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unquietness, if the highest faculty, which is most
perceptive, be not tied up to its peculiar and proper
object ; if the reason of our minds go one way, and
our wills another way ; when we have judgment and
conscience of what is right, but impetuousness of pas?
fion and ungoverned affection beat us off; when plea-
surable and profitable, are preferred before just and
honest : these are things of deformity and greatest
violence ; and where there is violence antecedent,
there mischief follows it at, the heels.

Tho' in cafes and circumstances which may hap-
pen, there may be fome doubtfulness and cause of ir-
resolution ; as it is in case of those which we call
particulariora, contractiora jura, the lesser rights ; yet
the majora jura, pietatis, juftitiæ, sobrietatis, the great-
er rights of piety to God, reverence, regard, duty,
observance of him ; fairness, justice, equal-dealing
with men ; fobriety, chastity, temperance ; the go-
vernment of the body, so as to be subservient to the
temper of the mind; and the mind living in love,
dwelling in peace, well-composed, fitted for mental
and spiritual acts; these are such bright lights, as the
eye of reason cannot but see them.

No man can make an excuse for his being immoral, in any kind whatsoever. For these things are of universal acknowledgment, in all times, in all places; there is nothing of religion and conscience, where these things do not take place. The principles of reason, and the further light of revelation, agree in these things, Ti. tus ii. 12. For the grace of God that brings salvation, teaches us, that denying ungodliness, and worldly lufts, we should live foberly, righteously, and godly in this present

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World ; now he hath put out both his eyes, that fees not these things, that doth not discern his obligation to them ; he hath put out the eye of natural light, and that eye whereby he sees things of divine revelation.

I have now given you an account of these things which are so mischievous in man, which are conjoined with his everlasting fate and destiny ; things of high offence and displeasure to God. And if

you lue your safety to eternity, if you value your approving yourselves to God, if you would approve yourselves to be capable of judgment of truth, and right and wrong ; take these things into consideration,


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Some parts of which were ordinarily used by Dr.

WHICH COT E before sermon.
Lmighty God, the father of our Lord Jesus

Chrift, the God of the spirits of all flesh, we

profess all dependence upon thee, we live in all expectation from thee. Awaken (we intreat thee) all the powers and faculties of our souls to acts of lively fense and apprehension of thee. Call us to due diligence and careful attendance upon thee, that we may have our God highly in regard ; that we may have great reverence of Deity in our minds ; that we may be in the fear and apprehensions of thee while we are before thee.

Put us (we humbly pray thee) upon all those acts towards thee that ever thou madst us capable of, in the moment of thy creation of us ; that we may duly acknowledge thee, who art the original of our beings ; that we may greatly reverence thee, who art the father of our spirits ; that we may obey thee fully, who art our governor ; that we may serve thee freely, who art our Lord and owner ; that we may be thankful unto thee, who art our great benefactor ; that we may admire and adore thee, who art a being of all perfection ; that we may love and delight in thee, who art the firit and chiefest good ; that we may place all affiance, trust, and confidence in thee, because of thy gracious promises ; that we may come unto thee, in answer to thy invitation and call ; that we may believe thee, who art most certain and infallible ; thać we may commit the great trust of our souls unto thee, because of thy known faithfulness to us ; that we may rest in thee, the center of immor



tal spirits ; and ultimately refer to thee, who art the end of all things; and in the use of our liberty, that we may present thy majesty with a free will offering and bring unto thee the consent of our minds ; that so we may become alogether thine; that as we are thine by thy creation of us, by thy maintenance, and prefervation, by thy constant providence over us, by thy gracious assuming of us into a relation to thyself by thy Son, making us the adoption of thy grace'; fo we may be also thine, by our voluntary dedicating and devoting ourselves to thy fear and service.

2. To this purpose destroy out of us, whatever we have acquired unnatural to the principles of thy creation of us, by abuse of ourselves, by neglect of thy grace, by compliance with the corrupt guise of this sinful, degenerate, and apoftate world. O naturalize us to heaven, reconcile us to all the things of that high estate : that so we may not drudge in the world, por act in a slavish fpirit in ways of religion; but that we may serve thee with ingenuity of mind, with freedom of spirit, as those that are set at liberty, and delivered from the bondage and slavery of iniquity, having the law of the spirit of life which is in Christ Jcsus, making us free from the law of fin and death,

3. Liefied God, we have caule thankfully to acknowledge the divine goodness, for thou hast loved our sculs trom the pit of destruction : thou hast laid help for us upon one that is mighty, and every ways able to save ; and hast declared thy salvation (God in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, not trespasses ;) thou hast raised up for us a prince aid a Saviour, to give repentance to us, and forgiveness of lins. Now it is the language of our fouls in the ears of our God; make us partakers of that falvation which thou hast appointed, and which our Saviour has wrought, and our fuuls thall bless thee to eternity


4. To this purpose bring us within the terms of the covenant of grace (repentance from dead works, resolved obedience in all things to God, and faith in the Lord Jesus Chrift) and fuffer us not herein to fail or to fall thort. Give us heartily and fincerely to revoke and undo whatsoever we have done amiss in life ; to condemn ourselves for doing those things, to deprecate thy just offence, and displeasure ; to cry thee

mercy ; to ask thee pardon ; and for all time to come, to leave off to sin, and to return to our duty.

5. And let us herein be gainers by our former lofses and miscarriages, to make us more sensible of our weakness and inability ; and of our necessary dependence

upon thee God: to be more thankful unto thee for thy gracious interposure, in preventing of us from running into those evils, that we have not committed ; to be modest and humble in the sei fe of our former miscarriages; to be cautious and wary, that in time to come we do not tranfgress; and to make us more charitable and compassionate to our brethren, that in many things may have failed as well as we.

6. Give us carefully to hold the head of the church, and to make all due acknowledgments to the Saviour of the body mystical ; help us to conceive of him, for the height and excellency of his person ; for the worthinels and fulness of his undertaking, and performance on our behalf; according as we ought. Let us have that dependence upon him, that expectation by him, that thou hast warranted us to have ; and make that use of him, that thou hast fet him up for ; both that our faith and hope may finally rest in God; as also, that we may he planted into the likeness of his death, by mortification, selfdenial, self-surrender ; and may bear the image of his resurrection, by spirituality and heavenly-mindedness; that lo he may become a compleat Saviour to


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