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ment of the Jesuits to the Pontiff's, would beg to ask should the Catholics own “ dear Sons in Christ,” and sub be deprived of their undoubted birthmits the documents to the good sense right; why should they be made a of his unsophisticated countrymen. | mark of scorn and derision, any more This, to be sure, is very generous and than their Protestant neighbours, if liberal behaviour, and all I have to their conduct as members of the state wish is, that his un sophisticated coun- is equally as meritorious, and their trymen will make a better use of their only offence, that of adhering, for good sense than the poor scribe has conscience sake, to the faith of their done of his brainless effusions. The ancestors? Why? Because the InPanoramic wight enquires if the Ca- quisition is restored to its full power tholics will demand their rights? If | in Spain, to be sure. And has not the Popery demands promotion, when all Pope issued a Bull to re-establish the the Monkish orders are restored to Jesuits in such Catholic countries as predominance? If we are called upon shall wish to avail themselves of their to support the Cowl and the Convent? services ? exclaims the senseless and And if such is the case, he says the bigotted writer. - Was ever such Catholics must be prepared to reply wretched logic offered to any other to the following civil observations. nation, as our base and venal scribes Has, he demands, the Inquisition offer to the liberal and enlightened resumed its power? Is it true that people of England-this vain-boasting the CHURCH of Rome does not per- and Protestant country-this land of secute? What example do the Ca freedom and scriptural knowledge!-tholics set? What is the toleration But suppose the Inquisition has been practised by the Catholic Church 2 established in Spain with all the hor. To these interrogatories I shall beg. rors attached to it, which John Bull leave to reply in a few words.--The has been taught to believe; what has Catholics certainly do intend to de. that to do with this country, or with mand their RIGHTS, until they are Ireland ? The Inquisition never was granted-rights which have been un established here, nor is there any likejustly withheld from them, under a lihood that it ever will, even if the mistaken idea, arising from the ca nation now were wholly Catholic. Why lumnies of former times, and now | then should that prevent the British or supported by the interested and bi- | Irish Catholic from inheriting his birthgotted faction, that the tenets held by | right? And, let me ask, why do our Prothem are inimical to a Protestant Go testant countrymen exclaim so much vernment.-'This the Catholics have against the Inquisition in Spain, when denied, and have confirmed the de. they have similar establishments of claration with the sanctity of an oath their own here, but under a different They have also called upon their op. | name? What, for example, are er ponents to prove that their Church officio informations ? What is that ever taught such doctrines; but this Association called the Society for the their antagonists never did, nor could Suppression of Vice? Ilave they not do, and therefore content themselves their informers, their fines and impriwith re-asserting their calumnious sonments, by means of the civil power? falsehoods. But, in petitioning for And have we uot heard of individuals these rights, they do not demand that whose only offence has been the bakPopery should be PROMOTED.-Alling of a dinner on a Sunday for some that the Catholics ask for is, that they poor wretch, who perhaps had not the may be put upon the same level as their means of cooking it at home, being Protestant fellow-subjects, instead of summoned before the magistrates, by being held out, as they now are, by the hired and interested informer, and the “ No Popery” faction, as objects fined, or imprisoned if too poor to of scorn and jealousy..And why I pay, while the rich offender can employ his servants to prepare a sump- y other crime than the exercise of their tuous entertainment on the same day, priestly functions.--I have been asnot only without danger of molesta- sured by a gentleman of the most un. tion, but the magistrate and some of impeachable character, and who, I am the members of the Vice suppressing confident, could have no interest, eiClub, will make no scruple to partici ther in this world or in the next, in pate in the offence. If the Panoramic deceiving me, that greater lenity canEditor and his readers will look into not possibly be shewn than is exercised Hawkins's Pleas of the Crown, 1. c. 7. in the prisons of Portugal and Spain. he will there find it laid down, that I do not say but abuses may have taken « All blasphemies against God, ALL place; but is not that the case in all 66 impostures in religion, as falsely human institutions? Have we not had 66 pretending to extraordinary com. petitions presented to the Senate coms missions from God, and terrifying plaining of inhuman and tyrannical 66 or abusing the people with false de proceedings in our gaots? - Nay, does 66 nunciations of judgment, inasmuch not history record instances, where 26 as they tend to subvert all religio: even the trial by jury has been made .6 and morality are punishable by the to answer the purposes of a vicious 6 temporal judges with fine and impri- government? Why then are our pub66 sonment, and also such corporal in- lic writers so ready in blaming their 6 famous punishment as to the Court Catholic neighbours for the same er “ in discretion shall seem meet, ac- rors that Protestants commit? And 66 cording to the heinousness of the why do the people in general applaud 56 crime."--Now, will this scribe shrew soch ungenerous conduct? Did not that the Inquisition, against which so the decree of Ferdinand expressly demuch abuse has been levelled, possesses clare, that it was his intention to peror ever assumed a greater power than fect the establishment in such a man. what is here granted to the Executive ner as to render it eminently useful to of this country. And if those who his subjects? Why then bespatter him have so repeatedly changed their own with so much invective for his desire doctrines, have authority to punish to reform the abuses of which you and correct others for doing the like; complain? Another gentleman of surely the ministers of that religion equal integrity to the former likewise which has never been altered, but re- assured me, that, during his residence muins still the same, have equal power in Portugal, he made enquiry of a te. to decide upon the truth or falsity of nerable Clergyman, then about eighty any new fangled doctrines which may years of age, who solemnly declared, be attempted to be spread among the that he remembered but one criminal people of Spain or Portugal.-The In- suffering death in his life-time, under quisition, at least as far as the Catho. that tribunal. Indeed so cautious are lic Clergy are concerned, never pre- the Inquisitors in receiving informatended to more authority than what is tions, that unless three witnesses exconceded in Hawkins's Pleas to the actly agree in stating the time and naBritish Cabinet ; and as to the tortures ture of the offence said to be commitsaid to be practised upon the unhappy | ted, or if they suspect there is any ma. prisoners, they are entitled to the same lice or interested motives existing in degree of veracity as the infamous te. the breasts of the informers, they will nets attempted to be fixed upon the not proceed against the accused perCatholic religion, and were invented, | sons.And, it should further be obu no doubt, to gloss over the barbarous served, that the crimes recognizable executions which took place in Eliza. | by the Inquisition, are publicly read beth's reign, when so many Catholic once in the year, at high mass, in every Priests were hung, drawn, and quar- church throughout those countries tered, and their bowels burnt, for no where that tribunal is established,, in

