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tion, i. 434; South's case of fistulous · NÉGRIER on fresh walnut leaves, and their
wound between the thyroid and cricoid decoction in scrofula, i. 624.
cartilages, i. 434; Astley Cooper's case of NELKEN's Dr., instrument for applying the
fistulous opening in the thyroid cartilage, ligature in rectal fistula, i. 732.
i. 434 ; South on secondary hæmorrhage NEMBER on the exhibition of purgatives in
in cut throat, i. 434; Macmurdo's case, i. strangulated hernia, ii, 32.
434; stabs of the windpipe, i. 434; bruised Nepbrotomy, ii. 542.
Founds of the larynx and windpipe, i. Nerves, division of, in neuralgia, ii. 883.
435; shot-wounds with loss of substance, NESTER on the dislocation of the head of the
i. 435; South on the management of the thigh-bone downwards and inwards in
resulting fistula, i. 435; wounds of the hip-disease, i. 258.
gullet, i. 435; signs and treatment, i. Neuralgia, division of nerves in, ii. 883.
435; the oesophagus-tube, i. 435; Astley NEVERMANN on the stanching the bleeding
Cooper's objection to the use of the tube, from an intercostal artery, i. 448; mode
i. 435; Stark's case, i. 435; Dr. Ryau's of operating, i. 448 ; treatment of lacerated
case, i. 436; Hennen's case of wound of perineum, by cauterizing with unslaked
the larynx and esophagus, i. 437; heal lime, and afterwards by position, i. 612;
ing of wounds of the gullet, i. 437; stabs statistics of tracheotomy in laryugitis
of the gullet, i. 437 ; deep wounds at the and tracheitis, ii. 399.
hack of the neck, i. 437; Hennen's case NICOLAI recommends the use of the appara-
of severe nervous symptoms following tus for fractured peck of the femur in the
gunshot wound of the throat, i. 437; treatment of hip disease, i. 263; on the
Kennedy's case of gunshot-wound of the symptoms and progress of white swelling,
right side of the thyroid cartilage, i. | i. 275; on the anatomy of white swelling, i.

276; apparatus for fracture of the neck
NECROSIS, 1. 687; definition and divisions, of the femur, i, 570.
- i. 687; situation, i. 687; causes, i. 687; | NIEL on gold and its preparations in primary
· Müller on the causes of necrosis, and on and secondary syphilís, i. 669.

