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Fancy. Our fancies are more giddy and unfirm, more longing, wavering, fooner loft and worn, than women's are

Should the fancy, it should be one of my complexion

- Orfino's mistress, and his fancy's queen

Weak hing'd fancy

too weak for boys, too green and idle for girls of nine

Be advis'd.-I am; and by my fancy

Not fo fick, my lord, as he is troubled with thick-coming fancies

And sware they were his fancies, or his good nights
Although we fancy not the Cardinal

A. S. P. C. L.

Twelfth Night. 2 4 316238
Ibid. 2 5 3172 57

Ibid. 5


[blocks in formation]

Nor fhall not, when my fancy's on the play
Nature wants stuff to vie ftrange forms with fancy

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Never did young man fancy with fo eternal and fo fix'd a foul
Be it as your fancies teach you

Fancy-monger. If I could meet that fancy-monger, I would give him

Troil. and Crifida. 5 2

fome good counfel

Fanes. For notes of forrow, out of tune, are worse than priests and fanes that lie Cym.
Fang. The icy fang

By the very fangs of malice, I swear, I am not that I play

Nor thy fierce fifter in his anointed flesh stick boarish fangs

Fangled. Be not, as is our fangled world

Fantafies. And make her full of hateful fantafies

Thou haft no figures, nor no fantafies, which bufy care draws in the brains of men

799 220 887111

Othello. 3 3 1060 2 44

As You Like It. 3


237 246

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Fantaftick. To be fantastick, may become a youth of greater time than I fhall fhew to


Or wallow, naked, in December's fnow, by thinking on fantastic summer's heat R. ii. 1 Fantaftical. He seems to be the more noble in being fantastical

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Romeo and Juliet. 2 4 Merry Wives of Wind. 5 5 Mid. Night's Dream. 1 1 fantafy As Y. Like It. 2 4 1 Henry iv. 54 my fantafy

How many actions most ridiculous haft thou been drawn to by thy
Art thou alive? or is it fantafy that plays upon our eye-fight
Which cannot look more hideously upon me, than I have drawn it in

Quite from the main opinion he held once, of fantasy, of dreams, and

And things unluckily charge my fantasy

71244 1752 19

231122 4721 7

2 Henry iv. 5 2 5021 9 ceremonies Julius Cæfar. 2 Ibid. 3 Hamlet. 4

That for a fantasy and trick of fame, go to their graves like beds
Fantafy'd. I find the people ftrangely fantasy'd, poffefs'd with rumours, full of idle

[blocks in formation]

Fardels. Who would fardels bear, to groan and sweat under a weary life
Fardingals. With ruffs and cuffs, and fardingals and things

17482 33 3 757 2 9 41028131

[blocks in formation]

Fare. If you fall in the adventure, our crows fhall fare the better for you
How fares my noble lord

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Induc. to Taming of the Shrew.

Farmer. Here's a farmer that hang'd himself on the expectation of plenty
Farrow weeds

Farfed. The farfed title running 'fore the king

Farthel. There is that in his farthel, will make him scratch his beard


Your affairs there? what? with whom? the condition of that farthel
The farthel there: what's i' the farthel

Richard ii. 21 422132
Macbeth. 2

2 3702 20

Lear. 4 4 9552 34 Henry v.41 529241

Winter's Tale. 4 3 3562 9

Ibid. 4 3 356|2|19
Ibid. 4 3 356258

I was at the opening of the farthel, heard the old thepherd deliver how he found

Fartbeft. Travel you far on, or are you at the farthest

[blocks in formation]

Sir, at the fartheft for a week or two, and then up farther
Farthingule. Tell me, good my lord, what compafs you will wear your farthingale

[blocks in formation]

But for a fine, quaint, graceful, and excellent fashion

[blocks in formation]

Farthings. Left men should fay, look where three farthings goes
Fartuous. She's as fartuous, a civil, modeft wife


A. S. P. C. L.

Mer. Wives of Windf31 31
K. Jobn. 11

60216 3891 8

542 44 1104113

Mer. Wives of Wind.2 2
C. of Er. 1
Ibid. 2

Fafhion. And piteous plainings of the pretty babes that mourned for fashion

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your demeanour to my looks

Chargeful fashion

I doubt not to fashion it

of a doublet, or a hat, or a cloak, is nothing to a man

What a deformed thief this fashion is

how giddily he turns about all the hot bloods

wears out more apparel than the man


107 140

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

That thou but lead'ft this fashion of thy malice to the last hour of act Mer. of Ven. 41

