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would caution the parents of the chil. | against the various sectarians, with the dren against sending them any longer same freedom as they have poured out to a place, which professes to be a their virulent abuse against the ancient Catholic School, but which excludes | faith, but with a greater degree of sinall Catholic instruction ; such a system cerity and truth. My readers have can lead to nothing else than a com- seen in my last number, the liberal plete indifference for any particular and very charitable ideas imbided by form of religion-by which means its the Protestants of the seventeenth supporters I conjecture hope to sub. century towards their Popish brethren, vert them from Popery. But in this if I may be allowed that term : and I I have no doubt they will meet with shall now make a few extracts from disappointment, and that the professors the work in question, to shew that our of Popery will be as invulnerable to | Protestant commentator of this enthe arts of Seduction as they have lightened period is determined not to proved themselves to be against the be behind hand in bespattering us with force of Persecution.

the same foul invective and infamous

falsehoods. Unable to combat the PROTESTANT CHARITY.--A pam- arguments advanced by the learned phlet is now before me, printed at doctor, the commentator begins by Manchester which contains the cele- an exhortation to his countrymen to brated speech of Dr. Dromgoole on beware of the foreign and domestic the 8th of December last, with a enemies of their political and religious "COMMENTARY,” said in the title page establishments, who cease not to plot to be 66 published at the request of a the destruction of their glorious and " few Patriotic Friends, and earnestly happy Constitution—hints at the hos" recommended to the perusal of every tility and vindictiveness of spirit which " Protestant in the British empire.” | burns in the bosoms of these foes-and Who the author of this Commentary talks of having traced, through the

is, we are not informed; he was too intricate windings of deceitful pro| modest to give us his name, and he fessions of attachment and fidelity. therefore, contents himself with the that rancorous enmity which, while signature of 66 A PROTESTANT.” it smiles in your face, grasps the mur. It is a great pity the writer did not | derous dagger, and meditates the avow himself, as we should then have secret stab—which is to sap the foun. known to whom we are indebted for dation of their liberties, and to annihithe charitable opinion he has given us | late the religion to which our excellent of Popery, and the great benefit he laws owe their incomparable perfechas rendered to his countrymen, in tion. He then goes on to say, cautioning them against the admittance " That in the hearts of these very men (the of such dangerous animals into the Papists) there exists a mortal enmity, a pale of that Constitution which was

rooted and implacable hatred, springing up

| from their polluted consciences, against the founded and enjoyed by a similar sort

sacred code which protects and nourishes of beings, but is now become the sole them;-a fixed and determined principle of property of a race of liberal and en

hostility, which callous to every sensation of

of gratitude, coolly and deliberately plots the lightened Protestants. The speech of

extermination of that venerable and be. the learned doctor, as I have before nevolent power which secures to them observed in a former number, was an EVERY SPIRITUAL and temporal blessupanswerable piece of oratory, and

ing that they are capable of enjoying Yes,

Protestants, strangers to the existence of in. contained no one sentiment which

gratitude so base, are slow to believe that it could not be justified, or proved not can find a place in a human breast; nay, to be founded on fact. It was a even in the breast of a member of the Church manly and an open avowal of Catholic

of Rome! In the abundance of that charity,

which is the true characteristic of their rePrinciples, in which the speaker forci- ligion, the unsuspecting Protestant turns a Dly urged his objections and opinions doaf ear to the peals of evidence which the

history of other times pours upon him, and I wish to participate (not to controul or shuts his eyes upon the page which records domineer) in the

| domineer) in the honours and labours the bloody deeds that have proved the ex

of the Civil branches of the state, I istence, pay, the active energy, of that direful spirit, which, for the honour of human na. think it is morally impossible that the ture, has never dwelt BUT IN PAPISTS, in Sa Papist can be ungrateful; he may, vages, and in Heathens."

perhaps, be too aspiring--too preLeaving our commentator to recon- sumptuous--to think of being placed cile the absurdities contained in this upon an equality with such a superior paragraph; and to inform his readers,

cast of our fellow mortals, as Protestby what means the Papists can be pro- ants seem to consider themselves, but tected and nourished, when they are lingratitude must be left out of the persecuted and proscribed ; or how question, unless indeed our accuser that power can be said to secure to the can prove that we are indebted to the Papist EVERY SPIRITUAL and TEM

