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the following communication from an 6 late dealt out so profusely from my anonymous hand.

56 Journal,” I have complied with his

request to see if his production will To the Editor of the Orthodox, Journal.

have its due effect. It has always

been my wish that those who differ SIR,-From the recent conduct of from me in opinion would freely state yourself and Correspondents, your their sentiments, and expose such er. readers had certainly not much cause roneous ideas as I may incautiously, to be surprised at whatever should send forth to the public; and it would come from the pen of you or them: be a pleasure to me to insert such artibut nevertheless I must confess that I cles, as I am perfectly convinced, was a little astonished in reading the where a difference of opinion exists, following passage, in the 25.1th page nothing can tend so easily and effecof your Journal for July. “ But Itually to remove it as FREE DIS.

cannot help observing, that if those CUSSION. But then, let it be ob66 who were so forward in giving it served, argument and reason, not abuse 6 publicity (meåning the rescript) were, and assertion, should be the principles “as sincere in their respect for the on which it is conducted, or else it is “Holy. See as those who condemn it, no discussion at all. --My correspond 66 it never would have been exposed to ent says he was 66 a little astonished“ the eyes of the public:' being no- at seeing the paragraph he quotes from thing short of a direct insult on that p. 254 of my last number, which he truly virtuous and able prelate, Dr. considers nothing short of a direct in. Poynter; and I must acknowledge, sult on the pious Vicar Apostolic of that I consider it an aggravation that this district, and that it was aggravatit should appear in the same numbered by being inserted in the same Jourwhich contains the letter of your real- nal which contained the letter of my ly orthodox correspondent Mr. Gabb, really orthodox correspondent, the than whom I am sure a more zealous Rev, Mr. Gabb, than whom, he ob. missioner cannot exist, whether in serves, a more zealous missionary can. Ireland, Lancashire, or London; and not exist. To the piety and virtues of that the opinion of Mr. Gabb is also the venerable Prelate I shall ever be the opinion of the majority of respect- ready to bear testimony; but I am at able Catholics of this and the sister a loss to conjecture by what course of country I entertain not the smallest logic B. N. G. will be able to make doubt, notwithstanding the clamour | out that the passage in question was a which has been raised to the contrary. direct insult on the venerable charac. -I trust you will not require any in- ter alluded. to. Surely my Corretreaty to insert this short letter in your spondent will not accuse Dr. P.'s! next number, as I conceive it may warmest friends of an intention to in. possibly be the means of inducing more sult him. Yet I lear, from authority persons to come forward and stem the on which I can rely, that some of torrent of abuse which has been of them have, equally with myself, blamed late dealt out so profusely from your the manner in which the rescript was Journal.-Your friend and servant, apnounced to the public, and have exLondon, Aug. 5, 1814. B. N. G. pressed their extreme regret that such

a measure was ever resorted to.---The If my Correspondent had not re- paragraph in question was meant to quested the insertion of his letter, I.censure the conduct of those who were should have consigned it to oblivion; instrumental in causing the rescript to but as he o conceives it may possibly be published in the public papers, all 1" be the means of inducing more per l of which are in the hands of Protesta “sons to come forward and stem the ants, save one over which the Board * torrent of abuse which has been of has some influence.-Now could any