the process of regeneration, i. 687 ; Brom- Nipples, inflammation and fissure of. See
field and Lawrence's cases of necrosis from Inflammation of the Breast.
irritation, i. 688 ; symptoms, i. 688 ; John Noel on mortification from spurred rye, i.
Hunter on the ossific inflammation pre- | 61; on the operation for the treatment of
ceding necrosis, i. 688; diagnosis, i. 689; lacerated perineum, i. 611: on the appli-
distinguishing characters of caries and cation of the sutures, i. 611.
necrosis, i. 689; separation of the dead Noma. See Mortification.
bode as sequestrum, i. 690; the processes Nose, double, ii. 851; nose-making, ii. 830.
of exfoliation, and of compensation for Nostrils, growing together and narrowing of,
the dead bone, i. 690; the reproduction of ii. 313; foreign bodies in the, ii. 380.
bode not dependent on the periosteum, i. Nuck on ligature of the hernial sac for its
691 ; Lawrence on the terms “necrosis" radical cure, ii. 24; on the diverticulum
and "exfoliation," i. 691; Weinhold's of the peritoneum in the female, ii, 65.
objection to the term "exfoliation," i. Nymphæ, abscess of, i. 160.
691 ; John Hunter on the process of exfo- NYSTEN on the cause of death from the en-
liation, i. 691: John Hunter and Miescher trance of air into a vein, ii. 856.
on the signs of exfoliation. i. 692; Mie-
scher and South on the absorption of part O'BEIRNE, Dr., on the fatal character of
of the dead bone in the process of exfolia tetanus, i. 380; on the introduction of a
tion, i. 692, 693 ; Troja on the incipient thick elastic tube through the rectum into
production of new bone after necrosis, i. the sigmoid flexure of the colon in stran-
693; Weinhold on the cloacæ in necrosis, gulated hernia, ii. 32; case of simple
1. 694; Müller on the production of new serous cysts of the neck, ii. 695.
bode, i. 694; Lawrie on the part played O'Bryen's case of displacement of the heart,
by the dead bone in the process of repro ii. 96.
daction, i. 694 ; Miescher on the process O'CALLAGHAN's, Dr., case of the lodgment of
of cicatrization, i. 695; John Hunter on a foreign body in the frontal sinuses, i. 395,
the species of exfoliation, i. 695; prognosis, Occipital artery, ligature of, ii. 239.
1. 696; cases of necrosis indirectly affect- Esophagotomy, ii. 385. .
ing the joints, and requiring amputation, Esophagus, wounds of, i. 435; stricture of,
1. 696; Porter's case of wound of the pop- ii. 317; foreign bodies in the, ii. 381.
liteal artery by a sequestrum, i. 696 ; treat- OESTERLEN's observations on the re-break-
ment, i. 697; separation and removal of ing a badly-united fracture, i. 525; ap-
the sequestrum, i. 697; treatment in cases paratus for re-breaking the bone, i. 525.
of necrosis of old standing, i, 698; cases O'FERRALL', Dr., case of sarcomatous scro-
in which ampatation is indicated, i. 698. tum, ii. 807.

OGLE's case of puncturing the dura mater |

to remove the effused blood, i. 407.
Olecranon, fracture of, i. 560.
OLIVER's case of fatal hæmorrhage from

leech-bites, ii. 866.
OLLENROTH on the use of caustic to destroy

the ends of broken bone in false joints, i.
590; modes of operating in ovarian

dropsy, ii. 487.
OLLIVIER on dislocation of the femur di-

rectly downwards, i. 796.
OMALGIA, inflammation of the shoulder-

joint, i. 270 ; three stages of the disease,
i. 270; symptoms and results, i. 270;
dislocation of the head of the bone, i.
271; abscesses and caries of the bone, i.
271; post-mortem appearances, i. 271;

etiology, prognosis, and treatment, i. 271.
ONSENOORT'S, VAN, plan to prevent the

needles tearing out after the operation for
hare-lip, i. 599 ; on the treatment of hy.
drocele by seton, ii. 505 ; mode of ampu-

tating at the shoulder-joint, ii. 956.
Onychia maligna. See Ingrowing of the

OPPENHEIM on the introduction of the seton

in false joints, i. 593; case of excision of

the head of the femur, ii. 978.
Orchitis, See Inflammation of the Testicle.

history of nose-making, i. 830; the
Indian method, ii. 831; the Taliacotian
operation, ii. 831 ; practised in England
by Lyon, Sutcliffe, and Carpue, ii. 831 ;
Graefe's modification of the Taliacotian
operation, ii. 831; the second Indian
method, ii, 832; South on the practice of
plastic surgery in England, ii. 832; the
several methods of reparation by a fold
of skin from the neighbourhood, ii. 832;
the value of plastic operations, ii. 833;
rhinoplasty, and its occasional unfavour-
able results, ii. 833; subsequent changes
in the new nose, ii. 834; the Indian ope-
ration preferable, ii. 834; Balfour, Braid,
South, Barthélemy, and Regnault's cases
of reunion of separated parts, ii. 835;
nose-making from the skin of the forehead,
ii. 836; the Indian method of rhinoplasty,
ii. 836 : directions for the operation, ii.
836 ; Graefe, Dieffenbach, Delpech, and
Labat's modifications, ii, 836 ; subsequent
symptoms and treatment, ii. 838 ; occur-
rence of gangrene, i. 838; removal of the
stitches or pins, ii. 839; division of the
fold of skin after complete union of the
new uose, ii. 839 ; after-operations for
perfecting the form of the nose, ii. 839;
Graefe on the proper formation of the
nostrils, ii. 839; defects of the wings of
the nose, ii. 840; Dieffenbach's opera-
tion, ii. 840; deficiency of the side-edge
as well as of the wing of the nose, ii. 840; /
the bridge of the nose sunken in, ii, 840;