Protestant part of the community for PORAL blessing that they are capable any benefits conferred; but that is of enjoying, when its laws deprive | not in his power. them of the FREE enjoyment of The following is the Manchester either; I shall just notice his accu.

| gentleman's charitable description of sation of our want of gratitude, be

the Catholic religion, and the manner cause the charge is somewhat new, and

which its teachers adopt to convert the at the same time of a nature which no numerous and still increasing proses man likes to be accused of. We have

lytes to the true Catholic faith; long borne the charges of being igno

“Popery is a WILD AND SAVAGE BEAST OF rant, superstitious, led by priestcrait, PREY, our ancestors caught and shackled it. enemies to civil and religious freedom, Finding itself overpowered, it had recourse and a long train of other bad quali- to stratagem. Fawning on its keepers, it ties; but now we are to have the sin

lulled their suspicion asleep, and deceived by

its assumed aspect, they mistook the effects of ingratitude added to the catalogue

talogue of coercion for a genuine change of nature: of our crimes. I really wish this they gradually loosened the chain by which Anti-Popery gentleman had shewn us THE MONSTER was bound, they took away How we were guilty of it; for my

one link after another, until scarcely the sha

dow of restraint was left. The monster felt opinion is, that the charge can be

his returning liberty; he thought his prey brought nearer to the Protestant than was yet within his grasp ;--the SMELL OF BLOOD to the Papist. The Constitution itself | roused his carniverous appetite, and he begins was established by our Papistical an.

to rage, with insatiable fury, after the deli

cious draft.”—“A Papist (he says) does no cestors, and the Churches which Pro- discriminate between the religion he persetestants now use were also built by cutes, and the Person of its professor. In the former: nevertheless, the Papist his endeavours to exterminate the Religion son is now excluded from the privileges

of the Son of God, exemplified and illustrated

under the name of PROTESTANTISM, he ato of that Constitution founded by his tempts not to ARGUE on the points at issue; Popish father, although he contributes much less does he dare to appeal to Revelation. to support it by his blood and trea.

For he well knows, that as Reason will detect

and confute his glaring absurdities--so the sure, equally with his Protestant bro.

Scriptures would condemn his palpable HEREther. The Churches are become the

SIES. He has therefore no method left him of sole property of the Protestant, al. vindicating his wretched religion, but by exthough built by the Papists; never

emplifying the benignity of its principles in

THE MURDER OF ITS ADVERSARIES. The theless, the latter contribute to sup

records of every country in Europe, which port the ministers by the payment of has evergroaned under Papal jurisdiction, fur. tythes, and to repair the Churches, by nishes ample and indubitable evidence, that

