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Unbreathed, uexercised, unpractised

Weigh, sometimes, to delle ar aitcem. L'nnape, a term in hunting, to stop every hole xefore the fox Ward, prophetic is uncaped or turned out of the bag.

Waikin, the sky. Uncharged, unattacked. Tim. Ath.

Walkin-eye, blue eye. Unclew, to unwind, to ruin.

Well a-ncar, well-a-day, lack-dessi Uncoincd, unrefined, unadorned. Hen. V.

Wend, to go. Unconfirined, unpractised in the ways of the world, not Westward hoe, the name of a play ac!ed in Shakspeare, hardened.

time. Twel. Undercraft, a phrasc from heraldry, to wear bencath the wcther, used for ram. crest.

Whelked, varied with protuberances ; from whildci, protu. Onefficted, '1. e. fire, shining without heat. Ham.

berances, a small shell-fish. Oncrpressive, inexpressible As you

Whe'r, often for whether. Ungenilured, not having genitals.

Where, sometimes, for whereas.
Unhaired, unbearded, youthful.

Whifflet, an officer who walked in processions
Unhappy, sometimes, for mischievously wagsish, unlucky. Whiles, until. Twel. Night.
Unhoused, free from domestic cares,

Whipstock, the carter's whip.
Unhousclied, without having the sacrament

Whirring, hurrying away. Unmastered, licentious.

Whist, being silent. Temp. Unproper, common. Oih,

Whiting time, bleaching time, Unqvalitied, unmanned.

Whitsters, bleachers of linen. Unquestionable averse to conversation. As you.

Whittle, a pocket clasp knifc, Unrespective inconsiderate.

Whooping, measure and reckoning. As you. Unrest, disquict.

Whimpled, hooded, or veiled; from wimple, a hood. Unrough youths, beardless youths, Mac,

Winchester goose, a strumpet; the stews were formerly Unsisting, unresisting, or unfceling. Mea. for Mea.

licensed by the bishop of Winchester, Unsmirched, clean, not defiled.

Winking gates, gates hastily closed from fear of danger. Unsquared, as stones, unadapted to their purposes.

Winnowed, sifted or examined. Unstanched, incontinent.

Wis, to know. Untempering, not softening.

Wish, sometimes, to recommend or desire, Untentcd, not probed, virulent.

Wits, sometimes, for senses. Untraded, singular, nct in common usc,

Wittól-cuckold, one who knows himself a cuckold, and is Unvalued, invaluable. Rich. III.

contented. Upspring, upstart.

Woe, to be sorry. Use and usance, sometimes for usury.

Wondered, able to perform wonders. Temp. Utis, a merry festival

Wood, crazy. Two Gent. Mid. Night. Hen. VI. ist Part. Ultcrance, the extremity of defiance. Cym. Mac.

Woolvish, giving an idea of a wool in sheep's clothing. Cor.

Woolward, clothed in wool, or rather naked Love's Lain Waft, to beckon. Com. of Er. Ham.

Worts, the ancient name of all kinds of cabbage. Wage, sometimes, to hire or reward, to fight.

Wot, to know. Wan'd, probably for waned, decayed, or in the wane. Ani. | Wreck, resentment and Cleo.

Wrest, an instrument for drawing up the strings of a barys Wanned, pale, made wan.

a help. Troil, and Cres. Wanton, sometimes, for a man feeble and effeminate.

Wrested pomp, pomp obtained py violence Wappened, probably, decayed or diseased.

Writhled, wrinkled. Ward, defence, a phrase in the art of defence

Wrought, worked, agitated
Warder, a guard or sentinel.

Wrying, deviating.
IVarien, a species of large pear.
Warn, sometimes, to summons.

Yare, handy, nimble. iVarp, to change from the natural state.

Yearn, to grieve or vex, Wassel, a kind of drink, or intemperate drinking.

Yerk, to kick D'assci candle, candle used at feasts.

Yesty, foaming, frothy. Waren, to increase, arci, soft, yielding, easily obliterated.

Zony, a buffoon, a merry Andrew Web anul pin, diseases of the eye. Laas.

Tealous, pious, influenced by religion 2 John. Vec, very little,

Zed, a term of contempt. The letter Z L Dut in any wod Van, to think or imagine,

originally Teutonic, 'I car.

As you. ,




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