It was upon this fashion bequeathed me:-by will
Thou art not for the fashion of these times

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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The wearing out of fix fashions (which is four terms, or two actions)

Though it appear a little out of fashion, there is much care and valour in this


- I fcorn thee, and thy fashion, peevish boy

By heaven, I will; or let me lofe the fashion of a man

And in what fashion, more than his fingularity, he goes upon his present action

Send him but hither, and I'll fashion him

Bear with him, Brutus; 'tis his fashion

But, be thou true, fay 1, to fashion in my fequent protestation
Lechery, lechery; ftill, wars and lechery; nothing else holds fashion

I will begin the fashion, lefs without, and more within

He hath importun'd me with love, in honourable fashion

The glass of fashion and the mould of form

1748 256 Ibid. 4 3 760135

Trail. and Creff 4 4 880152
Ibid. 5 2 887146
Cymbeline. 5920 153
Hamlet. 1
Ibid. 3 11018130
Ibid. 3 11018155
Ibid. 11035210
Othello. z 11053213

Whereon his brains fitill beating, puts him thus from fashion of himself

Doft thou think Alexander look'd o' this fashion i' the earth

[merged small][ocr errors]

If you will watch his going thence, which I will fashion to fall out between twelve
and one

Fafbion'd. He was the mark and glass, copy and book, that fashion'd others 2

Ibid. 4 2 1072 235 Henry iv. 2 3 483133

This Cardinal, though from an humble stock, undoubtedly was fashion'd to much

[blocks in formation]

- A thousand men have broke their fafts to-day, that ne'er fhall dine, unless you yield
the crown

[blocks in formation]

Fafting. And fomething elfe more plain, that shall exprefs my true love's fafting pain

Faftolf, Sir John. D. P. unknighted

Fat. Come out of that fat room, and lend me thy hand to laugh a little If you do fight against your country's foes, your country's fat fhall the hire

[ocr errors]

Let me have men about me, that are fat; sleek-headed men, and o' nights

A. S. P. C. L.

Love's Lab. Loft.43 161238

[blocks in formation]

pay your pains

Richard ii. 5 3 668 143

fuch as fleep
Jul. Cafar.1 2 744 5
1843 150

Titus Andronicus.3

O, how this villainy doth fat me with the very thought of it
Fat-witted. Thou art fo fat-witted with drinking of old fack, and unbuttoning thee

after fupper, and fleeping upon benches after noon

[blocks in formation]

1 Henry iv. 1 2

442 249 66128

Merry Wives of Windfor. 4 2

Which fate and metaphysical aid doth feem to have crown'd thee withal
Our fate hid within an auger-hole, may rush and seize us

Rather than fo, come, fate, into the lift, and champion me to the utterance
King Henry's fpeech on the book of fate

Let us fear the native mightiness and fate of him

What fates impose, that men must needs abide

Men at fome times are masters of their fates

The fates with traitors do contrive

Do not please sharp fate to grace it with your forrows

He is a man, fetting his fate afide, of comely virtues

Othello. 5 2 10761 5 Ibid. 5 2 1076 127 Tempeft. 3 3


Midf. Night's Dream. 5 2
Tw. Night. 2 5

1951 3 319117

366 255

[blocks in formation]

My fate cries out, and makes each petty artery in this body as hardy as the Nemean lion's nerve

[blocks in formation]

Now, all the plagues that in the pendulous air hang fated o'er men's faults, light on thy daughters

300 127

Lear. 3 4 948 217

Father. A daughter's refufing to marry the man required by the father, punished with death at Athens

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You urg'd me as a judge; but I had rather you would have bid me argue like a father

[blocks in formation]

that wear rags, do make their children blind; but fathers that bear bags shall fee their children kind

The father rafhly flaughter'd his own fon

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Fatherly. He cannot choose but take this fervice I have done, fatherly
Fathem. That thou didst know how many fathom deep I am in love! but it cannot be

Cymbeline. 2


379 242 902258

[blocks in formation]