wherever the Romish Church possessed the the payment of Church rates, equally

power, she has uniformly silenced all oppo. with the Protestant, although the latter sition, by the summary and irresistible argureaps the whole benefit. Now, asment of fire and faggot! thus, extinguishwe do all these things, and do not asking at once both Reason and Religion." to be relieved from them, but merely If our Protestant commentator made these assertions under a conviction of make to prop up their sandy fabric, their being strictly true, he must be which will most assuredly FAIL, unthe most blind and stupid writer that less they can support it with something ever used a pen; but if, on the con- more substantial than the palpable lies trary, he was sensible that he was ca- which they issue from the Press against lumniating the greatest number of Popery. Indeed, of all religions, Po. Christians on the globe, how base must pery must be the most singularly giftbe his heart, and how callous his feel. ed, if the account given of it by this ings, to send such trash as this before | writer, and a host of others, be true. the English public, in order to black | According to this man's statement, en and destroy the character of his Ca.wherever the Romish Church possess. tholic fellow-countrymen, by describ. 1 “ed the power, she has uniformly si. ing them and their faith in such false " lenced all opposition, by the sumand horrid colours. "Popery is a sa. “ mary and irresistible argument of fire vage beast of prey!Good God! “ and fuggot, thus extinguishing at could this man be ignorant, that to Po." once both Reason and Religion;" pery we are indebted for our own civi. and the Papist is said to have “no me. lization-that every nation in which " thod left him of, vindicating his Christianity is now professed, was first “ wretched religion, but by exemplifyconverted and civilized by Popish mis i ng the benignity of its principles in sionaries—that to the piety and libe. « THE MURDER OF ITS ADVERSA: rality of their Popish ancestors, the “RIES !!!” Reader, does not your members of the established Church are blood chill at this horrible charge? indebted for the beautiful fabrics which Our accuser has prudently confined they now possess as temples of the liv. himself to assertions, like the rest of ing God that to Popery are Protest his Protestant brethren, for he has not ants indebted for the preservation of advanced one fact to confirm his atthe holy Scriptures, which they now tack; and surely a period of eighteen foolishly imagine are alone sufficient centuries ought to have enabled him to to make men to wise unto salvation”- point out one individual who fell a and that in Popish countries and in victim to the benign principles of the Popish times, the arts and sciences Church of Rome. If the Papist has have been cherished and carried to as no method left him of vinDICATING great a pitch of perfection as in the his religion, but by MURDERING days of Protestantism. Now, if such its adversaries, how came our legislahave been the effects of Popery, and tors to pass an act (3 Jas. C. 4.) mak. history proves the fact, how can it be ing it High TREASON to be CON. a savage beast of prey ? The assertion VERTED TO THE POPISH RELI. that we have no way left of vindicating Gion? Is not this very strange, for our wretched religion but by the mur. Protestant law-makers to pass an act, der of its adversaries, is of so gross which I believe is still unrepealed, or. and unfeeling a nature, that the man dering DEATH, by the halter and who could be so abandoned as to make | knife, to be inflicted on those who this unfounded and infamous charge, should embrace a religion which had in a town too where so many of its in- no other method left of vindicating it habitants are Papists, deserves the de. self, than by murdering its adversaries testation and contempt of every honest by fire and faggot? I think they heart. Although one cannot help feel. ought rather to have provided fire. ing shocked at the brutal outrages proof juckets for the advocates of Procommitted by my infatuated country. testantism. I also wish to be informmen upon my religion, yet it is amus. ed, if Reason will detect and confute ing to see the miserable inconsistencies | the glaring absurdities of Popery, from they fall into by so doing, and the what CAUSE it arises that so many worse than contemptible attempts they renounce Protestantism to embrace

Popery, at the hazard of being consi- ! fess it must be barbarians ? But in. dered as outcasts by their relatives and stead of this, the most illustrious friends, while so few, so very few, dis- characters which adorn the page of claim Popery, notwithstanding the history, whether in the Church, the tempting allurements held out, to join Cabinet, or the Senate, were rank Protestantism: From what CAUSE Papists. Our allies, the Spaniards, does it arise, if Popery is so much who have been termed the most bigot. against Reason, that so many learned ted of all the adherents of Popery, and pious men have courageously laid have lately formed a Constitution down their lives, both in this country which has been called in this Protest. and Ireland, for no other crime than ant country a monument of human professing it under the 6 mild and be wisdom, and the most perfect basis neficent principles of PROTESTANTISM?" of civil freedom ever yet produced ; Will this charitable gentleman have and Prince Schwartzenberg, the prethe goodness to inform us, by what sent Commander in Chief of the allied means Popery has been maintained in forces in France, who is likewise a these islands, but particularly in Ire Papist, has received the following land, during upwards of two centuries | encomium from a British Protestant of persecution and slavery, under a nobleman, which I copy from the Protestant government, the like of Supplement to the London Gazette which was never before inflicted on of the 9th inst.(April).-"In this conany nation or people? Nay, not only 66 cluding scene of the most memorable maintained, but propagated amongst 66 æra which history records, it is imits oppressors, many of whom, from “ possible I should resist a feeling of persecutors, have become professors. “ public duty, prompted also by a