order that the people may not be ig- | they would not only endanger the punorant of the consequences. These rity of their own church, but would crimes are such as tend to subvert also hazard the safety of the remaining all religion and morality, and such as liberties of their Protestant brethren; are punishable by the laws of this they therefore preferred their present country.—But does not the Church of state of slavery, to an emancipation Rome persecute.? NO; the religion I granted with the loss of their honour !! of the church of Rome is NOT a perse- and honesty, which should emancipate, cuting religion.-For myself, I have one party to enslave and corrupt the been educated in its faith from niy in. other. In this the Laity were most vir. fancy, and I can assert, without the tuously and nobly seconded by their ve. least, violation of truth, that there is nerable Clergy, who disinterestedly renot one precept in its doctrines, which jected the pensions proffered them by does not inculcate and breath the pur. Government, when they found the ac. est principles of Charity and Benevo. ceptance of them was likely to cost the lence to all mankind. I know very price of their integrity; and they well that my infatuated countrymen have, under the most trying circumhave been taught to the contrary; but stances, given convincing proofs of the doctrines which they have been their unbought and unpurchaseable led to believe were held by Catholics, loyalty, in the peaceable and orderly are no more those of the church of demeanour of their flocks, which can. Rome, than they are of the church of not be more strongly manifested thao England.-But we are asked, What by stating the notorious fact, that the example do the Catholics set? And capital convictions in ONE county in what is the toleration practised by the England at the last assizes EXCEEDED church of Rome?-If this review: those of the WHOLE country of CA. writer is really ignorant of the con- | THOLIC Ireland. It may further be duct of the Catholics both in this and observed that the criminal executions foreign countries, I will endeavour to in Protestant England alone, in one shew him that the example which they year, exceed those of all the Catholic have set is worthy of being followed countries in Europe in the same space by English Protestants. The Catholic of time! Does the Editor require any King of Hungary has granted equal | more examples ? privileges to his Protestant subjects. The Catholic King of France has gua. RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES.—The re-es.. ranteed that Frenchmen, of what. tablishment of the Monastic Instituever religion they may be, are all tions in the States of the Church, for equally entitled to enjoy the honours it is to be observed that the Edict of and privileges of the state. The Ca. his Holiness extends no farther, has tholic Cantons of Switzerland enjoy a created an universal alarm in this coungreater degree of political liberty than try, and nothing is heard but expresthe Protestant ones of that Confede- sions of terror at the rapid strides racy. In Ireland, the Catholics have which the Pontiff is now making to manfully resisted the mandates of a obtain a complete domination over the Papal rescript, because it retrenched universe and this is to be a dominaupon their civil rights, and was pro- tion too, not only of the body, but of cured by ministerial intrigue.-They the mind. How this matter is to be have moreover declared their determi. accomplished, our poor deluded coun. nation not to accept of emancipation trymen are not informed; but Monk. upon any other terms than its being ery is one link in the chain which is unrestricted, because they found that to bind us all in slavery. Poor souls! the Ministers wanted to corrupt their to what a terrible lot are we doomed! Clergy, and thus by making them the Shocking, however, as the scene is instruments of their political knavery, painted to our view by the hireling ORTHOD. JOUR. VOL. II.