directions for the operation, ii. 840;
Dieffenbach's modification of the opera-
tion, ii. 840; deficient columna narium,
ii. 840; the operation, ii. 840; bottle-
nose, and the operation to remedy the de-
formity, ii. 841; Gensoul's modification
of the operation for deficient columna
narium, ii. 841; Gensoul's case of chilo-
plasty, to remedy the deformity caused by
gangrene, ii. 841; forming the nose from
the skin of the arm, ii. 842; a more
troublesome and uncertain operation than
the Indian method, ii. 842; directions for
the German operation, ii. 842; Benedict
and Galenzowski's modifications of the
operation, ii. 843; the Italian operation,
as modified by Graefe, ii. 843; raising a
sunken nose, ii. 843; Dieffenbach's opera-
tion, ii. 843; dressing and after-treat-
ment, ii. 844; Liston and Fergusson's
operations, ii. 844; Dieffenbach's opera-
tion for dropping in of the bridge of the
nose, from destruction of part of the sep
tum, ii. 845; the inhealing of metallic
frames to remedy sunken noses, ii. 845;
Tyrrell's case, 'ii. 845; Dieffenbach's
operation to remedy the turning down-
wards of the tip of the nose, ü. 845; me-
chanical compensation for lost parts, ii.
846; artificial legs, ii. 846; the wooden
leg, ii. 846 ; Paré, Ravaton, White, Addi-
son, Wilson, Brünninghausen, Stark, Ber-
rens, Heine, Graefe, Rühl, Palm, Dorn-
bluth, Schmucker, Wals, Miles, and
Serre's artificial legs, ii. 846; selection
of an artificial leg, ii. 846; description of
Ruhl's artificial leg, ii. 846 ; of Stark's
artificial thigh, ii. 847; description and
application of the wooden leg, ii. 847;
Ruhl's wooden leg, ii. 847; artificial foot,
ii. 847; artificial hands, ii. 848; Pliny,
Götz von Berlichingen, Paré, Wilson, and
Ballis's artificial hands, ii. 848; artificial
upper arms, ii. 848; description of the
apparatus, ii. 848; artificial noses and
ears, ii. 848; supply of lost portions of
the hard palate, ii. 849; use of obturators,
ii. 849 ; replacement of the teeth, ii. 849 ;
transplantation of teeth, ii. 849; applica-
tion of artificial teeth, ii. 849.

SUPERFLUITY OF:-supernumerary
fingers and toes, ii. 850; two different
forms, ii. 850; treatment by operation, ii.
850; supernumerary teeth, ii. 850; causes,
ii. 850; deformity caused by the irregular
position of the teeth, ii. 850 ; treatment,
ii. 850; double nose, ii. 851; either con-
genital or acquired, ii. 851 ; enormous
degeneration of the nose, and its treat-
ment by operation, ii, 851; treatment of
cleft nose, ii. 851; Hey's case of immense
tumour of the nose, ii. 851; Dalrymple
on the nature and characters of these
tumours, ii. 851.

OBIBASIUS on the removal of the relaxed i. 611 ; on congenital dislocation of the
uvula by cutting, i. 147.

hip, i. 769 ; on ligature of the hernial
ORIOLI's case of fungus of the dura mater, sac for its radical cure, ii. 24; on the ope-
treated by operation, ii. 689.

ration of dilating the abdominal ring, the
ORRED's case of excision of a joint, ii. hernial sac being unopened, ii. 43 ; on the

968; mode of operating in excision of the causes of club-foot, ii. 176.
head of the humerus, ii. 974.