Another of his fathom they have not to lead their business
Fatigate. Then straight his double spirit requicken'd what in flesh was fatigate Cori. 2


Fatter. 'Would he were fatter:-but I fear him not

Faulchion. The pummel of Cæfar's faulchion

[blocks in formation]

With purple faulchion, painted to the hilt

3 Henry vi. 1 4

[ocr errors]

- I have seen the day, with my good biting faulchion I would have made them skip Lear. 5
Faulcon. Follies doth emmew as falcon doth the fowl


607 243 9651|46

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

My faulcon now is sharp, and paffing empty; and 'till the stoop, fhe must not be
Tam. of the Shrew.4
full gorg'd

[blocks in formation]


I blefs the time when my good falcon made a flight across thy father's ground

A faulcon, tow'ring in her pride of place, was by a moufing owl hawk'd at, and

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Winter's Tale. 4 3 349 252

Macbeth. 2

As confident as is the faulcon's flight, against a bird, do I with Mowbray fight R..1
So doves do peck the faulcon's piercing talon

The faulcon as the tercel, for all the ducks i' the river
Faulconers. D. P.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

3 Henry vi. 1 Troilus and Cref. 3 2

2 Henry vi.
Romeo and Juliet. 2
Hamlet. 2

Love's Labor Loft. 2
Merchant of Venice.1
K. John.
Ibid. 4

Two Gent. of Ver.4
Merry W. of Wind.1
hundred pounds




977 1 2 10142 34

2 27 2

152150 2 199 2 51 387 3406224 I 38142

[ocr errors]

50 121

Ibid. 3 4

Meaf. for Meaf.1

62213 78123

Ibid. 2

Every one fault seeming monftrous, 'till his fellow fault came to match it As Y. Like It. 3
Saw'st thou not, boy, how Silver made it good at the hedge corner, in the coldeft


Induc. to Tam. of the Sbrew.


· Our rafh faults make trivial price of ferious things we have
But fuch a headstrong potent fault it is, that it but mocks reproof
Which fault lies on the hazard of all husbands, that marry wives
And oftentimes excufing of a fault, doth make the fault the worfe by the excufe Ib. 4 2
The image of a wicked heinous fault, lives in his eye

If little faults proceeding on diftemper fhall not be wink'd at

• My fault, but not my body, pardon, sovereign

Pity was all the fault that was in me

His faults lie open to the laws; let them, not you, correct him

His faults lie gently on him

He hath faults, with furplus, to tire in repetition


2372 37

[blocks in formation]

All's Well. 5 3


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And all his faults to Marcius fhall be honours, though indeed, in aught he merit

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

He's poor in no one fault, but ftor'd with all

What faults he made before the laft, I think might have found easy fines
I would it were my fault to fleep fo foundly

A friendly eye would never fee fuch faults.-A flatterer's would not
All his faults observ'd, set in a note book, learn'd, and conn'd by rote
His faults, in him, feem as the spots of heaven, more fiery by night's


Ibid. 5 5 738 210
Cafar. 2 I 7461 58
Ibid. 4
Ibid. 4 3 759246


2759 2 38

Ant, and Cleo. 1 4 7712 37
Our faults can never be fo equal, that your love can equally move with them Ibid. 3 5 784 110
Throw my heart against the flint and hardness of my fault
But you, gods, will give us fome faults to make us men

[blocks in formation]

Gods! if you should have ta'en vengeance on my faults, I never had liv'd to put on

Cymbeline. 5



You fnatch from hence for little faults; that's love, to have them fall no more Ibid. 5
Who cover faults, at last shame them derides

I am the youngest of that name, for fault of a worse

Favour infinite, because out of all count

Sickness is catching; O, were favour fo

To buy his favour, I extend this friendship

Lear. I

Romeo and Juliet. 2
Two Gent. of Verona. 2
Midf. Night's Dream.1
Mer. of Venice.

920 126 1920 131



4 979 29 27248


I 1771 37

3 2012 54

Favour. Methinks my favour here begins to warp

To alter favour, even is to fear

A. S. P. C. L.

Macbeth. 1 5 367153

Winter's Tale.

