 28551137 Glifters. All that glisters is not gold

Merchant of Venice. 2 7 2071114 How he glitters through my dark rust

Winter's Tale.

2 34512:22 Away; and glifter like the god of war

King John. 5140712124 Gliftering. And make stale the glittering of this present, as my tale now seems to it W .':Tak.

1347161 grief

Henry viii. 2. 3 682 224 Globe. She is spherical, like a globe; I could find out countries in her Com. of Errors.13! 21 117223


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