PARENT on the hydrarg. cyan, in syphilis,
OSBORNE, Dr., on the application of leeches i. 662.

to mucous surfaces, ii. 865; use of the PARIS', Dr., case of a foreign body remain-
polytome, ii. 868.

ing a long while in the windpipe, ii. 396;
Os calcis, fracture of, i. 585; dislocation of, on cancer of the scrotum, ii. 815.
i. 812.

| PARK's case of excision of a joint, ii. 969;
Os hyoides, fracture of, i. 530.

mode of operating in excision of the knee-
OSTANDER on the operation for the treat joint, ii. 981 ; on the mode of union after

ment of lacerated perineum, i. 611; on the operation, ii. 982.
the extirpation of the cancerous peck of Paronychia, i. 192.
the womb, ii. 821.

Parotid duct, fistula of, i. 714.
OʻSHAUGHNESSY's case of removal of the Parotid gland, inflammation of, i. 148;
apper jaw, ii. 999.

abscess of, i. 148; cancer of, ii. 780;
Osteosarcoma, i, 677.

diseases of, ii. 780; extirpation of, ii.
Osteosteatoma, ii. 677.

Orto on hydrocephalocele, ii. 98; on the Patella, fracture of, i. 576; dislocation of,
causes of cerebral rupture, ii, 99.

i. 804.
OUTREPOST on the causes of congenital PATTISON'S case of teleangiectasy treated by
dislocation, i. 769.

acupuncture with red-hot needles, ii. 285.
Ovarian dropsy, ïi. 486.

Pauli on tattooing moles of the skin, ii.
Ovaritis regarded by Ricord a complication 286.
of gonorrhea, i. 159,

Paulus ÆGINETA on the removal of the
Ovary, extirpation of, ii. 487.

relaxed uvula by cutting, i. 147 ; cau-
Owen's case of viper-bite, i. 356; on the terized it with the aid of the staphylo-

post-mortem appearances in Stevens' case kauston, i. 147 ; on the application of the
of ligature of the internal iliac, ii. 257. actual cautery for the radical cure of her-

nia, ii. 23 ; on aneurism, ii. 197.
PAGET's cases of diseased undescended tes PEARSON'S, Dr., opinion relative to the
ticle, ii. 814.

formation of pus, i. 35.
PAILLAUD on iodine in hard swellings of PEARSON opposed to incisions in carbuncle,
the testicle, i. 669.

i. 138; on the symptoms preceding and
PAILLOUX on the cause of the difficulty ex accompanying the formation of a lumbar

perienced in reducing dislocations of the abscess, i. 186 ; on the situation of the

thumb from the metacarpal bone, i. 795. external abscess, i. 187; prefers making
PAJOLA'S mode of operating for stone, ii. a small aperture in lumbar abscess, and

treating the ulcer in a gentle manner, i.
PALATE, hard, cleft in the, i. 599.

190; on the treatment of the sinuous
soft, cleft in the, i, 602.

cavities resulting from lumbar abscess, by
PALLETTA ON congenital dislocation of the injections, i. 191; states that the larger

hip, i. 769, 802 ; on the post-mortem ap arteries sometimes ulcerate into the ab-
pearances in, i. 803 ; case of congenital scess, i. 191 ; on venereal paronychia, i.
dislocation of the patella, i. 805; of ex 194 ; on erethismus mercurialis, i. 677;
tirpation of the womb, ii. 825.

on the cachexia syphiloidea, i. 678; on
PALMER on the torsion of arteries, i. 309. the eczema mercuriale, i. 679; on the
Paracentesis thoracis, ii. 473; abdominis, ii. treatment of erethismus mercurialis and

482 ; uteri, ii. 495 ; of the intestines in eczema mercuriale, i. 680.
tympanitis, ii, 495,

