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We to-day are neither so governed that we may rest, or so governed that we require to choose between revolt and slavery. Where we are placed is neither under justice nor the sword, but under a thick hazy mist of our own speech, in which guilt sees and folly fattens. For us then citizenship consists in the detection of fallacy, and patriotism in aiding others to remove the scales which have fallen from our own eyes.—Mr. Urquhart to the Irish Repealers in 1847.

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MR. PORTER, addressing M. Thiers, in 1840, used these words : "For ten years I have found Mr. Urquhart's prognostications verified, and I have seen no event in Europe that he has not prognosticated.” The remark was true: the date may be extended. In 1833, when the opinion of Europe condemned Turkey to the operation of inevitable decay, Mr. Urquhart alone founded upon the knowledge of her capabilities the prophecy of her resurrection. In Europe, since that period, have occurred many apparent changes, but no real variation from a predetermined order detected and proclaimed by the same unerring witness.

With regard to the events treated of in this volume, its contents will best speak. The articles, which appeared originally in the Morning Advertiser, are reprinted without the slightest alteration, and the reference to the dates sufficiently indicate the frequent pre-announcement of important facts. They have been collected and reprinted by the Publisher, in consequence of the great demand for Mr. Urquhart's recent work on Russia, and the feeling awakened throughout the country by his efforts. We subjoin testimonies of authority which will dispense with our adding more on the subject.

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