person in his rational senses suppose reljance on his judgment upon a mea. that the Right Rev. V. A. was any sure which will admit of various conways concerned in this act? Must it structions? If he does, why reject not have occurred to every one that the opinions of the virtuous prelacy the worthy Prelate would not have of Ireland? How comes it about that thus openly transgressed the laws of he reverses the order by which society his country, which makes it penal to is governed? In every case of dispute publish any bull or instrument received which arises in a deliberative body, from the court of Rome? To me it and particularly one composed of Çawas evident, from the paragraphs which tholic divines, it is always supposed preceded the publication of the docu. that the decision of the majority conment, that we were indehted to that tains the true spirit of the subject dislittle band of intriguers to whom the cussed. But my sagacious Corresponda Catholics owe all the causes of politi, ent seems to think we ought to give cal dissention which have arisen in preference to a diminutive minority. their distracted body for the last twen. For myself, my opinion has been ty years. These gentlemen, relying formed upon a deep consideration of no doubt on the influence of the im- the subject, without being biassed by maculate statesman who was con- the sentiments of any individual; this cerned in procuring the rescript, made opinion I have freely cominunicated to no scruple in sending it forth to the my readers, together with my reasons Protestant world, conscious they for adopting it. I have not yet seen would not be called to account for one argument advanced to induce me their temerity in flying in the face of to change my sentiments, and because an act of Parliament. But was Į I adhere to them, Mr. B. N. G. prores wrong in saying it was disrespectful to very angry, and says he entertains not the Holy See to make the document the smallest doubt, notwithstanding public before it was submitted to the the clamours which have been raised Sovereign Pontiff? Have not the Ho- te the contrary, that my opinion is ly Father and the Cardinals expressed not, and that Mr. Gabb's is, the opi. their decided disapprobation of this nion of the majority of respectable unauthorized decree? And is not the Catholics of this and the sister coune publishing opinions for the real senti. try. Well, if B. N. G. persists in ments of the Spiritual Head of the thinking so, after what has been adChurch which are in fact opposite to vanced to the contrary, I shall not them, and this for the purpose of en- quarrel with him about the matter snaring the clergy and deceiving the because it appears to have been decide laity, not only disrespectful to the ed in my favour by a tribunal, the Iloly See, but insulting to the Catholic power of which I trust he will not call people of this country? Let my Cor. in question. The Holy Father, it apo respondent answer these questions be- pears, has expressed his esteem for the fore he begins to talk of abuse. This Irish prelacy, clergy, and laity, in the gentleman seems to think that because warmest terms of attachment and apMr. Gabb is a most exemplary and probation. (They have unanimously truly zealous Missionary it was wrong. condemned the Veto and Quarantotti's in me to differ from him. I am coile document.) The Rescript has been vinced Mr. G. will not agree with my disapproved of by his Holiness, and correspondent. I stated my reasons is set aside; and the Cardinal Presi. for disagreeing with that highly-re. dent of the Propaganda is said to have spected divine, and if B. N. G. con- | expressed himself in the most unquaceived my opinions erroneous, why did lified terms of abhorrence of the oath he not point them out to be so? Does and some of the clauses of the late he think the virtues of a man a suffi- / Bill. I shall here conclude this sub, cient ground for placing an implicitject for the present, leaving it to my

readers to say how far I am blameable consideration, not even the fear of a for maintaining sentiments which it retorted accusation, that Protestants appears coincide with those of the Ho-hold that no faith is to be kept with ly See, and the great dignitaries of the Catholics, can weigh against the hatred Catholic Church.

of Popery which some men have imWm. EUSEBIUS ANDREWS. bibed. The spirit of those who vio· London, Aug. 24, 1814.

Aated the treaty of Limerick still walks

the earth. OX TIIE CANADIAN INSTRUCTIONS. One word more respecting the means

and manner of hostility against our To the Editor of the Orthodox Journal. holy faith. Burning and embowelling

alive are out of fashion. Sanguis Sir, Is that which you have given martyrum semen ecclesiæ. " The in your last number as an extract from “ blood of martyrs is the seed of the the instructions to the Governor of “ church," therefore no more marCanada a true copy of a genuine offi-| tyrs; but-Let the unity of the church cial paper? Is it an authentic docu- be destroyed by prohibiting all correment? Does the paper, to your know-spondence with its head. Let there be ledge, bear the signature of any one no pastors of the church without leave in authority? Knowing the danger first had and obtained from a Protest. you must incur from a falsification in ant government, and let them be in an affair of such a nature, and believe function only during the pleasure of ing you to be incapable of such a the suid government. Let the state of fraud, I must suppose that you are religion be forbidden to males without able to answer these my questions in an express order for the admission of the affirmative; and I am struck with neto members into that state from those horror at viewing the foundations of a who view it with abhorrence; and let plan for the extirpation of the Catho. the Jesuits ( always thc Jesuits--would lic religion out of the dominions of they wish a fuller attestation of their our most gracious Sovereign. Qui merit?) be suppressed, and their provult finem vult media. "He who perty be confiscated. Let the church 6 wills the end, wills the means," is be prevented from obeying the divine an axiom; and it is no less evident that command to teach all nations, and let he who wills the means wills the end. missionaries be withdrawn even from