PELLETAN on the mechanism of the fat
Paraphimosis, ii. 349.

rupture when it descends through the
PARÉ, AMBROSE, used the ligature in cases inguinal canal, ii. 62; case of the exist-

of relaxed uvula, i. 147; on the operation ence of several aneurisms in the same per-
for the treatment of ingrowing of the nail, son, ii. 204.
i. 200 ; on the use of the ligature for PELLIEUX on the symptoms of dislocation
wounded vessels, i. 320; bandage for of the sternal end of the clavicle back-
fractured elavicle, i. 551; on the rotation wards, i. 778.
of the foot outwards in fracture of the PELOUZE's experiments on stone-solvents,
neck of the femur, i. 564; apparatus for ii. 554.
fractare of the neck of the femur, i. 569; Pelvic bones, fracture of, i. 543; dislocation
on the operation for lacerated perineum, of, i. 775.

PENADA's case of hydrocephalocele, ii. 98. rotte, Dieffenbach, Roux, Montain, and
Penis, cancer of, ii. 800; amputation of, ii. Ritgeon on the application of sutures, i.
801; by ligature, ii. 802.

611; Davidson's successful operation, i.
PENIS, WOUNDS OF, i. 487; treatment of 611; subsequent treatment, i. 611; Dief-

these wounds, i. 487 ; laceration of the fenbach on the artificial retention of fæces
cavernous bodies by forcibly binding the for several days after the operation, i.
penis during erection, i. 487; conse 612; Saucerotte, Roux, and Davidson's
quences and treatment, i. 487 ; South on cases, i. 612; Horner's recommendation
incising the spongy body of the penis not to divide the sphincter ani, after union
always a cause of loss of the power of erec has taken place, i. 612; mode of union
tion, i. 487 ; Möller's case of gangrene of of old lacerations, i. 612; Nevermann's
the penis from the constriction of a metal treatment by cauterizing with unslaked
ring, i. 487; South's objection to ampu lime, and afterwards by position, i. 612.
tation of the penis for lacerations of the Peroneal artery, ligature of, ii. 266.
cavernous bodies, i. 488; rupture of the PERRAULT's case of amputation at the hip-
urethra, i. 488; symptoms and treat I joint, ii. 933.
ment, i. 488 ; South on the treatment of PERREZ on the physiology of carbuncle, i.
rupture of the urethra, i. 488.

136; on the treatment of carbuncle, i.
PENNOCK, Dr., on the effects of cupping. 139.
glasses in vipers' bites, i. 353.

PERRY'S case of aneurism bursting into a
PENTZLIN on the treatment of itch, i. 639. vein, ii. 272; case of necrosis of the lower
PERCIVAL, Dr., on an epidemic vaginal jaw, ii. 994.
catarrh, i. 161.

PETIT's explanation of the lengthening of
PERCY on the removal of foreign bodies in the limb in hip disease, i. 257 ; on the

injuries of the brain, i. 398 ; on the solu reduction of the consecutive dislocation, i.
tion of the chloride of lime in the treat 268; on the arrest of hæmorrhage by
ment of foul, gangrenous, or torpid ulcers, nature, i. 297 ; on the healing of wounds
i. 615; on passing a leaden thread into of arteries, i. 298; on the more general
Steno's duct, after the cheek has been application of the trephine, i. 413; ban-
penetrated, in the operation for salivary dage and slippers for rupture of the tendo
fistula, i. 713; operation for enlargement Achillis, i. 493, 494; bandage for frac-
of the tongue, ii. 561; moxa made with tured clavicle, i. 551 ; on the rotation of
the pith of the sun-flower, ii. 883; on the the foot outwards in fracture of the neck
excision of joints, ii. 969.

of the femur, i. 564; on incision of the
Pericardium, wounds of, i. 456. See hernial sac, etc., for its radical cure, ii.
Wounds of the Chest.