and infatuated scribes, I cannot help | in a place dedicated to the service of laughing at the cowardly and selfish the God of Truth, had the impious conduct of my Protestant brethren.- audacity to assure his hearers that the Does not this country abound with Catholic Priests in Ireland were the Religious societies? the greater part | greatest thieves upon earth.-If such of which, it should be observed, are is the case, I wonder we do not hear formed upon the charitable principle of some of them expiating their guilt of brushing away the dust which has by an ignominious death, or making a covered the eyes of the children of voyage to a distant colony, seeing Popèry, and to enable them to see they have not the benefit of the law to the worse than Egyptian darkness in screen them in their crimes. - Before, which they have been enveloped by however, this gentleman again at. the Scarlet Beast? And why may | tempt to harangue an audience, I not the Italians haye their Religious would have him look at the Church Orders too? Why should our Pro- | catechism; and he will there find that testant countrymen wish to monopo- he is not only to refrain “ from pick. lize the merit of forming spiritual in- « ing and stealing," but also to keep stitutions? Why not let other nations his tongue from * evil lying and slanparticipate? Besides, if their Religious “ dering.societies are so base and superstitious as the hireling press represents them, | CATHOLIC WORKS. The activity ought they not to excite pity or con- and zeal displayed by our misguided tempt, rather than alarm ? How countrymen to combat the supposed childish, how contemptible, is this errors of Popery, and to disseminate fear of Popery. Can any thing better their pernicious calumnies against Ca. évince the purity of the Catholic Re. tholicity, for which purpose they have ligion, than the dread which its op. marshalled themselves into different ponents always shew at its prospe. corps, such as Bible-societies, Relirity.-- Orders were given to shut up gious Tract-societies, Hibernian-societhe mouths of the Canadian Catholic ties, &c. &c. &c. are truly great, and Clergy, and now the cry is, pare the such as ought to arouse the dormant nails of the beast, to prevent the fur. | feelings of Catholics in defence of that ther growth of Popery-If Protes- holy religion nurtured by the blood of tantism is so pure, and so far superior | their crucified Redeemer.-How many to Popery, in ensuring happiness to l and how vile are the falsehoods circu. mankind, both here and hereafter, lated through the Press against the there can be no need of fear, and thé | True Religion! Why then not exert preacher of Popery will surely be ourselves to stem the torrent by which worsted.—However, I would recom | we are threatened to be overwhelmed? mend my Protestant countrymen, if |--As the Press sends forth the venom. they wish to succeed in converting us | ous poison, let the Press also prepare from our unfortunate delusion, to the antidote. To effect this desirable inake use of that formidable weapon- end, as far as my endeavours will enTRUTH. Ply us well with that; but able me to do, I have engaged more give us no more calumny and lies; commodious premises, No. 5, Orange. because you will only harden us in | street, Red Lion-square, Holborn, our infatuation. Do not apply those and I respectfully solicit the patronage detestable and unchristian-like means I of the Catholic public in general to pursued by the leaders of the Hiber- / promote the undertaking. Catholic nian society, which have been so ably