2337 242

1 Henry iv. 5 4
Henry v.4 7
Ibid. 5 2

[blocks in formation]

But let my favours hide thy mangled face
Here, Fluellen; wear thou this favour for me, and stick it in thy cap
Which to diffuse into our former favour you are affembled
The common people favour him, calling him Humphrey, the good duke

of Glofter
Since I am crept in favour with myself, I will maintain it with some little coft R. ii. 12
2 Henry vi. 1 I
Whoever the king favours, the Cardinal instantly will find employment Henry viii. 2 1
He that depends upon your favours, swims with fins of lead, and hews down oaks
with rushes

Your favour is well appear'd by your tongue

6792 8

Coriolanus. 1 1
Ibid. 4 3

705136 727 223

That by no means I may difcover them by any mark of favour
To start a favour to trumpet fuch good tidings

[merged small][ocr errors]

747 1 12

Ant. and Cleop.3


777 247

8992 4

Ideots, in this cafe of favour, would be widely definite

Many dream not to find, neither deferve, and yet are fleep'd in favours

To dismantle fo many folds of favour

For taking one's part that is out of favour

Cymbeline. 7
Ibid. 5 4 9231 7

Lear. I 19312 31



935 248 Ibid. 3 7 951243

With robbers hands, my hofpitable favours you should not ruffle thus
[Countenance] A good favour you have, but that you have a hanging look Meaf. for Meaf. 4 2
I do remember in this shepherd boy fome lively touches of my daughter's favour

My imagination carries no favour in it, but Bertram's

932 47

As You Like It. 5 4 248 112
All's Well.

12781 38

I know your favour well, though now you have no fea cap on your head Tw. Night. 3 4 325243
Yet I well remember the favours of these men
And ftain my favours in a bloody mask
As well as I do know your outward favour

[blocks in formation]

And the complexion of the element, it favours like the work we have in hand Ibid. 1 3 746 2 That Troilus, for a brown favour

I know your favour, lord Ulyffes, well

I have furely feen him; his favour is familiar to me

This admiration is much o' the favour of other your new pranks.

Let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must come
Defeat thy favour with an ufurped beard

Ibid. 4 5 883138 Cymbeline. 5 5 9242 32 Lear. 14 937 133 Hamlet. 5110352 5 Orbell. 31050226 Ibid. 3 4 1066 16 Much Ado Abt. Nothing. 3 1 131156

Nor thould I know him, were he in favour, as in humour, alter'd Favourites. Like favourites made proud by princes

Employ the countenance and grace of heaven, as a false favourite doth his prince's

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

If you know that I do fawn on men, and hug them hard, and after fcandal them

Fawning. And base spaniel fawning

Fay. By my fay

Julius Cæfar.1

27433 Ibid. 37522 6

Induc. to Tam. of the Shrew.

Fealty. She hath enfranchis'd her eyes upon fome other pawn for fealty
Pledge for his truth, and lafting fealty to the new-made king
Our fealty, and Tenantius' right with honour to maintain

Fear. To give fear to use and liberty

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

2254 125

Two Gent. of Ver.2 4


Richard .5 2436123 Cymbeline. 5 4 92225 Meaf. for Meaf. 5

79221 801 6

16. 2 I Midf. Night's Dream. 3 2 185144

We must not make a fcare-crow of the law; fetting it up to fear the birds of prey
Their fenfe thus weak, loft in their fears, thus ftrong
Enfconcing ourselves into feeming knowledge, when we should fubmit to an un-

known fear

All's Well.2 3 285254

And mak'st conjectural fears to come into me, which I would fain fhut out
I am question'd by my fears, of what may chance or breed upon our abfence

o'erfhades him

Prefent fears are lefs than horrible imaginings

To alter favour ever is to fear

Our fears in Banquo ftick deep

This is the very painting of your fear

Oh, these flaws and ftarts, (impoftors to true fear)

My ftrange and felf abufe, is the initiate fear that wants hard use

That I may tell pale hearted fear, it lies, and fleep in spite of thunder
Go, prick thy face, and over-red thy fear

id. 5 3 3032/18 2334 118


Ibid. 1 2 338 240
Macbeth. 1 3 365241
Ibid. 1 5 367153
Ibid. 31
Ibid. 3 4 375258
Ibid. 3 4 376)

Ibid. 3 4 376|2|39
Ibid. 4 1 378|2|32
Ibid. 5 3 384 47


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