24; case of impending peritonitis from
Perineal fistula, i. 744; abscess, i. 744; rup ligature of the hernial sac, ii. 29 ; on the
ture, ii. 90.

operation of dilating the abdominal ring,
PERINEUM, FEMALE, LACERATIONS OF, i. I the hernial sac being unopened, ii. 43;

608; causes, situation, and extent, i. 608; 1 on the coagula in varicose veins, ii, 288 ;
slight lacerations, i. 608: results of ex case of varices in the upper extremity,
tensive lacerations, i. 608; inability to ii. 289; cases in which severe symptoms
retain the fæces in complete laceration followed the application of the ligature
from the vagina to the rectum, i. 608 ; for piles, ii. 303 ; mode of amputating by
treatment of extensive laceration, i, 608 ; ! the circular incision, ii. 890.
by sutures, i. 608; by position, i. 608; PEYRONIE's, M. LA, case of abscess of the
central laceration, i. 608; treatment of dura mater, i, 399.
large and recent lacerations by the stitch, Phagedena, sloughing. See Mortification.
i. 608 ; Duparcque on the treatment of PHILIP's, Dr. WILSON, experiments on the
lacerations of the perineum, i. 609; results condition of the vessels in inflammation,
of these lacerations, i. 609; Dr. Churchill i. 28 ; on the treatment of uric acid gravel,
on the treatment of lacerated perineum, ii. 534.
i. 609; Duparcque on the scarring of the Phillips' case of fracture of the first ver-
edges of the torn perineum, i. 609 ; ope tebra, and pivot process of the second, i.
rations on old lacerations when extending 532; post-mortem appearances, i. 534 ;
into the rectum uncertain in their conse case of prolapsed womb treated by caute-
quences, i. 610; when contra-indicated, i. rization of the vaginal parietes, ii. 112; on
610; description of the operation, i. 610; the application of the actual cautery in
Ambrose Paré, Guillebonnean, Mauri treating prolapse, ii. 134; on acupuncture
ceau, La Motte, Smellie, Noel, Saucerotte, in aneurism, ii. 228; case of a stick in the
Dupuytren, Mursinna, Menzel, Osiander, rectum, ii. 392; on the statistics of the
Dieffenbach, Montain, and Roux on this operations for the extirpation of the ovary,
operation, i. 611; Guillebonneau, Mau ii. 490; on the results of amputation, ii,
riceau, La Motte, Smellie, Noel, Sauce 905,

Phimosis, ii. 343.

| PLOUCQUET's case of foreign body in the
PHLEBITIS, i. 77; causes, symptoms, and heart, i. 455.

terminations, i. 77; Cruveilhier and South POCKELS on the formation of new vessels, i.
on phlebitis, i. 77, 78; Hunter on the 292.
coagulation of the blood in phlebitis, i. Poisoned Wounds, i. 348. See Wounds.
77; Hunter, Abernethy, Hodgson, Car- POLLER on puncturing the bladder, ii. 436.
michael, Bouillaud, Travers, and Arnott Polypus, ii. 726 ; of the nostrils, ii. 729;
on severe phlebitis, i. 78; Ribes cases of of the throat, ii. 738 ; of the esophagus,
phlebitis, i. 79; Arnott on the morbid ij. 738 ; in the maxillary sinus, ii. 739 ;
appearances in phlebitis, i. 80; Dr. of the womb, ii. 746; of the vagina, ii.
Robert Lee on inflammation of the femo 754 ; of the rectum. ii. 754.
ral and iliac veins, an occasional cause of Popliteal artery, ligature of, ii. 264.
phlegmasia dolens, i. 80: Abernethy on the | PORTAL's case of inflammation of th

| PORTAL's case of inflammation of the aorta,
treatment of traumatic phlebitis, ii. 863. consequent on the recession of measles, i.
Phlebotomy, ii. 860.