e been so ably | Clergymen and Gentlemen who are in exposed by my excellent and worthy I possession of controversial and other correspondent İ. C.-In his letter on Catholic works, tending to counterac this society, in my present number, the false and spurious tenets laid too he informs us that a reverend preacher, I charge, and who are desirous of pure

lishing them, should they deem this erected by Pope Innocent the Third, notice worthy their attention, may against the Albigenses, a set of perfirely on the utmost regard being paid dious heretics, who dissembled their by the Editor to such works as may be errors, and were guilty of profaning entrusted to his charge, and that every | the sacraments, a belief in which they exertion will be made by him to circu. excluded from their creed. But the late them, both to the advantage of the council of Verona, held in 1184, had, Catholic Cause, and the interest of before this time, directed the bishops, those who shall deem him worthy of of Lombardy to make strict search their confidence.

after heretics, and if, when appreWm. EUSEBIUS ANDREWS. hended, they remained obstinate, to London, Oct. 28, 1814.

deliver them over for corporal punishP. S.-My Correspondents will be

ment to the civil magistrate. (Fleury, so good as to direct their communica

Hist. Eccl. l. 73. n. 54.) The Count tions to me as above, after the 8th of

of Toulouse adopted this tribunal in November next.

1229; and in 1233 Pope Gregory the

Ninth confided the management of it THE INQUISITION.

to the Dominicans. Innocent IV. established it in every part of Italy ex

cepting Naples. It was established in To the Editor of the Orthodox Journal.

Spain in 1448, in the reign of Ferdi, 1

nand and Isabella, and in Portugal, SIR,-In your number for August

under John the Third, in the year you express a wish for some informa

1557. In these two kingdoms it was tion concerning the Inquisition. In

subject to the same regulations. In compliance with your request I send you the following extracts from The

the year 1545, Paul the Third had Encyclopédie Methodique, respecting

formed the congregation of the Inqui

sition under the name of the Holy Of. that tribunal. The articles in that

fice, which was confirmed by Sixtús work which concerned religious sub

the Fifth in the year 1588. When jects were supplied by the Abbè Ber

the Spaniards established themselves in gier, who was Canon of Paris, and

America, they introduced the Inquisi. Director to the present King of France.

tion also there, and it was introduced Bergier is a divine in high estimation

into the Portuguese dominions in the among Catholics; and if such a man

East Indies, as soon as it had been animadverts with freedom on the tri.

sanctioned at Lisbon. bunal alluded. to, it is surely to be

6 From this detail, and from what presumed that this tribunal is not ne- we shall afterwards take occasion to cessarily connected with the Catholic

observe, it will satisfactorily appear, Religion. .: T. M. M. D.

that in NO kingdom in Christendom 66 INQUISITION.— An ecclesiastical was the tribunal of the Inquisition tribunal, erected by the Sovereign erected without the consent (in some Pontiffs in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and instances indeed it was at the request) the Indies, with a view to the extirpa. of the sovereign. This is a fact of es, tion of Jews, Moors, Infidels, and sential consequence; a fact, however, Heretics. It is not by any means our studiously omitted in declamations object to eulogise this tribunal or its against this court. The authors of manner of proceeding, but, as it has these declamations would insinuate been to heretics and infidels a fruitful that it has always owed its erection to

subject of calumnies and imposture, the mere authority of the Pope; and . one naturally seeks to ascertain what that too in violation of the rights of

is true and what is false in the reports the sovereign; whereas it is demon, relating to it. The date of its insti. strable, that in no single instance has tution is about the year 1200. It was the Inquisitorial Court exercised its

4; wip. 33 Z

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