But what means of extirpating our the work of converting and civilizing · holy religion can be better fitted to the savages. Let ecclesiastics answer at attainment of the end than those en their peril for every penny devised by joined by the “Instructions?” Let will to pious uses, for every conversa. your readers weigh them well; let tion,,easily interpreted as tampering', erery word tingle in their ears and on the subject of religion, and for carry alarm to their hearts; such alarm | every argument in their public disas a Christian ought to feel when his courses against the religion opposed to religion is threatened. The Canadians, their own. descendants of Frenchmen, had the The veil, Sir, is drawn aside; the free exercise of their religion secured views of the bigots, who scruple not to them by the treaty by which Cana- even to violate the sacredness of a da was ceded to this country. Had it treaty, and to hazard the happiness of been proposed by our plenipotentiaries à most dutiful people, are exhibited of 1763 that the free exercise of their most fully, simply, and persuasively; religion should be granted to the Ca. so as to leave not a doubt on the mind tholics of Canada for 50 years, would of any one Catholic in this empire| the treaty have been concluded? This so as to induce all to unite for the prearticle of the treaty is binding on this servation of that which is most dear to country to the end of time. But no all, without jealousy, without bicka ering, without national distinctions, standing of the people with whom is without prejudices, without personal the seat of government. The cause ambition. Even the members of the must be made à cause to them at home. English Catholic Board will be struck Had Devonshire and Cornwall been by the parallel which you, Sir, have ceded by the treaty of 1763, such or drawn between the instructions to Sir ders would not have been advised in G. P. and the securitiés of the relief respect of Catholics inhabiting those bill: they will resign the forlorn hope counties. Were Ireland situated geoof obtaining the favour of Protestants; graphically where Norfolk and Sufthey will see evidently que c'est a la folk are placed, the peace of Ireland religion qu'on en vent: they will no would not have been preserved by longer hope to be guiltless of wound-1 such means as are now used or to be ing the sensibilities of men whose fine used for that purpose. The Catholics feelings can be exasperated by the of this empire are one third part of its mere sound of the word mass or by population: the religion they profess the use of the sign of the cross. If | is not a new invention, but the Christhey still continue to conduct the af- tian religion of all ages and nations, fairs of that body, of which they are the religion of our forefathers. Those in truth individually natural patrons of our fellow-subjects who are inteand protectors, they will consult their rested in the maintenance of the reliclergy, and not attempt, by an invert- gion by law established, fear us; they ed domination in ecclesiastical matters, dread the effects of what they call our to make those submit to them whom proselyting spirit, of what in justice themselves ought to obey, " for they ought to be called the force of reason 66 watch for their souls:" they will aiding and urged by conscientious and consult also their brethren of both charitable zeal: the fanatical Proteste. islands, and hasten to remove all cause ants hate us; the indifferent Protesto of division and dissention from among ants despise us; the infidel Protestants, them.-It is to be hoped that his most their number is by no means inconsi. Christian Majesty will exert that in-derable, both hate and despise us.fluence which both his high station and Meanwhile the Catholic question, as it the truly excellent qualities of his per- is called, the question whether to this sonal character have obtained for him third part of the populationtof the emwith the illustrious head of this go. lpire the free exercise of their religion verriment, to prevent the execution of shall be secured and their civil birththe orders given to the Governor of right restored, this question, I speak Canada. IIis R. II. the Regent can- only on the authority of newspaper not deem it unbecoining the French reports of Parliamentary debates, is Monarch to be the advocate of those not treated as a Cabinet question. Yet stipulations under which France yield. such orders as the Instructions to the ed Canada to England. May the Governor of Canada are advised-are friendship of those two great person-issued-perhaps, if other cares do not ages, and the faith of the treaty con- distract, may be enforced. Yet the cluded between the father of the one voice of justice is the voice of policy. and the grandfather of the other, con- May the Son of the King, to whom his tinue firm and inviolate.