This is a task I should like to see " sense of gratitude and affection, in undertaken by some of the enemies " calling your attention to the oper. of Popery ; for if it is composed of “ations of this campaign. Exclu. such diabolical materials as are here - sively of the talent which he has presented to view, I much wish to 66 marked in the field of battle, to the know to WHAT CAUSE they will 6 successes which have ever attended ascribe its progress. Another as his career, the world will still tonishing gift of Popery is, the op 6 look with almost increased admiposite effects which it produces upon ration, to the conduct he has pursued those who strictly follow its precepts, 66 since his entry into Paris. Where to the character given of it by writers" conciliation, where every kind feel. in this country. In every age, since " ing of the heart was required to the dawn of Christianity, Popery has change a system of carnage and produced the brightest and most vir desolation to the protection of a tuous characters. Even at this day" people, but of late a most hitter the Protestant well knows that those “enemy, the character of Prince who profess themselves Papists are “Schwartzenberg, secured to him equal in point of charity, disinterest-“ success. More security, more order edness, talents, and abilities, to any“ never reigned in this capital. Peace other of the various religious societies "and tranquillity, the happy means, with which this country abounds. “we may hope, of the future regeFor are they not daily extolling the "erated state of Europe, exist here magnanimity of their allies, many of“ amidst the troops of every nation, whom are Papists? How then will“ in spite of feelings lately of so great they account for this wonderful phe. 16 hostility. From his great and exnomenon ? This Manchester Anti- 1 "alled situation, from the virtues Popery-man says, that “ Popery is a which adorn his character, the Emr savage beast of prey?" Hence it" peror of Russia has been best able naturally follows that those who pro " to appreciate the merits of Prince

“ Schwartzenberg. In token of the should be to restore the Pope to his "esteem he bears him, and in estima. | liberty, and reinstate him in his former “tion of his great services, he has honours. This, however, is a matter " decorated him with the Grand Order of infinite satisfaction to me, and au. “ of St. Andrew, and has presented gurs well that those men who acted so “it in diamonds.?

conspicuous a part in the French ReAnd now, reader, having read this volution, are now returning to their glowing eulogy on a Popish Gene religious senses, after having experi. ral, who, I am confident, if he were enced the folly of departing from them. asked the question, would tell you I have no doubt but many of my infa. he owes it to the lessons he received tuated countrymen were in great exfrom his Popish tutors, do you not pectation of seeing the nine-hundred blush for the honour of PROTESTANT- and ninety-ninth predicted prophecy ISM? Do you not blush for that Causė, | of the downfall of the Scarlet Whore, the advocates of which have recourse who had made the kings of the earth to the foulest and most detestable drunk with her idolatries, realized in means for its support ever adopted in the person of the present venerable civilized society, namely, falsely ac. Pontiff, from the late aspect of affairs. cusing its adversaries of holding the Even many sensible men have expressmost barbarous doctrines, and pointed their pity for us Catholics, at the ing them out as objects of popular ven- forlorn state of our Church, as they geance? But the age of falsehood and thought it, and their conviction that hypocrisy, I trust, is near expiring; her speedy dissolution was at hand.-and that those wretches, who, from But we knew otherwise; we knew we base and wicked motives, may endea. could rely upon the promises of the vour to revive it, will experience the Divine Founder, who had declared, indignation and execration of the en- | that the gates of hell should not be lightened and upright part of the na- prevail against her. To be sure we tion, which their infamous produc- | witnessed with sorrow, the ravages tions entitle them to.

which have been made in her flock by

the impious writings of the blasphe. RESTORATION OF THE POPE.---The mous Voltaire and his abandoned aswonderfulevents of the last few months, sociates. We have also witnessed the events not even surpassed by those we expulsion and exile of her virtuous and read of in holy writ in the days of the incorruptible ministers, and the demo. Israelites, and the happy termination of lition of her altars in France, by a Rethem in the prospect of a lasting and volutionary Government of Atheists general Peace to a long convulsed and and Infidels; and an attempt to resuffering world, has given general joy establishment her faith for political to most parties.- The Loyalist rejoi- purposes, by a military despot.--We ces in the re-instatement of the legiti have likewise witnessed this same des. mate Sovereigns. The advocate for pot, in the lawless pursuit of his unFreedom rejoices in the establishment bridled will, violate the Concordat he of Civil and Religious Liberty in had agreed to, and despoil the Pope France. And the Catholic exults in of his patrimony, because he would not the Restoration of the Head of his declare war against this country. We Church to the free exercise of his have seen the Sovereign Pontiff placed Apostolic Functions.How far the in the most cruel and rigorous confine"No Popery” faction will be pleased ment, because he would not give up At this last-mentioned event, I care his spiritual authority to the same tynot. The infidel writers of the press rant, (for the adherence to which the lave already expressed their disappro- Catholics of this country also have sufation and chagrin that the first act of fered a persecution of more than two the Provisional Government of France centuries, and are now suffering ca. ORTHOD. JOUR. VOL. II.

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