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us, we having redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of fins ; and the renovation of our natures, by the operation of his good spirit.

7. Bring us, we humbly pray thee, to the truth of a creature-state, humility, and modesty : cloath our minds with that humility that befits creatures ; with that modesty that becomes sinners. Suffer us not to be vainly fraught nor poffeffed ; to be giddily minled, or intoxicated with fond conceits. O let us not live in a lie, flatter ourselves, deceiving our own fouls, promising that of ourselves, or of any other creature, that will not prove true.

Help us all along in life to subordinate all the affairs and transactions of time to serve the interest of our souls in the state that is before us. Help us to shake off this vain world, and to breathe after eternity, immortality, and glory ; being in perfect reconciliation with the law of everlasting righteousness, goodness, and truth ; which are the laws of heaven : lo fhall we comply with thy nature, mind, and will, and fully answer the relation we stand in to thee. Relieve and ease our consciences, by the blood of sprinkling, according to our several conditions of body and mind; supply us with suitable grace and strength.

8. We are, O Lord, thy care and charge ; thou undertakest for us ; we confess and acknowledge that we are in nothing self-sufficient: not wise enough for our own direction; not able enough for our own defence ; nor yet good enough for our own fatisfaction. We came into being at thy call; and we continue in being at thy maintenance and allowance ; and we shall

go out of these beings which now we have, at thine appointment; and it will not be in our power to with-hold our souls from thee one moment, tho’ the state and welfare of them to all eternity did depend thereupon.

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9. Help us therefore to acknowledge thee in all our ways, and not to lean to our own understandings.

Teach us, bleffed God, fo to number our days, as to apply our hearts unto wisdom; and to mind those things which are in conjunction with our everlasting welfare. Take us out of an carthly and worldly fpirit, and give us senses spiritually exercised, that we may favour and relish, judge and discern, the ways and things of God. 0, let us be always under thy communication and influence ; so in the light of thy countenance attract and draw us to thyself; and stay us with thee ; and suffer us never to depart from thee, upon any temptation, provocation, or suggestion whatsoever.

O Lord, communicate thy light to our minds, thy life to our souls : as thou art original to us by thy creation of us, so be thou also final by our intention of thee.

10. Go over the workmanship of thy creation in us again : to mend all the defects we have contracted, and to destroy out of us, by the working of thy grace and spirit, whatsoever we have acquired unnatural to thy creation of us. Transform us into the image of thy fon, conform us to his likeness, make us, body and soul, an habitation for thyself, by thy holy spirit.

Make thy fon to us, all which thou hast appointed him to be unto sinners. Make him to us wisdom, that we who have played the fool, by consenting to iniquity, and giving our good God an offence, may better understand ourselves in the great concernments of our souls. Make him to us righteousness, that we may be out of danger, by reason of the deserved punithment of our fin. Make him to us fanctification, that we who have marred our fpirits, and spoiled our principles, by unnatural use, may inwardly be made whole, and renewed in the spirit of our minds.


Make him to us redemption, that we may be set at liberty, and delivered from the tyranny of fin and satan, who hath many times led us captive.

11. We thank thee for the happy terms of the covenant of grace ; terms that are good in themselves, and fit for thy creatures, fuch as our own hearts cannot defire better, or other. For, what is it that the Lord our God doth require of us, but only those things which are necessary to our everlasting welfare ? Neither halt thou denied us any thing but what is for our hurt and prejudice. O, bring us into thy good terms, and suffer us not herein to fail, or fall, Ihort.

12. We bless thee for that good hand which thou haft held over us by day and by night, at home and abroad, alone and in company ; that thou hast put aa way evil things from us, and conferred many good things upon us in great kindness, tenderness, and compassion. For, either the evil things that threatned us, have not come at all ; or it they have come, they have not continued fo long as we suspected, nor have been so great as we imagined; or else thou hast over ruled them, fubdued. and turned them unto good ; and for good things, thou hast even transcended our hopes, and exceeded our expectations. O, be thou endeared and recommended to us by thy goodness, kindness and faithtulness ; and let us be engaged unto thee in duty and affection, that so with choice and delight we may live to that God by whom

we live.

13. We thank thee, that we have the use of our reason and understanding, in which many fail, that we have power of self-enjoyment, and taking content in our lives ; that thou haft given us power to choose. and determine ourselves, and that thou haft permit ted our choice.


We acknowledge, that if in any thing our conditions are better or easier than the conditions of those that are most miserable and neceffitous, that herein the goodness of the Lord our God hath been extended towards us : for we have used ourselves as venturously, and run as many hazards, as others; and but for thy gracious interposure, we might have been as miserable as others.


14. Acquaint us, blefled God, in this day of our exercise, probation and trial, with the employment of eternity, (conversation with our God by holy meditation, by heavenly ejaculations, by constant intention of God, his hon ur, and service; by exact waiking according to the difference of good and evil ; and by frequent application to thee by prayer, and all other holy exercises) that so when the'e frail bodies of ours shall fall away and tumble into the dust, and leave our souls alone, and when there shall be no more either of bodily employment, or concernment: that our fouls may then readily adjoin themselves unto these immediate attendants upen Ged, the angels and saints in giory ; and in that biessed confort spend eternity, in singing praises and hallelujahs to that God, of whose grace and goodness we have had so great experience all along in life.

15. Help us fo to order our conversation in the world, fo to govern our fpirits, and to lead fuch lives, upon which we may fafely die ; and when we fail come to leave the world, afford us such a mighty power and presence of thy own good fpirit, that we may have folid confolation in believing, and depart in the faith of God's elect. That we may escape the dreadful pangs of death, all consternation of mind, all coniusion of thoughts, all doubt ulness and uncertainty concerning our everlasting condition ; that so we may chearfully follow thee into the eliate on the other side death, of which thou hast given us so great


assurance by the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jelus Christ, who hath brought life and immortality to light by the gospel, and who hath promised to change these our vile bodies, that they may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working of his mighty power, by which he is able to fubdue all things unto himself : and, Lord, give us in the mean time in faith and patience to poffefs our fouls.

16. We are daily admonished, as by years growing upon some of us, so by experience and observation abroad every day, one or other taken away from our society, converse and acquaintance ; and sometimes persons of fewer years, and of greater strength, and more likely to live than ourselves : neither do we know how it comes to pass that we survive them, nor how long it will be, e're we ihall follow them, nor yet what matter of diseases may be gathering together, in these base and vile bodies of ours, which tho' we feel them not to-day, may appear tomorrow. Lord, keep us in consideration hereof, and the reference of time to eternity, to apply our hearts unto wisdom ; and to mind those things that are in conjunction with our everlasting welfare.

17. And superadd this to all the grace and favour thou haft shewn us all along in life, not to remove us hence, but with all advantages for eternity; when we shall be in a due preparation of mind, in a holy disposition of soul, in a perfect renunciation of the guise of this mad and sinful world ; when we shall be entirely refigned up unto thee our God; when we Thall have clear acts of faith in God by Jesus Christ in our souls ; high and reverential thoughts of thee in our minds ; enlarged and inflamed affections towards thee.

18. Wherefore, blefred God, consummate the work of thy grace which thou hast begun in our souls ; per


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