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In der Brönner'schen Buchhandlung sind früher erschienen: Miss Edgeworth's moral tales, 2 vol. in 8° 1827.

geh. Rthlr. 2. 16 gr. oder fl. 4. 48 kr.

popular tales, 2 vol. in 8° 1827. geh,

Rthlr. 3 oder f. 5. 24 kr. parent's assistant, 6 vol. in 120

geh. Rthlr. 3. 12 gr. oder fl. 6. 18 kr. Murray's english grammar, adapted to the different classes of learners, go 1825

Rthlr. 1. oder fl. 1. 48 kr. Robertson's complete Works in 3 vol. Large 80 mit einem schön gestochenen Bildnisse 1828. cart.

Rthlr. 12. oder f. 21. 36 kr. Separatly: The history of Scottland and India, 1 vol. The history of Charles V, 1 vol. The history of America, 1 vol.

each Rthlr. 4. oder A. 7. 12 kr. Romancero e historia del muy valeroso caballero

el Cid Ruy Diaz de Vibar, en lenguage antiguo, recopilado por Juan de Escobar, edicion completa añadida con una version castellana de la historia de la vida del Cid por el famoso historiador aleman D. Juan de Müller. Mit einer lithograph. Ansicht des Grabdenkmales des Cid). 16mo 1828 geh.

Rthlr. 1. oder f. 1. 48 kr. Dasselbe Velinpapier Rthlr. 1. 12 gr. oder fl. 2. 42 kr.

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'Cán it be wondered at (says Mr. Gifford) that Shakspeare should swell into twenty or even twice twenty volumes, when the latest editor (like the wind Cecias) constantly draws round him the floating errors of all his predecessors. Upwards of twenty years ago, when the evil was not so great as it has since become, Steevens confessed that there was an “exuberance of comment,' arising from the ambition in each little Hercules to set up pillars ascertaining how far he had travelled through the dreary wilds of black letter;' so that there was some danger of readers being 'frighted away from Shakspeare, as the soldiers of Cato deserted their comrade when he became bloated with poison-crescens fugère cadaver.” He saw with a prophetic eye that the evil must cure itself, and that the time would arrive when some of this ivy must be removed, which only served to hide the princely trunk, and suck the verdure out of it.'

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