74; on the ossification of arteries in
Phlegmasia dolens, Dr. R. Lee on inflam young children, i. 77; case of fatal

mation of the feinoral and iliac veins, an hæmorrhage consecutive to the opening a
occasional cause of, i. 80.

tonsillar abscess, i. 142; on the lengthen-
Pbrenic rupture, ii. 92.

ing of the limb in hip-disease, i. 257;
PHYSICK, Dr., on the treatment of carbuncle, mode of amputating by the circular in-

i. 138; guillotine instrument for ampu- cision, ii. 891.
tating the tonsils, i. 145; on the treat- PORTALUPI's case of very large fatty tumor,
ment of coxalgia, i. 263; on the animal ! ii. 691.
ligatore, i. 307 ; apparatus for fracture of PORTE, DE LA, on the extirpation of the
the neck of the femur, i. 569; on the use ovary, ii. 487.
of the seton in false joints, i. 593 ; opera- PORTER's case of wound of the popliteal
tion for artificial anus, i. 723 ; on the artery by a sequestrum, i. 696; on the
mode of performing the Cæsarian opera passage of foreign bodies into the larynx,
tion, ii, 443.

ii. 394.
PIEDAGXEL on the cause of death from the Posch's apparatus for fractures of the leg,
entrance of air into a vein, ii. 856.

i. 583.
Pigné on the changes which the substance Posselt's chemical analysis of the fluid

of bone undergoes in advanced age, i. contained in ranula, ii. 406.
497; on sawing off the ends of the broken Post's, Dr., case of ligature of the subcla-
bone in false joints, i. 591; on the direc vian above the clavicle, ii. 243; on the
tion and position of natural and acquired ligature of the external iliac, ii. 261.
hare-lip, i. 595; on the solution of the Port on the diseased condition of the spine
chloride of lime in the treatment of foul, in lumbar abscess, i. 186; on the symp-
gangrenous, or torpid ulcers, i. 615; on toms and progress of inflammation in the
the treatment of syphilitic phimosis, ii. joints of the vertebrve, i. 277; on the so-
348; on hydrocele caused by gonorrhea, called palsy of the limbs in Pott's disease,
ü. 499; on the nature of corns, ii. 668 ; i. 278; on the puffy, circumscribed, in-
on the seat of exostosis, ii. 673.

dolent tumour of the scalp, indicative of
PILORE's case in which he made an artificial suppuration between the dura mater and

anus on the right side by opening the the skull, i. 385; on the symptoms accom-
cacum, ii. 328.

panying fracture of the skull, not depend-
PIXEL's opinions relative to the formation of ing on the injury to the bone, but from
pns, i. 35.

injury to the brain, or of some of the parts
PIORRY on the physical characters of dropsy contained in the cranium, i. 389; on
of the pericardium, ii. 479.

puncturing the dura mater, when the ex.
PITCAIRN, Dr., on immediate amputation in travasation lies beneath, i. 406; on extra-

gun-shot wounds, i. 346; on gold and its vasation between the meninges, or on tho
preparations in primary and secondary surface of the brain, i. 406; on the more
syphilis, i. 669.

general application of the trephine, i.
PITSCHAFT's cases of suppurating protru 413; on the bent position in fracture of

sion of the brain in children, ii. 102. the femur, i. 574; on effusion of blood
PLANCHON's case of fatal punctured wound into cellular tissue of the scrotum, ii. 455;
of the womb, i. 486.

on hæmatocele of the spermatic cord, ii.
PLANTADE's mode of amputating at the 457; case of fusible calculus in a vesical
hip-joint with the flap-cat with a single rupture, ii. 547 ; on cancer of the scrotum,
flap, ii. 936.

ii. 815; on the age at which chimney-
PLATTNER'S artery-compressor, i. 299. sweep's cancer generally occurs, ii. 816;
PLENcK on the lengthening of the limb in mode of operating in amputation, ii.
hip-disease, i. 257.


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