Catholic subjects owe so much, direct The Canadian Catholics, should the the councils of the nation to listen to orders be carried into effect, will most their appeal. May'he silence the claassuredly feel themselves aggrieved. | mours of interested, of fanatical, of Let them bring their grievances in bigotted, of wilfully ignorant of hy: humble petition to the foot of the pocritical men. May he illustrate and thronę. Meetings and speeches in a consummate the glory and prosperity distant province have but little in- of his external administration, by refuence on the will or on the under storing social peace and harmony, by

securing political strength and union | the paths of holiness and justice. To to his empire.. · And may this country, this subject, therefore, I shall call wise, liberal and just, as-it professes your attention: and although it is not to be, approve to the nations of Eu- my wish to restrain the effusions of rope its right to that character which your gratitude to the Almighty for this it so confidently attributes to itself, suspension of his judgments, I shall Above all, may Catholics bear in mind, endeavour to prepare your minds for that the benefits of this world may, by evils yet to come, unless the anger of a gracious Providence, be refused to God be appeased by general and conthose for whom, by means of this very | dign works of repentance. refusal, are prepared and secured the When we take a review of the last blessings of a better.

r i five and twenty years, what is the I am, Sir, your obedient servant, prospect that presents itself before us? ; AN ENGLISH CATHOLIC. Calamities, and horrors, that exceed

the powers of description; distress of SERMON iii nations; scourges inflicted on good Intended to have been delivered on the

and bad, catholic and schismatic, king day of General Thanksgiving," :

and subject, pastor and people, the

head of the church, and the members JULY 7, 1814.

thereof; evils, unbounded in their exFor the Orthodox Journal.:',

tent, and unconfined in their effects,

Judgment, began from the house of ON THE TIMES.

God. (1 Pet. iv. 17.) The fire burst

out within the precincts of the church, « See, therefore, Brethren, how you walke circumspectly; not as unwise, but as wise; ré

and-burnt with insatiable fury. In deeming the time, for the days are evil.that unhappy nation, the monarch

Eph. v. 15, 16., whereof was piously called the eldest It may appear, perhaps, unseason- son of the church, thousands, and able, at a time when every countenance hundreds of thousands have been is brightened with gladness, every slaughtered in cold blood. Fvery tie, mind dilated with hope, and when all every bond, that unites man to man, are assembled together to return thanks ) has been dissolved. Father has risen to the Almighty for their deliverance up against son; son against father; from the ravaging scourge of war, it husband against wife; brother against may, perhaps, appear unseasonable to sister. Universal disunion took place; sound the trumpet of alarm, and to and men, and even tender, unoffendexhort you, in the words of my text, ing females, were dragged to the scafto walk circumspectly, and to redeem fold by their nearest, and dearest rethe time, for the days are evil. But, latives. The monarch shared the same my brethren, my heart sinks within fate as his subject: the venerable and me, even in the midst of the general hoary bishop was cut down, as well as cry of exultation. I rejoice, indeed, the laick. Fire, water, and the sword that the hand of God is withdrawn. were instruments of torture, and death. But I trenuble at the prospect that is Thus was that unhappy kingdom delistill before us. Men do not repent. vered up a prey to evils that are not to Notwithstanding the severe judgments be conceived.-From hence, as from that have been inflicted on the sons of the deep abyss, evils have issued like men, the days are still evil, on account a torrent, and sweeping with irresistof the prevalence of sin, and the uni, 1ible violence, first through the house versal depravity of mankipd; and they of God, and then with redoubled are evil, as to what we have reason to force through the nations, which are expact, unless by timely repentance, separated from the centre of unity, has and amendment, we redeem the time, borne down almost every thing before and walk, as becometh the wise, in it. The fire and sword have searched ORTHOD. Jour. Yol. II.

2 R

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